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  1. What do my son's antibody tests mean? Could he have non-autoimmune diabetes? What will tests for the KCNJ11 mutation show? (31 Dec 2006)
  2. My 13-year-old daughter has had diabetes for eight and a half years. Should she have dad a protein screen done by now? (31 Dec 2006)
  3. Is the quantity of urine passed in 24 hours related more or less to the loss of sugar in urine and consequent variations in blood glucose levels? (31 Dec 2006)
  4. Why does my husband feel good when his sugar is high and feel bad when it's normal or low? (29 Dec 2006)
  5. Is there any evidence that animal dander is bad for someone with type 1 diabetes? (22 Dec 2006)
  6. During a glucagon stimulation test, will the endogenously released insulin concentration increase, so that the C-Peptide level will increase? (21 Dec 2006)
  7. Are diabetics usually more sterile than non-diabetics? (20 Dec 2006)
  8. I have a friend who is considering getting drunk, then overdosing herself with insulin. How lethal would it be to become very drunk and overdose on insulin? (20 Dec 2006)
  9. Can we relate type 2 and persistent hyperglycemia to stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system in view of diet and lifestyle like "rest and digest," a feature of PNS? (19 Dec 2006)
  10. Can high blood sugar or low blood sugar can cause a hair loss? (17 Dec 2006)
  11. What do you think about giving my antibody positive son CinnaBetic II to help reduce the tax on his depleted beta cells? He has not yet developed diabetes. (13 Dec 2006)
  12. At a clinic visit, my husband had some tests done. His fasting blood sugar was normal, but his insulin level was low. Should I be concerned about this? (10 Dec 2006)
  13. How does the mitochondria in a cell affect the pancreas causing diabetes? What does it do to affect it? (7 Dec 2006)
  14. Can a C-Peptide test help me determine if my pancreas is producing insulin or not? Could it show false results due to diabetes medication? (2 Dec 2006)
  15. My cholesterol is high and I'm allergic to statins. How do I compare with my contemporaries? Am I likely to live to age 95 or greater? My parents lived to 93. (29 Nov 2006)
  16. Can a C-Peptide test can determine if production of insulin is natural from the pancreas or supplied only by insulin injection? (28 Nov 2006)
  17. I have type 1 diabetes. I am having blood sugar control issues. I often feel dizzy and have blood pressure fluctuations. Is this autonomic neuropathy? (19 Nov 2006)
  18. What amount of training do you recommend for school aides? Where can I find temporary tattoos that can be used for medical identification? (18 Nov 2006)
  19. Are there any meters currently on the market that have the same all-in-one meter/doser set up that the InDuo had? (16 Nov 2006)
  20. My son has started experiencing frequent urination again. He had no bladder or kidney infections. What else should I do? Should I take him to a urologist? (16 Nov 2006)
  21. I have developed circles of raised, discolored scabby skin on both shins. Are they diabetes related? (16 Nov 2006)
  22. Because his sugar was elevated, my husband could get only a three month truck driver's permit. What happens to people who cannot regulate their sugar? (16 Nov 2006)
  23. When he has large ketones and large sugar readings, my son has a tingling all over his face. Our doctor said not to worry, but I do. Should I be concerned? (13 Nov 2006)
  24. My daughter needs surgery to remove a cyst from her gums. How will this affect her diabetes and blood sugars? (12 Nov 2006)
  25. Does it take longer for a diabetic to heal from muscle pulls or tendonitis? (8 Nov 2006)
  26. I have type 1 caused by an inflammation of the pancreas due to alcoholism. Since I am no longer drinking, could my pancreas again produce insulin? (6 Nov 2006)
  27. Can you provide a list schools with PhD programs that focus on engineering to benefit those with diabetes? (6 Nov 2006)
  28. Given his 20 year history with type 1 and family history, at what age would you recommend that my husband get screened for stroke, heart disease and aneurysm's? (2 Nov 2006)
  29. Since my son usually runs high when travelling by car, is it unreasonable for me to ask that he be allowed to fly for a band trip rather than endure the 24 hour ride? (2 Nov 2006)
  30. My son may have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. What type of testing could be done to see if he is at risk for diabetes? (2 Nov 2006)
  31. In addition to educators and pharmaceutical sales, what other diabetes-related jobs exist? (31 Oct 2006)
  32. Could you give me a comprehensive list of the occupations that are not available to my son because of type 1 diabetes? (31 Oct 2006)
  33. Can you explain my nephew's antibodies' results? Other than taking insulin, is islet transplantation the best way to treat type 1 diabetes? (28 Oct 2006)
  34. Since their divorce, my parents fight over all aspects of my diabetes care. Is there a web site where they could communicate with each other about my diabetes? (27 Oct 2006)
  35. As the only student in his school with diabetes, my son feels "weird," that his peers don't understand diabetes. How should we parents handle this? (26 Oct 2006)
  36. My college-aged son has been diagnosed with diabetes. How long until his blood sugars do down? Should he have an endocrinologist at school? (26 Oct 2006)
  37. Can you give me more information about how the low thyroid effects menstruation and about insulin resistance before the menstrual cycle? (26 Oct 2006)
  38. Should my son get his flu shot before or after he starts pumping shortly? Why would the pediatric endocrinologist want him to have a TB test? (26 Oct 2006)
  39. Why can't everyone maintain excellent control for life if they take their insulin, count carbohydrates and do what they are supposed to be doing? With higher blood sugars, is my son's honeymoon ending? (23 Oct 2006)
  40. The pediatric endocrinologist keeps canceling appointments and not returning my phone calls, so I want to switch to another endocrinologist. Would I lose something by doing so? (22 Oct 2006)
  41. Is there any truth about the "bouncing" effect, having a really high blood sugar after a low? (22 Oct 2006)
  42. Recently, my toddler experienced a series of seizures with left side paralysis. Her blood sugars were elevated and all tests were negative. What do you think happened? (21 Oct 2006)
  43. My daughter recently received the FluMist and has had erratic blood sugars. Are the erratic blood sugars related to the Mist? (19 Oct 2006)
  44. My four year old urinates up to 10 times a day, but does not have high blood sugars. Is this a developmental issue rather than a diabetes issue? (18 Oct 2006)
  45. If used properly and diabetes is well-controlled, is natural family planing reliable? (18 Oct 2006)
  46. My son, who eats a lot of sugar, has an open anus. What is this called? Is it caused by the sugar? (18 Oct 2006)
  47. Can a doctor discriminate because my child has diabetes? A pediatrician has refused to take my son as a patient because of his diabetes. (17 Oct 2006)
  48. At my son's school there are eight students with diabetes, well above the national average. Why do you think this is? (17 Oct 2006)
  49. Our nine year old complains that her feet fall asleep when she sits. Is this related to her diabetes? (12 Oct 2006)
  50. A dancer, our daughter is bothered by a lipoatrophied spot on her abdomen. Do you know of any treatments, injections, etc. that can reverse or treat the site? (12 Oct 2006)
  51. Our son maintains good dental care, but his teeth are yellowish. The front two teeth are bumpy. Is it possible that excess sugar left in his saliva contributed to the discoloration? (11 Oct 2006)
  52. Should you or shouldn't you refuse a breathalyzer test if you haven't been drinking, but your blood sugar level is high and also took Benadryl for your sinuses? (9 Oct 2006)
  53. Since going on insulin in August, I have been losing my hair. Why is this? Is there a special shampoo for people with type 1? Will my hair grow back? (8 Oct 2006)
  54. Although I made mistakes when younger, now I would like to have a career helping others with diabetes. What do I need to do? (6 Oct 2006)
  55. My comatose son has high blood sugars since the doctors decreased his desmopressin. If they decrease his feedings/increase the desmopressin, won't it help lower his blood sugar? (4 Oct 2006)
  56. I want to start going to a gym. Are supplements like whey protein and creatine safe for me? Are they safe for healthy people? (3 Oct 2006)
  57. Why is my son's diabetes so difficult to manage? When I move to Washington, D.C., where can I find a doctor for my son? (2 Oct 2006)
  58. My daughter has had abdominal pain for five years and now feels pins and needled in her extremities. Might she have autonomic neuropathy? What tests should she have? (29 Sep 2006)
  59. My daughter's laboratory results were within normal ranges, but what are the normal ranges? (29 Sep 2006)
  60. Sometimes, my daughter's eyes look really dark, like a very sick person. Could she be developing a more severe problem? Her blood sugars are well controlled. (29 Sep 2006)
  61. What food scales do you recommend? (29 Sep 2006)
  62. Is laser eye surgery (LASIK) appropriate for type 1 diabetics? (28 Sep 2006)
  63. Have you any information regarding Milagro de la Selva and his claims about a cure for diabetes? (28 Sep 2006)
  64. I read on a JDRF web site that insulin "is not a cure for diabetes, nor does it prevent its eventual and devastating complications..." Is this true? (27 Sep 2006)
  65. After years, I finally found a "cool" medical identification bracelet. How do we get more people to wear medical identification? (25 Sep 2006)
  66. My teen son was given a prescription for lovastatin. How common is it for a teenager to be on cholesterol medication? What are normal cholesterol levels for teens? (24 Sep 2006)
  67. Is it safe for some with diabetes to get a tattoo? (20 Sep 2006)
  68. Where is insulin manufactured? Is there a plan to ensure American diabetics will be able to get insulin in the event of global war? (18 Sep 2006)
  69. The morning after my son had a very low blood sugar, he was still low, but had urine ketones. How can this be? How does a low affect his brain? (18 Sep 2006)
  70. How would a medical professional determine if my son's kidneys are damaged? How does an endocrinologist determine if the ACE inhibitor dose is correct? (15 Sep 2006)
  71. Is it true that insulin manufacturers would stop insulin production to make avian flu antivirals should a pandemic occur? (15 Sep 2006)
  72. I'm having a colonoscopy tomorrow and am drinking Gatorade. My blood sugar is high, so should I drink water instead? Should I mix the prep with Gatorade or water? (13 Sep 2006)
  73. When I compared my ACCU-CHEK Aviva meter readings to those done by a laboratory, the meter results were higher. Does this meter run on the higher side? (11 Sep 2006)
  74. From ages five to nine, my son was bigger and taller than his peers. Now, he is shorter. Could it be related to his diabetes? (11 Sep 2006)
  75. I take thyroxin and metformin. For a year, I have had muscle fasciculations. Is the twitching caused by the metformin or an interaction of the two medications? (8 Sep 2006)
  76. I heard that cinnamon would help people with type 1 diabetes maintain more normal blood sugars. Is this true? (2 Sep 2006)
  77. Where can one donate the placenta after giving birth? I am specifically looking for someone who will use the placenta for diabetes research. (2 Sep 2006)
  78. At birth, my daughter was in the 90th percentile. She is now in the third percentile. Will she still grow considering she had already begun the menarche? (31 Aug 2006)
  79. At diagnosis for type 1, my C-Peptide level was 0.2. What are the ranges? How do I know if I am in my honeymoon? (31 Aug 2006)
  80. I read that high doses of folate and/or vitamin B6 normalized endothelial (vascular) dysfunction in children with type 1 diabetes. What do you think of this? (29 Aug 2006)
  81. What do you know about BioEden, a company that stores baby teeth from which stem cells can be harvested? Is this technology a worthwhile investment? (28 Aug 2006)
  82. Is there any plan to set up screening for type 1 diabetes in schools? (27 Aug 2006)
  83. Can a low IGF contribute to problems other than growth? Can it cause diabetes? (22 Aug 2006)
  84. Would power gels, what athletes use, work as quickly as regular glucose gels in treating hypoglycemia? (19 Aug 2006)
  85. Is there someone you could use the six extra meters we have? All are in good working order. (19 Aug 2006)
  86. Do you have any information on why people with diabetes should not use Epsom salt? (19 Aug 2006)
  87. The readings from my Medtronic Guardian RT have varied signficantly from those of my meter. Have others had success? Do you have any suggestions? (16 Aug 2006)
  88. From the diabetic standpoint, are there any specific risks involved in cosmetic surgery? (16 Aug 2006)
  89. After a case of sunburn, a boy I know, who has diabetes, was in the beginning stages of pneumonia. Could the sunburn have worn down his immune system? (16 Aug 2006)
  90. After 15 years with type 1, my friend rarely checks her blood sugar. Plus, she drinks beer on the weekends. Could this affect her body? How can I help her? (12 Aug 2006)
  91. Does a 75 gram glucose drink cause a higher blood sugar spike than a 75 gram carbohydrate meal? (12 Aug 2006)
  92. Would taking one cycle of anabolic steroids effect my diabetes? Would it worsen my condition? Is there a big risk taking it since I have diabetes? (11 Aug 2006)
  93. Where can I find information on how to tell children of various ages about diabetes and its implications? (11 Aug 2006)
  94. I live in Arizona where I have been trying to get state assistance. I did not take care of my diabetes for a year and need test strips. What can I do for help? (10 Aug 2006)
  95. What vaccinations should be given to a child with type 1 diabetes? Where can I find recipes suitable for a child with type 1? (9 Aug 2006)
  96. Diagnosed in November 2005 with type 1, my son has swelling in his hands and feet. Could it be heat-related? Or, should I contact the endocrinologist? (7 Aug 2006)
  97. About a month ago, my son started losing his hair, on his head, arms and eyebrows. Could it be related to his diabetes? What other tests should he have? (4 Aug 2006)
  98. My son has intermittent bouts of vomiting that cause low blood sugars and headaches. Have you seen this before? What should we do? (4 Aug 2006)
  99. I hardly sleep worrying about my daughter and her diabetes. Would a pump help make our lives easier? Is it okay that I am giving her herbal supplements? (1 Aug 2006)
  100. In Massachusetts, where can I find a therapist who is good with teens and also is a CDE? I need help for a non-compliant teen. (31 Jul 2006)
  101. In studying for my CDE exam, I have seen the ADA recommendation for blood sugars as 90 to 130 mg/dl [5.0 to 7.2 mmol/L]. Has it always been this range? (31 Jul 2006)
  102. Can uncontrolled type 2 diabetes contribute to one's blood alcohol level being unusually high? (30 Jul 2006)
  103. Does a glucagon kit need refrigeration? Do lancets expire? What about an open vial of ketone strips? Does CWD get financial support from pump companies? (30 Jul 2006)
  104. Is there another type of specialist to whom we could take our son for diabetes care? We are not satisfied with our current endocrinologist. (29 Jul 2006)
  105. In addition to diabetes, my friend has several other ailments. She has been sleepwalking and losing consciousness, even while driving. How can she prevent it? (28 Jul 2006)
  106. I am using Diprosalic ointment for eczema. It is a steroid. Can it be absorbed into the bloodstream? Can it cause diabetes? (28 Jul 2006)
  107. My friend, who is in his early 20s, was just diagnosed with diabetes. Three doctors said he could die before age 30. Is this true? What kind of diabetes does he have? (27 Jul 2006)
  108. I have seen both my regular doctor and a diabetes educator for my type 2. Is it okay if I go to someone else? (26 Jul 2006)
  109. Is there a web site that explains how diabetes can affect a breathalyzer test? (26 Jul 2006)
  110. My blood sugar was 121 mg/d [6.7 mmol/L], just under the cutoff for SCUBA diving. I am lean and fit, but had two-thirds of my pancreas removed three years ago. Is this level harmful? (14 Jul 2006)
  111. Do you know of any international organizations involved in sponsoring children/families who are in need of medical care for diabetes? (12 Jul 2006)
  112. With an LDL of 120, is it safe for me to make lifestyle changes or should I go on Zocor, which my doctor recommended? (5 Jul 2006)
  113. My son has a cut at the base of his thumbnail that is not improving after two days on an antibiotic. What should we do? Do we need to contact his endocrinologist? (30 Jun 2006)
  114. I don't trust the local doctor to care for my five year old. Should I drive to a bigger city to find a pediatric endocrinologist? Should we force our son to get a pump? (29 Jun 2006)
  115. What should a normal blood sugar reading be one hour after a meal? Is it okay to have a one hour reading over 150 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L] if your two hour reading is lower? (29 Jun 2006)
  116. Although I have control of my blood sugars since my recent diagnosis with type 2, I now have itching in my scalp. Could it be caused by my diabetes? (29 Jun 2006)
  117. After six months on a pump, my 14 year old is still having a lot of fluctuating blood sugars. Is this because of puberty or problems adjusting his pump? (28 Jun 2006)
  118. If someone knows that a parent of a young child with diabetes is expecting that child to perform most of his own care, are they obligated to report this? (28 Jun 2006)
  119. Does diabetes cause rapidly rising CPK levels? (28 Jun 2006)
  120. My son has had diabetes for five years. His diabetes doctor doesn't think A1cs are important and won't prescribe a urine protein test. What do you think? (27 Jun 2006)
  121. My teen daughter drinks a lot of diet pop. Is it true this can make her insulin resistant? Could she be addicted to the pop? (27 Jun 2006)
  122. My daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1. Her blood sugar was over 600 mg/dl [33.3 mmol/L] and she was in ketoacidosis. Should I ask for testing for atypical diabetes? (26 Jun 2006)
  123. I would like to take my twins, both of whom have diabetes, to the Dominican Republic. What are local hospitals like? What do I do if they get sick? (26 Jun 2006)
  124. Do you have any data on blood sugar dropping during seizures, thus causing a hypoglycemic reaction? (26 Jun 2006)
  125. My teen daughter has had diabetes for 13 years and takes good care of herself. She wants to go on a school trip to Ecuador. Should I let her go? (25 Jun 2006)
  126. I have been asked to help care for several teens with poorly controlled diabetes. Where can I find Internet-accesible materials to help them? (25 Jun 2006)
  127. I will be moving to Maryland. Where can I find a doctor for my child and other parents of children with type 1? What type of medical insurance do I need? (24 Jun 2006)
  128. When you say about 80% of kids with type 1 will have positive antibodies, what does that mean? If urination is caused by hyperglycemia, could the glucose be flushed out? (24 Jun 2006)
  129. My toddler has ketotic hypoglycemia. Our pediatrician was concerned about a "genetic conditions." To what was he referring? Is there anything else we need to do? (24 Jun 2006)
  130. Denied a medical release to play football because he doesn't test his blood sugar, my son has done drugs and run away. Are there any facilities where he can get help? (23 Jun 2006)
  131. My 10 year old doesn't always want to test or do his injections. I am about to start a job and won't be home as much to help him. What can I do? (22 Jun 2006)
  132. My ex-husband tests our daughter's blood sugar using the lancet his stepdaughter uses. He and his wife also use the same lancet. How can I protect my daughter from infection? (22 Jun 2006)
  133. My sister allows her son to eat a lot of junk food and doesn't worry that he will get diabetes because "only overweight children get it." Is this true? (21 Jun 2006)
  134. My six year old has had type 1 for five years. We have noticed he has a hearing problem. Is it related to his diabetes? (17 Jun 2006)
  135. Twenty minutes after a normal blood sugar, juice, and part of a granola bar, I had symptoms similar to a seizure. Was this a diabetic seizure? (17 Jun 2006)
  136. Are you aware of any literature that suggests children with widely varying blood sugar levels are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD? (6 Jun 2006)
  137. A nutritionist told me to stop consuming sugar substitutes because they trick the pancreas into releasing insulin and the cells become resistant to the insulin. Have you heard this? (6 Jun 2006)
  138. My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. She also has irregular periods. Is this because of the hypoglycemia? (4 Jun 2006)
  139. Before his diagnosis in March, my son had a bad case of hives. They are back and are worse. Are hives common for those newly diagnosed with type 1? (4 Jun 2006)
  140. Where can I find out how many children in Pakistan have type 1 diabetes? (3 Jun 2006)
  141. My 11 year old son is having trouble controlling his bladder, especially at night. Is this related to his type 1 diabetes? What should I do? (30 May 2006)
  142. If a person with type 1 has had two beers and has a high blood sugar, would it affect the alcohol level measured by a breathalyzer? (30 May 2006)
  143. My boyfriend's son was just diagnosed with type 1. Where can I get books to help my seven year old understand? (30 May 2006)
  144. When my son was diagnosed two weeks ago, they drew insulin and C-Peptide levels. Can you explain these levels? Does my son really have type 1? (29 May 2006)
  145. Can persistent hyperglycemia cause vasoconstriction? (26 May 2006)
  146. My friend's two year old has been diagnosed with diabetes. Isn't diabetes a rare occurrence for children this young? (25 May 2006)
  147. My mom's blood sugar was 230 mg/dl [12.8 mmol/L] two days after finishing a series of prednisone. Could the drug have made her test inaccurate? (24 May 2006)
  148. I have pre-diabetes. My doctor recently did a blood test and told me I have Stage II kidney disease. What does this mean? Should I worry? (23 May 2006)
  149. I have taken insulin for type 1 diabetes for 23 years. As a child, most of my injections were given in my arms. Can this cause lumps? (20 May 2006)
  150. I am working with a mom of four, two with type 1. She is overwhelmed. Would she qualify for disability to collect additional money that might help with respite care? (20 May 2006)
  151. My son's blood sugar drops when the house is cold. Is the drop related to the temperature or is it just coincidence? (17 May 2006)
  152. What is a typical C-Peptide is for someone in the honeymoon period? (13 May 2006)
  153. Are there any vitamins or minerals that can help control blood sugars? Do any help control persistent hyperglycemia? (12 May 2006)
  154. When my daughter travels overseas, she plans to use a Frio wallet for her insulin. What can she use to keep the bottles from breaking? (12 May 2006)
  155. For a child with type 1 diabetes, what is a typical doctor's appointment like? (11 May 2006)
  156. Does the consumption of beer have a beneficial impact on blood sugar control? I often have my best blood sugars a day or two after consuming beer. (11 May 2006)
  157. My young daughter is unable to tolerate foods with sugar, including milk. What should I do? Is this related to my wife's gestational diabetes? (10 May 2006)
  158. After a dosage change, my blood sugar went up. Can stress cause the increase? Or, was it from my increased Cozaar? (5 May 2006)
  159. Are my teen son's BUN and Creatinine levels considered high? Should we be concerned? Could you please explain BUN/Creatinine ratio? (5 May 2006)
  160. How important is it to use control solution to test each bottle of test strips? (4 May 2006)
  161. Is glucagon really bad after the expiration date? Should I discard outdated ones and have them replaced? (4 May 2006)
  162. On three occasions, my son has had loss of feeling on one side of his body. It lasts several hours, then he is fine. What is this? (4 May 2006)
  163. I have been diagnosed with a diabetic mastopathy, a hard lump in my breast. What is this? What causes it? Will it continue to grow? (3 May 2006)
  164. I'm confused about the causes of diabetes. Can you get it from eating too much sugar? If not, how do you get diabetes? What environmental factors causes it? (2 May 2006)
  165. In my daughter, insulin stays in a "deposit" and releases all at once in her sleep. She has many blood sugar swings. Have you seen this phenomenon in the U.S.? (1 May 2006)
  166. My OB-GYN has been my diabetes doctor since 1977. I have given birth 10 times and do not have any problems with my diabetes. Is my situation normal or unusual? (30 Apr 2006)
  167. Are glucose tolerance tests more accurate at diagnosing diabetes than strips or regular blood work? (30 Apr 2006)
  168. My daughter has insulin resistance. Her doctor is putting her on Glucophage to regulate her insulin. Is this the right course of action? Does she have diabetes? (29 Apr 2006)
  169. People are often telling me about a "cure" for diabetes, be it supplements, glyconutrients, etc. How do I know if any of them are legitimate? (29 Apr 2006)
  170. I've heard NPH is the best insulin to take while on prednisone. Is this true? What effect do steroids have on blood sugars? (29 Apr 2006)
  171. Is excessive blood pressure okay when one is growing? My boyfriend has had numbness in his ears and hands. What does this mean? (26 Apr 2006)
  172. What affect does stress have on blood sugar levels? What are the effects of meditation or similar religious practices on blood sugars? (25 Apr 2006)
  173. In the past five years, my 21 year old son has had three violent and dangerous seizures. Are such seizures typical of diabetics? (25 Apr 2006)
  174. Is it true that you should not use alcohol swabs to clean area where a finger prick will be done? (25 Apr 2006)
  175. Is medication kept in the freezer okay to use? When should it be taken? Are cinnamon and bitter melon helpful? Can diabetic nephropathy be reversed? (24 Apr 2006)
  176. I have type 1, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and celiac. I now have several other symptoms and need to take less insulin. What should I do? (24 Apr 2006)
  177. I suspect my son has diabetes. I tested him with expired strips. Would this alter the results? Should I be concerned based on his blood sugars? (22 Apr 2006)
  178. Can high blood sugars cause anxiety or panic attacks and be stopped quickly with insulin? Can reading vision change with blood sugar changes? (22 Apr 2006)
  179. I recently compared my meter readings with those taken by a laboratory and there was a discrepancy. Why is this? Could I still have diabetes? (17 Apr 2006)
  180. My son's father has type 1. Should he be on the lookout for anything related to it? Should I worry about my son flying with him? How can I prevent my son from developing diabetes? (15 Apr 2006)
  181. Since my mom died of complications, I monitor my blood sugars. Most are in range, but a few are elevated. Could higher sugars have caused my sudden cataracts? (13 Apr 2006)
  182. At the ER for a fall, my daughter was very high. I refused to let the doctor give her extra insulin. Once home, she was quite low. Do you agree that I made the right decision? (13 Apr 2006)
  183. My newly diagnosed niece is losing hair. Is this from a lack of nutrients or stress? Is celiac testing routine for the newly diagnosed? (8 Apr 2006)
  184. My daughter has had five episodes of vomiting, then DKA, in 18 months. Several doctors are stumped. What else do you suggest? (6 Apr 2006)
  185. When my seven year old is high and her blood sugar starts to drop, she gets very stubborn hiccups. Is there any relationship between the two? (4 Apr 2006)
  186. I am 25, have type 1, and have received a fellowship to work in Southeast or East Asia. Am I likely to encounter problems finding diabetes supplies? (3 Apr 2006)
  187. My husband, who has type 2, has been urinating more frequently. Twice, he had blood in his urine. Is something to be concerned about? (3 Apr 2006)
  188. We are finding that effectiveness of glargine diminishes within the month after first using the vial. Why is this? (31 Mar 2006)
  189. My six year old has had many "accidents" lately. She had no infections. Is it possible that her Ritalin is "camouflaging" the symptoms of diabetes? (30 Mar 2006)
  190. My grandson has been having numerous high blood sugars, then maybe a low. Should I be worried about the effects on his body? (30 Mar 2006)
  191. My son says his tongue feels hot, but only when his blood sugar is over 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]. Is there a link between this feeling and his diabetes? (29 Mar 2006)
  192. My ex-husband punishes our son if he forgets to remind his dad about his shots or if he forgets to check his blood sugar. Will the punishment make him more responsible? (29 Mar 2006)
  193. I'm worried that my next A1c will be high, mainly because my mom will be angry. How can I tell my mom about my highs without her getting mad? (27 Mar 2006)
  194. Where can I find statistics on type 1 diabetes in the U.S.? Is type 1 on the rise like type 2 is? (26 Mar 2006)
  195. What should I do with my pump during sexual intercourse? For me, wearing it is not an option. (26 Mar 2006)
  196. Years ago, I had my belly button pierced, but it did not heal. Is it okay to try it again? My doctor doesn't recommend it because of my age and my diabetes. (23 Mar 2006)
  197. Since starting insulin in January, my blood sugar average is doing down. How quickly should it go down? How long will I have the symptoms I feel related to the gradual drop? (23 Mar 2006)
  198. My five year old's glucose level was 59 mg/dl [3.3 mmol/L], and her cortisol and cholesterol levels were high. What does this mean? (23 Mar 2006)
  199. Because she has ADHD, the doctor has suggested that my daughter take grape seed extract and pycogenol. Will these affect the blood sugar control? (21 Mar 2006)
  200. Is there a sanctioned "National Emergency - Act of God" type of stockpile plan for type 1 diabetics from the CDC or ADA, etc? (21 Mar 2006)
  201. Given my son's diagnosis with type 1 and autoimmune disorders I have had, should I be monitoring my younger daughter somehow? (21 Mar 2006)
  202. My son takes both ADHD medications and insulin. Could his afternoon lows be caused by the ADHD medications? (21 Mar 2006)
  203. How bad is it to be over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] one hour after a meal? (21 Mar 2006)
  204. Where can I find information on clinical trials? I want to participate in one. I am concerned about the cut-off age of 35 for most trials. (21 Mar 2006)
  205. Yesterday, I administered glucagon to my co-worker who was seizing. I may not have mixed it completely and it had expired. Will that harm her? (19 Mar 2006)
  206. Because of a family history of diabetes, I often check my blood sugar. It is often higher after drinking coffee. Is this normal? (15 Mar 2006)
  207. I recently discovered that I was taking too much daily metformin due to wrong instructions on the bottle. What kind of damage could this have caused? (15 Mar 2006)
  208. My son is required to tape his Medic Alert bracelet or not wear it during cross country and track. Has anyone ever tried to amend a similar rule? (14 Mar 2006)
  209. If someone is dehydrated and has darker than normal urine, can the colour of the urine affect the test results, possibly providing a false reading? (14 Mar 2006)
  210. Can you tell me the difference between type 1 diabetes and type 1.5? Is it true that type 1.5 will eventually evolve into type 1? (14 Mar 2006)
  211. Does alcohol cause low blood sugar?If a non-diabetic passes out and has a severely low blood sugar, can they be given glucagon? (12 Mar 2006)
  212. The neurologist and endocrinologist disagree about the cause of my son's recent seizure. Could he have been low before the seizure stopped? (11 Mar 2006)
  213. I'm concerned about my son's blood work. The doctor said not to worry, but I want another opinion. Are these results normal in children with diabetes? (10 Mar 2006)
  214. After diagnosis, several of my daughter's A1c reports referred to a higher A1c due to the presence of fetal hemoglobin. What does this mean? (7 Mar 2006)
  215. Can some carbohydrate/sugar be absorbed by cells without needing insulin? What is the affect of foods' natural color? Can some people not take insulin? (7 Mar 2006)
  216. I've always been a Diet Coke drinker because my mom has type 1. Does it really contain bad things? (7 Mar 2006)
  217. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant. Is my eight month old baby at risk for having diabetes? Should I ask the pediatrician to test her? (6 Mar 2006)
  218. My daughter has blood sugars from 16 to 500 mg/dl [0.9 to 27.8 mmol/L], but doesn't feel high or low. Could she not have diabetes? Could our meters be broken? (5 Mar 2006)
  219. What do you know about handicapped passes for kids with type 1 diabetes at Disney World? (4 Mar 2006)
  220. Is there a special mouth rinse that diabetics should use after brushing their teeth? (3 Mar 2006)
  221. I had diabetes before my gastric bypass. Now, I have reactive hypoglycemia and maybe nesidioblastosis. Is a partial pancreatectomy the only treatment? (3 Mar 2006)
  222. I have been on prednisone for five months and have gained weight I cannot lose. I am a triathlete, so I get a lot of exercise. Could I be insulin resistant? (2 Mar 2006)
  223. Are there any studies about the effects of altitude on blood sugars? When I visit Denver, which is a higher altitude, I experience hyperglycemia. (2 Mar 2006)
  224. Do you think it is okay for an 11 year old male, who has diabetes, to share a room with his older sister? Would he be more susceptible to infections? (1 Mar 2006)
  225. My daughter is going away to college in the fall. Can she request academic accommodations from college/professors? (1 Mar 2006)
  226. My son's cholesterol was tested five minutes after he ate lunch. Are the results still accurate? Should I be concerned about his slightly high LDL? (1 Mar 2006)
  227. My son has type 1. He has been having problems swallowing, that he is choking. Is this related to his diabetes? (1 Mar 2006)
  228. Since getting her flu shot two months ago, my daughter has had high blood sugars. Are the highs from the shot? (1 Mar 2006)
  229. My daughter and I have type 1. My infant son recently had readings of 8 and 9 mmol/L [144 and 162 mg/dl]. Are there other tests I should consider? (1 Mar 2006)
  230. I am to teach the school's bus driver about caring for students with diabetes. Do you have any suggestions to teach them in simple terms? (25 Feb 2006)
  231. I've had type 1 for 14 years. To help me grow, should I take an enhancer or hormone injections? Which would have the least impact on my blood sugars? (25 Feb 2006)
  232. My stepson has missed appointments with his endocrinologist and his A1c is up a bit. Should he be seen by a pediatrician or an endocrinologist? (25 Feb 2006)
  233. My adult brother keeps having blackouts. What causes them? How can I help prevent them? I know he isn't eating well or checking his blood sugar. (22 Feb 2006)
  234. From reading other questions on this site, I am afraid for my son. Is there any hope for the future? (22 Feb 2006)
  235. Can the blood work for testing the thyroid and cholesterol be tested using the fingerstick blood test or must it be done with the venous blood work? (22 Feb 2006)
  236. Do you think injections done with an Inject-Ease are less effective? My son's new doctor believes the syringes may not be going into the tissue properly. (21 Feb 2006)
  237. I like to cook and bake for my family. Where can I find a reference book that lists ingredients as they are measured, e.g. 1 cup apple slices? (21 Feb 2006)
  238. My son is taking a protein supplement to gain weight and build muscle. Can high protein intake affect his renal function? (21 Feb 2006)
  239. My son has lactose intolerance and has had some of the symptoms of diabetes. Is there a link between lactose intolerance and diabetes? (21 Feb 2006)
  240. I was diagnosed with type 2 and have serious needle phobia. Is there a meter on the market where I wouldn't see the blood? Are there any other options? (20 Feb 2006)
  241. My daughter had some elevated blood sugars. The doctor said her test results were okay, but she should lose a little weight. Should I consult a specialist? (17 Feb 2006)
  242. Since my son's recent diagnosis, he has had several DKA-like episodes, but all tests were normal. How can I find out what is wrong with my son? (17 Feb 2006)
  243. Are there any laws in the state of Ohio regulating babysitting for a child with type 1 diabetes? (17 Feb 2006)
  244. Is there any cold medicine that will not raise my daughter's blood sugars so dramatically? She does not like Diabetussin. (16 Feb 2006)
  245. Recently, my daughter had urine ketones, but a normal blood sugar tested by a fingerstick at the doctor's. She's not sick. Why does she have ketones? (15 Feb 2006)
  246. After a year with type 1, my son's blood sugars still fluctuate a lot. Is this normal? When will this end? Is it my fault as a parent? (14 Feb 2006)
  247. Why do jail doctor's treat youths with type 1 like they have type 2? Why do they cut their insulin in half? (14 Feb 2006)
  248. At the police station, I was denied access to insulin and ended up hospitalized with a very high blood sugar. Do you know of other cases like this? (14 Feb 2006)
  249. If I have my hemoglobin A1c checked, will it also check my hemoglobin count to see if I have anemia? (14 Feb 2006)
  250. My granddaughter had a fingernail separate from the "root." The endocrinologist was not concerned. Could it get infected? Will it cause further damage? (14 Feb 2006)
  251. I have type 1 and other autoimmune diseases. Why do I keep having autoimmune problems? Is there a way to use stem cells from my son's cord blood to produce islets for me? (13 Feb 2006)
  252. Where can I find help for my self-employed dad whose diabetes is now hard to control? He's trying to be declared disabled, but doesn't know if he'll qualify. (13 Feb 2006)
  253. What is the road to becoming an endocrinologist like? (13 Feb 2006)
  254. My teen son has the beginnings glaucoma. Is this because he has some elevated blood sugars or from built up pressure behind his eyes? (13 Feb 2006)
  255. Since his diagnosis a year ago, my nephew has been on a low carbohydrate diet and has not grown any. Is this related to his diet? (11 Feb 2006)
  256. My niece takes insulin and oral medications. She has seizures, so the school will not be able to care for her. Why does she have to suffer? (6 Feb 2006)
  257. My grandmother has an aneurysm. I know that diabetes can influence her blood pressure, but the doctor has told her just to watch her diet. What should we do? (6 Feb 2006)
  258. Are there specific eating guidelines to follow before having a fasting blood test? (6 Feb 2006)
  259. My son has had two seizures recently. The endocrinologist thinks they were from lows, but the pediatrician has suggested a neurologist. What do you think? (4 Feb 2006)
  260. My daughter has pimples or keloids near her infusion sites. Moving the sites has helped. Is this an allergy or staph infection? Have you seen this before? (4 Feb 2006)
  261. My husband used my daughter's lancet, then she used it. Should my husband have tests to ensure he has nothing he could have passed to my daughter? (4 Feb 2006)
  262. My daughter's cholesterol is slightly elevated. Is there any harm to giving her rice bran policosanol? (4 Feb 2006)
  263. My daughter experiences sudden bleeding from under a fingernail. It usually bleeds heavily. Is this related to more serious diabetes complications? (4 Feb 2006)
  264. I read about the use of stabilized rice bran to help lower one's A1cs and blood sugars. Is this generally accepted or not? (4 Feb 2006)
  265. Diagnosed in August 2005, my daughter's insulin needs vary a lot. Is this normal? Are her dosages appropriate? Is her anti-gliadin test result high? (4 Feb 2006)
  266. Do you know anything about high platelets in children, especially children already dealing with type 1 diabetes? (3 Feb 2006)
  267. I have been on a pump for two years and have developed dark and stiff stains on my stomach. What is causing them? (2 Feb 2006)
  268. My young daughter was recently diagnosed. She keeps complaining that her shoes and socks don't fit right. Have you heard of this before? (2 Feb 2006)
  269. The ADA has recommended I hire an attorney to fight for my son's right to self-monitor at school. Can you recommend someone? (1 Feb 2006)
  270. My brother has had type 1 for years. His doctor says he is going blind in one eye and needs liver tests. I am in the U.S. How can I help him? (1 Feb 2006)
  271. I think I have hypoglycemia. With two jobs, school, and low blood sugar, I am very stressed. Where can I find government assistance to help me? (31 Jan 2006)
  272. What causes the negative cognitive effects of diabetes, especially brain atrophy and decreased processing speed? How can we prevent them? (31 Jan 2006)
  273. At birth, which was four weeks early, my daughter was given sugar. Now 18 months old, she is underweight. Might diabetes be causing her lack of weight? (30 Jan 2006)
  274. Eight months after diagnosis, my daughter was still producing some insulin. Is this her honeymoon? Might she produce enough insulin when her growth stops? (29 Jan 2006)
  275. When diagnosed a week ago, my teen son had a "normal" C-Peptide level. What does this mean? (29 Jan 2006)
  276. My son has type 1 and my husband has ulcerative colitis, both autoimmune disorders. What are the chances another child would have an autoimmune disorder? (29 Jan 2006)
  277. What are the normal blood sugars for a child? Can the consumption of sugary foods cause diabetes? (29 Jan 2006)
  278. In December, my son had a seizure. To prevent another one, what should we do? Should we consider a pump? (28 Jan 2006)
  279. My daughter had a partial pancreatectomy, then seizures for many years. She was treated with diazoxide, but "recovered" after a grand mal seizure. What's her prognosis? (28 Jan 2006)
  280. I am worried about my cousin, who has diabetes. She has thyroid and kidney problems and won't take her medicine. How can I help? (28 Jan 2006)
  281. My sister and her ex-fiance are in a custody battle. An assessor said only one parent should have custody because of the child's diabetes. What do you think of this? (25 Jan 2006)
  282. Have you had any experience with diabetics in good control because of chiropractic care? (25 Jan 2006)
  283. My daughter used to grow about three inches a year, but she has not grown at all since her diagnosis nine months ago. Does type 1 hinder growth? (23 Jan 2006)
  284. My daughter was recently diagnosed. What are your thoughts on the newest techniques to make this easier? Do you have a general idea of when there will be a cure? (23 Jan 2006)
  285. My daughter keeps getting ingrown toenails. She had some treated, but they are back. How should we get them treated properly? (23 Jan 2006)
  286. My pharmacist recommended aloe vera juice so my daughter would be able to take less insulin. Is this true? (23 Jan 2006)
  287. When hospitalized for a lung transplant, my dad was given insulin, but was told to diet at home. His blood sugars remain high. How dangerous is this? (23 Jan 2006)
  288. My nephew, who has type 2, has been vomiting a lot, sometimes daily. The doctor said it was from growth hormones. What can I do to help my nephew? (21 Jan 2006)
  289. As a high school senior, I am now afraid to go away to college, unsure that I could take proper care of my diabetes. Why am I now afraid to go away? (21 Jan 2006)
  290. The endocrinologist checks my son's groin area at each visit, three or four times a year. Is this a normal procedure? (21 Jan 2006)
  291. My 17 year old's Lantus dose has decreased in the last month. His doctor feels it might be the end of puberty and growth hormones. What do you think? (19 Jan 2006)
  292. My son feels like he is choking when he's eating. I am concerned this is because I have had to force him to eat. Do you have any advice? (17 Jan 2006)
  293. After eating dextrose, Splenda, Equal and Sweet 'N Low, I become very violent and angry. Where can I find help? (17 Jan 2006)
  294. Since my gastric bypass surgery, I have postprandial hypoglycemia. Is there a blood test to see if hyperfunctioning islets are causing this? (17 Jan 2006)
  295. Do you have any advice for my college aged son who wants to pursue a career in diabetes research or other diabetes related fields? (16 Jan 2006)
  296. Diagnosed with pre-diabetes, my daughter has tested her blood sugar sooner than one hour after meals and it has been elevated. What does this mean? (13 Jan 2006)
  297. I have type 1. I have painful cracks at the corners of my mouth for which I take vitamins. Is there anything else for which I need to check? (13 Jan 2006)
  298. My son, who has type 1, has unusually large pupils. I first noticed it after a Humalog injection. Is this something about which I should be concerned? (13 Jan 2006)
  299. Diagnosed at the end of December, my daughter's blood sugars are still very high. Why is this? Also, how can she gain weight without having high blood sugars? (11 Jan 2006)
  300. My grandson is to get tested for diabetes. Why do they want him tested six times a day? (10 Jan 2006)
  301. My daughter, diagnosed with type 1 six years ago, is having frequent night tremors. Are they related to her diabetes? (9 Jan 2006)
  302. My nephew was diagnosed with type 1 in September 2005. He has been vomiting most mornings for about three weeks. What would cause this? (5 Jan 2006)
  303. Can someone with diabetes have orthokeratology, a non-surgical contact lens to control the progression of or temporarily reduce or eliminate myopia? (2 Jan 2006)
  304. My grandson has been complaining about feeling "sand" in his feet. What could be causing this? His blood sugars are checked often. (2 Jan 2006)
  305. Twice, I have experienced one hour periods where I have blacked out. Could these episodes be related to my type 2 diabetes? (2 Jan 2006)

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