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Meal Planning, Food and Diet from 2006

  1. Which vegetables have a minimal effect on blood sugars? Are nuts harmful or beneficial to diabetic patients who also have heart disease? (31 Dec 2006)
  2. I take Precose before meals, but still can't tolerate eating most carbohydrates, which make me shake, sweat, etc. What else should I do? (21 Dec 2006)
  3. Does butter have any grams of carbohydrates? My son is often high after consuming it. (21 Dec 2006)
  4. Diagnosed with type 1 a month ago, my daughter is gaining weight and looking "puffy." How many carbohydrates per meal should she have? (19 Dec 2006)
  5. Why do you have Cool Whip (fat free) in your lemon pie recipe when it is full of corn syrup and sugar? (19 Dec 2006)
  6. Are headaches common for the newly diagnosed? At what point does one find a steady dose of insulin? How do you count the carbohydrates in Dreamfields pasta? (13 Dec 2006)
  7. Recently, my fasting blood sugar was slightly high. Should I get retested? What kind of diet should I follow? What kind of doctor do I see? (10 Dec 2006)
  8. Are energy drinks, such as Red Bull, safe for kids with type 1 diabetes? (6 Dec 2006)
  9. Because they have fat that can slow down the absorption/digestion of food, we are trying to include peanuts in meals. Does this seem like a good thing to do? (4 Dec 2006)
  10. Recently, my 14 year old niece told me she was allowed to eat as much sugar as she wants, as long as she covers it with insulin. Is this true? (4 Dec 2006)
  11. Where can I learn about carbohydrate counting? I've been doing things the way I was taught in 1988, but I want to take better control of my blood sugars. (28 Nov 2006)
  12. Can I offer my son carbohydrates that have more than 5 grams of sugar? (16 Nov 2006)
  13. Can you help me find 12 fun snacks for 30 boys, two of whom have diabetes? (8 Nov 2006)
  14. What foods can we give our son that will not affect his blood sugar? (8 Nov 2006)
  15. Can you give me some examples of mid-morning and afternoon snacks for a diabetic? Is it okay to treat a low blood sugar with sweetened tea only? (7 Nov 2006)
  16. How many grams of carbohydrates should a three year old boy have in a day? Is 180 grams too much? We are concerned about obesity. (31 Oct 2006)
  17. Have you ever seen a plate with dividers that has sections divided into 1/2 cup, 1 cup, etc.? I am looking for something to help with carbohydrate counting. (17 Oct 2006)
  18. When I eat something high in carbohydrates, my blood sugar goes up, then drops fairly quickly. With a burrito, the drop was much slower. It is related to the fiber? (17 Oct 2006)
  19. How many carbohydrates are in breast milk? What do you recommend for moms who are breast feeding infants with type 1 diabetes? (10 Oct 2006)
  20. The pediatrician said my daughter has hypoglycemia, but the endocrinologist says her blood sugars aren't low enough. What should we do? (5 Oct 2006)
  21. I want to keep my blood sugar level in range through diet and exercise. So, should I use sports drinks after exercise or avoid them altogether? (3 Oct 2006)
  22. What food scales do you recommend? (29 Sep 2006)
  23. The glyburide I take for MODY is causing weight gain and nighttime lows. As a vegan, I want to try a living foods diet. Is this a good option? (28 Sep 2006)
  24. The ADA suggests a reduction in the amount of sodium consumed. How? Which foods have sodium? (8 Sep 2006)
  25. Where can I find material to help teach carbohydrate counting to a student with a first grade learning ability? (23 Aug 2006)
  26. What vaccinations should be given to a child with type 1 diabetes? Where can I find recipes suitable for a child with type 1? (9 Aug 2006)
  27. Tired of sugar free drinks, my son wants to drink regular beverages. Would this be okay? He takes insulin and counts carbohydrates. (1 Aug 2006)
  28. I allow my daughter to have sweets, especially at school and family functions. How much is too often? Will this affect her later in life? (6 Jul 2006)
  29. Can people with type 1 really eat whatever they want? What about weight gain? Can you explain when people with type 2 need insulin? (29 Jun 2006)
  30. My teen daughter drinks a lot of diet pop. Is it true this can make her insulin resistant? Could she be addicted to the pop? (27 Jun 2006)
  31. Do you subtract for each individual food of more than five grams of fiber or do you add the total grams of fiber in all the foods, even those with less than five grams? (26 Jun 2006)
  32. Where can I find books about proper diet which are appropriate for my granddaughter? (21 Jun 2006)
  33. Are there any web sites that have kid friendly meals for kids with insulin resistance? (18 Jun 2006)
  34. How can I lower my blood sugars and exercise after my upcoming surgery? What kind of diet should I follow? I will be in a cast for up to five months. (18 Jun 2006)
  35. Because she hates taking insulin, for dinner, my teen eats only vegetables and meat and exercises. Later, her blood sugar may be a bit elevated. Is this dangerous? (26 May 2006)
  36. Does lactose in milk cause an increase in blood sugar? (25 May 2006)
  37. My friend is on once a day metformin. Could she take it twice a day? What meal plan should she have for her work nights? She works three 12-hour night shifts. (15 May 2006)
  38. What are some healthy snacks of 12 to 15 grams of carbohydrates? I am looking for alternatives for two students, one of whom is allergic to peanuts. (12 May 2006)
  39. My son was recently diagnosed. Can he drink low sugar squash at any time or just at meal and snack times? (15 Apr 2006)
  40. If you eat a snack with fewer than five grams of carbohydrates, how long after that can you eat another similar snack and still not affect blood sugars? (13 Apr 2006)
  41. What are the true effects of aspartame? Is it safe to give a child? (3 Apr 2006)
  42. Can you suggest some healthy higher carbohydrate foods? I am looking for foods I can serve in smaller amounts and still get the proper number of carbohydrates. (28 Mar 2006)
  43. I am a school nurse with a first grader with type 1. With carbohydrate counting, can insulin be abused by allowing too many carbohydrates? (17 Mar 2006)
  44. My daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I haven't met with a dietitian yet. Can you tell me what types of foods she can and cannot have? (9 Mar 2006)
  45. I've always been a Diet Coke drinker because my mom has type 1. Does it really contain bad things? (7 Mar 2006)
  46. Where can I find a complete list of low glycemic foods? How bad is it if my son eats cereal every day? (6 Mar 2006)
  47. How do sugar alcohols affect your blood sugar and insulin requirements? Do you subtract the sugar alcohols? (5 Mar 2006)
  48. Since most fruits are higher in sugars/starches than most vegetables, why don't more nutritionists recommend vegetables with a low glycemic index instead? (1 Mar 2006)
  49. Is there a way to work out how much insulin I need to take? Calorie counting didn't work for me. (23 Feb 2006)
  50. I like to cook and bake for my family. Where can I find a reference book that lists ingredients as they are measured, e.g. 1 cup apple slices? (21 Feb 2006)
  51. My niece is overweight, but I know she needs to consume carbohydrates when she has a low blood sugar. How can I help her with her diet? (21 Feb 2006)
  52. Diagnosed in late December, my five year old is not eating much, unless it's considered a "treat." What do you suggest? (12 Feb 2006)
  53. Since his diagnosis a year ago, my nephew has been on a low carbohydrate diet and has not grown any. Is this related to his diet? (11 Feb 2006)
  54. What type of foods would you suggest as finger foods for a child who has diabetes and is just beginning to eat solid foods? (4 Feb 2006)
  55. It is hard to control my young daughter's blood sugars. She is always hungry. Is it okay to give extra insulin for extra food? (3 Feb 2006)
  56. Our friends have been told to let their newly diagnosed three year old choose her meals, then dose insulin accordingly. Can you explain this? (31 Jan 2006)
  57. Have any studies been done on the relationship between blood glucose and the glycemic index? Is the "a carb is a carb" philosophy changing? (30 Jan 2006)
  58. I just found out the my son's school has been giving him regular, not diabetic, trays at lunch. What are the possible damaging effects of this? (25 Jan 2006)
  59. What foods lower blood glucose? (23 Jan 2006)
  60. Are there low carbohydrate foods I could eat and not require a shot? I had site infections with a pump, so I take Lantus and fast-acting insulin. (21 Jan 2006)
  61. Due to highs and intermittent ketones, my daughter lost weight. Can you recommend foods with increased calories, but not extra carbohydrates? (18 Jan 2006)
  62. Are carb factors for American fruit and vegetables, such as potatoes and bread, the same as here in New Zealand? (17 Jan 2006)
  63. Where can I find books to help with meal planning for an adult recently diagnosed with type 1? (13 Jan 2006)
  64. Where can I get a list of "free foods" appropriate for a teenaged boy? (11 Jan 2006)
  65. I have taken pills and insulin for 12 years. I had classes on diabetes three times. Why did no one previously teach about the glycemic index? (7 Jan 2006)

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