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Humorous Tidbits from 2007

The diagnosis of diabetes changes you and your family forever. However, in between the challenges of caring for diabetes come amusing moments that remind us of the important things in our lives, like our families and laughing.
  1. Erin
    The other night I was changing my daughter's (age 4) pump site. We were lying on the floor and I wiped down her toosh with an alcohol wipe (I call them wipes) and then, after I replaced her set, I wanted to wipe down the previous site. I had misplace the alcohol wipe and I asked her, "Where's the wipe? Where's the wipe?" My 2 year-old son, not a diabetic -- who always watches -- walked out of the room and returned promptly holding his box of baby wipes saying, "Here you go Mama. Here are wipes." I had to laugh!
  2. Sarah
    My 2 year old son with diabetes has a speech delay and has only ever said a small number of words in his life. This evening after his set change (he has the infusion set on his bottom), he said, "butt owie, butt owie, butt owie...."
  3. Jen
    My youngest son was practicing shooting his BB gun and ran out of BB's. My oldest son has type 1. When I told my youngest that I had to go to the store and get him more BB's, he asked if I would be getting them from the store at which his brother got his dia-bb's.
  4. Jill
    I have been using the alarm on my cell phone to wake me up for 3 am blood sugar checks. The other night in a sleepy daze I was frantically trying to turn the alarm off before it woke up my husband. Suddenly I realized that instead of hitting the off button, I had hit the "call" the button. The phone was now ringing and calling, of all people, our pastor's son!
  5. Kathy
    Living in Wisconsin, one really needs to make sure you have insulation in your house. I had some contractors come to give me an estimate of how much insulation I would need to have blown in. I asked the contractor, "So, how many bags of insulin will I need to make sure I have the proper amount of insulin in my house?" The contractor looked at me and said, "I think you mean insulation, not INSULIN."
  6. John
    Our endocrinologist has a new nine week old daughter. His wife is out of town at a conference and he has to get up for his daughter's three AM feeding. I told him that now he knows what it is like to have a child with type 1 diabetes.
  7. Mindy
    My two-year-old son was taking a bath and pretending to drink from a cup. He then handed the cup to me and said, "Do you want a drink mommy. It's got no sugar and no carbs."
  8. Paulla
    You know your daughter has diabetes when she is playing a game on the computer and picking all fruits and vegetables to feed her virtual pet because it needs to eat healthy!
  9. Rosanna
    My 3 year old (diagnosed 9/2004, pumping 3/2005) is very attached to his 6 year old brother. He wants to be just like him. The other day he announced he could not wait to be 6! When I asked why he replied, "Because then I won't have to have a pump anymore!"
  10. Delana
    After recently buying "Mary Poppins" on DVD, our 6 kids went around singing all the songs. Well, John, our pumping 5 year old son had to put his own twist on "A Spoonful of Sugar." His version goes:
    Just a bolus full of insulin makes my sugars come down,
    sugars come down,
    sugars come down.
    In the most painless way!
    I think he may have had some help from his 3 older sisters but now I can't hear the song without singing his rendition.
  11. Donita
    We took my 4 year old daughter to see Santa and Mrs. Clause at Children's Hospital during a visit to our Endo. When she refused the candy cane he offered. Santa told her that he had Type 2 diabetes and that they had a daughter who was diabetic and using an insulin pump like hers. She's been so excited, and she is telling everyone that Santa has diabetes. This news alone has made her Christmas. At first she said we were going to have to make Santa sugar free cookies, after thinking about it she changed her mind saying, "Santa needs regular cookies so he doesn't go low on his long journey!"
  12. Lydia
    I just started work at a company where the majority of people have type 1 diabetes. I do not, but my 13 year old son does. I told him that the National Sales Meeting dinner was like being at diabetes camp. He quickly asked me, "So did you ask all of them if they tested and dosed before dinner?"
  13. Annette
    My son recently was ill and had returned to school. His blood sugar went extremely low and the rescue had to be called. This obviously caused quite a commotion at the school. That evening a mother called to say that her daughter was worried about my son and had reported "Mom, his blood sugar was so low it was down to his belly button!"
  14. Jenny
    My 4 year old daughter has started to identify numbers. She can also proudly do her own blood glucose tests. Yesterday she called out the number on her meter "it says 28." I quickly double-checked the number and in about 5 seconds flat I leaped across the kitchen and squirted a box of juice into her mouth (and elsewhere) - all the while wondering how on earth she was still standing and seemingly coherent. Then I realized the meter was stuck on the "CHECK CODE" screen. By the time I had recovered enough to re-test her, she was at 335.
  15. Cindy
    I have 8 month old non-diabetic granddaughter who's sister has type 1 diabetes. The baby was transitioning from Stage 1 baby food to starting on table food. At dinner the other day, my daughter opened a container of baby food and looked concerned as she stirred it. She asked me if I thought it looked bad because it was lumpy. I bent over the container and asked my daughter, "Is it Type 1?" What I meant to say was Stage 1.
  16. Tricia
    I am on an insulin pump, and most of the time I wear it in my pants pocket since it is most convenient for me. When prom time came around my senior year in high school, my mom and I went dress shopping for that perfect dress. After finding that perfect dress, I got to wondering where I should put my pump for that night. (I had given up on strapping it to my thigh when I wore dresses since it had a tendency to slide down my leg after a night of dancing.) Since my dress was strapless, I also had to go lingerie shopping to get an appropriate bra. I got a bra that I knew would allow me to keep my pump in it for the night without being noticeable through my prom dress.

    During dinner at prom, I had to bolus for my food. I had a Minimed pump at the time, so I just used the remote while at the table not thinking anything of it. Then, as I am doing my button-pushing for my bolus, I remember I have my pump set on vibrate, and my cleavage starts to vibrate. I was mortified, so I sat there with my arms in front of my chest while bolusing, and my date, who was not aware I had my pump in my bra, thought I was cold and put his coat over my shoulders. I started laughing hysterically, and when I explained to him what had happened, he said quite innocently, "Well, that must have felt kind of weird!"
  17. Brenda
    One evening, after dinner, our daughter who has diabetes asked me to get her some Hershey's Kisses to eat. I grabbed the bag as her siblings also asked for some. I gave two to her sister, then I gave my daughter two. She said, "Please give me another one; I bolused for three." Her non-diabetic sister quickly chimed it, "Well, I bolused for five."
  18. Linda
    As parent's of kids with type 1, we have all run into ignorance about the disease, it's treatment, etc. Today, I went into a drug store and asked the person at the pharmacy desk if they had any glucose or dextrose tabs in jars of 50. She replied, "What is that for, diarrhea?"
  19. Ashley
    At my 19th birthday party this year I had a bunch of sugar free popsicles for everyone to eat. I forgot to explain the effects of sorbitol on people who aren't used to it, and one of my friends ate A LOT of popsicles. After a little bit, he got up and took off to the bathroom and when he finally came out he demanded an explanation on why I'd poisoned his popsicle.
  20. Rachel
    The other day my mom texted me this" "2 100's today". She watches my son Cole while I attend college full time. I texted back, "good, I changed his basal the other day". She texted back, "No, I was talking about his school work -- two 100% on his school work." We both laughed really hard -- this would only happen if you had a child with diabetes.
  21. Natalie
    You know you are home from a CWD conference when you reach into your pocket and find SOMEONE ELSE'S used test strip!
  22. Kim
    We were on a family vacation in Florida and went to lunch at Outback Steakhouse. My 8 year-old son (diagnosed February 9, 2006, and pumping since July, 2006) and I were finishing up our lunch while my other kids were taking a walk with my husband. I realized I was a parent of a diabetic when I had to explain to the waiter that my son was referring to his blood sugar when he made the comment "Hey Mom, I've got a great idea for when I'm high..." and I caught the waiter's confused look!
  23. Eli
    My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 last year. We became involved with the JDRF walk/fundraiser. After the walk, when we had to check her blood sugar and give her insulin before lunch she looked very confused and proceeded to explain to us that it was no longer necessary to do these things because we had just "walked to cure diabetes."

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