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  1. My husband was taking Tegretol and Depakote. Would either of these medications induce diabetes? (26 Dec 1999)
  2. I read a posting about taking nicotinamide to prolong the honeymoon period. (18 Dec 1999)
  3. I was reading a book that suggested that children can acquire diabetes through drinking water high in nitrates. (29 Nov 1999)
  4. I believe it is possible that this huge increase may be related to the increase in immunizations required for babies and infants. (9 Nov 1999)
  5. Where are the trials involving vitamin E and nicotinamide and how do I receive more specifics about them? (7 Nov 1999)
  6. What do you make of the latest reports about the association between type 1 diabetes and Hib vaccine? (4 Nov 1999)
  7. Has any link has been established between Rh incompatibility and later autoimmune conditions? (2 Nov 1999)
  8. I recently read an article in a local magazine stating that breastfeeding reduces the risk of diabetes. (29 Oct 1999)
  9. Has anyone found a relationship between high ANA in mother and eventual diagnosis (at age 5) of type 1 diabetes in daughter? (27 Oct 1999)
  10. Does drinking soft drinks affect healthy people? Can it cause diabetes? (24 Oct 1999)
  11. Dr. David Classen linked Hepatitis B Vaccine to the onset of type 1 diabetes. (19 Oct 1999)
  12. I was wondering if exposure to Dioxin could have caused the positive test when I was young? (9 Oct 1999)
  13. Is it true that Caucasian children are more prone to develop Type 1 than Asian children? (23 Sep 1999)
  14. Is there any evidence to substantiate the idea that type 2 diabetes may be brought on by acute physical trauma? (16 Sep 1999)
  15. Is there a higher rate of Type 1 diabetes developing in the off-spring of a family with a known history of alcoholism? (16 Sep 1999)
  16. Is there any connection between prematurity and type 1 diabetes? (14 Sep 1999)
  17. What environmental factors should I watch for? (14 Sep 1999)
  18. My son was diagnosed when he was 1 year old. He suffered a very serious bout of croup 10 months prior. (9 Sep 1999)
  19. I was diagnosed three months ago. For one year before that, I was taking Propecia. (6 Sep 1999)
  20. Is drinking Coca-Cola or other soft drinks the main cause of diabetes? (5 Sep 1999)
  21. I have just read of a possible connection between Hepatitis B vaccinations and increased incidence of Type 1 diabetes. (2 Sep 1999)
  22. I was on medications such as Prednisone. Is it possible that these medications could have triggered diabetes? (2 Sep 1999)
  23. Have there ever been any studies done to connect the diagnosis of mononucleosis and type 1 diabetes? (28 Aug 1999)
  24. Wouldn't this be a good time to profile the children with this disease to help find common denominators? (24 Aug 1999)
  25. How are we going to be able to prevent our other family members from getting diabetes? (13 Aug 1999)
  26. Are non-US nationals eligible for the DPT-1 study? (1 Aug 1999)
  27. How are sibling incidences of diabetes tracked and who placed the possibility of developing the disease at 6%? (21 Jul 1999)
  28. I have been doing research on niacinamide. Is this really effective? (20 Jul 1999)
  29. I have heard that the triple vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella has been linked to the onset of Type 1 diabetes. (20 Jul 1999)
  30. We have a 10 month old son, and have been giving him cheese, some yoghurt, and other cow's milk for 2-3 months. (17 Jul 1999)
  31. I would like to know if there is any link between vaccinations and diabetes. (8 Jul 1999)
  32. Is it possible that I got diabetes from a drug I may have been given in the past, or stress I may have undergone? (5 Jul 1999)
  33. Are there any tests that can be performed on an unborn child to determine if the child has diabetes? (4 Jul 1999)
  34. Please tell me if there is any link between childhood immunizations and the development of Type 1 diabetes. (3 Jul 1999)
  35. My son was diagnosed 5 months ago after contracting E. coli which resulted in Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. (2 Jul 1999)
  36. Several years ago, I had to rush my wife to a hospital. 30 minutes after we got there she had a baby. (1 Jul 1999)
  37. I have heard that it is caused by a virus, others say it is hereditary. Which is true? (27 Jun 1999)
  38. I heard that it is possible for a respiratory infection to trigger diabetes. (16 Jun 1999)
  39. Is there evidence that a diet with lots of sugar will precipitate the onset of diabetes? (16 Jun 1999)
  40. When you answered the questions about environmental factors, why don't you mention vaccinations as a possible cause? (10 Jun 1999)
  41. My husband had a severe reaction to the vaccine and a few months later was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. (10 Jun 1999)
  42. I heard about a bacteria that has been linked to the destruction of the insulin producing cells. (10 Jun 1999)
  43. How is diabetes caused? And how is it diagnosed from other diseases? Which other diseases have similar causes? (4 Jun 1999)
  44. I am wondering whether the HCTZ could have caused the diabetes. (29 May 1999)
  45. I heard that it is possible for a respiratory infection to trigger diabetes. (20 May 1999)
  46. I am wondering about any investigation into the Hepatitis B vaccine series and autoimmune disease, specifically Type 1 diabetes. (1 May 1999)
  47. His daughter's doctor said she had caught it from a virus and that she must have been in the "wrong place at the wrong time". (12 Apr 1999)
  48. I would like to know what the percentage is of children with diabetes is whot have fathers or mothers in or affiliated with the military. (10 Apr 1999)
  49. During my wife's pregnancies, she was diabetic. What is the likelihood that our two children will become diabetic? (10 Apr 1999)
  50. Is it true that starting my son on solid foods later in life may help prevent diabetes? (10 Apr 1999)
  51. Is diabetes an autoimmune problem? (8 Apr 1999)
  52. What relationship is there between chickenpox and diabetes? (4 Apr 1999)
  53. I have a son with Type 1 and a 3 year old son who has had several high sugars, but nothing consistent. (3 Apr 1999)
  54. Can diabetes be brought on by antibiotics or medication of any kind? Can strep throat trigger Type 1 diabetes? (2 Apr 1999)
  55. Has there ever been any research done on a link between children who have suffered from HUS and later developed diabetes? (24 Mar 1999)
  56. I want to know about the relation between Diabetes and "Skin Tags." (22 Mar 1999)
  57. My daughter had H.Pylori that went undiagnosed for almost 2 years. Could this have caused her diabetes? (21 Mar 1999)
  58. I am looking for information on why there may be a seasonal onset (fall-winter) with juvenile onset diabetes. (19 Mar 1999)
  59. Can you indicate the incidence of Type 1 diabetes in children below the age of 6 years of age? (18 Mar 1999)
  60. I have a four year old who has been having blood sugar fluctuations. Just prior she had contacted the Ebstein Barr Virus. (12 Mar 1999)
  61. I understand that diabetes is partially hereditary and partially environmental. (13 Feb 1999)
  62. I have two questions. Is diabetes a sex linked disease? Is there a high or low frequency among births? (9 Feb 1999)
  63. My 14 month old grandson has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes -- immediately following having roseola. (9 Feb 1999)
  64. Is there any information on the pesticide Chlordane and it causing diabetes? (8 Feb 1999)
  65. I would like to enquire about a product called PP Nikotinamid. (8 Feb 1999)
  66. I have 2 children with diabetes. Now it seems my third child also may have it. Why did 3 children get this? (4 Feb 1999)
  67. Is there anything that could possibly be done to help prolong the honeymoon stage or regenerate her pancreas? (30 Jan 1999)
  68. My partner has Type 1. What is the possibility of my children becoming diabetic? (17 Jan 1999)
  69. My 4 year old son was diagnosed one year ago. My neighbor's 8 year old son was diagnosed one year ago. (11 Jan 1999)
  70. What important role does diabetes play in the environment and how can it affect a descendant of the disease? (11 Jan 1999)
  71. I have had Type 1 diabetes for 13 years and have been told diabetes often "skips generations." Is there any truth to this? (11 Jan 1999)
  72. My niece was immunised against measles at school 6 weeks ago and now has diabetes. Can the two be interconnected? (11 Jan 1999)
  73. How do people get diabetes? (3 Jan 1999)
  74. I just read an article on diabetes and it predicted that the number of diabetic patients will double by the year 2025. (3 Jan 1999)
  75. Just prior to her having blood sugar problems, she had contacted the Ebstein Barr Virus. (1 Jan 1999)

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