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  1. My hair stylist says people with diabetes lose their hair or it thins out. Why is this? (22 Dec 2010)
  2. How do you help young adults realize the importance of keeping their average blood sugar lower without it sounding like nagging? (14 Dec 2010)
  3. I bought a supplement to help me gain weight, but it has a lot of carbohydrates. The package says it is not for those with diabetes. Is this safe for me to take? (19 Nov 2010)
  4. Is there any place where I could donate some new, opened blood glucose meters? (3 Nov 2010)
  5. My nephew is experiencing great variances in his blood sugars on a daily basis. What is happening to his body when he's high and drops to a low in a short time period? (19 Oct 2010)
  6. Can insulin be degraded in blood and ECF which become a reason for its decreased effectiveness? How do abnormal levels of HBA1c effect oxygen levels and results thereof? (5 Oct 2010)
  7. A student at our school keeps complaining of dizziness and forgetfulness. Today, he collapsed at recess. Should we be concerned? (5 Oct 2010)
  8. Can a person with diabetes get a henna tattoo? (25 Aug 2010)
  9. Is there a protocol for an insulin pump user to follow after using glucagon to work sugars back down prudently without causing another low sugar? (24 Aug 2010)
  10. My boyfriend's blood sugar seems too low for safe driving. What should it be? If he refuses to check and still drives low, what should we do? (11 Aug 2010)
  11. Since I started taking insulin, I have been experiencing edema, which is not being helped by diuretics. What do you suggest? (15 Jul 2010)
  12. I am concerned about a boy whose family allows him to eat a lot of unhealthy foods. I think the massive sugar is not good for him. How can I help them? (24 Jun 2010)
  13. Are there any laws or guidelines or recommendations for teens with type 1 who are driving? (14 Jun 2010)
  14. What cream do you recommend for healing the skin at the pump site? (8 Jun 2010)
  15. My son's endocrinologist is leaving and has recommended a pediatrician that specializes in diabetes, a diabetologist. What does this mean? I am more comfortable with an endocrinologist. (7 Jun 2010)
  16. My daughter sees a nutritionist, counselor, pediatrician and regular diabetes doctors, but we are looking for a better option for the treatment of her diabetes and anorexia. What do you recommend? (5 Jun 2010)
  17. Is there something to keep in the car that will be able to be seen if there is a accident of any sort that will tell people that our daughter has type 1 diabetes, if were are not able to help? (31 May 2010)
  18. Is there a user friendly electronic diary available for monitoring of daily blood sugar, diet, and exercise/activity, some sort of personal digital assistant? (31 May 2010)
  19. My son had a random blood sugar of 83 mg/dl [4.6 mmol/L]. Is that normal for a three-year-old? Would a low blood sugar cause a low body temperature? (28 May 2010)
  20. I am embarrassed by the small bumps that have appeared in the places where I inject insulin. How can I get rid of them? (26 May 2010)
  21. Since his mom is not rotating injection sites, my nephew has scar tissue at the often used sites. Is this common? How many sites should they be using? (26 May 2010)
  22. What is the criterion for when to seek help from a doctor for an abrasion? My grandson has an abrasion that has begun oozing pus. (18 May 2010)
  23. Where can my daughter find answers to sex related questions, to find help for the many aspects of female sexuality that are affected by diabetes? (26 Apr 2010)
  24. Is there any reason my son, who has type 1, should not get LASIK surgery? Could it work against him in the future? (14 Apr 2010)
  25. What are the side effects of the Tdap and MCV4 vaccines for my 11-year-old daughter who has type 1? (8 Apr 2010)
  26. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 at a health fair. I had no risk factors. Since I was not syptomatic, can you explain why I have it? (31 Mar 2010)
  27. Should my son take nutritional supplements such as calcium, fish oil and a multi-vitamin? (31 Mar 2010)
  28. Have you heard of Pelikan Technologies? Are they planning a new device now that they have taken the old one off the market? (29 Mar 2010)
  29. I am bored. Is this related to my diabetes? Why am I so thirsty after eating proteins? Is there a balm I can use to help heal my scars? (22 Mar 2010)
  30. We were told at a diabetes fair that a One Touch Meter is more accurate than the Freedom Lite we have been using for our grandson. Which is better? (17 Mar 2010)
  31. My daughter's school would like to see some studies on the extent of cognitive thinking impairment when blood sugars are out of the normal range. Where can I find such studies? (17 Mar 2010)
  32. Diagnosed in early February 2010, is there anything we can do to help my daughter's pancreas continue to produce insulin? Would my daughter benefit from taking a vitamin D supplement? (2 Mar 2010)
  33. I recently disconnected my pump for surgery and got no insulin for almost 10 hours. My blood sugar never went above 15 mmol/L [270 mg/dl]. Why didn't it go higher? (20 Feb 2010)
  34. Now that she is 11, might our daughter be ready for sleepovers at friends' houses? She is pretty responsible about her diabetes, but sometimes has lapses in judgment. (20 Feb 2010)
  35. After 20 years with good control, my son is experiencing insulin resistance. Is it caused by his high CPK level or is his insulin pooling under the skin causing poor absorption? (16 Feb 2010)
  36. How important is it to keep a log of carbohydrates eaten to determine blood sugar patterns? Our son was diagnosed in mid-December and we are still in the learning process. (30 Jan 2010)
  37. I am almost 15. Since puberty, my A1c has been elevated and I haven't been growing. Are my high blood sugars causing my lack of growth? (26 Jan 2010)
  38. Is it important that my 13-year-old son have his cholesterol checked? (19 Jan 2010)
  39. Though I am careful checking when my blood sugar at my mom's, do I need to be concerned about contracting Hepatitis C by touching things my infected aunt may have touched? (10 Jan 2010)

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