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  1. I am looking for information to help a child who has both diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. (28 Dec 97)
  2. I have a 2.5 year old Downs Syndrome child that has been diagnosed with diabetes. Less than one drop of insulin can take child from 500+ to 30 in minutes. (24 Dec 97)
  3. I have a friend who also has juvenile diabetes. He was just diagnosed with leukemia. I was wondering if there was any connection. (14 Dec 97)
  4. My 11 year-old son has had Type 1 diabetes since he was 2 years old. He is now believed to have familial periodic paralysis. (14 Dec 97)
  5. I am so completely confused about all that is going on with our son, who has both diabetes and Addison's disease. (12 Dec 97)
  6. My son-in-law developed diabetes at age 8; he is now 21. It is not uncommon for him to have several seizures each week. (7 Dec 97)
  7. My granddaughter has come down with an irritation of her esophagus. Is there any known side effects of diabetes that will effect her esophagus? (30 Oct 97)
  8. My 21-year-old niece was recently told she has hypolipidemia (low levels of blood fats). What should she do nex? (11 Oct 97)
  9. My endocrinologist noticed that I had "hollows" indentations in my upper legs. I have never injected insulin in my legs. (6 Oct 97)
  10. My 8 year old daughter had vitiligo. Is there any new treatment for vitiligo? (6 Oct 97)
  11. Is there a relation between growth hormone deficiency and diabetes? (27 Sep 97)
  12. My 22 month old granddaughter was diagnosed at 13 months. We are concerned about dark circles under her eyes. (14 Sep 97)
  13. I need more information on "demyelination" disease. (14 Sep 97)
  14. My 4 year old daughter has had Type 1 diabetes for 2 years. Ever since then she has suffered from constipation. (9 Sep 97)
  15. I have a 10 year old daughter that was diagnosed 3 weeks ago. She has recently started to lose her hair by the handfuls. (9 Sep 97)
  16. Soon after coming down with diabetes I began to experience severe digestive trouble. (30 Aug 97)
  17. Does Type 1 diabetes bear any relationship to high alkaline phosphate and calcium levels in the blood? (25 Aug 97)
  18. Can a "blackout" state (i.e., fully functioning without memory of actions) occur as a result of diabetes? (17 Aug 97)
  19. Is bed-wetting for a 6 year old Type 1 typical, and could this be indicative of nocturnal high blood sugars? (12 Aug 97)
  20. My niece's son age 9 has been diagnosed with Ketotic Hypoglycemia. (12 Aug 97)
  21. My son has had high and low blood sugars for 3 years. If he gets an infection he passes blood in his urine. (24 Jul 97)
  22. We received a brief medical history for the girl we are adopting. It mentions phosphatic diabetes. (12 Jul 97)
  23. I have a nine year old son who was diagnosed 2 years ago. I noticed some discoloration of his teeth. Is this from insulin? (13 Jun 97)
  24. My 10 month old son has been experiencing growth problems for 6 months now. My pediatrician believes he may have Renal Acidosis. (13 Jun 97)
  25. My cousin's daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. She may have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. She had Lichen Striatus diagnosed. (8 Jun 97)
  26. Have you ever heard of sugar giving a child real loose bowel? (8 Jun 97)
  27. I have an 8 year old son. He has severe headaches all the time. He is thirsty a lot. He is hungry all the time. (8 Jun 97)
  28. Is there any specific reading materials available concerning diabetes in the Downs' Syndrome child? (1 Jun 97)
  29. My nineteen year old daughter was recently diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Could you explain what this is and why it never has appeared before? (6 May 97)
  30. Just recently, the left calf part of her leg only started swelling and she complained it hurt to walk. (3 May 97)
  31. I am the mother of a seven-year-old boy who was diagnosed with hyperinsulinism shortly after birth. (26 Apr 97)
  32. My 6 year old daughter's symptoms include hypoglycemia when fasting, enlarged liver, slightly elevated lactate and very low pyruvate. (26 Apr 97)
  33. My daughter was tested and there was blood in her urine. They said there was protein and that her blood sugar level was 3.5 [63 mg/dl]. (26 Apr 97)
  34. Our now 5 year old son was diagnosed at the early age of six months with nesidioblastosis. Does this type of hypoglycemia lead to diabetes? (4 Apr 97)
  35. A colleague's child has recently been diagnosed as having hereditary fructose intolerance. (29 Mar 97)
  36. My 15 year-old son was diagnosed with Wolfram's Syndrome 5 or 6 years ago. (23 Mar 97)
  37. My boy is 20 years old. His glucose level drops sharply to 30-40 mg/dl very irregularly. (23 Mar 97)
  38. What resources are out there for managing HIV infection and diabetes? (20 Mar 97)
  39. I have a 16 year old who has frequent nosebleeds. Is this connected to his diabetes? (16 Mar 97)
  40. It seems that quite a few children are showing the antibodies for Celiac disease. What are the risks of not treating the disease? (2 Mar 97)
  41. My 8 year old daughter was placed on Lispro insulin 4 months ago. In the past two weeks she has developed severe constipation. (28 Feb 97)
  42. This weekend my son had 3+ ketones in his urine and a stomachache. (28 Feb 97)
  43. My daughter has Trisomy 21. Is there any information to suggest that she will be able to manage her diabetes as she gets older? (3 Feb 97)
  44. [A] urinalysis showed trace levels of ketones. Should I be concerned about diabetes? (29 Jan 97)
  45. Is there any connection between diabetes and epilepsy? (20 Jan 97)
  46. Can you explain any relationship between Down's Syndrome and Diabetes Mellitus? (16 Jan 97)
  47. Could he have developed an allergy to Humulin insulin that is causing the rash? (6 Jan 97)

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