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  1. Six months after her diagnosis with type 1, my daughter is again wetting her bed. Why would this be happening? (22 Dec 2008)
  2. Recently, my daughter has developed a sweaty scalp smell, even right after washing her hair. Is there any connection between this and her diabetes? (22 Dec 2008)
  3. My daughter sometimes has a bad stomachache and diarrhea lasting about seven hours. Are these symptoms of celiac, appendicitis, or another allergy? (15 Dec 2008)
  4. My son developed fairly severe vision problems several weeks ago and is scheduled for ERG and IVFA exams. His vision is now normal. What is your opinion? (15 Dec 2008)
  5. Because of the fragility of the Y chromosome, is a male fetus less likely then a female one to survive a diabetic pregnancy? (11 Dec 2008)
  6. Do you have any information on the cognitive effects of type 1 diabetes in the school setting? (8 Dec 2008)
  7. We are consiering growth hormone for our 13-year-old. Would this make him insulin resistant? How long would the resistance last? (22 Nov 2008)
  8. What diabetes supplies will my daughter be able to find when she goes to Israel to study? Do you know of any doctors she could contact, if necessary? (19 Nov 2008)
  9. My teen son had a serious low the other day that got me thinking about the future. How should we handle such situations when he goes off on his own? (18 Nov 2008)
  10. My friend in Egypt has a daughter with diabetes. Where can he find a doctor to help diagnose the type of virus the girl has? (8 Nov 2008)
  11. We'd like to get our newly diagnosed child a medical id. How does one choose from all the options? (8 Nov 2008)
  12. Can the inhibition of insulin release and insulin resistance be possible as a result of increased stimulation of the PNS and excess secretion of stress hormones due to chronic stress? (6 Nov 2008)
  13. When I had a recent low, I could see a bright green halo, even with my eyes closed. After treatment for the low, it went away. What could this have been? (6 Nov 2008)
  14. Diagnosed with type 1 in July, my toddler still wakes about every two hours to get a drink. Is this behavioral or related to his diabetes? (5 Nov 2008)
  15. Just diagnosed with type 1, my niece has developed a rash. Could she be allergic to the insulin? Are high blood sugars common for someone so newly diagnosed? (31 Oct 2008)
  16. Is it safe to put my already thin daughter on a low glucose, low carbohydrate, low calorie diet? This was suggested after she had a fasting blood sugar of 106 mg/dl [5.9 mmol/L]. (31 Oct 2008)
  17. Can a CT angiography detect coronary plaque in a diabetic as well as coronary angiography? (21 Oct 2008)
  18. How much of a difference can there be in a fasting report done by laboratory and an Accu-Chek home glucose meter? (21 Oct 2008)
  19. Following his first episode of DKA two weeks ago, my teen son's vision has blurred considerably. Is this a result of the DKA? Will it correct itself? (20 Oct 2008)
  20. Where can one find resources for training staff and hiring a nurse for children's camps? (16 Oct 2008)
  21. English theme parks provide special bands for diabetics allowing them to skip the queues. Do theme parks in Orlando have the same system? (9 Oct 2008)
  22. Is there any connection between type 1 diabetes and hidradenitis suppurativa? (8 Oct 2008)
  23. My chiropractor has suggested that I start my daughter on Orthomega, which includes "cleansing," fish oil and a diet. What do you think? (6 Oct 2008)
  24. Is is possible for a child with diabetes to have memory loss? (29 Sep 2008)
  25. My son's endocrinologist refused to renew my son's numbing cream prescription and wouldn't tell us why. What might his motivation be? (24 Sep 2008)
  26. In the last two weeks, my seven-year-old has tested positive twice for red blood cells, white blood cells, and bacteria in her urine. Should I be concerned? (23 Sep 2008)
  27. At what age is it appropriate to discuss more specific information about complications? (12 Sep 2008)
  28. My two hour blood sugar was 232 mg/dl [12.9 mmol/L] so the doctor gave me a meter and said to come back in six months for repeat testing. Are there other tests I should request? (11 Sep 2008)
  29. I want to order my supplies online. Who do your readers use, if you know, or who is known to reputable? (10 Sep 2008)
  30. What can be done to reduce the risk of dead in bed syndrome? Even if one's A1c is suggestive of not too tight control, could it still allow for many lower readings? (8 Sep 2008)
  31. My boyfriend has pre-diabetes. When he eats high carbohydrate meals, his heart begins to race. Could the carbohydrates cause the racing? (7 Sep 2008)
  32. In 2003, my C-Peptide was 0.5. Recently, it was 5.3 so my doctor took me off insulin and put me on metformin XR, but I am now back on insulin. Why did the pills not work? (19 Aug 2008)
  33. What constitutes "excessive urination" for a nine year old boy? How much should he be drinking and urinating? (18 Aug 2008)
  34. After a strong honeymoon, we had our son's C-Peptide level checked; it was 3.4. How does this compare to a healthy child this age? (18 Aug 2008)
  35. When we check our son's urine for glucose, it is often 3+ or 4+, with blood sugars in the 100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L] to 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] range. Is this okay? (17 Aug 2008)
  36. In May, my young adult son lost his vision for about five minutes. He was told to have an esophageal echocardiogram. Is there a less invasive procedure? (12 Aug 2008)
  37. Are insulin resistance and more insulin related to getting exercise and occasional hunger and cravings for food? (11 Aug 2008)
  38. Do high platelets (940) have anthing to do with type 1 diabetes? (1 Aug 2008)
  39. Which minerals and vitamins should be taken routinely to provide benefits and help prevent related complications? (18 Jul 2008)
  40. My friend has been checking his blood sugars with a meter. His fastings are slightly elevated. Might this be related to his nightly drink of vodka and tonic? (18 Jul 2008)
  41. How much time might it take to reverse downregulation on normal or lesser insulin exposure? At what blood sugar level does one become "used to" hyperglycemia? (18 Jul 2008)
  42. My teen son has type 1 while my adult daughters are obese and have PCOS. Is there are link in their conditions? (17 Jul 2008)
  43. Will you please tell me about the pathophysiology behind getting unstable diabetes? Is it also common in type 2 diabetics? (16 Jul 2008)
  44. What is the normal range of insulin that the body produces? (15 Jul 2008)
  45. My child's doctor says the OneTouch Ultra is more accurate than the Freestyle Flash, which I prefer for its nightlight. What is your opinion? (8 Jul 2008)
  46. Should we avoid bisphenol A, found in hard plastics, on account of an alleged link with diabetes? (8 Jul 2008)
  47. If I missed one of my injections, would I be in trouble? (6 Jul 2008)
  48. Is persistent hyperglycemia a stress to the body? Can well controlled type 2 diabetics get occasional sub-fatal hypoglycemia causing the occasional stimulation of stress hormones? (2 Jul 2008)
  49. We live in Dubai and want to know if local treatment is the same as that in the U.S. Can we can trust the treatment here?. (29 Jun 2008)
  50. My one son was born with hypothyroidism. Another has type 1 and my husband has low testosterone levels. Are these conditions related/genetic? (24 Jun 2008)
  51. Local policy dictates that only an EMT or school nurse can administer glucagon. Is it just not that necessary to administer immediately to an unconscious, seizing child? (24 Jun 2008)
  52. I have two children with type 1. My daughter pumps while her older brother is on injections. He has little difficulty with his control while she has to work harder at it. Why is this? (22 Jun 2008)
  53. My stepson's caregivers have told me I cannot take him swimming in any lakes because foot injuries could be bad for him. Are small cuts really that bad? (16 Jun 2008)
  54. During my young son's urine glucose test, only the edges of the strip changed colour so he is to be re-checked in a month. Could be vulnerable when he's in surgery in two weeks? (11 Jun 2008)
  55. How many children die because it was too late before anyone realized what was going on? (11 Jun 2008)
  56. I take care of a toddler who voids shortly after drinking, eats a lot, but is not overweight. How can I encourage her mom to discuss this with a doctor? (3 Jun 2008)
  57. Diagnosed seven months ago, my son is urinating much more. I thought this occurred at onset and with highs. Is there something else that could be causing this? (1 Jun 2008)
  58. Can continual and increased insulin cause decreased urine exposure by changing some muscular tone in urinary system? (1 Jun 2008)
  59. Is the Down syndrome happening only in the morning or can this happen also around lunch time, in the afternoon or any time of the day? (27 May 2008)
  60. Can I use the Injex 30 system with my child? Do you have any comments about this device? (19 May 2008)
  61. My 14-year-old son was diagnosed nine months ago. Does he need to be seen by an endocrinologist or can our family physician treat him? (16 May 2008)
  62. My daughter is going through many growth changes at four years of age. Why does this cause such a change in her glucose numbers? (12 May 2008)
  63. Can I give my diabetic child vitamins, cod liver oil and omega 3? (12 May 2008)
  64. I've heard that a doctor did a study and concluded that pumps are not the best for teens. How true is this? I'm concerned because my teen son uses a pump. (11 May 2008)
  65. Since I have type 1 diabetes, am I more likely to get my period later than I normally would if I didn't have diabetes? Or, is it just in my genes? (8 May 2008)
  66. After a flu-like virus, my daughter's body temperature was low. If it was not the fever breaking, what could have caused it? Should we be concerned? (6 May 2008)
  67. I'm having a C-Peptide test done soon. How will external insulin affect the results? What other things can affect the results? (29 Apr 2008)
  68. When I speak to high school classes about diabetes, students often ask if they can check their blood sugar. Could I offer to do the checks? (27 Apr 2008)
  69. To become a CDE, I cannot sit for the exam without being employed in diabetes education. But, you have to be a CDE to be employed in diabetes education. What can I do? (26 Apr 2008)
  70. Is there any association between alcohol intake and insulin secretion and sensitivity? How does the body process alcohol, as carbohydrates, sugar, or otherwise? (26 Apr 2008)
  71. My daughter hasn't had a period for over three years. She has pre-diabetes, hypothyroidism, hepatitis C, and is overweight. Where can we find a doctor to help us? (26 Apr 2008)
  72. Is there a facility in the U.S. where my friend's son can go for help with diabetes, substance abuse and alcoholism? (20 Apr 2008)
  73. My daughter uses Lucozade for the treatment of lows. What is the U.S. equivalent of this product? She is travelling to Utah for a ski trip and may need to get a substitute. (13 Apr 2008)
  74. My podiatrist suggested I wear support socks for my leg swelling. Am I supposed to wear them all the time or just when I'm not in bed? (13 Apr 2008)
  75. When one rebounds from a low, what is the range for the rebound blood sugar? Could the amount of insulin one still produces affect the rebound? (11 Apr 2008)
  76. How does oscillation/degradation of oral agents or injected insulin affect down-regulation of insulin receptors? (11 Apr 2008)
  77. My daughter sometimes has muscle cramps in her lower or upper legs and tender arches. Could she have calcium deficiency? What is the recommended serving of calcium per day? (31 Mar 2008)
  78. Can persisting hyperglycemia be due to some instability of digestion, absorption and excretion besides glucose and other nutrients? (29 Mar 2008)
  79. Is it normal for a child with type 1 to have higher temperatures in the evening? (24 Mar 2008)
  80. My niece, who has cystic fibrosis, has been diagnosed with diabetes. Her parents have heard only bad things about blindness or death. How can I ensure them that things will not be so bad? (24 Mar 2008)
  81. Can decreased urine creatinine clearance with normal serum creatinine and BUN also suggest decreased creatine production due to decreased muscle mass or decreased muscle use? (23 Mar 2008)
  82. Has any research been done on breathalyzer meters as an alternative to regular meters that take blood samples? (18 Mar 2008)
  83. Since our insurance company will not cover a CGMS for our son, who has type 1 and Down Syndrome, do you know of any studies in which he could participate? (18 Mar 2008)
  84. Is hyperglycemia with higher lipid levels more damaging than hyperglycemia with normal or near to lower normal range of lipids? (16 Mar 2008)
  85. After seven years with type 1 and ketones only when high or ill, my daughter is having moderate to large ketones more frequently. What are the long term consequences of them? (14 Mar 2008)
  86. Do you think that with modern advances there will be more and more people live longer without complications? (12 Mar 2008)
  87. Last night, my son's bedtime blood sugar was 140 mg/dl [7.8 mmol/L], but dropped to 40 mg/dl [2.2 mmol/L] 30 minutes later. Is a drop like this "normal?" (10 Mar 2008)
  88. Can I take a protein supplement without having any diabetes problems, i.e. no reduction in blood sugars? I want to use them to help with my weightlifting. (9 Mar 2008)
  89. Can decreased creatinine clearance with normal S.Creatine and BUN can still be related to non-kidney disease? (8 Mar 2008)
  90. Is intestinal mucus quantity and consistency related to increased or decreased sugar absorption resulting in variations in blood glucose levels? (6 Mar 2008)
  91. Is there a possible association with bone brittleness and type 1 diabetes? My teen son has had several broken bones in the past few years. (5 Mar 2008)
  92. My daughter has some unusual lumps on the tops of her feet. While we're waiting to see a dermatologist, do you have any ideas what they might be? (4 Mar 2008)
  93. An acquaintance of mine does not treat his/her type 2 because of the lack of scientific studies demonstrating this is necessary. Where can I find articles to refute this? (3 Mar 2008)
  94. What is your opinion of the recent news story that the consumption of artificially sweetened products leads to weight gain? (18 Feb 2008)
  95. My daughter also has Down Syndrome. Could her metabolic rate be affecting the efficacy of the insulin? Should she be examined on a different "level" because of the Down Syndrome? (18 Feb 2008)
  96. Since switching to Lantus a year ago, I've started having seizures. After 30 years with type 1, why is this now happening? Also, why are my pre-lunch readings high if I skipped breakfast? (15 Feb 2008)
  97. My adult daughter has a mass in the tail of her pancreas that will be removed surgically next month. How will her digestive enzymes be affected? Will the endocrine portion also be affected? (12 Feb 2008)
  98. Other than an A1c, what detailed blood/urine tests should my teen son be having? What are the best standards of care? How often should his eyes be checked and by what kind of doctor? (6 Feb 2008)
  99. Diagnosed with type 2, can you help me understand my C-Peptide level? Now that I have had treatment, should I have the level re-checked? (6 Feb 2008)
  100. Recent blood work indicated elevated levels of various things and confirmed I'm still anemic. Would my recent elevated A1c (8.7) explain the other elevated readings? (4 Feb 2008)
  101. As a school nurse, I need to train unlicensed personnel to administer glucagon injections. Is there a glucagon training kit available? (3 Feb 2008)
  102. My 19-year-old's endocrinologist was happy with my son's 7.2 A1c, but I feel he should have suggested some adjustments. Should we find another endocrinologist? (31 Jan 2008)
  103. What happens if you eat or drink to treat a low prior to cholesterol and triglycerides testing? Can a light physical workout affect the test results? (28 Jan 2008)
  104. Lately, my daughter's hands have been extremely cold. What can cause this? She had her thyroid checked in December and it was normal. (28 Jan 2008)
  105. What is the treatment for bladder wall thickening in type 2 diabetes? (24 Jan 2008)
  106. I would really like to know if Doug Burns used supplements like whey protein or creatine. If he did, which ones did he take? (24 Jan 2008)
  107. Could you help me understand the results of my recent OGTT? It is some time before I see my doctor. (22 Jan 2008)
  108. Diagnosed with type 1 a year ago, my 15-year-old son has not developed sexually except for pubic and underarm hair. What should we do? (22 Jan 2008)
  109. My diabetes control has worsened in the past two years. Other than an A1c and a lipid check, what tests should I have to see what damage my body has suffered? (22 Jan 2008)
  110. An endocrinologist has suggested that a dad bring his daughter to our center to observe kidney dialysis in an effort to get her to improve her control. I plan to suggest counseling instead. Do you have suggestions? (21 Jan 2008)
  111. I feel like I'm failing my child by not curing her with vitamins and such. What is your opinion? Also, is it true that milk is harmful to those with diabetes? (16 Jan 2008)
  112. An endocrinologist said my daughter's A1c of 5.0 was not normal, but told me to stop checking her. Do you know of any other endocrinologists in Maine besides the ones in Portland? (14 Jan 2008)
  113. I am going back to college to study psychology so I can help parents of children with diabetes. Is there a need for this? (10 Jan 2008)
  114. A caregiver accidentally pricked her own finger with a lancet then used it to test my daughter. Since the woman has a hepatitis antibody in her blood, should I be concerned? (4 Jan 2008)

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