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  1. Type 2 runs in my family. I am thin and exercise quite a bit, but still have pre-diabetes. If I continue to exercise, will I be able to avoid getting full blown diabetes? (25 Dec 2007)
  2. How safe are nutritional powders for diabetes, in that they contain maltodextrin? (19 Nov 2007)
  3. My doctor checked my C-Peptide and insulin levels. What do the results mean? Why do I still have a low A1c when I have elevated fasting blood sugars? (15 Nov 2007)
  4. I was diagnosed with type 2 with a random blood sugar of 128 mg/dl [7.1 mmol/L]. I am not overweight and had negative antibodies. What type of diabetes do I have? (3 Nov 2007)
  5. I'm having control problems, so my doctor has recommended insulin. What can you tell me about stem cell treatment? (31 Oct 2007)
  6. Recently, I had a fasting blood sugar of 123 mg/dl [6.8 mmol/L]. At 5 feet, 3 inches, I weigh 152 pounds. The doctor said I have pre-diabetes. What is your opinion? (31 Oct 2007)
  7. I have a family history of type 2/weight issues. I am not overweight. I exercise and eat well. Is it inevitable that I will get type 2? (31 Oct 2007)
  8. Can we consider insulin resistance as a tolerance or resistance to previous excessive or increased exposure of sugar or/and insulin in type 2 diabetics? (15 Sep 2007)
  9. The doctor recommended exercise and diet for my son's pre-diabetes. Is this condition preventable? Will he eventually need insulin injections? (18 Aug 2007)
  10. I had salmonella in December and am now having higher blood sugars. Can salmonella have a long-term affect on type 2 diabetes? (17 Aug 2007)
  11. Is it the standard to discharge a diabetic patient without teaching before discharge, to facilitate matters so that patient's needs will be addressed? (16 Aug 2007)
  12. I was diagnosed with type 2 after blood work indicated a high blood sugar. At home, my blood sugars are in range. Could my blood work have been wrong? (26 Jul 2007)
  13. Can you comment on the results of my three hour GTT? My doctor says that I failed "technically," but should merely watch my diet and continue to exercise. (9 Jul 2007)
  14. Just diagnosed with type 2, my mom was given no patient education, just told to return in three months for a blood test. Is it just me or did we get the brush off? (29 Jun 2007)
  15. Can persistent hyperglycemia and insulin resistance in type 2 be due to decreased transcapillary movements of insulin by hypotonicity of blood due to elevated glucose or otherwise? (24 Jun 2007)
  16. My new doctor said that my Glucovance and Actos should not be used together, but said to continue with them because I was doing well. Is it okay to take both? (10 Jun 2007)
  17. I was diagnosed with type 2 last year. A nurse said I could be "diabetes-free" if I were to lose weight. Is this true? (19 May 2007)
  18. I have relatively good control of my diabetes except for elevated fasting blood sugars. Would the use of long-acting insulin, such as Lantus, be beneficial? (4 May 2007)
  19. Why is there so much emphasis on fasting blood glucose levels when this is the time at which cortisol levels are the highest? (25 Apr 2007)
  20. I am concerned about elevated fasting blood sugars. If I were to take NovoMix 70/30, would it help bring them in range? (12 Apr 2007)
  21. Because he has a high BMI and possible symptoms, my son had laboratory tests done. Based on the results, do I have anything to worry about? (11 Apr 2007)
  22. Should I be on medication given your statement that the ADA recommends metformin for those with type 2? My A1c is fine and I have normal fasting blood sugars. (19 Mar 2007)
  23. Can Lantus help someone with type 2 who has persistent hyperglycemia? What side effects does it have? (19 Mar 2007)
  24. I've had type 2 for three years. Although my A1c is fine with diet and exercise, my fasting blood sugar is slightly elevated. Should I take metformin? (6 Mar 2007)
  25. I've had diabetes for two years, take insulin and have good control. I don't like taking insulin. Can I live without taking it? (28 Feb 2007)
  26. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, then lost 30 pounds. Recently, my fasting blood glucose was normal. Should I still ask for a GTT? (28 Feb 2007)
  27. Can a type 2 with hyperglycemia lose those nutrients in ICF and conserve those that are in ECF? (26 Feb 2007)
  28. How should children with pre-diabetes be managed? (22 Feb 2007)
  29. Why do people with type 2 have internal and external dryness? Are corns, calluses, and thick, dead skin also common for them? (21 Feb 2007)
  30. If urine levels of pH, potassium and other minerals are abnormal in poorly controlled diabetics, will this cause an increased craving for food? (19 Feb 2007)
  31. What are the possible glycogen storing and breakdown abnormalities in type 2 diabetics undergoing various types of treatment? (17 Feb 2007)
  32. Can exercising or losing more water in sweat or in urine make ECF more hypertonic and more harmful to hyperglycemic peoples? (16 Feb 2007)

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