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  1. Could that fact that my child weighed almost 10 pounds at birth have contributed to his developing Type 1 diabetes? (27 Dec 2003)
  2. What percentage of kids with diabetes are allergic to penicillin and had their reaction before they were diagnosed with diabetes? (15 Dec 2003)
  3. About 2 months before diagnosis she had a very bad flu. I have been told that this could have been the "trigger". (15 Dec 2003)
  4. Is it better to take the flu shot and be exposed to the dead virus, or just risk getting the flu? (9 Dec 2003)
  5. My niece at the age of 16 developed type 1 diabetes after being prescribed accutane. (7 Dec 2003)
  6. Is there any research that would indicate that flu shots can trigger the onset of diabetes? (7 Dec 2003)
  7. Have any studies been done on between steroids and the onset of diabetes in those genetically predisposed? (10 Nov 2003)
  8. What are the chances of diabetes in a teenager? If I change my diet, will my chances of developing diabetes decrease? (31 Oct 2003)
  9. Is type 1 diabetes occasionally caused by a flu shot or being over-immunized? (28 Oct 2003)
  10. Does breastfeeding decrease the incidence of type 1 diabetes? (26 Oct 2003)
  11. Is there any recent research you're aware of that suggest any probable triggers for those of us who are hit with type 1 later in life? (20 Oct 2003)
  12. Would it be possible to get bovine serum albumin (BSA) in the bloodstream by inhaling concentrated powder? (20 Oct 2003)
  13. I heard using rice cereal for infants at bedtime can cause type 1 diabetes. Can you expand on this? (6 Oct 2003)
  14. What are the chances our children will develop type 1 diabetes? Will breast feeding reduce the chances? (6 Oct 2003)
  15. Could the poor diet combined with extreme physical activity and extreme stress contribute to this man's diagnosis? (2 Oct 2003)
  16. Is it possible that protecting my daughter from early exposure to viruses will either prevent or delay the onset of type 1 diabetes? (26 Sep 2003)
  17. I know pancreatitis can cause diabetes, but can diabetes cause pancreatitis? (22 Sep 2003)
  18. Is this a coincidence or could it be an environmental hazard in my home or neighborhood? (18 Sep 2003)
  19. You said that the prednisone did not trigger diabetes, but I wonder whether my son would have developed diabetes if he had not taken it. (18 Sep 2003)
  20. Are there any studies that examine a correlation between precocious puberty and type 1 diabetes? (16 Sep 2003)
  21. What is the latest regarding soy formula and the development of diabetes? (8 Sep 2003)
  22. Could this possibly be the early stages of diabetes? Is there a connection between prostate cancer and diabetes? (4 Sep 2003)
  23. Shouldn't we have been warned that prednisone can cause first time diabetes? Would my son have developed diabetes? (31 Aug 2003)
  24. What are my son's chances of getting type 2 diabetes? What can I do to try to prevent this? (31 Aug 2003)
  25. What are some other causes of type 2 diabetes ? (31 Aug 2003)
  26. A friend of the family told me that my son has a greater chance of developing diabetes if I give him homogenized milk before the age of one. (26 Aug 2003)
  27. Could the missing small and/or large bowel be contributing to my insulin resistance? (26 Aug 2003)
  28. Is it possible my son got diabetes from the chicken pox vaccine? (23 Aug 2003)
  29. How many people have to be diagnosed before they admit there is a connection between taking Accutane and type 1 diabetes? (22 Aug 2003)
  30. Obviously, there must be some type of connection between Accutane use and development of diabetes. (12 Aug 2003)
  31. Are there any statistics about the percentage of children with type 1 diabetes having adenoids removed prior to onset? (11 Aug 2003)
  32. Both my children have type 1 diabetes, and the children's father has carcinoid tumours. Could there be a link? (8 Aug 2003)
  33. When is the best time to introduce milk and wheat protein in an infant? (30 Jul 2003)
  34. Some years ago, my friend and his daughter were kidnapped and then released. Could this be the cause of her diabetes? (29 Jul 2003)
  35. I'm wondering if there is a connection between my daughters' allergic reactions to sugar and diabetes. (24 Jul 2003)
  36. Is it possible that there is some connection between infantile jaundice and type 1 diabetes? (23 Jul 2003)
  37. I feel the doctor should be watching my daughter more closely, but I have no idea what tests should be done. (22 Jul 2003)
  38. Do you think the combination of my drinking cow's milk and getting chicken pox be the reason I got type 1 diabetes? (22 Jul 2003)
  39. What if my daughter got strep throat a month or a year later? Would she have gotten diabetes or would it just have been strep? (16 Jul 2003)
  40. Is there any connection between taking Ritalin and developing diabetes? (14 Jul 2003)
  41. We believe the ongoing exposure to the microtoxins triggered the onset of my daughter's diabetes. (14 Jul 2003)
  42. Are there any bacteria of diabetes? Can this infect the brain? (13 Jul 2003)
  43. Is it possible that the carbon monoxide poisoning caused or was a contributing factor in the development of diabetes? (5 Jul 2003)
  44. Is the Glucophage necessary? Should I see a diabetes specialist? (26 Jun 2003)
  45. How do you prevent diabetes? (25 Jun 2003)
  46. Is it known whether celiac disease can cause type 1 diabetes in some people? (6 Jun 2003)
  47. Is there any way to check to see if my son is developing diabetes? Is there any therapy that may delay the onset of diabetes? (5 Jun 2003)
  48. How many cases are out there where no one can explain how someone got type 1 diabetes? (2 Jun 2003)
  49. Can my sister's choice of not immunizing her daughter affect her or my daughter? (31 May 2003)
  50. Is there any connection between developing type 2 diabetes and having breast implants? (27 May 2003)
  51. Were these all signs of the onset of diabetes? Could the steroids have brought it to the surface? (25 May 2003)
  52. Is it possible that the accident could have led to my brother's diabetes? (24 May 2003)
  53. Where are we in terms of finding a real cure for type 1 diabetes? (17 May 2003)
  54. Has anyone raised the question, or made a correlation between the chickenpox vaccination and the onset of type 1 diabetes? (11 May 2003)
  55. Can prednisone cause type 1 diabetes in a person who has no family history of diabetes? (8 May 2003)
  56. I am worried that I may have developed full-blown diabetes thanks to Medrol. Is that what has happened? (6 May 2003)
  57. Has mono virus has ever been proved to cause anything related to diabetes? (29 Apr 2003)
  58. Are there chemicals used in everyday life (cleaning products mouse/rat poison, etc.) that can cause diabetes? (28 Apr 2003)
  59. Is there any way for me to know or prove that I am doing enough to prevent developing diabetes? (25 Apr 2003)
  60. Do you think there's any correlation between an intolerance to cow's milk protein and the onset of diabetes? (15 Apr 2003)
  61. Since I've been on the pill, I have been going to the bathroom and drinking a lot more. Can contraceptive pills bring on diabetes? (8 Apr 2003)
  62. Could the steroids have caused my husband to have diabetes that would stay active for the rest of his life? (27 Mar 2003)
  63. Has there been any research done regarding a link between soy milk and diabetes? (25 Mar 2003)
  64. What studies have been done on using metformin to prevent diabetes in children? (20 Mar 2003)
  65. Is there a link with threadworms and diabetes? (18 Mar 2003)
  66. Can steroid use cause onset of diabetes in a genetically predisposed child? (15 Mar 2003)
  67. Is fish oil harmful to a person with diabetes? (14 Mar 2003)
  68. Do you think the biscuits I gave this student could have caused the diabetes? (11 Mar 2003)
  69. Could the strong pesticide we used on household carpets to kill domestic fleas have triggered my son's diabetes? (10 Mar 2003)
  70. I didn't nurse my son, and he has type 1 diabetes. He has a baby sister and I am nursing her for a year. What should I do after the first year? (17 Feb 2003)
  71. Is it possible either of these illnesses led to the other and possibly could be the cause of his diabetes? (15 Feb 2003)
  72. Has an association been found with the current polio vaccinations or pain medications and type 1 diabetes in children? (13 Feb 2003)
  73. Is it possible that diabetic neuropathy has caused this? (7 Feb 2003)
  74. Can the birth control patch cause diabetes? (4 Feb 2003)
  75. If we did go forward with blood testing to determine the risk of developing type 1 diabetes, what would be the benefit of doing so? (24 Jan 2003)
  76. Are there any correlation studies between the varicella virus (chicken pox) vaccine since it came out around 1995 and type 1 diabetes? (24 Jan 2003)
  77. If his parents do not get his weight under control, what could possibly happen to my nephew? (22 Jan 2003)
  78. I just wanted to know where the research into a cure is at. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? (22 Jan 2003)
  79. If his parents do not get his weight under control, what could possibly happen to my nephew? (22 Jan 2003)
  80. Could the drugs that I took because I had, give my daughter a chance of developing diabetes? (22 Jan 2003)
  81. Is there a link perhaps between penicillin allergy and a child developing diabetes? (14 Jan 2003)

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