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  1. What is the probability my newborn will recover? What can I do to keep her from developing diabetes again or to prolong the time of disease occurrence? (21 Dec 2000)
  2. When a large (11 pound), macrosomic, plethoric baby is born to a mother without diabetes, what is the reason? (19 Dec 2000)
  3. Are you perhaps familiar with scientific reports concerning a possible conjunction between steroid inhalations and raising the blood pressure? (15 Dec 2000)
  4. Could you possibly give me an estimate of the number of people with type 1 diabetes living in the United States? (14 Dec 2000)
  5. Does every child with diabetes have sugar in his or her urine? Is that why my son is wetting so much at night? (11 Dec 2000)
  6. What is the prevalence of diabetes in Yemenites living in Israel? (4 Dec 2000)
  7. Can too much insulin cause weight gain? Can a person with diabetes donate blood and organs? (3 Dec 2000)
  8. For the last on year or so, I find that my underwear gets torn near my penis. Is it because my urine is acidic? (27 Nov 2000)
  9. Would this make her one of the youngest in Canada or North America? What is the percentage of children diagnosed at this age? (22 Nov 2000)
  10. One of my goals in life is to become a pediatric diabetes specialist, and I have a lot of questions. (21 Nov 2000)
  11. I have a problems with my periods, and I am wanting to have a baby. Have you ever heard of Glucophage making you more fertile? (21 Nov 2000)
  12. I recently started carb counting, and I am looking for a software package. (20 Nov 2000)
  13. When I arrived at work, I was accused of having alcohol on my breath, but had not been drinking. Could this be caused by my type 2 diabetes? (8 Nov 2000)
  14. I am 11 years old and have diabetes. Can I still produce insulin after a few years? (6 Nov 2000)
  15. I have heard about "the bag of hope" but I don't know what it is. I was wondering if you could fill me in? (5 Nov 2000)
  16. I would like to teach a diabetic diet to a seven year old. (30 Oct 2000)
  17. Is there anything related to the diabetes which could be causing the itching? If so, what is the most appropriate way of getting treatment? (20 Oct 2000)
  18. I am interested in going back to school to get a Masters in Counseling. (15 Oct 2000)
  19. Outside of sleeplessness, caused by low blood glucose levels, is there a connection between diabetes and insomnia? (14 Oct 2000)
  20. How does temperature change affect his sugars? Is this common or is everyone's body react differently? (11 Oct 2000)
  21. My 14 year old son would like to try contact lenses. Which type is best suited for a person with diabetes? (1 Oct 2000)
  22. Are there any flu shots available will no egg allergy risks? (20 Sep 2000)
  23. He was informed that the acupuncture could lower his blood sugar. Is this correct? (12 Sep 2000)
  24. I was wondering if vitamin E, or any other, for that matter, raises blood sugar. (11 Sep 2000)
  25. Sometimes my five year old son has green bowel movements. Is this anything to be concerned about? (9 Sep 2000)
  26. My 16 year old son has acne. The doctor has discussed treating him with Accutane. Is there a possibility of developing diabetes after using Accutane? (3 Sep 2000)
  27. Could the injections have something to do with her losing her hair? Could it be due to it being dry before being diagnosed? (3 Sep 2000)
  28. They prescribed albuterol solution to use in a nebulizer. Can this medicine could cause high blood sugars with ketones? (3 Sep 2000)
  29. Should children with diabetes be in a atmosphere that has mold, mildew, dust, etc., like a basement? (2 Sep 2000)
  30. I have heard the pancreas has two functions. One is producing insulin. What is the other function? (2 Sep 2000)
  31. We tested Mellitus Manager which downloads information from her MiniMed pump and her brand of meter. (23 Aug 2000)
  32. Is there a wristwatch with a programmable timer with alarm that will remind him, at school, to do his fingerstick tests? (23 Aug 2000)
  33. My c-peptide level test came back at 4.3, indicating that I am producing more than enough insulin. What are the ramifications of this discovery? (23 Aug 2000)
  34. I overheard an author of a diet book say that caffeine affects the blood sugar levels. Is this true? (20 Aug 2000)
  35. What do you feel my treatment should consist of to best preserve my pancreas? Or, is that not possible? (17 Aug 2000)
  36. Can a person with type 1 diabetes give blood? How does donating blood affect the blood sugar? (14 Aug 2000)
  37. She has recently been sick and I couldn't get enough carbs in her, especially at night. Her clinic advised us to use glucagon which we did for three nights. Was this dangerous? (31 Jul 2000)
  38. I am looking for scholarships and other moneys to assist with tuition costs. Can you help us find the right resources? (28 Jul 2000)
  39. Do you think that glucose levels could be expressed in both sets of units so that international visitors to your web site could better relate to the questions and answers? (25 Jul 2000)
  40. My son is 12. Our biggest problem is that he continues to wet the bed. (8 Jul 2000)
  41. A few months before then, my son had started to "adjust" himself. (8 Jul 2000)
  42. She bedwets 3-4 times a week, regardless of her blood sugar numbers. How can I control and handle this? (5 Jul 2000)
  43. I'm interested in more information about my bald spot. (1 Jul 2000)
  44. I smoke. Will this cause her any harm? (23 Jun 2000)
  45. I would like to pursue a career in counseling adolescents with diabetes. (19 Jun 2000)
  46. Many hairdressers have told me that insulin that is in the scalp causes perms not to take. (16 Jun 2000)
  47. I would like to have information about neonatal diabetes mellitus, transient diabetes of the newborn. (5 Jun 2000)
  48. A relative suffered severe trauma to his pancreas and spleen in an automobile. (4 Jun 2000)
  49. My 13 year old just had a lab test done that reported an insulin level more than double of what is normal. (30 May 2000)
  50. Can a person who has Type 1 diabetes get a tattoo? (30 May 2000)
  51. Why would insulin alone or insulin with water kill a diabetic patient who is dehydrating? (16 May 2000)
  52. How does the Kussmaul's respiration alleviate the acidosis? (15 May 2000)
  53. Can you tell me about any known issues with giving IVIG to a child with Type 1 diabetes? (8 Apr 2000)
  54. My 16 year old son has had diabetes since he was 13. He wants to get a tattoo. (2 Apr 2000)
  55. My boyfriend has juvenile diabetes type 1. I love him very much but I am really scared. (20 Mar 2000)
  56. Does evening primrose oil raise blood sugar in people with diabetes, or have any other effects in their bodies? (15 Mar 2000)
  57. Which peptides, if any, besides amylin and C-peptide, are produced by a healthy pancreas? (11 Mar 2000)
  58. I was wondering if her sleepwalking has anything to do with her diabetes? (4 Mar 2000)
  59. I was wondering if my diabetes could have anything to do with the state of my hair. (4 Mar 2000)
  60. I am having a little trouble with my vision. Is this related to the diabetes? (24 Feb 2000)
  61. I was wondering what kind of effects type 1 diabetes has on life span. (22 Jan 2000)
  62. If and when he has to go on insulin, will he lose his commercial driver's license? (16 Jan 2000)

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