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  1. Why do some products labeled as "sugar free" actually contain more carbohydrates than regular foods? (16 Dec 2007)
  2. Since I have had to cut down drastically on sugar, I would like to know if I can substitute honey for sugar in some things or is honey the same as sugar? (13 Dec 2007)
  3. My 18-year-old daughter has type 2 diabetes. What foods are not good for her? (9 Dec 2007)
  4. Where can I find recipes for desserts that do not include sugar or sugar substitutes? I am looking for desserts for my mother-in-law. (25 Nov 2007)
  5. Where can I find information on preparing foods my pre-school daughter will not refuse? She has borderline diabetes. (12 Nov 2007)
  6. Since a recent bug, my son has been eating a banana and cookies instead of milk and cookies before bed. His morning blood sugar is now lower. Why is this? (23 Oct 2007)
  7. I work in a habilitation center and have a mildly retarded patient with diabetes. Do you know of resources I can use to educate him about food choices and cooking? (23 Oct 2007)
  8. I'm confused about your previous answers about sugar alcohols. How do we count them, the same as sugar or half? (15 Aug 2007)
  9. For meal planning for someone with type 1, do I count his sugar intake (grams) or just the carbohydrates? Or, do I need to count both? (2 Aug 2007)
  10. At his mom's, my stepson eats no fresh foods and mom varies the amount of carbohydrates. We serve healthier foods, fewer treats. Which plan is the best for my stepson? (15 Jul 2007)
  11. What were the dietary restrictions of type 1s 30 to 50 years ago? Do you think changes in the foods permitted evolved because the"diabetic diet" is difficult to follow? (29 Jun 2007)
  12. Diagnosed with type 1 last month, I was told by a perinatologist to follow a strict diet for gestational diabetes since I hope to conceive. Is this appropriate advice? (23 Jun 2007)
  13. I've seen bananas in most of the sugar free cake recipes I found. Aren't bananas a no-no for diabetics? (15 Jun 2007)
  14. If a 2 ounce serving of pasta is 42 grams of carbohydrates and contains 5 grams of dietary fiber, how do I calculate the bolus amount? (31 May 2007)
  15. If he does not have diabetes, why does my son act aggressively when he eats sugary foods? Is it harmful to give him artificial sweeteners? (19 Apr 2007)
  16. Can I take sorbitol instead of Canderel? Does sorbitol have any side effects? (19 Apr 2007)
  17. Is there some way to determine the bolus ratio and duration for a dual wave bolus for "stubborn foods" like pizza and pasta? (14 Apr 2007)
  18. Newly diagnosed, my daughter is very hungry. Where can I find a list of free foods? (4 Apr 2007)
  19. I recently heard of XS Energy Drink with no carbohydrates. Would this be a good beverage for my daughter to consume before physical activity? (2 Apr 2007)
  20. Does diet have anything to do with foot problems later in life and blood flow to the feet? (21 Mar 2007)
  21. The doctor has diagnosed my teen son with "low blood sugar." Isn't that the same as hypoglycemia? Where can I find diet information? (20 Mar 2007)
  22. My teen son has had diabetes for 12 years. Tall and thin, he wants to gain muscles. Is it okay for him to consume protein shakes? (9 Mar 2007)
  23. A gymnast, my daughter felt ill and was out of energy during her second event recently. What should she eat to ensure she has enough energy? (7 Mar 2007)
  24. A student has blood sugars from 45 mg/dl [2.5 mmol/L] and 306 mg/dl [17.0 mmol/L] in a day. What kind of meals/snacks can we provide to help prevent this? (7 Mar 2007)
  25. Do you have any advice on how to count carbohydrates at the Sugar Shack? (6 Mar 2007)
  26. In the seven days my daughter has been hospitalized since her diagnosis, we have yet to meet with a dietitian. Shouldn't we do so to help her regain the weight she lost? (23 Feb 2007)
  27. Where can we find a book for carbohydrate counting gluten-free food? (18 Feb 2007)
  28. My grandson is a picky eater and tends to want less healthy snacks. How can I encourage him and his family to make healthy food choices? (18 Feb 2007)
  29. Is it okay for my son to eat sugary foods? When he goes to college, how can he avoid viruses? Under the ADA, can he request a private room? (16 Feb 2007)
  30. Is Coke Zero bad for me even though it says there is no sugar in it? (5 Feb 2007)
  31. I am a vegetarian, but my mom wants me to eat white meat to prevent diabetes. Do I need to eat meat to avoid diabetes? Is there any other way to prevent it? (1 Feb 2007)
  32. If I want to spice up my morning cereal with either some banana or raisins, which would have the least effect on my blood sugar level? (20 Jan 2007)
  33. Where can I find a recipe conversion chart that helps you determine if foods are healthy for your child? (17 Jan 2007)
  34. Recently diagnosed, my six-year-old is a picky eater and doesn't like to try new foods? What do you suggest? (17 Jan 2007)
  35. What is the appropriate amount of sugar a child with type 1 should consume? Are sugary foods now going to cause problems later even if one's blood sugars are under control? (13 Jan 2007)
  36. Recently diagnosed, I was told to eat cereal, muesli, etc. for breakfast, but I'm 9.5 mmol/L [171 mg/dl] or higher two hours later. Should I alter my diet? (13 Jan 2007)

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