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Other Illnesses from 1998

  1. I need help understanding a diabetic-related yeast infection that came out on my 14-year-old daughter's skin. (28 Dec 1998)
  2. What is the treatment for a newborn that can't maintain a sugar level, and is suspected of having problems with his adrenal glands? (12 Dec 1998)
  3. My mother is vomiting heavily quite often and her bowels are running off. I'm very worried. (11 Dec 1998)
  4. I have type 2 diabetes, am 70 years old and suffer from insomnia. Is there an connection between these two conditions? (14 Nov 1998)
  5. I have had occurances of real strong smelling urine and am wondering what could be causing this. (2 Nov 1998)
  6. My daughter (17 months) has Lichen Striatus. Should we worry? Can this lead to other problems? (25 Oct 1998)
  7. I have an 11 year old daughter, just diagnosed four months ago. I was told that diabetics are prone to yeast infections. (12 Oct 1998)
  8. My son has some blisters and a couple of infected toes. What is the best thing to do for this sort of problem? (12 Oct 1998)
  9. Do you have any information on an insulinoma? (8 Oct 1998)
  10. My son is almost 15. He was a bedwetter before the onset of diabetes and he still has had no relief. (30 Sep 1998)
  11. Are type 1 diabetics more susceptible to bone breaks? (24 Sep 1998)
  12. My daughter, age 5 years, is being referred to an endocrinologist because of high triglyceride levels. (14 Sep 1998)
  13. Is it true that my 11 year old son who was diagnosed with Type 1 about seven months ago will be more at risk for other autoimmune diseases? (14 Sep 1998)
  14. Our daughter was diagnosed seven months ago. Three months later she was diagnosed with an elevated TSH. (7 Sep 1998)
  15. My niece was diagnosed several months ago. We recently discovered that she also has asthma. (4 Sep 1998)
  16. Is it possible that the hyperinsulinism could cause him to be developmentally delayed? (31 Aug 1998)
  17. My daughter has just been diagnosed with mononucleosis. Can we expect any effects specific to her being diabetic? (26 Aug 1998)
  18. My brother has diabetes. He also has schizophrenia. I don't no what to do. (9 Aug 1998)
  19. I have a five year old diabetic child at my camp. Yesterday she started vomiting severely. (7 Aug 1998)
  20. Is dry skin in anyway connected to diabetes? (5 Aug 1998)
  21. Do you have information on how shingles and sciatica might affect a diabetic? (31 Jul 1998)
  22. Does diabetes compromise her body's immune system? (21 Jul 1998)
  23. Just recently he would wake up just fine then about a half an hour later he would tell me he could not move his legs. (15 Jul 1998)
  24. Our daughter recently she had impetigo around her mouth. What is the other treatment for this, and what causes it? (13 Jul 1998)
  25. I have been getting questions lately asking if children with Down's Syndrome have a greater chance of developing diabetes. (9 Jul 1998)
  26. I have a friend who has a problem with enuresis. My friend is 30, diagnosed with type 1 at 17. (24 Jun 1998)
  27. Lately my blood sugars have been extremely high. I was asked if I had a fever. I was wondering what that would mean, if I did. (21 Jun 1998)
  28. What is the link between Cushing's Syndrome and diabetes? (12 Jun 1998)
  29. My daughter (7 years old, type 1: diagnosed 2 years ago) may have been exposed to "fifth disease." (12 Jun 1998)
  30. My son was diagnosed at 1 year of age. Every since his diagnosis he has been sick with anything and everything. (11 Jun 1998)
  31. Is Cryptosporidium of particular concern for a child with diabetes? (7 Jun 1998)
  32. My daughter has had Type 1 diabetes for 7 years. A year and a half ago she developed a UTI that went into a serious kidney infection. (31 May 1998)
  33. My son, 42 months old, Type 1. He gets hiccups at least 4 - 5 times after his meals. Has this any connection to his diabetes? (28 May 1998)
  34. Does a sun lamp help with necrobiosis? Does a lot of regular sun help? (24 May 1998)
  35. If 10% of all diabetics have iron overload, should juvenile diabetics be screened for this? (24 May 1998)
  36. I am a 17 year old female with Type 1 diabetes. I have episodes where I black out and I can't remember what has happened. (24 May 1998)
  37. My 13-year-old daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago. Since then she gets colds and hiccups a lot more frequently. (18 May 1998)
  38. I have a seven year old second grade student who is a fructose diabetic. I can find no information on this. (18 May 1998)
  39. Are there any particular complications associated with chicken pox and diabetes? (18 May 1998)
  40. My granddaughter has a wound on her leg from a fall 9 years ago. It keeps spreading and festering. (18 May 1998)
  41. I just read one of your answers where you say in Mitochondrial Diabetes there is a link between diabetes and deafness. (16 May 1998)
  42. I have a son who was diagnosed last year. What is the chance of him developing other autoimmune diseases later in life? (10 May 1998)
  43. Is there a link between diabetes and hives? (6 May 1998)
  44. Mydaughter had a seizure. Her physician recommended she see a neurologist. He prescribed Tegretol. (26 Apr 1998)
  45. My daughter has had diabetes for 2 years. Since diagnosis, she seems to catch colds every few weeks. (24 Apr 1998)
  46. Do you have any information about diabetic mastopathy? (18 Apr 1998)
  47. Have you come across any research on the number of people with diabetes with Bipolar Disorder or Depression? (18 Apr 1998)
  48. The doctor said if the impetigo does not clear she will need a test for diabetes. Is this correct? (15 Apr 1998)
  49. What can you tell me about diabetic children and dissociation? (12 Apr 1998)
  50. We are trying to find information on how diabetes affects the adrenal gland and what it does to the adrenal gland. (12 Apr 1998)
  51. The week after being diagnosed he gained 5 pounds but has not gained any more since then. (10 Apr 1998)
  52. My six year old son was diagnosed last year. Recently I noticed a slight bump under on the underside of his chin. (10 Apr 1998)
  53. My granddaughter has been diagnosed with "granuloma annulare." Will she be a diabetic? (8 Apr 1998)
  54. My son recently has had two ear infections. After several days on the antibiotic, he had severe hypoglycemic events. (5 Apr 1998)
  55. For the last two weeks he has gone to the Nurse's Office every day. He is pale and lethargic and falls asleep. (4 Apr 1998)
  56. Is there a link between juvenile diabetes and canker sores? (2 Apr 1998)
  57. My daughter has had a flu for 10 days now, where she vomits all that she eats. Any advice? (1 Apr 1998)
  58. What can I do when she throws up a meal after the bolus is already given? (30 Mar 1998)
  59. My daughter has had diabetes for over one year. She was just diagnosed with shingles. (28 Mar 1998)
  60. He has a strange health history and I was wondering if he should be tested for any other conditions. (27 Mar 1998)
  61. My daughter is having severe stomach pains to the point that she cannot stand upright and has missed quite a bit of school. (27 Mar 1998)
  62. I have a 6 year old with Fragile X syndrome. He has been in the hospital twice with seizures. Is this common? (26 Mar 1998)
  63. My son was diagnosed at 1. Ever since his diagnosis he has been sick with anything and everything. (24 Mar 1998)
  64. My 9 month old contracted the rotavirus over 2 weeks ago. Is there a link to diabetes? (21 Mar 1998)
  65. Can PCOS lead to diabetes? (16 Mar 1998)
  66. Are there any endocrine disorders, in which diabetes is also a factor, that would cause excess hair growth? (16 Mar 1998)
  67. Is it common for diabetic children to have many other diseases and/or disorders? (14 Mar 1998)
  68. I have had a low grade lingering cold for several days. Will an antibiotic further raise my blood sugar levels? (24 Feb 1998)
  69. Our 4 year old son occasionally has minor infections at the end of his penis. He is uncircumcised. (20 Feb 1998)
  70. I have a 3 year old with diabetes. Our doctor advised us to give her the new shot to prevent Chicken Pox. (26 Jan 98)
  71. My 15 year old son has Type 1 diabetes. He is being treated for thrush. Could you explain what thrush is? (13 Jan 98)
  72. My 10 year old sister, diabetic for almost 2 years, was recently diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. (2 Jan 98)

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