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  1. My dad has recently been waking up with extremely low blood sugar even though his doctor had him cut back on his medication, and he has juice before bed, etc. (31 Dec 2001)
  2. I have type 2 diabetes, and I have noticed my first morning blood sugar averages about 20-30 mg/dl [1.1-1.7 mmol/L] higher than my bedtime readings. Is this normal? (29 Dec 2001)
  3. I have type 2 diabetes, and I am not opposed to beginning an insulin regimen and just want what is best for my long-term health. (15 Dec 2001)
  4. My blood glucose level tends to rise overnight for no rhyme nor reason. What causes this? Is there anything I can do to minimize or stop that increase? (6 Dec 2001)
  5. My blood sugar about two hours after dinner was 6.4 mmol/L [115 mg/dl], but first thing this morning it was 10.5 mmol/L [189 mg/dl]. How can that be? (5 Dec 2001)
  6. Are my hormone levels raising or decreasing my insulin secretion or causing my insulin resistance? (4 Dec 2001)
  7. Can you explain the progression that takes place for a person with type 2 diabetes who is diet controlled to one who needs medications? (29 Nov 2001)
  8. Is that normal for people who have their blood sugar levels under control to still be hungry all the time? (26 Nov 2001)
  9. My mother claims she read an article published by a major research institute that says diabetes may be caused by environmental factors such as pollution. (25 Nov 2001)
  10. The doctor says I drink too much water, so I urinate more. Won't that drain salt out of my body? (23 Nov 2001)
  11. Is my A1c level so horrifically high as to significantly raise the birth defect probability? What do you suggest for me to find out exactly what (if any) birth defects? (15 Nov 2001)
  12. I was able to control my numbers before pregnancy, but it seems much harder now, and I am only in the beginning stages. Is this normal? (2 Nov 2001)
  13. Can you advise on how to bring my lunch time glucose readings back to consistently normal values? (27 Oct 2001)
  14. I was diagnosed with diabetes two weeks ago, my doctor rushed me out the door with prescriptions and no instructions, and my blood sugars are getting higher. (26 Oct 2001)
  15. If the A1c is normal, and a patient cannot tolerate pills, is it appropriate to use insulin intermittently for a few weekly spikes? (14 Oct 2001)
  16. A physician told me that an ACE inhibitor and Actos would be better than my current pill and went on to say that Xenical alone could "cure" me with a 1000 calorie diet. (11 Oct 2001)
  17. Are these spikes a big deal, as long as it evens out in two hours or so? (3 Oct 2001)
  18. Do I need intermittent insulin to knock down these bedtime highs? Would adding insulin cause more lows? (2 Oct 2001)
  19. Are ovarian cysts a common complication of diabetes? If I opt for surgical removal of the ovaries, can I expect complications as a result of the diabetes? (24 Sep 2001)
  20. In type 2 diabetes, how does your doctor know which medication to prescribe? (18 Sep 2001)
  21. Was I put on medication prematurely? (17 Sep 2001)
  22. How does the delivery of exercise programs influence the management and prevention of type 2 diabetes in children? (2 Sep 2001)
  23. I do not want to take tablets for the rest of my life, so, If I lost weight, do you think I would be able to refrain from taking tablets? (2 Sep 2001)
  24. In type 2 diabetes, what is glucose toxicity? How high does the blood sugar need to be? For how long does it need to stay high before it occurs? (31 Aug 2001)
  25. Lately it seems that everything I do to lower my glucose level has no effect at all. What is going on? (31 Aug 2001)
  26. I need to know what I should realistically suggest be included as standard type 2 diabetes care. (30 Aug 2001)
  27. What is the longest time a person can control type 2 diabetes with exercise and diet alone? (29 Aug 2001)
  28. I should ovulate sometime in the next few days, and I am concerned because I took the last dose of my pills yesterday. Is it safe to get pregnant now? (25 Aug 2001)
  29. Should my sugar be that high after five hours of not eating? (21 Aug 2001)
  30. I have experienced lower blood sugar readings post moderate to stressful exercise, but you say increased blood sugar is the norm. (20 Aug 2001)
  31. I am participating in a study, and as part of the protocol, I am not supposed to snack, but my glucose level is often less than 85 mg/dl [4.7 mmol/L]. (15 Aug 2001)
  32. My husband has type 2 diabetes, and is on a strong regimen of medication, but he still feels horrible and his average sugar this week was 297 mg/dl [16.5 mmol/L]. (2 Aug 2001)
  33. How long will it take for my husband's blood sugar level to drop to normal levels if he is only being treated with diet and exercise? (1 Aug 2001)
  34. Short of insulin, what else can I take with the Glucophage to lower morning sugars? (25 Jul 2001)
  35. After my Glucophage and a cup of coffee black or strong tea, my blood sugar will be 247 mg/dl [13.7 mmol/L]. What happened? (24 Jul 2001)
  36. We don't know where to start with controlling my father-in-law's borderline type 2 diabetes. Is there some sort of chart or table we can use to ensure proper levels? (13 Jul 2001)
  37. I have type 2 diabetes and haven't been taking my insulin, but I've been feeling okay. What' s going on? Did it go into remission? (13 Jul 2001)
  38. Are 2200 calories enough for a woman my size? Could losing weight have caused my baby to die? (12 Jul 2001)
  39. We want to know what role emotions (anger, stress) play in diabetes. (7 Jul 2001)
  40. How it is possible, that my blood sugar would go that crazy? (6 Jul 2001)
  41. Can anyone explain type 2 diabetes briefly? (4 Jul 2001)
  42. What is this hgt test? Why do my toes ache? (3 Jul 2001)
  43. My 15 year old niece was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and I don't know much about it. (29 Jun 2001)
  44. I am a 33 year old with type 2 diabetes who has have been told that anyone who has diabetes and gets pregnant will die. Is this true? (27 Jun 2001)
  45. Lately, my blood sugar has been staying in the 200+ mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] range. Are there other medications that would work better for me? (18 Jun 2001)
  46. At what blood glucose level does a person with type 2 diabetes need an adjustment in treatment plan? (15 Jun 2001)
  47. Why would my pre-breakfast readings, after not eating for 10 hours or more, be above as high as 135 mg/dl [7.5 mmol/L]? (11 Jun 2001)
  48. Is there anything, besides her medication, that my mother she should be doing to bring her blood sugar down even more? (31 May 2001)
  49. I have had type 2 diabetes for five years. I exercise daily and do not take medication, but I am perturbed that my morning readings have gone up. (30 May 2001)
  50. Two weeks ago, my wife switched from pills to insulin and her blood sugars are still high. Do you think that she needs to see a specialist? (29 Apr 2001)
  51. My husband has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, is not on medication and is still having high blood sugars. Should I contact his doctor? (19 Apr 2001)
  52. My morning blood sugars have been about 230 mg/dl [12.8 mmol/L]. I have had some stress in my life for the past week or so. Could this be the cause? (2 Mar 2001)
  53. I have type 2 diabetes and as of yet, my 108 pound six year old does not it, but I would like to place him on a "lifestyle change diet". (9 Feb 2001)
  54. Is there any better medication that would avoid insulin? (29 Jan 2001)
  55. Is this level high enough to take oral medication? The doctor told me to eat no sugars. What would happen if I did? (19 Jan 2001)

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