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  1. How much Humalog should I use to cover prednisone? (31 Dec 2002)
  2. Do you have statistics showing results of administering the smallpox vaccination to people with type 1 diabetes (23 Dec 2002)
  3. Do the minerals interfere with the drugs (Insulin, Precose and Actos) or do they enhance their activity? (13 Dec 2002)
  4. What is the best over-the-counter cold medication for a toddler with type 1 diabetes? (6 Dec 2002)
  5. Is it safe to take the newly released Xenadrine RFA (ephedrine free) if you have type 2 diabetes and are taking Glucophage? (3 Dec 2002)
  6. Do you think the ENT doctor should have told me about the possibility of developing diabetes from taking prednisone? (3 Dec 2002)
  7. Do you have any information on the safety of using EMLA or ELA-max cream every four days in a three year old? (29 Nov 2002)
  8. Could my sister's weight gain be due to Cushing's syndrome brought on by use of steroids? Should she see a specialist? (13 Nov 2002)
  9. What allergy products would be safe to give my stepdaughter? (6 Nov 2002)
  10. Has anyone done a study to show if ADHD medications impact sugar levels or metabolism? (30 Oct 2002)
  11. Could these symptoms be caused by the airplane ride? If so what remedies might you suggest? Is Dramamine acceptable? (28 Oct 2002)
  12. Does being on Ritalin for a long period of time increase the risk for damage to the kidneys, eyes, liver, etc.? (28 Oct 2002)
  13. Will this form of diabetes resolve itself when I can lower the prednisone levels or discontinue it entirely? (23 Oct 2002)
  14. What can you tell me about kids' vitamins? (25 Sep 2002)
  15. Are there any statistics on the use of inhaled steroids in people who have type 1 diabetes? (19 Sep 2002)
  16. My 50 year old uncle has diabetes. Can he take iron supplements? (17 Sep 2002)
  17. When I take statins, my blood sugars goes over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] until I stop them for about four days. (12 Sep 2002)
  18. What should be done before starting a girl with Turner's Syndrome and type 1 diabetes on depot growth hormone? (9 Sep 2002)
  19. How much glucagon should my 11 year old daughter get? Can a larger dose hurt her? (5 Sep 2002)
  20. Will a Crohn's flare-up cause an increased need for insulin? Is it best to avoid steroids for treatment if at all possible? (5 Sep 2002)
  21. Can I take testosterone for a bigger physical appearance? (5 Sep 2002)
  22. I have several questions about growth hormone therapy and type 1 diabetes. (23 Aug 2002)
  23. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information on the safety and effectiveness of the Prevnar vaccine. (23 Aug 2002)
  24. What effect does the use of growth hormone (Somatropin) have on the pancreas? (18 Aug 2002)
  25. A week ago, I got a cortisone injection and I am still having high blood sugars, even if I don't eat. (12 Aug 2002)
  26. What would happen if someone with diabetes took injections of steroids? (30 Jul 2002)
  27. Can prednisone cause an elevated blood glucose in people who do not have diabetes, diagnosed or not? (26 Jul 2002)
  28. Are there any vaccinations that children with type 1 diabetes should avoid? (25 Jul 2002)
  29. Prior to receiving antibiotics, my son's blood sugar was fine, but after the very first dose he went high and has stayed high. (24 Jul 2002)
  30. Does the Adderall lower blood sugars or give false readings? Should my daughter continue it? (2 Jul 2002)
  31. Should my mother stop taking Monopril? (29 Jun 2002)
  32. Is there a chance that Imodium could interact with low sugar? (25 Jun 2002)
  33. Can allergies or some allergy medications affect previously controlled hypoglycemia? (24 Jun 2002)
  34. How long can you keep glucagon after it has been reconstituted? (17 May 2002)
  35. Since diabetes does not run in my family, what are the chances of the diabetes going away if the prednisone is stopped? (9 May 2002)
  36. I'm 25 years old, I have had type 1 diabetes for five months, and I'd like to know if it is okay to take birth control pills. (29 Apr 2002)
  37. What is the appropriate dose of glucagon to be administered to an 80 pound child? (26 Apr 2002)
  38. I have type 2 diabetes treated with diet and exercise, I have been taking a diuretic for the last four days, and I have several questions. (20 Apr 2002)
  39. What have you heard about when kids should go on ACE inhibitors? (14 Apr 2002)
  40. Within a half hour of each dose of erythromycin, I suffer from very low blood sugar, worse than normal. Have you found out any information about this? (11 Apr 2002)
  41. I have recently heard that there has been a new pancreas hormone/enzyme. What is it? How does it work? (2 Apr 2002)
  42. What would the end result of a worn out liver look like in diabetes? Can niacinamide hurt my son's liver in the long run? (2 Apr 2002)
  43. What problems are there with prednisone in a person with type 2 diabetes? (21 Mar 2002)
  44. What is the sugar content of Amoxil suspension? (21 Mar 2002)
  45. I am now taking Meridia. Is this safe for people with diabetes? (19 Mar 2002)
  46. Are shortness of breath, dry mouth, rash and vision problems side effects of the medication? (14 Mar 2002)
  47. My concern is that the birth control pills also aid in causing insulin resistance. (13 Mar 2002)
  48. If I started to take birth control pills, would I have any complications because of taking them? Do you think it is wise to take them? (4 Mar 2002)
  49. Has Zoloft been linked to low blood sugar in the middle of the night? (1 Mar 2002)
  50. Recently, when my daughter received steroids, her blood sugar level increased which has never happened before. Should I be conscious of her blood sugars from now on? (23 Feb 2002)
  51. My new doctor wants to put me on a cholesterol lowering agent as a preventative measure, and I have several questions. (20 Feb 2002)
  52. The prescription sticker on my three year old daughter's glucagon kit says to give her 1 mg (all) if needed. Isn't that too much? (17 Feb 2002)
  53. My 20 month old son was 16 months old when he was diagnosed. How will immunizations affect his blood sugars? (16 Feb 2002)
  54. How can I combat side effects of prednisone? (12 Feb 2002)
  55. Can anabolic steroids be used under supervision? What are the primary health concerns with their use? (28 Jan 2002)
  56. If I have to give glucagon, can I use an insulin syringe? (24 Jan 2002)
  57. The head of our county's clinical services told me that glucagon is not a safe drug and that it is better for a child to seizure than administer it. (18 Jan 2002)
  58. My daughter has received two flu shots with hypoglycemic episodes afterward. (16 Jan 2002)
  59. I heard that Prozac might help mood swing and may even stabilize blood sugar levels. (6 Jan 2002)

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