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  1. I was wondering about the statistics of deaths related to diabetes in the past, and deaths related to diabetes currently. (24 Dec 1998)
  2. I was wondering if you are aware of any scholarship opportunities for nursing (RN) programs for type 1 diabetics. (9 Dec 1998)
  3. I was just offered a job and I must take a pre-employment physical. Is it possible that I could not be hired because I have diabetes? (2 Dec 1998)
  4. My son is six and a half. He has had diabetes for a year and a half. I am nervous about his height. (1 Nov 1998)
  5. I was recently tested for C-peptide. The reading went from 0.5 nmol/l at the start to 0.7 nmol/l at 1 hour. (28 Oct 1998)
  6. My 6 year old nephew has diabetes. I am concerned because of the stories that I hear about adult diabetes. (19 Oct 1998)
  7. My sister died of diabetes a week ago. The doctors told us that it was "acute diabetes." (8 Oct 1998)
  8. Where in the United Kingdom can I find a company that supplies diabetic equipment for home use? (8 Oct 1998)
  9. My daughter would like to have laser surgery to correct her vision. We would like to know if this is safe. (13 Sep 1998)
  10. Our doctor has been concerned with his growth. They want to run testing that requires an overnight stay in hospital. (1 Sep 1998)
  11. My son has been at a juvenile correction center for 6 months. I told his numbers get as high as 550 at least once a week. (31 Aug 1998)
  12. My daughter, age 3.5, has had 2 night terrors since being diagnosed a few months ago. I'm wondering if it is related. (24 Aug 1998)
  13. What are the complications of smoking with diabetes (17 Aug 1998)
  14. Why is diabetes referred to as an autoimmune disease? (9 Aug 1998)
  15. What is the current, estimated or accurate, number of people in the US who have diabetes? (31 Jul 1998)
  16. My cat has become unregulated again. Would it be okay to increase his insulin? (23 Jul 1998)
  17. How many children in America have diabetes? (21 Jul 1998)
  18. I discovered today that my cat has diabetes! His blood sugar was 400! (13 Jul 1998)
  19. Do children with diabetes tend to get more insect bites than other children? (9 Jul 1998)
  20. Is there any relation between the level of vitamin A and Type 1 in comparison to Type 2? (28 Jun 1998)
  21. My mother, age 80, needs extra help and is willing to consider a short term residential diabetes program. (31 May 1998)
  22. If there are 123,000 Type 1 diabetics under 20 in the U.S., how many would you expect to be in Spokane, Washington? (4 May 1998)
  23. My mom has a problem. Her nurse signed her up for mail order strips. They sent her the wrong strips. (20 Apr 1998)
  24. The endocrinologist hypothesized that my 4 year old son has skin antibodies to insulin. Can you comment on this? (15 Apr 1998)
  25. Can you please tell me what an "excellent number" is concerning my lipid profiles? (15 Apr 1998)
  26. Do you know where I can find more information on the cause and treatment of diabetes? (30 Mar 1998)
  27. How many children in the US have diabetes? (29 Mar 1998)
  28. I have a problem with nightsweats and odiferous results. (29 Mar 1998)
  29. My miniature schnauzer diagnosed with diabetes. She developed a low blood platelet problem, treated with prednisone. (28 Mar 1998)
  30. My friend's daughter was diagnosed at the age of 9. Since then, her growth stopped. (26 Mar 1998)
  31. On an 18 month old, we found the following chemistry profile: Bicarbonate 18.2; BUN/Creatinine 35.0. (24 Mar 1998)
  32. My niece is 16. Her mom is concerned with her weight gain. How does this affect her diabetes? (23 Mar 1998)
  33. Our son recently had minor surgery. The anesthesiologist gave him 2 units of Regular. (23 Mar 1998)
  34. If you have any ideas where I could get a comprehensive list of celebrities who have diabetes, I would appreciate it. (21 Mar 1998)
  35. What exactly is the difference between a diabetologist and endocrinologist? (15 Mar 1998)
  36. We have a daughter who recently got her driver's license. (14 Mar 1998)
  37. I want to know what kind of medicine I can take for diabetes. (11 Mar 1998)
  38. I have been dating a Type 1 diabetic for nearly two years now and he seems to not have his diabetes in control. (10 Mar 1998)
  39. Do you know anywhere where beef/pork insulins will continue to be manufactured? (9 Mar 1998)
  40. I read somewhere that one gram of carbohydrate raises the blood glucose of a 100 pound person 12 points. (8 Mar 1998)
  41. My dad worries too much. Any suggestion? (8 Mar 1998)
  42. Where can I find information in Spanish about this illness? (5 Mar 1998)
  43. Is there any information relating diabetes with children of alcoholics? (28 Feb 1998)
  44. Can you recommend a good doctor? (23 Feb 1998)
  45. A cyberfriend's 13 year old is experiencing underarm odor. Is this one of the side-problems of the diabetes? (11 Feb 98)
  46. We have an adopted child. He has a dark neck. We were told that this is a sign that he will be diabetic when older. (10 Feb 98)
  47. I really want to get my ears pierced but my mother wants the okay from a doctor. I was wondering if you could help. (13 Jan 98)

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