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  1. How do I treat my diabetes when I have a cold or the flu? (28 Oct 2008)
  2. During the past year, my mother, who has type 2, has remained in a semi-conscious state for two to three days after lows. Why would this happen? (27 Oct 2008)
  3. I am controlling my diabetes by diet. On days that I eat extra, can I take Xenical and Acarbose? Can I skip metformin, too? (21 Oct 2008)
  4. I have type 2. Lately, I have been experiencing elevated blood sugars, increased thirst, and hot flushes. Should I contact my doctor? (24 Sep 2008)
  5. My two hour blood sugar was 232 mg/dl [12.9 mmol/L] so the doctor gave me a meter and said to come back in six months for repeat testing. Are there other tests I should request? (11 Sep 2008)
  6. Why would someone with pre-diabetes have a normal blood sugar, 100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L] before bed yet wake up with a blood sugar of 132 mg/dl [7.3 mmol/L]? (12 Aug 2008)
  7. Are insulin resistance and more insulin related to getting exercise and occasional hunger and cravings for food? (11 Aug 2008)
  8. Do type 2 diabetics benefit by taking purgative or laxatives medications routinely? (20 Jul 2008)
  9. Are there any anti-inflammatory medicines and antioxidants that are beneficial to insulin resistant type 2 diabetics in view of inflammation related to insulin resistance? (18 Jul 2008)
  10. How much time might it take to reverse downregulation on normal or lesser insulin exposure? At what blood sugar level does one become "used to" hyperglycemia? (18 Jul 2008)
  11. Will you please tell me about the pathophysiology behind getting unstable diabetes? Is it also common in type 2 diabetics? (16 Jul 2008)
  12. Why do I need to be on insulin when I have not yet taken the maximum dose of my metformin? What happens if I miss injections for two days? (12 Jul 2008)
  13. Is persistent hyperglycemia a stress to the body? Can well controlled type 2 diabetics get occasional sub-fatal hypoglycemia causing the occasional stimulation of stress hormones? (2 Jul 2008)
  14. If a diabetic patient with persisting highs can get hypoglycemia like symptoms and counterregulations to hypoglycemia and tries to get better control via medication, can he get hypoglycemia unawareness? (22 Jun 2008)
  15. Can one's body become accustomed to high blood sugars if they are persistent? So, when the blood sugars are closer to normal, might it seem like hypoglycemia? (15 Jun 2008)
  16. For people with type 2, do insulin oscillations contribute to insulin resistance? (11 May 2008)
  17. My podiatrist suggested I wear support socks for my leg swelling. Am I supposed to wear them all the time or just when I'm not in bed? (13 Apr 2008)
  18. How does oscillation/degradation of oral agents or injected insulin affect down-regulation of insulin receptors? (11 Apr 2008)
  19. Can one "lose" type 2 diabetes? (31 Mar 2008)
  20. My husband has pre-diabetes and is having mood swings and anger. I am trying to monitor his diet. He takes half a tablet of metformin twice a day. Does he need other diabetes management? (29 Mar 2008)
  21. I was diagnosed with type 2 based on a fasting blood sugar of 124 mg/dl [6.9 mmol/L]. I have no symptoms, but am overweight. Could this be pre-diabetes? (28 Mar 2008)
  22. An acquaintance of mine does not treat his/her type 2 because of the lack of scientific studies demonstrating this is necessary. Where can I find articles to refute this? (3 Mar 2008)
  23. My mother-in-law has been having headaches. Her fasting blood sugar was 121 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L], which her doctor said was fine. Should she seek a second opinion? (3 Mar 2008)
  24. I was diagnosed with type 2 recently due to a prescribed steroid I was using. Since I've been weaned off the drug, my blood sugars have been more stable. What does this mean? (26 Feb 2008)
  25. If I eat a lot of grains, my blood sugar is elevated for hours. So, I would think that eliminating them would help. Would I learn anything else from an OGTT? (31 Jan 2008)
  26. My friend, recently diagnosed with type 2, is worried that she'll need to take insulin if she gets pregnant. Is this true? Will she then have to take insulin for the rest of her life? (28 Jan 2008)
  27. What is the treatment for bladder wall thickening in type 2 diabetes? (24 Jan 2008)
  28. My diabetes control has worsened in the past two years. Other than an A1c and a lipid check, what tests should I have to see what damage my body has suffered? (22 Jan 2008)
  29. Sometimes I overeat and my sugar figure jumps. Is there any medicine that I can take after eating to prevent my sugar from increasing? (22 Jan 2008)
  30. Which type of metformin is better for obese people? Can we adjust the dose based on diet? Can we take plain metformin at breakfast and lunch, with the SR type in the evening? (14 Jan 2008)
  31. We often forget to take our acarbose with meals. Is there another drug that could be taken before or after meals? What about Xenical? (14 Jan 2008)

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