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  1. Aren't there clinical/personal observations of type 2 diabetics who have not taken any medications or remained on a minimum of medications? (17 Dec 2006)
  2. At what point do most doctors put type 2 diabetics on medication? I am concerned about elevated readings one hour after eating. (18 Nov 2006)
  3. What is known about kidney failure for type 2 diabetics? What physical exercise do we need to control it? Do people with type 2 have blood pressure problems? (16 Nov 2006)
  4. I take pills and Lantus for my diabetes. Recently, my blood sugars have been elevated and I have gained weight, not lost. What is going on? What should I do? (16 Nov 2006)
  5. Because his sugar was elevated, my husband could get only a three month truck driver's permit. What happens to people who cannot regulate their sugar? (16 Nov 2006)
  6. My college-aged son has been diagnosed with diabetes. How long until his blood sugars do down? Should he have an endocrinologist at school? (26 Oct 2006)
  7. I have type 2, PCOS, and hypothyroidism. I am constantly tired and nauseous, especially when I take my metformin. Sometimes I get dizzy. What could be going on? (17 Oct 2006)
  8. When I eat something high in carbohydrates, my blood sugar goes up, then drops fairly quickly. With a burrito, the drop was much slower. It is related to the fiber? (17 Oct 2006)
  9. With type 2, what are the consequences of taking an oral medication but not altering diet? With no dietary changes, can someone with type 2 develop type 1? (17 Oct 2006)
  10. With metformin and Avandia, my blood sugar is around 100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L]. Can I skip the medications to see what happens with my blood sugar? (23 Sep 2006)
  11. Are the targets of 115 mg/dl [6.4 mmol/L] fasting and 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L] postprandial correct for people with pre-diabetes? (2 Sep 2006)
  12. My blood sugar is higher in the morning than at bedtime even though I have not eaten anything. Why does this happen? (1 Sep 2006)
  13. During a physical, my fasting blood sugar was 118 mg/dl [6.6 mmol/L], so my doctor said I may be pre-diabetic. Is this correct? I'm not overweight and I exercise. (1 Aug 2006)
  14. Although his blood sugars have normalized since diagnosis three months ago, lately, my husband has been having mood swings. Is this normal? (29 Jun 2006)
  15. How can I lower my blood sugars and exercise after my upcoming surgery? What kind of diet should I follow? I will be in a cast for up to five months. (18 Jun 2006)
  16. I am concerned that I had undiagnosed diabetes when I got pregnant. I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 weeks. Will my baby have birth defects? (22 May 2006)
  17. If a person with "mild" diabetes occasionaly has albumin in their urine, can this be reversed? (20 May 2006)
  18. I have been having problems with erectile dysfunction. Is it related to my diabetes or my ramipril? Why are my fasting blood sugars higher than my random ones? (17 May 2006)
  19. Does the consumption of beer have a beneficial impact on blood sugar control? I often have my best blood sugars a day or two after consuming beer. (11 May 2006)
  20. In 2001, my laboratory blood sugar was 134 mg/dl [7.4 mmol/L]. Recently, it was 115 mg/dl 6.4 mmol/L]. Should I have an OGTT to see if I have diabetes? (2 May 2006)
  21. Is medication kept in the freezer okay to use? When should it be taken? Are cinnamon and bitter melon helpful? Can diabetic nephropathy be reversed? (24 Apr 2006)
  22. My husband has recurring "sores" or "bites." The doctor says it is diabetes. Is this possible? (15 Apr 2006)
  23. My daughter is at risk for diabetes. She overeats and doesn't exercise. What can I do to help her avoid diabetes? (13 Apr 2006)
  24. My father has had type 2 diabetes for eight years. What medicine can he take to get rid of his diabetes? (12 Apr 2006)
  25. Is it normal for a type 2 patient to have C-peptide levels that are dropping about 1 point per year? Does this mean the patient has LADA, not type 2? (3 Apr 2006)
  26. My friend was 80 mg/dl [4.4 mmol/L] and ate lots of sweets. Then 400 mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L], she took insulin and went to bed. Should she be eating this way? (25 Mar 2006)
  27. Since starting insulin in January, my blood sugar average is doing down. How quickly should it go down? How long will I have the symptoms I feel related to the gradual drop? (23 Mar 2006)
  28. Although I was diagnosed with type 2, how can I be sure the doctor's diagnosis was correct? I am uninsured and cannot afford to see a doctor. (19 Mar 2006)
  29. How can insulin really help people with type 2 who have insulin resistance? Can living in crowded and polluted cities cause persistent hyperglycemia? (12 Mar 2006)
  30. Should a sulfonylurea-biguanide combination for someone with type 2 be administered before or after meals? (12 Mar 2006)
  31. I am controlling my type 2 diabetes through diet and exercise. Other than diet, is there anything else I should do or be concerned about? (3 Mar 2006)
  32. Can the symptoms of hypoglycemia mimic diabetes, even if you are not diabetic? Does it increase the risk of developing type 2? (2 Mar 2006)
  33. Since most fruits are higher in sugars/starches than most vegetables, why don't more nutritionists recommend vegetables with a low glycemic index instead? (1 Mar 2006)
  34. If my husband's fasting blood sugar is somewhat elevated, can he still exercise? He is overweight and has a heart problem. (27 Feb 2006)
  35. I was diagnosed with type 2 before my pregnancy and took insulin when pregnant. Now, post-birth, my blood sugars are in range. Do I still have diabetes? (27 Feb 2006)
  36. I've controlled my diabetes through diet and exercise, but no longer have the willpower to diet. Am I better off on medications? (27 Feb 2006)
  37. My yearly A1c was higher than the last one. Is this related to cutting back on exercise? Is there a meter available for testing my A1c at home? (22 Feb 2006)
  38. I would like to know if high blood sugar readings in the mornings are from the breakfast I ate, the supper I ate the night before, or a combination of both? (11 Feb 2006)
  39. Since my diagnosis with type 2 in July 2005, I have lost weight. Should I continue to try to lose weight? Could the burning sensation in my legs be neuropathy? (31 Jan 2006)
  40. My fiance has been told that if his upcoming A1c is greater than 6, he will need insulin. Would he need shots for the rest of his life? What if he loses weight? (10 Jan 2006)
  41. For an obese patient with borderline diabetes, do you recommend diet only or metformin? Sometimes, his post meal blood sugars are somewhat elevated. (10 Jan 2006)
  42. Would it be okay if I stopped taking my metformin and focused on diet and exercise instead? (9 Jan 2006)

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