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  1. My blood sugars have been elevated, but the doctor has not put me on medication. My potassium level was elevated, too. Is this related to my diabetes? (19 Dec 2005)
  2. I recently started insulin and am concerned my fasting blood sugars are a bit high. How long should I wait before adjusting my insulin dose? (19 Dec 2005)
  3. Because he is obese and does not take of his diabetes, my husband needs to find a facility where he can get help. Do you know of one in the New York area? (15 Dec 2005)
  4. My daughter was put on, then taken off, an oral medication because of an increased liver count. Should we be concerned? (15 Dec 2005)
  5. Can I increase my oral medication on the days I eat more? Can I skip it the days I eat nothing more than soup? (11 Dec 2005)
  6. Can you tell me what type of diet and treatment my father should have? He wants to use diet and exercise to control his blood sugars. (9 Dec 2005)
  7. Three hours after a meal, my blood sugar was 314 mg/dl [17.4 mmol/L]. What can I do to bring it down? How bad is this? (28 Nov 2005)
  8. I have no symptoms of diabetes other than high blood sugars. I tested myself because my dad has diabetes. What advice do you have? (18 Nov 2005)
  9. Recently diagnosed pre-diabetic. I eat well and exercise several times a week. How do I lose weight and lower my blood sugar? (14 Nov 2005)
  10. Can the excessive intake of fruit juice lead to type 2 diabetes? Is this because of weight gain or the juice itself? (11 Nov 2005)
  11. My fasting blood sugar is higher than my bedtime blood sugar. Why is that? I am on no medication at this time, but used to take Avandia. (5 Nov 2005)
  12. I just started Glucophage and can't get my fasting blood sugar in range. What should I do? (3 Nov 2005)
  13. After six years with type 2, I just took action to lower my blood sugars. I've seen little change in two weeks. When should I start seeing lower blood sugars? (3 Nov 2005)
  14. My blood sugars are mostly normal and my A1c was 6.3. Is it okay to have candy from time to time? (2 Nov 2005)
  15. I was diagnosed with type 2 when obese and a heavy drinker. I lost weight and am sober. My blood sugars are now fine. Do I still have diabetes? (30 Oct 2005)
  16. I am newly diagnosed with type 2. My nurse practitioner now wants me to undergo blood work and an ultrasound. Are these normal procedures? (30 Oct 2005)
  17. My blood sugars are currently out of control. Since I am overweight, would losing 70 pounds get my blood sugars under control? (30 Oct 2005)
  18. Symptomatic for diabetes, I had my fasting blood sugar checked. It was 121 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]. How likely am I to be diagnosed with diabetes? (28 Oct 2005)
  19. My mother takes oral medications for type 2, but her doctor has suggested she start insulin. Is this necessary? Are there other options? (22 Oct 2005)
  20. I've had dizziness and numbness on the left side of my body. I am going to be tested for diabetes, which runs in my father's family. Is diabetes hereditary? (15 Oct 2005)
  21. Is the drug, "sucanon," which is only available in Mexico, a good product for someone with type 2? Can it be bought without a prescription? (15 Oct 2005)
  22. My six year old is overweight, but had an elevated insulin level. Could she have type 2 diabetes? (8 Oct 2005)
  23. I have symptoms of diabetes. Seven months ago, I had tests that showed no urine abnormalities. Could I have developed diabetes since then? (5 Oct 2005)
  24. I have type 2. My A1c has gone up and I want your opinion. Where can I find material to read about diabetes medications and such? (3 Oct 2005)
  25. For several months, I've had intermittent "outer itching" in my vaginal region. The treatments burned. I then had foamy urine. Could this be diabetes? (21 Sep 2005)
  26. My GTT results indicated elevated blood sugars, then I dieted and the levels were in range. Do I have insulin resistance or pre-diabetes? (20 Sep 2005)
  27. I cannot take sildenafil. Are there any other drugs for treating sexual dysfunction that do not interact with blood pressure medications and affect diabetes? (20 Sep 2005)
  28. If someone is to have fasting blood work to test for diabetes, will the test be affected if he/she drinks a Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi before the test? (17 Sep 2005)
  29. Is there a connection between lupus and diabetes? My mother has type 2 with high blood sugars and an infection that won't heal. What should she do? (12 Sep 2005)
  30. I've been hypothyroid for 20 years. Recently, my blood sugar was 166 mg/dl [9.2 mmol/L]. Is this related to my hypothyroidism? What treatment do I need? (10 Sep 2005)
  31. My two hour reading after my GTT was 177 mg/dl [9.8 mmol/L]. Do I have insulin resistance? Is it reversible if I lose weight? (28 Aug 2005)
  32. Since August 2001, I have checked my blood sugars, but taken no medication. Now, I am seeing higher blood sugars. Why is this? Is my condition worsening? (23 Aug 2005)
  33. I'm trying to normalize my blood sugars through diet and exercise. Why is my blood sugar higher in the morning? Why does it continue to rise? (23 Aug 2005)
  34. If I try over-the-counter diet pills, such as TrimSpa, how will my diabetes be affected? (22 Aug 2005)
  35. How dangerous is it to have a one hour post meal blood sugar around 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]? What are the ideal blood sugars at other times? (8 Aug 2005)
  36. I was diagnosed with early diabetes, put on an 1800 calorie diet and metformin. Why is my blood sugar varying? Why can't I lose much weight? (8 Aug 2005)
  37. I was diagnosed as insulin resistant and told to diet and exercise. I was wondering if I could have type 1.5. Should I have an anti-GAD antibody test? (2 Aug 2005)
  38. I take pills for type 2. Although my blood sugar is normal around 3 a.m., it is higher when I get up. What can I do to maintain normal blood sugar? (29 Jul 2005)
  39. Why is my daughter-in-law doing well with poor food choices while I am not? She has lost weight, while I have not. (23 Jul 2005)
  40. Sometimes, when I eat too much sugar, my blood pressure goes up. What can I do to lower it? Can lime water or coconut water help? (22 Jul 2005)
  41. I have been diagnosed with insulin resistance. Is this the same as diabetes? Should I get a second opinion or see a naturopathic doctor? (16 Jul 2005)
  42. My nine year old daughter weighs over 150 pounds. Since her dad has diabetes and heart problems, do I need to be concerned about her getting diabetes? (28 Jun 2005)
  43. I take metformin and NovoMix for my type 2 diabetes. I often have a normal blood sugar around 5 a.m., but it is higher by 7 a.m. Why does this happen? (25 Jun 2005)
  44. I have pre-diabetes. Despite lifestyle changes, my A1c and fasting blood sugar are now higher. What can I do to keep from developing diabetes? (13 Jun 2005)
  45. I was told that chromium vanadium will lower my blood sugar. How long does it work? (8 Jun 2005)
  46. I have type 2 and take Amaryl since I had gastric problems with Glucophage. I have control problems. Are there any other pills or is insulin the next step? (6 Jun 2005)
  47. With metformin and Glyburide, I am having roller coaster blood sugars. Do I need insulin? How do doctors determine when insulin is needed? (28 May 2005)
  48. My son gained weight since taking clozopine. What kind of diabetes testing should he have? Is he at risk for diabetes as a result of the medication or the weight gain? (23 May 2005)
  49. My blood work was normal, but I still have symptoms of diabetes. Why do I still have these symptoms? Is this an early warning sign for diabetes? (14 May 2005)
  50. Does 101 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L] as a fasting blood sugar indicate diabetes, knowing that the post-prandial reading is 135 to 160 [7.5 to 8.9 mmol/L]? (14 May 2005)
  51. I recently had a two hour oral glucose tolerance test. Based on my results, am I diabetic or pre-diabetic? Should I watch my diet anyway? (14 May 2005)
  52. Can you tell me if it's possible for type 2 diabetics, insulin dependent, to find success using an insulin pump? (6 May 2005)
  53. I take oral medications. Why is it that, sometimes, my blood sugar is higher in the morning? Why does it go up after I exercise in the morning, without eating? (30 Apr 2005)
  54. My mother is 78 and has type 2. Could her diabetes be worsening because of her age? Could any of her medications cause her pancreas to stop working? (25 Apr 2005)
  55. My monther-in-law was recently diagnosed with type 2 and is in denial. What happens if she still eats sugar? (22 Apr 2005)
  56. If the pancreas of a person with type 2 stops producing insulin, does the person remain classified as type 2 or type 1? Is this common? (21 Apr 2005)
  57. Are there any sleepover clinics where my friend can learn how to take care of his type 2 diabetes? (19 Apr 2005)
  58. Could the withdrawal of methotrexate after long term use cause the diabetes? (15 Apr 2005)
  59. My father has had no changes to his diabetes medications. Yet, his insulin dosage has been cut by more than half. What could be the reason? (7 Apr 2005)
  60. Do you have any advice on how I should treat my patient who was recently diagnosed with diabetes? (5 Apr 2005)
  61. Is there a drug, other than metformin, for insulin resistance? Metformin is not working well, but thiazolidinediones cause weight gain. (4 Apr 2005)
  62. Is it true that the administration of low doses of aspirin to obese patients can help reduce their insulin resistance? (4 Apr 2005)
  63. I have put on the weight I'd lost and don't exercise. My post-prandial numbers are somewhat elevated. How can I still have a good A1c, 6.1%? (25 Mar 2005)
  64. Last October, I was in a serious car accident. In November, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Did the stress of the accident cause my diabetes? (24 Mar 2005)
  65. My fasting blood sugars have been elevated since starting Albuterol. Is this from illness or Albuterol? Do people with acanthosis nigricans always have insulin resistance? (22 Mar 2005)
  66. I had an elevated fasting reading. The nurse said diet and exercise would bring the reading down, if my pancreas hasn't been damaged? Would my pancreas be damaged? (15 Mar 2005)
  67. Recently diagnosed with type 2, I am having slightly elevated blood sugars after meals, but in range numbers at other times. Are varying blood sugars common? (14 Mar 2005)
  68. On Actos and Lantus, my blood sugars are over 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L]. The doctor said to increase my Lantus, but never gave a maximum. What should I do? (14 Mar 2005)
  69. Five years ago I was obese and had high blood sugars. They were fine after I lost weight. Now, they rise if I eat carbohydrates. What kind of diet should I follow? (7 Mar 2005)
  70. Should I stop my Niaspan to help get my type 2 under control? Since taking it, my blood sugars are higher. (6 Mar 2005)
  71. Should my 83 year old mother take glyburide 2.5 mg, with a sugar level of 140 mg/dl [7.8 mmol/L]? Can she be diet controlled instead? (27 Feb 2005)
  72. Due to highs, my father's doctor has told him to take Lantus and check his blood sugar once a day. Shouldn't he check often to get the Lantus dose correct? (20 Feb 2005)
  73. Following a miscarriage, my A1c was 6.0 so I started to diet and lose weight while monitoring my blood sugars. Should I be doing more? (20 Feb 2005)
  74. The doctor recently asked my husband to monitor my blood sugar, as well as his own. Where can we find a book or chart discussing "normal" readings? (19 Feb 2005)
  75. What symptoms indicate that I might need to take insulin? I have type 2 and take metformin, Actos and Amaryl. I often feel tired. (19 Feb 2005)
  76. If a man has a blood glucose of 280 mg/dl [15.6 mmol/L] and a very high insulin level after a GTT, is it reversibile if he loses weight? (18 Feb 2005)
  77. I have been experiencing fluctuating vision in my left eye for a month. Could it be caused by pre-diabetes? (16 Feb 2005)
  78. My son's girlfriend has been checking his blood sugars, which have been high. Could he have type 2? (9 Feb 2005)
  79. My sister, who is in her 40s and overweight, had a trace amount of sugar in her urine. Is this an indicator of diabetes? (9 Feb 2005)
  80. I've had type 1 for 45 years and type 2 for several years. How can I lose weight and beat the insulin resistance? (8 Feb 2005)
  81. For about 10 years, I have been thirsty and overweight. My fasting blood glucose levels are normal. Should I have a glucose tolerance test? (8 Feb 2005)
  82. I was recently diagnosed with type 2. Where can I learn more about meal planning? (30 Jan 2005)
  83. I have type 2 and my meter will say "ketones" when I am high. What do I do to bring down my blood sugar? (30 Jan 2005)
  84. If I indicate on my drivers license form that I have diabetes, will it hurt my driving privileges? I take oral medications, not insulin. (21 Jan 2005)
  85. Despite large doses of insulin and oral medications, my sister has very high blood sugars and is losing weight. How can she bring down her glucose levels? (20 Jan 2005)
  86. My blood sugars have been high since taking Niaspan, which I just stopped. When should I see a significant decrease in my glucose levels? (20 Jan 2005)
  87. Six years after taking Interferon Alfa, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Could the Interferon have caused the diabetes? (19 Jan 2005)
  88. Can you help me figure out what type of diabetes I have? I am thin, have slightly elevated blood sugars and have higher blood sugars when I take insulin resistance drugs. (19 Jan 2005)
  89. I had a urine test at the doctor's was "off the chart" for glucose, but my blood sugars are normal when I use a glucose meter. Why is this? (11 Jan 2005)
  90. My grandmother has been diagnosed with diabetes and takes oral medication. Is it okay for her to consume alcohol sugar? (9 Jan 2005)
  91. My husband, who has type 2, developed lumps in his legs during two trips to the U.S. Stockings do not help. What do you recommend? (5 Jan 2005)
  92. My father was recently diagnosed with jaundice. What treatment should he follow as he cannot use the high carbohydrate diet normally recommended? (5 Jan 2005)

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