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  1. We just relocated. Where can I find pediatricians/endocrinologists who work with diabetic children? How can I check for any disciplinary action? (30 Dec 2004)
  2. In terms of diabetes, is apheresis/leukapheresis just as safe, for the donor, as a regular whole blood donation? (30 Dec 2004)
  3. When my blood sugar is low, everything I try to eat tastes like baking soda and makes me nauseous. Is this a warning sign of an impending seizure? (30 Dec 2004)
  4. Is diabetes considered a disability for Social Security purposes? (28 Dec 2004)
  5. During recent blood work, my blood sugar was slightly elevated, but I'm not sure about my kidneys. Should I be concerned about my kidney function? (28 Dec 2004)
  6. Is type 1 diabetes more common in females than in males? (28 Dec 2004)
  7. What are the long-term effects of Viagra? Will it make one's diabetes worse? Will it cause liver damage? (28 Dec 2004)
  8. What is your opinion of the Accelerator Hypothesis? (27 Dec 2004)
  9. Do you know of any correlation of Ritalin causing hyperglycemia? (27 Dec 2004)
  10. The specialist my son sees sends us to his P.A. for all appointments, yet the P.A. blames me for my son's elevated A1c. Should I change doctors? (27 Dec 2004)
  11. My 17 year old friend is experiencing puberty. He claims his penis is small, as when he was younger. Does it have anything to do with his diabetes? (22 Dec 2004)
  12. Why exactly are diabetics prone to infection? Is it safe for someone with type 1 to undergo liposuction? (22 Dec 2004)
  13. I am 71 years old and I take Humalog and Lantus. I have frequent nocturia followed by paresthesias. What could be causing this? (22 Dec 2004)
  14. My brother has had diabetes for 21 years and has some complications. What is his life expectancy? What can be done to improve his health? (22 Dec 2004)
  15. My diabetes is not controlled and I am worried since I have no meal plan or doctor. Where can I find information on diabetes programs in my area? (19 Dec 2004)
  16. Why are questions pertaining to adult onset type 2 diabetes and/or "pre-diabetes" allowed to be posted and answered on this forum? (19 Dec 2004)
  17. My daughter has complained of stomachaches for a few years. Other than tests for celiac, thyroid, kidney and liver function, what else should we consider? (19 Dec 2004)
  18. Where can I find information about the game "GlucoBoy?" (17 Dec 2004)
  19. Does mononucleosis have a more serious effect on people with diabetes? (15 Dec 2004)
  20. I have a high triglycerides and uncontrolled hypertension. Is the hypertension due to the triglycerides? Have my kidneys and liver been damaged irreversibly? (15 Dec 2004)
  21. If I take steroid injections for my back pain, how long will it affect my blood sugar? How high could it get? (15 Dec 2004)
  22. My father recently had a steroid shot and then had an elevated fasting blood sugar. Is this possible for someone who does not have diabetes? (13 Dec 2004)
  23. Is numbness/tingling a side effect of Actos? (7 Dec 2004)
  24. Is type 1 diabetes inherited dominantly or recessively? (5 Dec 2004)
  25. My son broke his leg. Will he have a longer healing time than a non-diabetic? Is he more susceptible to having this injury again? (3 Dec 2004)
  26. Where can I get a Soft Touch lancet device? Local pharmacies don't carry it. (2 Dec 2004)
  27. When my daughter was in the hospital in DKA, she said she'd smoked marijuana. Did it not show up in a drug test because of her high blood sugar? (2 Dec 2004)
  28. What kind of diet should I be following for insulin resistance? Is this something severe? I was just diagnosed. (28 Nov 2004)
  29. Why does my son's blood sugar rise during the night? It does so even he does not eat a bedtime snack. (28 Nov 2004)
  30. My cat has diabetes. How much does Albuterol raise blood glucose and for how long? My cat's blood sugars are quite high. I give him Lantus. (27 Nov 2004)
  31. We are considering giving our daughters, one of whom has diabetes, vitamin D supplements. Could this possibly provide some additional protectiveness? (26 Nov 2004)
  32. My boyfriend recently had a negative urine test for diabetes. Does that completely rule out diabetes? Is the urine test an accurate test? (26 Nov 2004)
  33. Since my heart attack a year ago, I have developed quite a few maladies. I have almost given up. How can I get control of life and my diabetes? (24 Nov 2004)
  34. Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 13, at age 20 I learned I did not have diabetes at all! Are there other cases of misdiagnosis? (24 Nov 2004)
  35. My son has been wetting his bed recently. There's no correlation to his blood sugars. Could it be related to the many changes he has incurred this year? (23 Nov 2004)
  36. How can I get my son to eat more healthy foods? Is adolescence causing his higher blood sugars, around 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]? (23 Nov 2004)
  37. How long after a child becomes unconscious/unresponsive does brain injury begin? Does it occur as the child is in the process of going low? (23 Nov 2004)
  38. For two months, my son's meter was not coded properly and his A1c went from 9% to 11.2%. Could the improper coding be the reason? (23 Nov 2004)
  39. Is there any connection between the removal of tonsils/adenoids or vaccinations and type 1 diabetes? (23 Nov 2004)
  40. Since changing from Synthroid to the generic levothroxine, my daughter's blood sugars are all over the place. Could it be from the change? (21 Nov 2004)
  41. Where can I find information of diabetes and driving? I've had my permit and want my license, but my doctor doesn't want me to drive since I had two seizures last year. (17 Nov 2004)
  42. I have a feeling of anxiety after I inject. Could this be an allergic reaction to the insulin, the preservative in the insulin or the Synthroid I take? (17 Nov 2004)
  43. My son has developed dry cheeks with reddish spots. What could this be? Are there skin conditions to which diabetic children are more prone? (17 Nov 2004)
  44. Diagnosed four months ago, my son has had protein in his urine. Is it common for children with diabetes to have unrelated kidney disorders? (16 Nov 2004)
  45. At birth, my son's blood sugar was 15 mg/dl [0.8 mmol/L]. Could there be brain damage or problems of this nature that might not be detectable until later? (16 Nov 2004)
  46. Have there been any studies of how autism affects diabetes? (16 Nov 2004)
  47. After gastric bypass surgery, I stopped all medications. Could my recent high blood sugar have been from the medication I took for a root canal? (16 Nov 2004)
  48. My wife was recently diagnosed with type 1. She's been having trouble falling asleep, feeling "unstable" like when she's low. Do you have any suggestions? (15 Nov 2004)
  49. Is there any link between in vitro fertilization and type 1 diabetes? (14 Nov 2004)
  50. My teen son is non-compliant with all aspects of diabetes. Where can I find a chat room to talk with parents of older diabetics? (12 Nov 2004)
  51. I've heard about a bag that stays cold so you can carry insulin. Who makes it and where can I get one? (12 Nov 2004)
  52. Does type 1 diabetes make it more difficult to go through chemotherapy or radiation? (12 Nov 2004)
  53. Since giving birth, I have gained weight, despite efforts to lose it. Because I have hypothyroidism, is it possible I can develop diabetes? (12 Nov 2004)
  54. My son is thirsty, urinates a lot, is tired and has legs that ache. I can't get my pediatrician to test my son for diabetes. Should I push for testing? (11 Nov 2004)
  55. Where is a good place online to find a support group for mothers with diabetes? (8 Nov 2004)
  56. I have a friend who cannot afford his diabetes supplies. Where can he get help? (8 Nov 2004)
  57. Why does type 1 diabetes cause initial dehydration? What is the mechanism that causes excessive urination? (7 Nov 2004)
  58. After my son received the flu mist vaccine, I read that it is not recommended for diabetics. Is this true? How could the mist have harmed my son? (6 Nov 2004)
  59. Where can I find software for my Macintosh computer that will enable me to analyze information from my son's LifeScan meter? (4 Nov 2004)
  60. My son has been smoking marijuana with his mother's approval. Where can I get information about the harmful effects of marijuana on a type 1 diabetic? (3 Nov 2004)
  61. Is there any correlation between the diet in the first year of a child and the onset of diabetes? (3 Nov 2004)
  62. My teen daughter, who has had diabetes for about two years, has been experiencing waves of nausea. What could this be? (29 Oct 2004)
  63. My granddaughter's pump site left a hard spot on her tummy. What should we do? (29 Oct 2004)
  64. Can I use EMLA cream, which we use it to insert my daughter's Insuflon, to numb a spot for her flu shot? (28 Oct 2004)
  65. My daughter keeps having vomiting and DKA. She has signs of an unidentified infection each time. Is it possible the infection and her diabetes are connected? (27 Oct 2004)
  66. Based on my son's latest thyroid panel, is he hypothyroid or in the so-called gray area? Are his headaches and fatigue related to the thyroid? (27 Oct 2004)
  67. After eight months of intermittent diabetes symptoms, I was diagnosed with "pre-diabetes." What does this mean? Will I develop diabetes? (27 Oct 2004)
  68. My son now takes insulin, which is why the California DMV will not renew his class C license. Who can we contact to get information on his rights? (27 Oct 2004)
  69. Have Biotin supplements been proven to improve blood glucose levels in type 1 diabetes, especially in young children? (27 Oct 2004)
  70. I called 911 to help my neighbor's daughter. The ER said it was a "fainting spell." Shouldn't they have determined if the episode were diabetes-related? (26 Oct 2004)
  71. Is there a relationship between diabetes and pancreatic cancer? What percentage of people with diabetes end up with that particular cancer? (26 Oct 2004)
  72. I have type 2 diabetes, Crohn's disease and uric acid stones. Are these related somehow? (26 Oct 2004)
  73. Since her diagnosis four months ago, my daughter complains about her tummy hurting after eating. Her celiac test was negative. What should I do? (23 Oct 2004)
  74. My daughter, diagnosed 14 months, needs less Lantus and no NovoLog following an episode of vomiting a week ago. What is going on? (23 Oct 2004)
  75. At 35 weeks, I had a stillborn baby, which was related to my type 1 diabetes. Will this happen with a future pregnancy? (21 Oct 2004)
  76. What are some different ways that I can maintain good blood sugar control and live a healthy life? I have been craving foods even when not hungry. (18 Oct 2004)
  77. I have hypoglycemia. After I treat a low blood sugar, I then get a headache and itching. What can I do to stop the itching? (17 Oct 2004)
  78. For the past two months, both of my children who have type 1, have had stomach aches and ketones without high blood sugars. Why is this? (16 Oct 2004)
  79. Is there any special diabetic residential school in India or in the United Kingdom? (16 Oct 2004)
  80. My young daughter, recently diagnosed with type 1, has been waking at night with pins and needles in her feet. Will she need to have her feet amputated? (16 Oct 2004)
  81. With this year's flu vaccine shortage, should otherwise healthy children with diabetes get a flu vaccine or decline this year? (14 Oct 2004)
  82. Following a miscarriage, my daughter's blood sugars normalized, but her pancreas has shut down, according to a C-peptide test. What do you think of this? (11 Oct 2004)
  83. Nine months after diagnosis, my son had a virus and needs much less insulin. Coupled with negative antibody tests, could my son have 1B or be treated orally? (10 Oct 2004)
  84. Through the PANDA study, my 15 year old has been identified with a 25% risk probability. Could Accutane be a factor in him developing type 1? (10 Oct 2004)
  85. My family may move to London for two years. What is the "standard of diabetes care" in the UK? Should we pursue a pump before moving there? (10 Oct 2004)
  86. How does one go about donating an old insulin pump to someone else? (10 Oct 2004)
  87. My daughter's doctor gave me two different correction ratios, 125/75 and 120/80. I am confused. Can you explain how this works? (10 Oct 2004)
  88. My son will be traveling to Japan and will stay with a Japanese family. How can we make sure others know how to deal with medical emergencies? (9 Oct 2004)
  89. At her three year check-up, my daughter had glucose in her urine, but none during a second test. How should I prepare her for future testing? (7 Oct 2004)
  90. My son, diagnosed with type 1 a month ago, has been prescribed cephalexin oral suspension. Should I be concerned about the sugar content? (6 Oct 2004)
  91. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 two months after stopping Zoloft. Is there a connection between Zoloft and the development of diabetes? (6 Oct 2004)
  92. Could you tell me what oral medications are used for treating impotence? (4 Oct 2004)
  93. Should I be able to ask that my son's teacher remove a big bowl of candy from my son's view? (30 Sep 2004)
  94. When I had a CT scan, I did not know that you should not take Glucophage 48 hours before the scan and I had taken it. What should I do? (29 Sep 2004)
  95. What do you think of the "cure" for diabetes as described by Hulda Regehr Clark in "The Cure for All Diseases?" (29 Sep 2004)
  96. My eyesight is blurry and my eyes are watery. I have been treated for an infection, with no improvement. How can I get help or a diagnosis? (29 Sep 2004)
  97. My 16 year old daughter has been having high blood sugars, no ketones. Is it safe for her to drive? I am very nervous about her highs and driving. (29 Sep 2004)
  98. Where can my fiance and I find medical training for care for his daughter who has type 2 diabetes? (28 Sep 2004)
  99. I have learned of a 17 year old female distance runner has a problem with incontinence near the end of her races. Is this related to her diabetes? (28 Sep 2004)
  100. The family doctor says my daughter has impaired glucose tolerance, but her endocrinologist says that she has type 2 diabetes. Which is it? (27 Sep 2004)
  101. My young son has developed four "boils" in the past month. Are they related to his diabetes? He was diagnosed with type 1 two weeks ago. (27 Sep 2004)
  102. After her GTT, I was told my daughter has mild insulin resistance. What does this mean? Will she get type 2? Will diet and exercise help? (26 Sep 2004)
  103. My daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1. She has skin peeling from the base of her foot. Is moisturizer okay or is this something serious? (25 Sep 2004)
  104. I am 26 and have been pumping for five months. My basal rates are increasing and I am high at odd times. Might I becoming insulin resistant? (24 Sep 2004)
  105. Because of personal experience with diabetes, I may care for a toddler with type 1. Can I administer medication to this child? (23 Sep 2004)
  106. Here, in Scotland, we want to set up a student support group for students with diabetes. Can you give us advice on where to start? (23 Sep 2004)
  107. Despite rotating her shots, my teen daughter has bulges in her stomach and sides. What could be causing them? (23 Sep 2004)
  108. I have hypoglycemia. Will I be able to give blood next week? (23 Sep 2004)
  109. My son takes Prograf for kidney disease. He occasionally gets a stomachache and headache, plus large ketones. Do you know what could be causing this? (22 Sep 2004)
  110. If a healthy young adult type 1 diabetic goes into shock and then a coma, how long can he survive until help arrives? (22 Sep 2004)
  111. My daughter's pediatrician has recommended that my daughter take fish oil caplets. What do you think of this? (20 Sep 2004)
  112. Feeling shaky, my teen daughter used my meter to check her blood sugar, which was 50 mg/dl [2.8 mmol/L]. Is this a precursor to diabetes? (20 Sep 2004)
  113. My toddler was diagnosed with type 1 in early August 2004. He has a poor appetite and vomits at least once a day. What could be going on? (16 Sep 2004)
  114. How long can type 1 diabetes go unnoticed before being diagnosed? (15 Sep 2004)
  115. My young son has had type 1 for over a year. He eats a lot, but isn't gaining weight. What can you suggest? (13 Sep 2004)
  116. My daughter, who has several health issues, had a high GAD positive titer and a decreased first phase insulin response. Will she develop diabetes? (12 Sep 2004)
  117. I have a high amount of sugar in my blood, but not diabetes. I do have high blood pressure. Would it be okay to use Arginine to help my blood pressure? (11 Sep 2004)
  118. Recently, we had autoantibody tests run on our sons. Could you help me understand the results? (9 Sep 2004)
  119. During my second trimester, I was exposed to and tested positive for the Cocksackie B virus. Will my child be at greater risk for type 1 diabetes? (9 Sep 2004)
  120. Are there cases of type 1 diabetes being triggered by extended exposure to extreme heat, 100 to 150 degrees F? (2 Sep 2004)
  121. Are there any studies indicating that a pregnant woman's use of Glucophage can cause the child to have learning or developmental difficulties? (30 Aug 2004)
  122. Can autoimmune damage be somewhat "incomplete" long term, leaving the body to produce "some" insulin, but not enough to be considered non-diabetic? (30 Aug 2004)
  123. My daughter has sensitive skin and has been scratching at her pump sites. How can we keep get the site to stick better and not cause a rash? (30 Aug 2004)
  124. My doctor says my A1c, a long term test, is fine. I read that short term tests are more important. Which is it? (29 Aug 2004)
  125. Is there some sort of computerized documentation my teen son could use so we can ensure he is keeping track of his blood sugar readings? (29 Aug 2004)
  126. I have sticky, messy stools. Could they be caused by the metacresol in the insulin or are they related to my NovoLog, lisinopril, or Nexium? (28 Aug 2004)
  127. A Swedish study said that children and adults may have blood sugars less than 3 mmol/ [54 mg/dl]. Is this "normal" and not needing immediate action? (28 Aug 2004)
  128. Is there any genetic relationship between my diabetes and my dad's kidney problems, both caused by immune system attacks? (28 Aug 2004)
  129. After 10 years with diabetes, my teen sister died in her sleep. Does the fact that her liver didn't excrete any glucose conclusively rule out diabetes as cause of death? (26 Aug 2004)
  130. Is there any evidence of allergic reactions to NovoRapid and Insulatard? I experience stomach cramps when using them. (25 Aug 2004)
  131. I was diagnosed with type 1 at age 33 and given very little education. Where can I find support groups and information for adults diagnosed with type 1? (25 Aug 2004)
  132. What is the correlation between growth hormones and type 1 diabetes? (25 Aug 2004)
  133. My teen daughter has problems falling asleep and staying asleep. Is this related to her diabetes? (22 Aug 2004)
  134. Although I do not have gestational diabetes, I get a funny feeling after eating desserts, bagels, or bananas. Am I at higher risk for type 2 diabetes? (22 Aug 2004)
  135. What are the long term effects to a baby born to a mother with gestational diabetes? (20 Aug 2004)
  136. Which is worse, type 1 or type 2? (20 Aug 2004)
  137. Is there any research about the relationship between cell phone antennas and the diagnosis of type 1? (18 Aug 2004)
  138. Can a type 1 diabetic take antihistamines for hay fever? (18 Aug 2004)
  139. My daughter is going away to college and we don't know what to do about the use of glucagon in the dormitory. What do you recommend? (18 Aug 2004)
  140. How long does it take for numbness and unusual taste sensations to subside after DKA? (17 Aug 2004)
  141. What do you think about the use of omega 3 supplements by people with diabetes? (17 Aug 2004)
  142. My seven year old daughter had epileptic seizures beginning at age 3, but none for two years. Were they related to her glucose level? (16 Aug 2004)
  143. Since February 2004, my daughter has been in and out of the hospital with several medical problems, including DKA. Do you have any suggestions? (16 Aug 2004)
  144. Does the refractive shift after a kidney transplant commonly lag changes in blood sugar? (15 Aug 2004)
  145. I've read that C-peptide reduces the occurrence of complications for type 1. Why is it not included in their treatment? (9 Aug 2004)
  146. Our eight year old is to have eight teeth extracted. What is the protocol for administering antibiotics beforehand? (9 Aug 2004)
  147. My teen son had blood work done and his insulin level was high. What causes this? What should be done? Should I be worried? (6 Aug 2004)
  148. Shortly after my brother was diagnosed with type 1, six years ago, he developed a "tic" that still exists. Is it related to his diabetes? (5 Aug 2004)
  149. I have several ingrown hairs. My doctor says they are related to my hormones. Can the Humalog and Lantus I take be affecting my hormones? (5 Aug 2004)
  150. At his recent visit, the doctor told my son he'd had very little growth since his last visit, probably because of high blood sugars. Why is this? (4 Aug 2004)
  151. Killed in an afternoon car accident, my daughter's autopsy, the next morning, indicated no diabetes. How can this be? She was diagnosed at age 16. (4 Aug 2004)
  152. I have had type 1 for eight years. My doctor suspects I have IBD. How would this affect me? Is this why I can't conceive? (4 Aug 2004)
  153. My husband was diagnosed with type 2 after several months on medications for congestive heart failure. Could the medicines have caused his diabetes? (4 Aug 2004)
  154. I have had type 1 diabetes for 17 years and am overweight. Is a gastric bypass or other similar surgery possible? (4 Aug 2004)
  155. My daughter ate carbs for dinner, then disconnected her pump for an hour for dance. Afterwards, she had moderate ketones. What caused this? (1 Aug 2004)
  156. A co-worker's teen daughter was recently diagnosed with type 2. She keeps vomiting after eating. Why would this happen? (29 Jul 2004)
  157. Is there any product that will help eliminate acetone breath for a diabetic adult? It is so embarrassing. (27 Jul 2004)
  158. My son had a GTT following a fast heart rate with heavy sweating. The doctor said to change his diet. Should he be on medication? (26 Jul 2004)
  159. I am looking for someone who has tried the Lasette machine. Does it hurt less than the lancet? What has the experience been? (26 Jul 2004)
  160. In the case of a hypoglycemia induced seizure in a diabetic, do you treat it as a seizure (neurology) or as diabetes (endocrinology)? (23 Jul 2004)
  161. My husband and son have type 1. My blood type is O-, my husband is A+ and our son is A-. Does this increase the risk our next child could have diabetes? (23 Jul 2004)
  162. My endocrinologist put me on hydrochlorothiazide and Altace for high blood pressure. Will the hydrochlorothiazide cause higher blood sugars? (23 Jul 2004)
  163. A friend recently chided me for not wearing a medical id. I have type 2 and am under pretty good control. Am I "stupid" for not having identification? (22 Jul 2004)
  164. Could you please explain the relationship between food and ketones? If your food to insulin ratio was miscalculated, then couldn't ketones appear? (22 Jul 2004)
  165. Following a seizure and "spikes" in his EEG, my son was put on Depakote three years ago. Does he really still need the Depakote? (22 Jul 2004)
  166. Hired as an apprentice, the U.S. Forest Service dismissed me after one day saying someone with diabetes could not work in this job. How can this be? (22 Jul 2004)
  167. My niece, who has had diabetes for about eight years, has urinary incontinence. Could it be neuropathy? (21 Jul 2004)
  168. Recent kidney and blood work showed I have a high cortisol level. Should I be concerned? Would it cause high blood sugars at certain times? (21 Jul 2004)
  169. My daughter has had high blood sugars that come down on their own. She was negative for ICA. What could this be? Is she at risk for diabetes? (20 Jul 2004)
  170. After two years with diabetes, my stomach now growls and feels empty often. My blood sugar is then somewhat elevated. Could I have a problem with my digestive system? (12 Jul 2004)
  171. After a seizure, my infant's blood sugar was low and stable only with a glucose IV. She is now also getting HGH shots. What could be going on? (9 Jul 2004)
  172. My wife has diarrhea, burning and bleeding, as well as fatigue and confusion. Are these related to her medications? (9 Jul 2004)
  173. Can you provide any information regarding a treatment procedure called Metabolic Activation Therapy, also referred to as MAT? (9 Jul 2004)
  174. Are there any tests for pre-diabetes or antibodies? I am interested in having my daughter tested since my son was diagnosed at her age. (9 Jul 2004)
  175. In someone who has anorexic tendencies, can diabetes exist undetected for a long time? Or, would the disease be evident and easily identified? (8 Jul 2004)
  176. My oral glucose tolerance test came back saying "slightly hemolyzed." What does this mean? (8 Jul 2004)
  177. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 five weeks ago. She has been staining her knickers for nine months. Is it related to her diabetes? (8 Jul 2004)
  178. My four year old son has a problem with frequent eczema breakouts. Is this related to his diabetes in any way? (8 Jul 2004)
  179. My cat just got diabetes, a year after my daughter did. Could there be a factor in the environment contributing to these diagnoses? (7 Jul 2004)
  180. I am taking B vitamins for mytochondrial myopathy. My blood sugars are higher. Can the B vitamins be causing the higher readings? (7 Jul 2004)
  181. Is there a glucose monitor for use by the visually impaired? (6 Jul 2004)
  182. My teen son has grown only about 3 inches in three years. Is this normal for child with diabetes? How can I ensure his growth is normal? (5 Jul 2004)
  183. How common is PCOS in type 1 diabetics? Have other women with type 1 and PCOS been treated successfully with metformin? (4 Jul 2004)
  184. I have had two operations for retinopathy. My eye doctor has said I should not SCUBA dive below 30 feet. What are the risks if I dive deeper? (4 Jul 2004)
  185. I often don't get my daughter's pump supplies for eight to nine weeks after I order them. Is this normal? What can I do about it? (4 Jul 2004)
  186. Since my diagnosis with type 1 a few years ago, I feel hungry constantly. Would an appetite suppressant help? If so, what kind? (2 Jul 2004)
  187. What causes itchy palms and the bottoms of feet? Does it have anything to do with the diabetes my relative has? (30 Jun 2004)
  188. Why do I have diabetes if NO one in my family has it? (30 Jun 2004)
  189. My son had a seizure yesterday. What happens if he seizes when alone? Why didn't he pass out first? How great is the fear of dying from this? (30 Jun 2004)
  190. My recently diagnosed brother is now feeling low when he's 150 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L]. He has been told to see his doctor. What could be going on? (30 Jun 2004)
  191. One of my twin daughters has neonatal diabetes. Is this type 1 or type 2? Is it transient? Where can I find more information about it? (29 Jun 2004)
  192. Why is using a soothing epsom salts bath counterindicated for a diabetic? Also, is taking glucosamine chronditin harmful for a diabetic? (28 Jun 2004)
  193. I am always hungry, nauseous and have frequent headaches. I want to get a blood sugar meter to see if I have hypoglycemia. What should I do? (28 Jun 2004)
  194. After a long absence, my grandson's birth father wants visitation rights, but he doesn't know how to care for the boy's diabetes. What can I do? (27 Jun 2004)
  195. I read about a cream to help with neuropathy. What is it called? Where can I get it? (18 Jun 2004)
  196. Is there a relationship between blood sugars and water intake? (18 Jun 2004)
  197. At the ER for a very high blood sugar, my cleaning person received dialysis in addition to insulin. Why would she have gotten this? (15 Jun 2004)
  198. Can steroids cause diabetes? (15 Jun 2004)
  199. My girlfriend is in a diabetic coma with an extraordinarily high blood sugar. She has sepsis. Where can I find information about her prognosis? (15 Jun 2004)
  200. If my daughter wears a medical ID resembling a jeweled bracelet, will medical personnel recognize it? Won't they recognize her insulin pump? (14 Jun 2004)
  201. What would happen if someone were born without alpha and beta cells in the pancreas? What kinds of problems would it cause for our bodies? (12 Jun 2004)
  202. How does one get teachers to keep a child's blood sugar normal at school? How many people with type 1 get married and avoid complications? (4 Jun 2004)
  203. After four years of pumping, my daughter's A1c has been 9.3% for nine months. Are there any tests she should have to prevent complications? (2 Jun 2004)
  204. Is there any correlation between a woman's period and her glucose levels? I have lows at the start of menses even without Glucophage. (2 Jun 2004)
  205. During a check for a bladder infection, my young son had ketones, but no glucose. Why would there be ketones in his urine without glucose? (31 May 2004)
  206. My son had an ultrasound and they noted an increased echogenicity of the right kidney. His isolated urine creatinine was 502. What should I do? (31 May 2004)
  207. My dad is recovering from the surgical removal of the tail of his pancreas. He is very stressed. Could this be contributing to his high blood sugars? (30 May 2004)
  208. I have been monitoring my young son's blood sugars since his two seizures. He has had several lows. Could they impair his brain development? (29 May 2004)
  209. My sister recently told me that people with diabetes, such as my teen son, should not have hot wax or similar treatments. Is this true? (27 May 2004)
  210. Is there a relationship between allergies and ketogenic hypoglycemia? (25 May 2004)
  211. What are Polyols? Where can we get more information about them? Do they affect blood sugars sooner or later? (23 May 2004)
  212. Is my sister's anti-GAD65 level of.2 mild or moderately positive? (23 May 2004)
  213. My neighbor just told me about wheylow, a sugar substitute I should use for my son who has type 1. What do you think of this? (23 May 2004)
  214. My five year old daughter, who has had diabetes since age one, has had chronic stomach pains and a small odor. Is it insulin related? (23 May 2004)
  215. My spouse has been unable to stay awake in the car for two years. He's had diabetes for three. Is this related to his diabetes? (23 May 2004)
  216. What issues do I need to consider before committing to my boyfriend? We are considering marriage. He has had type 1 diabetes for over ten years. (17 May 2004)
  217. We have been watching our son's blood sugars since the onset of seizures in April. He was somewhat low after a recent seizure. What do you think? (13 May 2004)
  218. Can you please comment on the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly method of syringe/lancet disposal? (13 May 2004)
  219. Is a urine test, taken after fasting, accurate for testing for diabetes? (13 May 2004)
  220. My daughter was recently hospitalized for a virus and ketones. She had a cough for two weeks and it is continuing for a third. Should I be concerned? (13 May 2004)
  221. Do you have any advice for preventing strep throat? What medicines can be given to help cure this? (12 May 2004)
  222. Recently, I have a very strong odor to my urine. Could this be connected with my diabetes? I take Tolinase twice a day and Regular before dinner. (12 May 2004)
  223. My son's blood work results said, "Fluorescence suggestive of anti-smooth muscle antibody. Recommend follow-up testing." What does this mean? (12 May 2004)
  224. Could you please comment on a recent news story about treating neonatal diabetes with sulphonylureas? (9 May 2004)
  225. During a recent kidney function test, I had an elevated level of uric acid. What does this mean? Is there a natural method of reducing this level? (8 May 2004)
  226. Is there any research or investigation into the relationship between Transcyte dressing and diabetes? (7 May 2004)
  227. Can stomachaches increase blood sugar levels? (7 May 2004)
  228. Where can I find charts and/or graphs for carbohydrate counts, blood sugars, and to register insulin dosage given? (7 May 2004)
  229. How accurate is blood glucose testing using a sample taken from a dog's lip? (5 May 2004)
  230. My son's blood pressure was elevated at the endocrinologist this morning. Is this something I should be concerned about? (5 May 2004)
  231. Where can a family in Georgia get funding for diabetes supplies for their child?Health insurance will not cover these items. (4 May 2004)
  232. How do ketones affect the muscles in your stomach? (4 May 2004)
  233. My recently diagnosed daughter seems to have more "wind." Is this from the extra food she's eating or could this be a reaction to the insulin? (3 May 2004)
  234. My son recently had cyanosis and tests indicate it was not diabetes related. Are there any possible causes I may bring to the pediatrician's attention? (3 May 2004)
  235. Do you think it would be a problem to send our son to boarding school in the U.S. now that he has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? (3 May 2004)
  236. Do young women with type 1 diabetes suffer, in general, when menstruating? What can be used to help alleviate the pain caused by cramps? (2 May 2004)
  237. There are reports that cinnamon helps people with type 2. Would it be helpful to a newly diagnosed type 1 child? Could it extend the honeymoon? (2 May 2004)
  238. What can I do to help someone who has boils on their back? (30 Apr 2004)
  239. I want to ask a recently formed Canadian foundation to help me get a pump. Can you suggest things I should tell them? (30 Apr 2004)
  240. I had a stomach bug when I was pregnant with my son. Could this have possibly been the "trigger" for his diabetes? (30 Apr 2004)
  241. Are there any links between antibiotics, such as Keflex, and diabetes? (30 Apr 2004)
  242. I have been having blurry vision starting after breakfast since my diagnosis with type 2. What could be causing the blurriness? (30 Apr 2004)
  243. What is the relationship between blood sugar levels and altitude? My son had more lows when we recently traveled to a higher elevation. (28 Apr 2004)
  244. Although I have not been diagnosed with diabetes, I had an elevated blood sugar after exercising. What does this mean? (28 Apr 2004)
  245. Is "tight control therapy" used in India? What does it cost? (26 Apr 2004)
  246. Could there be a connection between intra muscular gamma globulin given at an early age and the development of diabetes some eight years later? (26 Apr 2004)
  247. My young son was diagnosed with diabetes in January. He has diarrhea every other week. Could it be diabetes diarrhea or a virus? (26 Apr 2004)
  248. Where can I take my son to test how resistant to insulin he is and how long it takes his body to respond to insulin? We are in Montana. (25 Apr 2004)
  249. Ho do I know if my daughter's recent seizure was diabetes or epilepsy related? Will she have more seizures? Should I loosen control to avoid them? (23 Apr 2004)
  250. My son has hyperinsulinemia. Although his condition has improved, should we pursue medication or further investigations ? (18 Apr 2004)
  251. My daughter had sugar in her urine We don't see a specialist for a few days. I've heard untreated diabetes is dangerous. Should I be concerned? (18 Apr 2004)
  252. Has any link been considered between the increase in type 1 and the increased used of BGH, other hormones, and antibiotics in the food supply? (18 Apr 2004)
  253. How do pumpers handle a day spent at a water park? Should my son use injections for the day? (14 Apr 2004)
  254. If a diabetic doesn't take insulin for two and drinks two alcoholic beverages, what affect will alcoholic level have on a breathalyzer test? (13 Apr 2004)
  255. I have high triglycerides and am obese. If I lose weight, will I be able to discontinue my triglycerides medication? (13 Apr 2004)
  256. My girlfriend's new doctor changed her insulin, then she had a hysterectomy. Now, are blood sugars are almost normal. Why is this? (12 Apr 2004)
  257. How long does it take to see stable blood sugars after diagnosis? My daughter has perfect vision since diagnosis; is this temporary or permanent? (11 Apr 2004)
  258. If my niece is having low blood sugars/dehydration due to illness, what intravenous solution should she receive? (11 Apr 2004)
  259. Is it possible that my daughter's diabetes was caused by excess mold and fungus in our home? I thought a virus was the trigger for diabetes. (9 Apr 2004)
  260. Are home cholesterol test kits reliable? Why did my doctors not recommend dietary changes to lower my cholesterol? (6 Apr 2004)
  261. My seven month old's breath occasionally smells like acetone. A blood sugar check was normal. Should I pursue additional tests? If so, which ones? (6 Apr 2004)
  262. My grandson has neonatal diabetes. Will he have diabetes all his life or is it transient? (6 Apr 2004)
  263. I live in Colombia and have hyploglycemic unawareness. My doctor wants me to have a scan for brain damage. Where can I get this done? (5 Apr 2004)
  264. My father has an infection on his foot. Is there medication he can take to avoid amputation? Should he use leeches to help his recovery? (3 Apr 2004)
  265. Can you explain fructosamine testing? (3 Apr 2004)
  266. Can you contract HIV by re-using your own insulin syringes? (3 Apr 2004)
  267. My doctor thinks I may have arthritis. What is the link between diabetes and arthritis? (2 Apr 2004)
  268. I no longer take medication for my diabetes. Can my recent low blood sugars be caused by my fibromyalgia? I take several medications. (2 Apr 2004)
  269. Can someone with type 1 diabetes come down with type 2 later in life? (29 Mar 2004)
  270. Because I have been unable to eat sugar for five years, I want to learn how to cook sugar free desserts for others. Where can I find a class? (29 Mar 2004)
  271. With Omnitrition products, my husband's blood sugars are lower and he feels great. The products are high in caffeine. Will it hurt him? (26 Mar 2004)
  272. At diagnosis, I was negative for a yeast infection although I was symptomatic. Similar symptoms are recurring. What can it be? (25 Mar 2004)
  273. Twice in two years my son has fainted. The doctor was unconcerned and ordered no tests. With relatives with diabetes, should we worry? (25 Mar 2004)
  274. Can uncontrolled diabetes cause irregular menstrual cycles or stop menses? (24 Mar 2004)
  275. Once I didn't eat for four or five hours, then ate four brownies and felt lightheaded. Later, I ate a small meal, but still felt ill. Is this normal? (22 Mar 2004)
  276. At his recent death, my father's blood sugar was extremely high. Could he have been poisoned or is there another possible explanation? (22 Mar 2004)
  277. My teenaged son says that his face gets very sweaty when he eats certain foods and that he has had problems seeing. Have you heard of this? (22 Mar 2004)
  278. Is there a difference between type 1 diabetes and IDDM? (21 Mar 2004)
  279. Is there a link between diabetes and stuttering? Are insulin pumps commonly used or still experimental? (20 Mar 2004)
  280. After 10 years, I switched to Regular and NPH. I am have very unusual "reactions" from the Regular. Are reactions to Regular common? (20 Mar 2004)
  281. My son has lipoatrophy. If the fatty tissue continues to disappear, where will we put the pump? Should we try NovoLog for a faster response? (20 Mar 2004)
  282. My cousin is having periods of blindness. Are there any organizations that can help her before her conditions or vision gets worse? (20 Mar 2004)
  283. Is there a link between premature ovarian failure and type 1 diabetes? What, if any, tests should my doctor conduct when I next see her? (20 Mar 2004)
  284. I am an 18 year old female and I have type 1 diabetes. I urinate frequently, in large quantities, despite good glucose control. What can I do? (19 Mar 2004)
  285. My daughter has a knot of skin near one hip, probably from not rotating her shots. Will this go away and how can she avoid this in the future? (19 Mar 2004)
  286. My daughter was treated for two urinary tract infections. In one sample, she had ketones. What does this mean? Does she have diabetes? (17 Mar 2004)
  287. What is the life expectancy of a person with type 1 diabetes? We are concerned because we are in South Africa where things aren't as available. (16 Mar 2004)
  288. My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with CNVM (Choroidal Neovascular Membrane) today by a neurosurgeon. Is it a diabetes related problem? (15 Mar 2004)
  289. How many families have siblings with type 1? What is type 1b diabetes? Is it possible to wean my children off insulin with diet and exercise? (14 Mar 2004)
  290. Are the causes of diabetes more genetic or environmental? Can you explain about the different types of diabetes? (14 Mar 2004)
  291. My hypoglycemic daughter is very active and has irregular menstrual cycles. How do I get her blood sugars under control during her cycles? (13 Mar 2004)
  292. My daughter is having "spells" of weakness. Her blood sugars are normal. Do we really need to see a pediatic endocrinologist, as recommended? (11 Mar 2004)
  293. Since switching to Lantus, my daughter's menstrual cycles are messed up. Could it be because insulin is affecting her other hormones? (8 Mar 2004)
  294. My daughter has been having "hot flashes" shortly after afternoon snack. I reduced her NPH, but it hasn't helped. Have you ever heard of this? (7 Mar 2004)
  295. I'm a Japanese citizen with type 1 diabetes. I plan to work in the U.S. for two years. How much does it cost to be treated for type 1 in the U.S.? (7 Mar 2004)
  296. Can you tell me if the standard normal blood sugar range 80-120 mg/dl [4.4-6.7 mmol/L] is in reference to whole blood or plasma? (6 Mar 2004)
  297. To prevent lipoatrophy, my daughter has been using a NovoLog/steroid mix in her insulin pump for a year. I wanted to update her story. (5 Mar 2004)
  298. In DKA, my son was given fluids, but no insulin in the ER. Although his blood sugar went down, he passed away. Should he have gotten insulin? (5 Mar 2004)
  299. My doctor has just given me my son's platelet and basophil readings. Are they acceptable? (4 Mar 2004)
  300. What kind of agencies have social workers that help children with diabetes? How do I become a CDE after I graduate? (3 Mar 2004)
  301. My daughter has type 1 diabetes and PCOS. Just before menstruating, she has uncontrollable high blood sugars. What should we do? (3 Mar 2004)
  302. My daughter drank cow's milk, then had redness around her mouth. Is this a precursor to an autoimmune response related to type 1 diabetes? (3 Mar 2004)
  303. For Disney World, is it true that an entire group can skip to the head of the line if one person in the group has diabetes? (1 Mar 2004)
  304. I am taking several prescription medications, including one for an upper respiratory infection. Are they why I am having high blood sugar readings? (1 Mar 2004)
  305. My partner, who had type 1 diabetes, died while I was away. Can you help me interpret the postmortem test results? (28 Feb 2004)
  306. Can beta blockers induce hypoglycemia? (27 Feb 2004)
  307. Given our family history of type 1 diabetes, will the use of cow's milk spoil the benefits of breast feeding? My daughter is now primarily breast fed. (27 Feb 2004)
  308. I have type 1 diabetes and am 29 weeks pregnant. I am having high blood sugars in the morning. How do I get these fasting numbers lowered? (25 Feb 2004)
  309. My non-diabetic daughter often tests her blood glucose and is high. Tests have not indicated she has diabetes. Is there something going on with her? (21 Feb 2004)
  310. Since my fall, my blood sugar has been fluctuating widely. Do I need to contact my doctor? (17 Feb 2004)
  311. If a person had a high C peptide level of 6.1, would they be overweight? And if their C peptide level then fell to 0.9, would they lose weight? (11 Feb 2004)
  312. Our concern is the difficulty she is having with heavy frequent periods as well as difficulty sleeping. (2 Feb 2004)
  313. Can I wax my pubic hair? The instructions say diabetics like myself are not to use the particular product I purchased. (30 Jan 2004)
  314. I have recently begun to have hair loss on one spot of my head. Is my hair loss due to my diabetes? (30 Jan 2004)
  315. Is is common for younger children (age 7) with type 1 diabetes to have underarm body odor? (21 Jan 2004)
  316. My two-year-old was diagnosed eight months ago. We've noticed that he drools a lot more than other kids his age. (21 Jan 2004)
  317. How much carbohydrate is there in semen? (11 Jan 2004)

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