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Other Illnesses from 2000

  1. Could there be any connection between my son's gynecomastia and his type 1 diabetes? (30 Dec 2000)
  2. My three year old son had low bicarbonate levels. Should take him to a pediatric nephrologist or wait six months and re-test? (30 Dec 2000)
  3. Is it possible to link Lyme disease to diabetes? (27 Dec 2000)
  4. My two year old has been saying her "tummy hurts". There doesn't seem to be a pattern that I can find. What can I do to help her feel better? (27 Dec 2000)
  5. Should the rest of our family (living in the same house) receive flu vaccine for my son's protection? (22 Dec 2000)
  6. Is my daughter more at risk for contracting mononucleosis because of her diabetes? (20 Dec 2000)
  7. Why do older women get frequent UTIs? (19 Dec 2000)
  8. I am eager to know other causes of renal glycosuria and their treatment modalities. (19 Dec 2000)
  9. I am desperately looking for any information at all about a connection between disfluency and diabetes. (15 Dec 2000)
  10. Can you offer any suggestions as to the possible cause of my son's chest pains? (11 Dec 2000)
  11. Our endocrinologist told us that due to the required use of steroids in asthma, our daughter's diabetes management will be more complicated. (8 Dec 2000)
  12. In a 40 year old woman, can diabetes give a positive hepatitis C result? Can diabetes raise your liver enzymes? (1 Dec 2000)
  13. Does acute pancreatitis have anything to do with diabetes? (22 Nov 2000)
  14. Our son's doctor says that liver damage is occurring. If it is not hepatitis, what else could it be? Could this be related to the diabetes? (15 Nov 2000)
  15. They have suggested putting insulin in his TPN. Is this a good option as he does not have diabetes? (9 Nov 2000)
  16. I have had type 1 for four years. My father had a blood test that showed an alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. Does this deficiency affect my diabetes? (6 Nov 2000)
  17. An eight year girl was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. When should celiac markers be verified? (6 Nov 2000)
  18. My nine year old has diabetes and was also diagnosed with H. pylori. After numerous treatments, he is still experiencing constant nausea. (2 Nov 2000)
  19. I have been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. So, I will need insulin eventually. Will my pancreas ever come back? If yes, how long will it take? (24 Oct 2000)
  20. Do you think that my diabetes has anything to do with my eczema? (24 Oct 2000)
  21. How concerned should I be about the shortage of flu vaccine this year, and what can I do about it? (22 Oct 2000)
  22. Is there a school of thought out there that recommends not getting the flu shot? (21 Oct 2000)
  23. How would you suggest we proceed to have this situation evaluated in light of the family history? (16 Oct 2000)
  24. I am not in control. Is there anything that can be done once I notice the infection is starting? (14 Oct 2000)
  25. My eight year old daughter has had repeated water infections, stomach pain and diarrhea. We would like to know what is causing this. (8 Oct 2000)
  26. Will diabetes rule me out of a liver transplant? (7 Oct 2000)
  27. Periodically, I have suffered with hand cramps. Recently, I had a severe one in my left hand. I do take calcium. No doctor seems to know the answer. (6 Oct 2000)
  28. Why do I get headaches all the time? Is it good to take aspirin every time? (5 Oct 2000)
  29. Every time he urinates, my son tells me that it hurts him. He does not have a bladder infection. When will the pain stop and what could be the cause? (16 Sep 2000)
  30. She recently had a positive TB test and is on medication. She had an A1c of 9.1% Do you think they have anything to do with each other? (15 Sep 2000)
  31. My daughter had mono two months after she was diagnosed with type 1. Two years later, she can do no extra activity without being exhausted. (13 Sep 2000)
  32. Our four and one-half year old son has type 1 diabetes and autism (PDD). Is there any correlation between the two? (13 Sep 2000)
  33. Can a relationship exist between seizures and the diabetes? (11 Sep 2000)
  34. I am 25 and have type 1 diabetes. I have just come down with chickenpox. Are there any special precautions I should take? (9 Sep 2000)
  35. My five year old son was diagnosed with type 1 following a Coxsackie virus infection. Can he get the virus again if exposed? (9 Sep 2000)
  36. I was diagnosed as having Granuloma Annulare. I am having trouble understanding why, at my age, I should be getting them. (3 Sep 2000)
  37. Is it proper to wait three months for more tests or should this be dealt with sooner? (3 Sep 2000)
  38. I have type 1 diabetes and a family history of hemochromatosis. Is there a relationship between the two? (1 Sep 2000)
  39. My three year old grandson has had type 1 diabetes since age one and one-half. He has chronic ear infections and nothing seems to work. (23 Aug 2000)
  40. I have to empty my bowels three or four times a day and I am losing weight because of this. The medication I am taking isn't working. (23 Aug 2000)
  41. Since celiac disease can often be flagged with a simple blood test, shouldn't it be recommended for every person with diabetes? (19 Aug 2000)
  42. Do yeast infections cause high glucose, or does high glucose cause yeast infections? (19 Aug 2000)
  43. Is celiac disease associated with diabetes? (18 Aug 2000)
  44. Is there a place to send a person who has diabetes and an eating disorder? (15 Aug 2000)
  45. I would like to know more about Primary Lactic Acidemia. (15 Aug 2000)
  46. Is his celiac disease secondary to his type 1 diabetes? (15 Aug 2000)
  47. My daughter has type 1 diabetes. Her doctor has suggested testing for lupus and ITP. Should these tests be done? (15 Aug 2000)
  48. What do we expect if he does have overactive thyroid? Will this affect his blood sugar control? Will my endocrinologist also test for Addison's Disease, and celiac disease? (8 Aug 2000)
  49. Should I be concerned about my daughter either (1) developing diabetes (type 1 or 2), or (2) developing PCOS like I did? (25 Jul 2000)
  50. My 16 year old daughter had a sudden growth spurt that occurred at the same time as a very strange disorder. (16 Jul 2000)
  51. My husband's 12 year old son has a seizure disorder that no one has been able to identify. (15 Jul 2000)
  52. Three weeks ago he was diagnosed as a kidney/urinary tract infection. (14 Jul 2000)
  53. My daughter has been diagnosed with atrophic dermatitis and alopecia areatia. (8 Jul 2000)
  54. My eight-year-old granddaughter complains of excessive dryness of the feet requiring frequent wetting. (8 Jul 2000)
  55. My 7 year old son was diagnosed with granuloma annulare when he was 3 years old. (6 Jul 2000)
  56. My nails on my hands are splitting and cracking all the time. Is it associated with nerve damage? (5 Jul 2000)
  57. Can leukemia cause your sugar to drop? (3 Jul 2000)
  58. What complications can we expect from the malaria? (1 Jul 2000)
  59. My son was diagnosed with islet cell hyperplasia at 18 months. Is there a diet that would benefit him? (1 Jul 2000)
  60. My doctor recently diagnosed me with having a skin condition called Acanthosis Nigricans. (30 Jun 2000)
  61. I have developed a "trigger finger" in my ring and long fingers in both hands over the last six months. (29 Jun 2000)
  62. My 22 month old daughter has been having tremors at night and the first thing when she wakes up. (27 Jun 2000)
  63. Is there any correlation between having epilepsy and having diabetes? (27 Jun 2000)
  64. Recently, our healthy 8 year old daughter was treated for a UTI. White blood cells and protein were present. (27 Jun 2000)
  65. I haven't found much information on Glucophage in treatment of hyperinsulinemia and I was wondering if you had any. (27 Jun 2000)
  66. My daughter has complained of numbness and tingling in the soles of her feet that comes and goes. (23 Jun 2000)
  67. Why does diabetes make him ineligible for a second bypass surgery? (23 Jun 2000)
  68. My son has developed warts in the tips of his fingers, which don't seem to go away. (17 Jun 2000)
  69. Might not the high pressure have been related to the high blood sugars? (17 Jun 2000)
  70. Since the diagnosis, she has had a reoccurring urinary tract infection. (16 Jun 2000)
  71. Can you tell me anything about a patient who has both hypopituitarism and Type 1 diabetes? (16 Jun 2000)
  72. I experience significant night sweats almost every night. (16 Jun 2000)
  73. I was wondering if there was something we could do about him having so much gas and what do about his breath. (15 Jun 2000)
  74. I have learned from research publications that diabetes occasionally causes coeliac sprue. (10 Jun 2000)
  75. What do you mean by anxiety neurosis? What are its symptoms? (6 Jun 2000)
  76. Is there any known medical connection between Lichen Striatus (linear dermatitis), and diabetes in children between 1-5 years old? (3 Jun 2000)
  77. Is it possible that she was born with such a weak immune system that she is more susceptible than the average child? (3 Jun 2000)
  78. My 20 month old son is having 5-10 bowel movements a day which are mainly diarrhea. (2 Jun 2000)
  79. My 11 year old daughter started having passing out spells from the age of 2. (28 May 2000)
  80. When she was brought into the ER, it was noted that there was a large lump on the back of her head. (23 May 2000)
  81. What is the relationship between diabetes and xanthoma? (13 May 2000)
  82. My 14-month-old son developed a large belly. The doctor believes it is caused by an enlarged liver. (7 May 2000)
  83. We also suspect cystic fibrosis because he has had smelly stools since birth. (5 May 2000)
  84. I have diabetes. I'm looking for information on diabetic mastopathy. (1 May 2000)
  85. Is there a better drug than prednisone to control the inflammation and still keep her sugar levels down? (25 Apr 2000)
  86. Can kidney infections produce ketones in the urine with normal blood sugars? (24 Apr 2000)
  87. Our son has developed scaly, patchy red skin on the palms of his hands. (24 Apr 2000)
  88. Since my 4 year old son's Type 1 diagnosis 4 months ago, he has been having very frequent, soft bowel movements. (21 Apr 2000)
  89. Within the past year my daughter has had several UTIs. (5 Apr 2000)
  90. I would like to be well informed about polyorgan autoimmune syndrome. (5 Apr 2000)
  91. Recently we have noticed a hearing loss in her in conjunction with a very "loud" voice. (4 Apr 2000)
  92. For the past four weeks her hair has been falling out. (4 Apr 2000)
  93. My daughter has had diabetes for 7 years and has been diagnosed with Mauriac syndrome. (30 Mar 2000)
  94. I think I have developed an allergy to fish. Is this somehow related to diabetes? (23 Mar 2000)
  95. I was wondering if there has been any link found between leukemia and Type 1 diabetes. (11 Mar 2000)
  96. My 4 year old has had seizures. One doctor said that it might be because of diabetes/hypoglycemia. (4 Mar 2000)
  97. They are now talking about having his tonsil removed. What possible side effects could occur?run? (27 Feb 2000)
  98. Two weeks ago his hands started peeling from the fingertips down, and his feet are also peeling. (26 Feb 2000)
  99. My daughter has swelling, pain, and redness to the bottom of her toes. (21 Feb 2000)
  100. How much possibility does she have of being celiac? (18 Feb 2000)
  101. I was wondering if there is any research out there about childhood diabetes and bipolar disorders. (15 Feb 2000)
  102. Is the development of Hodgkin's common for those with type 1 diabetes? (13 Feb 2000)
  103. At the age of 1 1/2, she found out that her daughter's pancreas was not growing. (12 Feb 2000)
  104. Our 13 year old daughter has had periodic, short bouts of dizziness and blackened vision. (31 Jan 2000)
  105. My niece became ill yesterday and the doctors say she has protein and sugar in her urine. (25 Jan 2000)
  106. My 4 1/2 year old has low iron and low red blood cells. Does this have anything to do with her diabetes? (25 Jan 2000)
  107. Our 11 year old daughter has been well for five years, until the last few months. (15 Jan 2000)
  108. My 16 year old son seems to get sick a lot. Is this due to the diabetes? (11 Jan 2000)

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