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Humorous Tidbits from 2008

The diagnosis of diabetes changes you and your family forever. However, in between the challenges of caring for diabetes come amusing moments that remind us of the important things in our lives, like our families and laughing.
  1. Pam
    My daughter came home from kindergarten and told me that her teacher almost sent her up to the nurse that day because she felt low. "Almost?" I asked (a little concerned). "Yeah," she said, "I was trying to tell her my CRAYON was low, and hard to color with. She didn't understand!"
  2. Dawn
    On top of the cookies in the cookie jar is a paper with 6c. (6 Carbohydrates) each written on it. Upon returning from getting a cookie, my non-diabetic nephew says, "I don't have 6 cents to pay for each one of these cookies." My 5 year old diabetic son said, "It's carbs, not cents!"
  3. Erin
    Haley, now a proud 5 year old kindergartner, was sitting in music class after lunch, practicing songs for the school show when she looked up at the school nurse and said that she didn't feel very good and asked if she could be tested. We've been working on her developing language to describe how she feels when she's high/low, so the school nurse took her outside the music room and asked, "How is your blood sugar making you feel?" Haley's response: "It's telling me I don't like singing very much."
  4. Laura
    My 5 year old daughter woke one morning low, so I gave her a couple of glucose tabs to suck on while I prepared breakfast. She decided to go upstairs to wake her aunt who was visiting for the weekend. She woke her aunt and showed her the glucose tabs in her mouth. Her aunt asked her jokingly if she had candy for breakfast every morning to which my daughter replied, "Only on the mornings mummy says 'Jesus Christ.'"
  5. Stacey
    Last week, Scott took Daniel and Jesse to Raceway Park in New Jersey to see drag racing, funny car races, etc. The other night, at about 11:15 pm, the house phone rings. I picked it up to hear Daniel say, "389." I said, "What did Jesse eat? Didn't the CGM alarm? What's wrong?" I'm kind of panicky. Daniel laughed and said, "Ma, what are you talking about?" I said, "A blood sugar of 389 is nothing to laugh about!" My brilliant son said, "Ma, I don't know what you're talking about. But Dad just filled up your gas tank at $3.89 a gallon."
  6. Erica
    After explaining diabetes to my newly diagnosed two-year-old daughter, she said, "Mommy, can you buy me a new pancreas?"
  7. Nigel
    I was looking for the bank statement the other day. I asked my wife, "Have you seen the HBA1c statement?" She laughed and said, "Do you mean the HSBC bank statement?"
  8. Sidney
    I am 14 and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in November 2007. Sometime in December I babysat for two little girls I know very well from church. When I told them I had diabetes now, the mother tried to help them understand and explained to them I did shots like their grandpa. The youngest of the two then replied, "Does she have false teeth, too?" I laughed so hard! She says she has a babysitter with the tee-tees!
  9. Sherlene
    We decided to take my seven year old son off the pump for the summer and go back to shots. When his five year old brother, who is not diabetic, found out he would not be using his pump he asked, "Mommy, can you put the pump on me now?" He wants to be just like his older brother.
  10. Andrea
    My 4 year old daughter was diagnosed in November. Yesterday she came out of the washroom and announced very proudly, "Mummy, I tested my pee-tones. They were negative."
  11. Leticia
    You know there's a diabetic rivalry when your diabetic checks her blood sugar and then throws the dirty strip into the non-diabetic's chocolate milk.
  12. Jesse's Mom
    My son, age eight and T1 since he was two and the youngest of three, enjoys getting his older siblings in trouble. He will do this by any means possible and has been known to stretch the truth from time to time. My husband, in the middle of giving our son another speech about his favorite pastime, blurts out, "you are going to be known as a "lie-abetic" if this keeps up.
  13. Kathy
    While driving home from the grocery store the other day, my son asked if he could have one of those pre-packaged crackers with the cheese spread. I told him yes he could, He then said, "Mom, there is no red stick to spread the cheese." I told him to just dip his cracker in the cheese and it would be fine. All was quite in the backseat. When I got to our next stop, I parked the car, turned to the back seat to see my darling son sitting there with a container of test strips using the new strips as a knife to spread his cheese!
  14. Kelley
    My seven-year-old daughter, who was diagnosed at four, who was watching me make my morning coffee (sugar and creamer) looked at me very matter-of-factly and said, "When I grow up I'm gonna drink coffee." To which I replied, "Oh really?" Her response: "Yep it's free for me. Didn't you know that?" I couldn't do anything but laugh. She was dead serious too! How she even knew that coffee was free in the first place boggles my mind.

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