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Other Illnesses from 2005

  1. I have two nephews with recurring MRSA infections. Can you tell me how this can affect my son, who has type 1? Is it safe for him to play with his cousins? (9 Dec 2005)
  2. My teen son has his first illness since his recent diagnosis with type 1. His blood sugars are higher. Are they caused by the antibiotic? (9 Dec 2005)
  3. Are the pathogenesis of the celiac syndrome and of diabetes insipidus related? (23 Nov 2005)
  4. My son has asthma, von Willebrand's, depression, ADHD, OCD and bipolar disorder as well as diabetes. Do others with type 1 have similar medical issues? (4 Nov 2005)
  5. What can you tell me about the theoretical link to cancer with insulin analogs? Because of this, I will not use the Lantus/NovoLog regimen. (29 Sep 2005)
  6. Is there a connection between lupus and diabetes? My mother has type 2 with high blood sugars and an infection that won't heal. What should she do? (12 Sep 2005)
  7. I am a resident in India. I had a patient with hyperglycemia and bony anomalies. Why did he not have ketonuria? Does this sound like Mauriac syndrome? (23 Aug 2005)
  8. My son has type 1, asthma and von Willebrand's disease. His amino acids are off. His liver AST is elevated. Is this connected to his injections for diabetes? (9 Aug 2005)
  9. Since my diagnosis with PCOS six months ago, I have dieted, taken supplements, and lost weight. Why is my blood sugar now slightly higher? (22 Jul 2005)
  10. How common is it that a type 1 diabetic child comes down with autoimmune von Willebrand's disease? Are we likely to see more autoimmune problems in our son? (18 Jul 2005)
  11. My daughter has been diagnosed with Immunoglobulin A Deficiency. Is this common in children with diabetes? How is it treated? (16 Jul 2005)
  12. Although my niece has been running high with ketones and a "slight" infection, the doctor is not giving her antibiotics. Why is this? (12 Jul 2005)
  13. I have type 1 and PCOS. I have been gaining weight I can't lose. I walk five times a week and eat ony 1200 calories daily. What else can I do? (29 Jun 2005)
  14. My husband, who has diabetes, was diagnosed with dumping syndrome. Was it caused by his diabetes? Will his blood sugars be harder to control? (28 Jun 2005)
  15. Was my daughter's diabetes somehow caused by her anemia and Graves disease? Is there a connection between too much iron and diabetes? (26 Jun 2005)
  16. When younger, I had anorexia nervosa. Now, I have type 2. Is there a connection between these two? (16 Jun 2005)
  17. What neurological diseases cause type 2? Besides overeating, what causes stubborn high blood sugars? Is nausea a common side effect of oral medications? (14 Jun 2005)
  18. For cerebral palsy, my child is to have a Botox treatment. Will it affect his/her blood sugars. If so, how, and for how long? (13 Jun 2005)
  19. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 and mononucleosis. Is she in her honeymoon or has the mononucleosis caused pancreatitis from which she will recover? (7 Jun 2005)
  20. At age 16, my son was diagnosed with type 1. He has various symptoms, including pain. Could he have another autoimmune disease and not diabetes? (1 Jun 2005)
  21. My teen son, who has type 1, has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and growth hormone deficiency. Is there a correlation between these hormone issues? (30 May 2005)
  22. My son has ketotic hypoglycemia and takes levocarnitine. Is this standard practice? He still has symptoms. Should I get a second opinion? (29 May 2005)
  23. When my toddler had an asthma attack, he had an elevated blood sugar. Could the attack have cause the elevation or vice versa? (13 May 2005)
  24. If I'm concerned that my 10 year old son is anemic, do I have him tested by his diabetes doctor or his primary care physician? (7 May 2005)
  25. I have a lot of sinus infections. Since most tests have been negative, are they related to my diabetes? My fasting blood sugars are not that high. (27 Apr 2005)
  26. What can you tell me about Symlin? (13 Apr 2005)
  27. My daughter has sickle cell anemia. If she were to be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, would it be worse because of the sickle cell? (10 Apr 2005)
  28. My doctor told me that I am at risk of developing hypercalcemia. Is this related to diabetes because I have had some of the symptoms of diabetes lately? (7 Apr 2005)
  29. During a recent fever, my daughter's urine test showed glucose and ketones. She had no symptoms of diabetes. How long would her sugars be high if it were virus related? (7 Apr 2005)
  30. Is there an connection between diabetes and viral infections? My son with type 1 seems to catch many viral infections? (21 Mar 2005)
  31. Should I stop my Niaspan to help get my type 2 under control? Since taking it, my blood sugars are higher. (6 Mar 2005)
  32. I have type 1, Graves' disease and PCOS. Are these three related? Will I be able to have children? Will my children inherit these conditions? (5 Mar 2005)
  33. Due to allergies, my daughter had elevated blood sugars. Now that she is out of allergy season, how long will her blood sugars remain elevated? (22 Feb 2005)
  34. I have hyperinsulinemia, but, following a recent illness, have had slightly elevated blood sugars. Should I discuss the possibility of diabetes with my doctor? (17 Feb 2005)

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