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  1. Are there any hormonal drugs which do not cause your blood sugar to increase and promote weight gain? (28 Dec 2004)
  2. I am having high fasting blood sugars despite the diabetes medications I am taking. Are there any alternatives? (11 Dec 2004)
  3. Is numbness/tingling a side effect of Actos? (7 Dec 2004)
  4. I have type 2. My fasting blood sugars are from 110 to 126 mg/dl [6.1 to 7.0 mmol/L] with my dinner time metformin. Am I doing anything wrong? (30 Oct 2004)
  5. I take oral medications for type 2. I am concerned that I am a prospective LADA. Will the pills damage my pancreas or should I begin insulin soon? (20 Oct 2004)
  6. Am I taking the right medicines for my blood sugar control? Are my stomach problems, including loose stools, caused by the medicines? (26 Sep 2004)
  7. A few months after starting Paxil and Depakote, my husband was diagnosed with diabetes. Did the medications cause his diabetes? (20 Sep 2004)
  8. My post-meal blood sugar is around 165 mg/dl [9.2 mmol/L]. One doctor has recommended metformin. Another has not. What do you recommend? (20 Sep 2004)
  9. I take one metformin and one Xenical daily. Are these dosages sufficient? (30 Aug 2004)
  10. I just started Avandia. My blood sugar is slightly high before breakfast and rises through the day. Should I be concerned about these higher levels? (19 Aug 2004)
  11. Since switching to Glucophage XR, I have seen oval, orange masses in my stools. Why is this? (18 Aug 2004)
  12. Is it okay for my 17 year old daughter to take Actos to help control consistently high blood sugars? I thought it was for adults with type 2. (9 Aug 2004)
  13. If postprandial blood sugars are in range, but fasting numbers are slightly elevated, how would the addition of metformin help? (2 Jul 2004)
  14. After four months without my Actos, I am thirsty, losing weight and urinating a lot. Is this from not taking the Actos or unrelated to diabetes? (29 Jun 2004)
  15. After three months on Glucovance, I was able to stop the medication and have acceptable random blood sugars. Is this a honeymoon period? (28 Jun 2004)
  16. If type 2 is mainly due to insulin resistance, is it worth giving glipizide which is an insulin secretagouge? (27 Jun 2004)
  17. Wnen will the new drug Exenatide be on the market? (18 Jun 2004)
  18. I had an abnormal blood sugar after a glucose tolerance test, but it was normal after three hours. Do I have diabetes? Do I need metformin? (15 Jun 2004)
  19. Do Glucophage (metformin) tablets lose their effectiveness because of heat, age, or being out of the bottle? (14 Jun 2004)
  20. How can I reduce my fasting blood sugar? Will increased exercise help? (14 Jun 2004)
  21. My two hour post-prandial blood sugars are often somewhat high, but drop within 20 minutes. Is this drop from my once daily Glucovance? (12 Jun 2004)
  22. I was put on insulin when diagnosed with type 2 in 1990. My A1c is 6.0. Could I take Glucophage and Avandia instead of insulin? (29 May 2004)
  23. What happens if one overdoses on metformin? What constitutes an overdose? I accidently took all three at once. (12 May 2004)
  24. Are there are oral medications used for type 2 that can reduce the daily insulin requirement in type 1 patients? (10 Apr 2004)
  25. At the end of the day, my husband, who has type 2, has achy feet, feels dizzy, and has vision problems. Are these side effects of his glipizide? (28 Mar 2004)
  26. I have good control, but am always tired. Is it related to diabetes? Metformin is not lowering my fasting blood sugars. Is insulin my only option? (24 Mar 2004)
  27. Since starting an antibiotic, my mom, who has type 2, had low nighttime blood sugars. How do I treat the lows? How can we prevent them? (21 Mar 2004)
  28. Can I stop taking Glucophage after four months of using it? I feel I can control my blood sugar with diet and exercise. (20 Mar 2004)
  29. Is Acarbose taken before, with, or after meals? (18 Mar 2004)
  30. My stepfather was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. His doctor put him on Glucophage, Zocor, and Benicar. Could he forego the Zocor? (5 Mar 2004)
  31. I am currently taking Glucophage, Amaryl and Avandia. Would I have lower blood sugars if I used Actos or Prandin? I don't want to take insulin. (4 Mar 2004)
  32. At what point do doctors usually initiate drug treatment for high postprandial blood sugars? (3 Mar 2004)
  33. Once you start taking insulin injections, is it possible to go back to oral medications? (6 Feb 2004)
  34. The doc opted to increase Metformin to 850 TID. In light of increased microalbumin was this the best move? (6 Feb 2004)
  35. When I am working, usually about 12-2 pm, I go 'semi-unconscious'. (5 Feb 2004)
  36. I am taking Amaryl 3 mg once a day and glucophage 1 gm twice a day. My glucose in blood always over 200. What should I do? (31 Jan 2004)
  37. My dad had been watching his diet very closely, but he cannot get his levels down. He is 450 every mooring. (29 Jan 2004)
  38. Is there a danger in taking Humalog 75/25, 15 units, and Actos 15 mg? (1 Jan 2004)

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