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  1. What can you tell me about sugar cataracts? (28 Dec 2007)
  2. My daughter has an indentation on the right side of her abdomen that is growing. Are there any treatments for this? (20 Dec 2007)
  3. How long after a meal should one expect to get an accurate reading? What is the blood sugar range for people who do not have diabetes? (17 Dec 2007)
  4. My teen daughter has a granuloma on her foot that the doctor wants to remove and she has an infection every week. What do you think? (13 Dec 2007)
  5. Can high blood sugars cause menstrual irregularities? (11 Dec 2007)
  6. My brother was just diagnosed with type 1. He throws a fit for each test and injection. Is there any way to tell him about his condition in a way that will ease his fears? (9 Dec 2007)
  7. In children, does the insulin production work the same as in adults? I'm assuming not; is this why they have such variable blood sugars? (3 Dec 2007)
  8. According to my son's doctor, during a seizure, the body reacts to a low by releasing adrenaline, which stimulates the liver to release glucose and this does not cause death. Is this true? (2 Dec 2007)
  9. My son, who's had diabetes about 20 months, has had elevated microalbumin levels several times. Could it be cause by his vesicoureteral reflux? (1 Dec 2007)
  10. My daughter, who's had type 1 for three years, has had about one "fit" a month since May 2007. Could these be diabetes related or epilepsy? (26 Nov 2007)
  11. How safe are nutritional powders for diabetes, in that they contain maltodextrin? (19 Nov 2007)
  12. Diagnosed with type 1 very recently, I am in shock at my diagnosis and am freaked out about giving myself injections. When can I get a pump? (19 Nov 2007)
  13. What effect will donating blood every eight weeks have on A1c results? My results are consistently lower than I expect them to be. (17 Nov 2007)
  14. I am taking Glucophage and spironolactone per my gynecologist. Won't the Glucophage cause low blood glucose readings? What do my symptoms indicate? (13 Nov 2007)
  15. My almost 13-year-old daughter has grown only 2 inches this year. Is she likely to grow more after starting menstruation? (13 Nov 2007)
  16. Does the use of scented lotions, soaps or hand sanitizer on your hands prior to testing your blood sugar have any effect on the outcome of a blood glucose reading? (12 Nov 2007)
  17. My daughter, who's had diabetes for three years, has started to develop "dimples" at her infusion sites. Could she be allergic to her insulin? What should we do? (12 Nov 2007)
  18. My body has rejected the pancreas I received in Italy in July 2005. When I travel to New York in the spring, I'd like to meet a specialist. Can you help me find one? (11 Nov 2007)
  19. I have been accused of breaking into a house, but I have no memory of the incident. Do you have any information about diabetic blackouts or memory loss? (11 Nov 2007)
  20. Is it safe for an adult with type 2 diabetes to use a dry sauna? (9 Nov 2007)
  21. After a year without a night terror, my son began having them again last week, when he had a stomach virus and high blood sugars. Are they related to his diabetes? (3 Nov 2007)
  22. I've been suffering from severe fatigue about an hour after meals despite being careful with carbohydrate counting and using Symlin. Where can I go to find out the cause? (27 Oct 2007)
  23. My teen son has had severe cramping in his legs, thighs, groin, arms and calves after his last two football games. How can he prevent them? (27 Oct 2007)
  24. Due to lows and decreased insulin, I had my daughter's C-Peptide level checked. It was in the normal range. After three years with diabetes, how can this be? (26 Oct 2007)
  25. Diagnosed with LADA, I stopped insulin due to swelling. Off insulin, the swelling went away, but it returned when I resumed insulin in order to conceive. Why is the edema not dissipating? (23 Oct 2007)
  26. Is it better for a person with type 1 diabetes to get the injected flu vaccine or to use the Flu Mist nasal vaccine? (19 Oct 2007)
  27. Are low lipase levels common in type 1 diabetes and are pancreatic supplements helpful? (18 Oct 2007)
  28. My teen son went off his pump, but had horrible control on injections. His insulin antibody count was 7. What does this mean? (16 Oct 2007)
  29. Can you give me some advice on how to start an organization to help children diagnosed with diabetes? (16 Oct 2007)
  30. My son's OLSAT scores have declined over the past few years. Does this indicate some sort of cognitive damage due to poor blood glucose control? (16 Oct 2007)
  31. Are there any studies or statistics about the different hand cleaning agents that are available and if they (and by how much) affect blood sugar numbers? (15 Oct 2007)
  32. What could be causing "dark spots" at the pump insertion sites of an African American child? (10 Oct 2007)
  33. My wife has a linea nigra, but it has been many years since she was pregnant. Is this condition permanent? What is the connection between this and diabetes? (6 Oct 2007)
  34. Can a person with type 1 diabetes continue to make insulin throughout their life? (4 Oct 2007)
  35. My son has been having early morning seizures when he's in range. The doctors said they're not hypoglycemic, but are diabetes related. Have you heard of this? (30 Sep 2007)
  36. Diagnosed with a blood sugar over 1200 mg/dl [66.6 mmol/L], my daughter is doing well, but cannot focus and regressed academically. Could she have suffered brain damage? (21 Sep 2007)
  37. At our teen's first appointment with an adult endocrinologist, we were shocked at how little time the doctor spent with us and how little he addressed. Is this normal? (14 Sep 2007)
  38. I know a someone whose low blood sugars require the assistance of another person. Two doctors have told her they will treat her "when she develops diabetes." Where can she find help? (13 Sep 2007)
  39. When I picked up my son's prescriptions, I noticed expiration dates earlier than those on the previous prescriptions.Should I be concerned with this? (13 Sep 2007)
  40. How I can calculate my actual Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)? (13 Sep 2007)
  41. Does water cause my child's blood sugar to drop even if he has a normal blood sugar reading? (11 Sep 2007)
  42. Our son turns 18 in August and is not ready to "face the world." Are there any transitional type camps or facilities to help him become more independent? (8 Sep 2007)
  43. Do you have any information about using n-acetyl glucosamine in conjunction with their normal insulin regamin? Is there any risk taking it? (8 Sep 2007)
  44. We have three meters that were malfunctioning so we got a One Touch UltraMini. Now, it is also malfunctioning. Could these problems be related to our wireless Internet? (31 Aug 2007)
  45. I'm an obese person with type 1. How would I know if I were significantly insulin resistant? Am I resistant because of my weight? (31 Aug 2007)
  46. My daughter has type 1, celiac, and possibly NASH. Are there any clinics in the United States that specialize in the management and treatment of multiple diseases? (25 Aug 2007)
  47. Is acanthosis nigricans/insulin resistance always classic? Are there any similar syndromes? (23 Aug 2007)
  48. Does anyone have updated information on "alert dogs?" What do you know about their effectiveness, cost, availability? Can you train your own dog? (22 Aug 2007)
  49. Do you know of any diabetic kids/teens who have gone to the Cumberland Hospital for Children & Adolescents and had a successful outcome? (21 Aug 2007)
  50. I have prednisolone induced diabetes, which I thought was like type 2. So, why have I recently had ketones and weight loss? (20 Aug 2007)
  51. Is it the standard to discharge a diabetic patient without teaching before discharge, to facilitate matters so that patient's needs will be addressed? (16 Aug 2007)
  52. This year, like others, my teen daughter is now experiencing more lower blood sugars than before going to camp. Why does this happen? (12 Aug 2007)
  53. What is the life span of a person who is born with diabetes? (12 Aug 2007)
  54. My doctor says that my teen daughter should be responsible for all aspects of her diabetes care, that we parents should not help her. Do you feel this is appropriate? (9 Aug 2007)
  55. At age 16, I am only 5 feet, 5 inches tall, partly due to high A1cs, but I now have better control of my blood sugars. If I switch to Lantus, will it help me grow? (9 Aug 2007)
  56. My son has diabetes and takes insulin once or twice a day. His left foot is cracked. Why is this? How do we treat it? How do we prevent this? (6 Aug 2007)
  57. My daughter's stepmom gives her a lot of "treats," withholds food when my daughter is high and ignores pump alarms. What can I do to ensure my daughter gets proper care at her dad's house? (4 Aug 2007)
  58. I am a teen in the Slovak Replublic. Where can I find financial aid to play tennis? (4 Aug 2007)
  59. How are a child's development and well-being affected by type 1 diabetes? How is the child's family affected? (3 Aug 2007)
  60. At diagnosis, I had no C-Peptide and positive antibodies. Now, four years later, I have measurable C-Peptide and negative antibodies. Have you ever heard of this? (3 Aug 2007)
  61. My son is very behind for his grade level. A nurse checks his blood sugars, which are often high. Could his blood sugars be contributing to his difficulties? (28 Jul 2007)
  62. I accidentally got a tiny bit of insulin in my mom's eye. I used eye drops immediately to wash it out. Can the insulin damage the eye? (25 Jul 2007)
  63. I have heard that diabetics cannot take fish oil supplements. Why? (25 Jul 2007)
  64. Why don't all pediatric endocrinologists use in-office A1c devices? (23 Jul 2007)
  65. Do you know of a source of patient information material in Arabic, especially downloadable? (23 Jul 2007)
  66. Do antacids, acidic or alkaline foods and intake of more or less water effect blood glucose levels? (23 Jul 2007)
  67. Is there any way to predict the occurrence of low blood sugars through the analysis of certain patterns in blood glucose readings during a certain period of time? (15 Jul 2007)
  68. Can you help me understand my son's test results? It took me months to get them, then I got no explanation. (15 Jul 2007)
  69. We are hoping to get a pump for our daughter, but are concerned about the use of Teflon in canulas. Are there any canulas NOT made of Teflon? (8 Jul 2007)
  70. Recently, I experienced something like a "high" when drunk. After a second episode, I was diagnosed with a UTI and given an antibiotic. What caused the "high?" (8 Jul 2007)
  71. Why do kids wet the bed after they've had diabetes for several months? (6 Jul 2007)
  72. Can endothelial dysfunction cause decreased extravascular movement of insulin? (30 Jun 2007)
  73. I once read that some long-term diabetics produce some insulin for years. Is this true? Could my son be one of those people? He uses little insulin 18 months after diagnosis. (30 Jun 2007)
  74. Just diagnosed with type 2, my mom was given no patient education, just told to return in three months for a blood test. Is it just me or did we get the brush off? (29 Jun 2007)
  75. As a new resident of the U.S., where can I find information on how to dispose of my used insulin syringes and pen needles? (29 Jun 2007)
  76. I was fired after calling in to say I wasn't coming in because I was low. At other jobs, I've been told I couldn't take breaks for lows. I have always disclosed my diabetes. What should I do next time? (29 Jun 2007)
  77. Although she has good control, my niece is always thirsty and always carries a water bottle. Could she be dehydrated? Why is this happening? (27 Jun 2007)
  78. Because I have type 1, are there increased risks with breast augmentation surgery? How long before the procedure do I need better control? (24 Jun 2007)
  79. What effect do growth spurts have on blood sugar levels? My son does not have diabetes, but has elevated blood sugars when in a growth spurt. (24 Jun 2007)
  80. What happens if you give a glucagon shot to someone who you think is low, but is high instead? Is it better to call 911 and wait? (23 Jun 2007)
  81. Sometimes, my son will drink a lot of water quickly, then throw up causing ketones. Could he have something else that requires medical attention? What should I do about the ketones? (14 Jun 2007)
  82. Where can I find a babysitter for my children, which includes a child recently diagnosed with type 1? (10 Jun 2007)
  83. Can tonicity of blood change causing cell volume changes of intimal lining and of circulating cells effecting normal transcapillary movement of insulin? (9 Jun 2007)
  84. According to the CGMS, my daughter's blood sugars are going up and down dramatically during the night. Could this be from the Zyrtec she is taking or increased summer activity? (9 Jun 2007)
  85. Can high blood sugars cause a slow heartbeat or problems taking deep breaths? (8 Jun 2007)
  86. Does diabetes affect the right part of the brain or any part of the brain that does most of the thinking? (7 Jun 2007)
  87. Our six-year-old daughter has mood swings like a teen going through puberty. Are you aware of other children with diabetes who have experienced this? (30 May 2007)
  88. We recent bought a hot tub and plan to limit our son's time in it to 15 minutes. Is there a blood sugar range we should aim for before he gets in? (29 May 2007)
  89. Arrested for a bomb threat, my daughter was not allowed to take her meter to the station and later felt low. What can we do about the way she was treated? (29 May 2007)
  90. Is there a diabetes meter which can be connected to a phone line to transfer the patient data to a web site where they are compared with normal measurements? (26 May 2007)
  91. What is the blood sugar range for people with diabetes? (24 May 2007)
  92. In recent blood work, my potassium level was high. What could cause this? (22 May 2007)
  93. Can hyperglycemia and insulin cause blood flow variations? If yes, how? (22 May 2007)
  94. After a recent hospital admission for an illness, my daughter is now losing large amounts of hair. Could the illness have been an inflammatory problem rather than an infection? (22 May 2007)
  95. Where can I find software compatible with Mac OSX for blood glucose meters? (16 May 2007)
  96. Why is it that children with type 1 experience a drop in their blood sugar so fast with exercise while non-diabetic kids don't? (16 May 2007)
  97. My teen son's blood sugar is usually normal, but four hours after meals, it is often elevated. He is quite stressed. Is this related to diabetes? (8 May 2007)
  98. Five years ago, I gave birth to a large baby who continues to be big. Could she have inherited the insulin resistance I was diagnosed with last year? (7 May 2007)
  99. I have been diagnosed with hyperinsulinism and take metformin. My insulin level is still quite high. What can I do to bring it down? (7 May 2007)
  100. My daughter is to attend church camp this summer and has to keep her medications at the health center. Is there any law to allow her to have such with her? (4 May 2007)
  101. Where can I get a cable to allow download my son's OneTouch Ultra to the Medtronic site? (4 May 2007)
  102. My daughter's medical team is not concerned about her symptoms. Should I take her to a pediatric endocrinologist that specializes in diabetes? (4 May 2007)
  103. Do children with type 1 diabetes have more of a problem with head lice? (3 May 2007)
  104. How can I convince my son-in-law to take care of his son? Based on my grandson's symptoms, am I right to suspect diabetes? (1 May 2007)
  105. Why can't one use a pump site for more than three days? What about CGMS sensors? Can they be used for more than three days? (1 May 2007)
  106. Do certain viruses actually lead to beta-cell destruction? What will I learn from the Anti-GAD and Anti-ICA tests I had done? (27 Apr 2007)
  107. Does hypoglycemia mimic stroke? I am trying to understand my son's dysphasia and hypoglycemia. (27 Apr 2007)
  108. What part do adrenal glands and cortisol levels have on type 1? (27 Apr 2007)
  109. Which age groups are most commonly diagnosed with type one diabetes? Are there more children or adults diagnosed, generally? (27 Apr 2007)
  110. Is it possible to shift your diabetes from type 2 to type 1 and cure it gradually by just following all the treatment plans given by the doctor? (25 Apr 2007)
  111. Why is there so much emphasis on fasting blood glucose levels when this is the time at which cortisol levels are the highest? (25 Apr 2007)
  112. What Disney World rides have magnetic fields that require people to remove their insulin pumps to prevent damage? (24 Apr 2007)
  113. My child has been running high since a recent illness. Could the illness have caused further islet destruction, if there were any left? (24 Apr 2007)
  114. As a nursing student with diabetes, I am unsure how to react when my instructors ask if I have "brittle" diabetes, a term I'd thought was outdate. How should I respond? (19 Apr 2007)
  115. Is it safe for my teen daughter, just diagnosed with type 1, to receive the Gardasil immunization? (19 Apr 2007)
  116. I have been taking my daughter to an adult endocrinologist. Should I take her to a pediatric endocrinologist? Should I have my younger children screened? (19 Apr 2007)
  117. My niece lives in rural Ethiopia. She has little access to medical equipment. She has sores at her injection sites. What can I do to help her stay healthy? (12 Apr 2007)
  118. I suspect my daughter had undiagnosed gestational diabetes twice. Could this explain why my one grandson has some signs of diabetes? (12 Apr 2007)
  119. How do NSAIDs or other anti-inflammatory agents and antibiotics affect glucose levels and insulin resistance? (12 Apr 2007)
  120. My young granddaughter has seizures, including this past Sunday after eating a lot of candy. Are they related to her blood sugar or diabetes? (12 Apr 2007)
  121. My toddler has developed urticaria in the last month. Could she be allergic to the preservatives in her NovoRapd and Insulatard? (12 Apr 2007)
  122. During the Spring, my son's allergies cause his blood sugars to be out of control so we have to increase his insulin by 150%. Is this normal? (7 Apr 2007)
  123. Can I die from having type 1 diabetes? (4 Apr 2007)
  124. Newly diagnosed, my daughter is very hungry. Where can I find a list of free foods? (4 Apr 2007)
  125. Is it necessary for our daughter to be seen by the endocrinologist at every visit? Or, is it okay if she is seen by a nurse practitioner only? (31 Mar 2007)
  126. Diabetes treament has come a long way in the past 25 years. What was the typical blood glucose level and A1c level 25 years ago? (31 Mar 2007)
  127. Where can I find a computer program to help with diabetes management? I need something to monitor phenylalanine since my daughter has PKU. (29 Mar 2007)
  128. My doctor said I had diabetes based on an in-office test. Then, I discovered the meter I'd been using was higher than a newer meter. Have I been misdiagnosed? (28 Mar 2007)
  129. Is excess/more unutilized insulin or glucose for glucose uptake, due to insulin resistance, a reason for people with type 2 to get dyslipidemia? (19 Mar 2007)
  130. How does a diabetic foot ulcer develop? (16 Mar 2007)
  131. Are type 1 diabetics more prone to bladder infections, even in young men? Will tighter control help prevent this from happening? If they are more prone,"why?" (14 Mar 2007)
  132. A symptomatic student was 414 mg/dl [23 mmol/L], but later was normal so the child was not taken to a doctor. How can I ensure the child's health is not neglected? (13 Mar 2007)
  133. What can you tell me about children with type 1 and the issue of retinal exams? (7 Mar 2007)
  134. Has there been any research into the topical application of insulin to enhance wound healing? (5 Mar 2007)
  135. Three weeks ago, my daughter was prescribed eye drops for an eye infection. She is still complaining about her eyes. Could she still have an infection? (5 Mar 2007)
  136. What does it mean if you have high blood sugars with lower to normal lipids? Does injected insulin affect lipid levels? (3 Mar 2007)
  137. Do children with type 1 diabetes need to wear socks made of a particular type of fabric? (2 Mar 2007)
  138. My son's teacher has contacted CPS because of my son's behavior. She did not contact my son's doctors or me at all. Have you seen this happen before? (27 Feb 2007)
  139. My daughter she still wets her bed at night. How do I know if this is related to her diabetes or merely that I am giving her too much to drink in the evening? (27 Feb 2007)
  140. Can a type 2 with hyperglycemia lose those nutrients in ICF and conserve those that are in ECF? (26 Feb 2007)
  141. If urine levels of pH, potassium and other minerals are abnormal in poorly controlled diabetics, will this cause an increased craving for food? (19 Feb 2007)
  142. My young niece has an abscessed tooth and needs general anesthesia to have it removed. How do you handle blood sugars for this? (17 Feb 2007)
  143. Can you explain the exact meaning of the dawn phenomenon? What are the steps to follow to beat it? (17 Feb 2007)
  144. What are the possible glycogen storing and breakdown abnormalities in type 2 diabetics undergoing various types of treatment? (17 Feb 2007)
  145. My son's endocrinologist ran a Clonidine Stem Test on my son to see if he should have a growth hormone. What is this test? (16 Feb 2007)
  146. Since his recent diagnosis, my son has good blood sugars on Lantus once a day, but he has lost 11 pounds. Why can't he gain weight? (16 Feb 2007)
  147. Can exercising or losing more water in sweat or in urine make ECF more hypertonic and more harmful to hyperglycemic peoples? (16 Feb 2007)
  148. Can the body system opt to maintain persisting hyperglycemia for its urgent energy requirements? (16 Feb 2007)
  149. If the school nurse uses hand sanitizer on my child before a blood sugar check, will the sanitizer affect the result? (16 Feb 2007)
  150. Is it okay for my son to eat sugary foods? When he goes to college, how can he avoid viruses? Under the ADA, can he request a private room? (16 Feb 2007)
  151. Now 12, my daughter is having high blood sugars. Is this related to puberty? Would a hormone/thyroid blood test confirm it's puberty? (14 Feb 2007)
  152. When she was younger, my daughter was tested for diabetes, but it was negative. Now, she has a cataract. Could she have been developing diabetes slowly? (14 Feb 2007)
  153. Which neuro-hormonal changes can be common in type 2 diabetics other than pancreatic hormones? Can aldosterone levels can be effected by persistent hyperglycemia? (11 Feb 2007)
  154. My granddaughter was recently diagnosed with type 1. How do we find caretakers for the summer months? My daughter and I both work. (8 Feb 2007)
  155. Is there any research about twins and separation from each other causing stress? (8 Feb 2007)
  156. I am about to adopt my younger siblings, one of whom has diabetes. Where can I learn how to take care of my brother's diabetes? (8 Feb 2007)
  157. My son and I were tested for a TrialNet study. The results were negative. What does this mean? Could we still get type 1? (7 Feb 2007)
  158. What are the recommended guidelines for the appropriate age for a child to change his or her own infusion site? (7 Feb 2007)
  159. Can you tell me the relationship between beta cell dysfunction and MODY? (7 Feb 2007)
  160. My son has developed high cholesterol. Is this normal for diabetic children? (7 Feb 2007)
  161. I have always had trouble controlling my blood sugars. I have scarring from old scratches and old scars. What can I do to aid in the fading of the scars? (6 Feb 2007)
  162. Where can I find educational materials about diabetes in Arabic? (5 Feb 2007)
  163. Is the loss of potassium and magnesium through urination, due to hyperglycemia, the reason people with diabetes overeat? (5 Feb 2007)
  164. Can Benadryl cause my blood sugar to skyrocket? (1 Feb 2007)
  165. I am a vegetarian, but my mom wants me to eat white meat to prevent diabetes. Do I need to eat meat to avoid diabetes? Is there any other way to prevent it? (1 Feb 2007)
  166. I have had type 1 for over three years and was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I have good control. If I take care of myself, will my pancreas eventually stop working? (1 Feb 2007)
  167. Is a blood test the only way to screen for diabetes? I am looking for another way my son could be tested. (28 Jan 2007)
  168. What stores sell carrying cases for diabetes supplies? I want to be able to see the cases in person, rather than on a web site. (28 Jan 2007)
  169. Is an apparently "normal" blood sugar possibly a "low" to the point of loss of consciousness if you have been running high? (24 Jan 2007)
  170. Is there any current research on the relationship between type 1 and learning disabilities? (24 Jan 2007)
  171. Do children with diabetes usually have bed-wetting issues? (23 Jan 2007)
  172. What should the target range of blood sugars be for my eight-year-old son? I've heard different ranges. (23 Jan 2007)
  173. Is it true that type 2 and insulin resistance are associated with systemic inflammation caused by inflammatory cytokines from visceral adiposity? (23 Jan 2007)
  174. What is going to happen in the body of someone without diabetes type 1 if this person injects insulin? Can this person get hypoglycemia? (23 Jan 2007)
  175. What causes people with type 2 to have cravings and overeat? (23 Jan 2007)
  176. What is the life expectancy of a person with type 1 diabetes? I'm 37 and have had type 1 for 27 years. I have retinopathy and neuropathy. (22 Jan 2007)
  177. How long after the expiration date is it safe to used glucose test strips that have been stored properly (proper temperature, no sunlight, etc.)? (22 Jan 2007)
  178. My son has had type 1 for three years. What kind of annual testing should he be having? So far, he has not had any blood work done. (22 Jan 2007)
  179. Do you know if there is a correlation between neurofibromatosis-1 and type 1 diabetes? (20 Jan 2007)
  180. When in my ex-wife's care, my daughter has been hospitalized for lows. My ex-in-laws provide much of the care, yet have never received diabetes training. What should I do? (20 Jan 2007)
  181. Diagnosed three and a half years ago, my C-Peptide just measured 2.9, which is normal. What does this mean? What would happen if I were to stop taking insulin? (19 Jan 2007)
  182. I am a Safety Manager for a small company. Can we suggest that employees disclose medical conditions that affect their safety and that of fellow workers? (18 Jan 2007)
  183. The Recreation Board will not let my son play basketball without me attending every practice. What legal options do I have? (18 Jan 2007)
  184. My daughter often has acetone breath. What could this be? Does this happen before one gets diabetes? Should I take her to the doctor the next time I notice it? (17 Jan 2007)
  185. For hydration, would reverse osmosis water be as good as mineral water (spring water)? (17 Jan 2007)
  186. Diagnosed in August 2006, my daughter needed much less insulin during a recent illness. Did her pancreas speed up its insulin production? Now running high, has her honeymoon ended? (17 Jan 2007)
  187. Since diabetes may be related to inflammatory/infectious conditions and abnormalities in glucose transport, is abnormal mucus related to diabetes and insulin resistance? (17 Jan 2007)
  188. My child has wide fluctuations in his blood sugars. I've recently learned about diluent and insulin pumps. Which of these should I ask my brother to send to me from the U.S.? (17 Jan 2007)
  189. Because I cannot find a job with medical benefits, I will soon run out of insulin. What will happen to my body when I run out of insulin? (15 Jan 2007)
  190. Can you tell that which tests can be done to evaluate all possibilities/conditions related to hyperglycemia, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, etc.? (14 Jan 2007)
  191. Is there a list of approximate ages for certain type 1 diabetes tasks? (14 Jan 2007)
  192. My company is transferring me to the New York/New Jersey area. Where can I find a list of endocrinologists or diabetes center by area/county (or by hospital)? (14 Jan 2007)
  193. Do you have any updated information on the Sleep Sentry device? I am looking for something that alarms to indicate my son has a low blood sugar. (13 Jan 2007)
  194. Can insulin negatively affect the way a child grows? My daughter has not grown much in the past few years. (13 Jan 2007)
  195. Are there products for boys, other than backpacks and fanny packs, to carry around their meters or sugar source? My son's pockets are too small and a lunchbox isn't "cool." (13 Jan 2007)
  196. My son's C-Peptide was 0.5, seven years after his diagnosis with type 1. Does this mean he is still producing some insulin? (13 Jan 2007)
  197. Can a child with diabetes have a seizure even with an in-range blood sugar? (11 Jan 2007)
  198. My granddaughter has type 1 diabetes and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. She has smelly hair, even after shampooing. Do you have any suggestions? (7 Jan 2007)
  199. Statistics say the odds of a sibling of a type 1 being diagnosed with type 1 are 3 to 5%, but I know of five other families with two children with type 1. Why is this? (7 Jan 2007)
  200. Are there any fund available to get Medical alert items for families who cannot afford one? (5 Jan 2007)
  201. Since Alaska's only pediatric endocrinologist is leaving the state, what should we do for diabetes care? (4 Jan 2007)
  202. After five years with type 1, I am constantly thirsty, like before I was diagnosed. Is this common for people with type 1? (2 Jan 2007)
  203. Does diabetes cause a loss of stamina? My son no longer has energy after soccer. (2 Jan 2007)
  204. Should a person with type 1 be tested and treated for hyperlipidemia? Should they take a baby aspirin, biotin, fish oil, other antioxidants? (2 Jan 2007)

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