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  1. Recently diagnosed, my son was sweating profusely in the middle of the night. His blood sugar was in range. Should I be concerned or is this normal for someone with diabetes? (29 Nov 2009)
  2. What is the incidence of diabetes in a six-year-old child with Down's syndrome and congenital cardiomyopathy? (25 Nov 2009)
  3. Does masturbation cause diabetes? Are smoking and drinking alcohol bad for people with diabetes? (16 Nov 2009)
  4. Since yesterday, my toddler has been under 150 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L] despite no short acting insulin. She does not appear to be ill. What else could cause such lows? (12 Nov 2009)
  5. My granddaughter does not see an endocrinologist because of no health insurance. Since recent seizures, her blood sugars are on a roller coaster. Should I be concerned? (8 Nov 2009)
  6. Six weeks ago, my teen daughter developed sudden hearing loss in her right ear. Three ENT specialists said it's a possible complication of diabetes. Have you ever heard of this? (2 Nov 2009)
  7. My son has MODY 2. Is it safe for him to get the H1N1 nasal spray vaccine or should he have the shot? I have gotten conflicting opinions. (31 Oct 2009)
  8. Can extreme dizziness and shortness of breath be caused by high blood sugars? (26 Oct 2009)
  9. Where can I find resources to help a type 1 diabetic student cope better with his/her emotional needs? (26 Oct 2009)
  10. As a high school soccer player, is my son legally allowed to wear his identification bracelet during games? (15 Oct 2009)
  11. Can I remain healthy with diabetes while having no consistency in my sleep/wake schedule? Can working nights be detrimental to my long-term health? (7 Oct 2009)
  12. My daughter is going on a week long school trip. The attending first aid person isn't familiar with diabetes. What do you suggest? (26 Sep 2009)
  13. My recently diagnosed daughter is still breast feeding. Since her family has a history of type 2, should mom stop breast feeding to eliminate the possible transfer of bad T cells to the baby? (26 Sep 2009)
  14. Do seasonal variations affect glucose levels/control in diabetic patients? (16 Sep 2009)
  15. Is it possible for a person with type 1 diabetes to obtain a commercial helicopter pilots license? (15 Sep 2009)
  16. Only 39, I have been having menopause symptoms for about four years. The nurse practitioner refused to prescribe estrogen or birth control pills. Should I get a second opinion? (14 Sep 2009)
  17. Since moving, my son has developed asthma and allergies. How can I strengthen his immune system? I have started him on probiotics, omega 3 supplements and multivitamins. (14 Sep 2009)
  18. Can my daughter with type 1 be a lifeguard? (7 Sep 2009)
  19. Is there a resource for helping explain to the coach the intricate needs of a soccer player with diabetes? (4 Sep 2009)
  20. Because those with type 1 are more at risk for other autoimmune diseases, are they at risk for Guillain-Barré syndrome as a side effect of a flu shot? (28 Aug 2009)
  21. Should all those with type 1 diabetes receive the pneumococcal vaccine? (28 Aug 2009)
  22. How common is it for children under the age of two to be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? (27 Aug 2009)
  23. Are people with type 1 allowed to consume alcoholic beverages? (19 Aug 2009)
  24. Other than an A1c, what routine tests should have person with type 1 have? What role should the family doctor play regarding yearly check-ups? (4 Aug 2009)
  25. My teen daughter has had three episodes involving overnight hypoglycemia and transient aphasia. Does she need to see a neurologist, as our endocrinologist has recommended? (29 Jul 2009)
  26. My son has had four morning seizures when his blood sugar has been in the low 100s mg/dl [5.6 to 5.8 mmol/L]. Why is this happening? (20 Jul 2009)
  27. My daughter cut the side of her foot, tearing off a piece of skin. I am keeping cream and a bandage on it. Is this the type of injury that turns into something worse in diabetics? (15 Jul 2009)
  28. Is there any empirical data showing the effects that heat and humidity have on children with type 1 diabetes? (15 Jul 2009)
  29. Where can I find a software application to use with my glucose monitor and a Mac? (3 Jul 2009)
  30. I'm going to have a tonsillectomy. I've heard you can lose up to 15 pounds afterwards. Since I'm normal weight, should I try to gain weight now to offset the loss? (29 Jun 2009)
  31. I've had type 1 for about 10 years. Starting around two weeks ago, my stomach has been bloated and I've had some abdominal pains and increased gas. What could be causing this? (23 Jun 2009)
  32. Are glucose tablets considered medication? How much would three tablets raise one's blood sugar? (17 Jun 2009)
  33. In a recent CBC, my son had a 41.1% lymphocytes count. How can I find out more about what this means? What kind of doctor should I consult? (9 Jun 2009)
  34. My daughter, who is teaching in Japan, was just diagnosed with diabetes. Should she return to New York or can she get good care in Japan? (8 Jun 2009)
  35. Do you have any current information about people transitioning between NIDDM and IDDM who are considered as 1.5s? (1 Jun 2009)
  36. Diagnosed with type 1 at the age of three, my teenage daughter has acanthosis nigricans. She is not overweight and is active. What does this mean? (1 Jun 2009)
  37. Does eating sugar/carbohydrates with salt and without salt make some difference in sugar/carbohydrate absorption in the intestines ? (1 Jun 2009)
  38. My granddaughter has not started her menstrual cycle. Is it possible that a hormone imbalance can mimic diabetes? (1 Jun 2009)
  39. What are the side effects of consistently using insulin as a correction to eat whatever you want? (30 May 2009)
  40. Can the total loss of sugar in urine and blood glucose levels be affected by a hyperglycemic diabetic passing more or less urine? (15 May 2009)
  41. In poorly controlled diabetes, are growth hormone levels higher? Does tight control mean one may not grow as much? (10 May 2009)
  42. What can you tell me about the new lancet that is supposed to be less intrusive on children's fingers? (8 May 2009)
  43. Which test produces a more valid C-Peptide level, one done fasting or one done two hours after a meal? If normal, what is the next best course of action? (7 May 2009)
  44. My 14-year-old son has always been tall, but seemed to stop growing about a year ago. Is it because of his diabetes? Does insulin stop the growth hormone? (7 May 2009)
  45. What is the relationship between blood and urine sugar levels? (2 May 2009)
  46. Lately, my son has been breaking blood vessels in his fingers. Could the vessels be weak from the frequent blood sugar tests we do? (29 Apr 2009)
  47. Diagnosed with type 1 last year, my young son has been stuttering a lot and experiencing trouble while speaking. Is this due to a sugar imbalance? (28 Apr 2009)
  48. I am having my gallbladder removed. How will this affect my blood sugars? Did diabetes cause the inflammation? Will my gallbladder removal cure my stomach problems? (17 Apr 2009)
  49. Do people with type 2 diabetes, especially those on insulin and those with insulin resistance, develop autonomic dysfunction (sympathetic) at any stage? (13 Apr 2009)
  50. Since her diagnosis three months ago, my young daughter has gained five pounds and developed an aversion to exercise. Are both of these things common? (7 Apr 2009)
  51. Is there any truth to the statistic that a child with type 1 has a 6% chance of being "dead in bed" over the course of their life? (7 Apr 2009)
  52. My 10-year-old son has an A1c of 7.5, high cholesterol and high creatinine. How are these findings indicative of poor blood sugar control? (4 Apr 2009)
  53. My son's diagnosis has inspired to apply to medical school, writing about diabetes being his motivation. Do you see this as a hindrance or not? (4 Apr 2009)
  54. Today, my daughter's blood sugar dropped to 62 mg/dl [3.4 mmol/L] then up to 175 mg/dl [9.8 mmol/L] a little over an hour later. Are such variances okay? (20 Mar 2009)
  55. Can the overstimulation of beta cells or overexposure of insulin to target cells as a result of insulin resistance spark an autoimmune response against beta cells meant to decrease insulin's overexposure? (16 Mar 2009)
  56. Are there some conditions which can cause early or late degradation and excretion of endogenous and injected insulin in intravascular and extravascular areas? (7 Mar 2009)
  57. Since going on Lantus about a year and a half ago, my daughter's wavy and curly hair has broken off quite a bit. What can we do to get it to grow back? (4 Mar 2009)
  58. Is the oversecretion of cortisol common in type 2 diabetics who are insulin resistant? (1 Mar 2009)
  59. I have been instructed to calculate negative insulin for a young patient. Can you confirm that I am doing this correctly? (1 Mar 2009)
  60. What would cause all of my grandson's finger tips to blister and peel? (24 Feb 2009)
  61. The dermatologist confirmed lipoatrophy in my son's thigh through a biopsy. My son has not injected insulin in his thigh for a year. What do you think about this? (24 Feb 2009)
  62. Do people with diabetes have intolerance to heat and cold? If so, why? (7 Feb 2009)
  63. Is there a link between ovarian cysts and type 1? Can the cysts cause insulin resistance? (5 Feb 2009)
  64. My OGTT showed hypoglycemia and blood work has indicated occasional elevated HGH. Can the hypoglycemia cause an elevation in human growth hormone? (3 Feb 2009)
  65. When my son's blood sugar goes below 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L], it automatically goes up to around 130 mg/dl [7.2 mmol/L]. Why is this? (3 Feb 2009)
  66. Despite relative control of my type 1, I am worried about the future. Might any future children have diabetes, too? How can I prevent the fatigue I am experiencing? (19 Jan 2009)
  67. Pancreas/beta cells can either be overused or underused in type 2 diabetes. How can its overuse and under use impact or damage it? (18 Jan 2009)
  68. Now 14, my son has not grown much in the past two years. Would you recommend growth hormone treatment? What are its risks/side effects? (16 Jan 2009)
  69. What, if any, relationship would a severely elevated CPK level have with type 1 diabetes? (9 Jan 2009)
  70. My non diabetic son's ICA 512 went from -11 to -7 in a year. What, if anything, does this mean? (7 Jan 2009)
  71. What factors, other than diet, can cause significant blood sugar fluctuations in a young girl? (7 Jan 2009)
  72. Do type 1 diabetics have additional risks from gastric bypass surgery? Would it be harder to treat hypoglycemia? Would there be a greater chance of "dumping syndrome?" (7 Jan 2009)

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