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Meal Planning, Food and Diet from 2003

  1. What is your opinion about chromium? (31 Dec 2003)
  2. Is there a ball park figure for the amount of carbs to consume within a 24 hour time? (24 Dec 2003)
  3. My husband has diabetes and he likes peanut butter. Is there a particular kind he should use? (24 Dec 2003)
  4. My mother is visiting for Christmas and she has type 2 diabetes. Can she still eat things with sugar and chocolate in them? (22 Dec 2003)
  5. Her doctors said she can eat whatever she wants. I don't think this is healthy. Can you recommend a diet for her? (19 Dec 2003)
  6. I am a school guidance counselor, trying to help a 9-year-old boy understand good and bad food choices for himself. (17 Dec 2003)
  7. I've read a lot about the benefits of soy and soy-based products and understand that it's a good daily food source for diabetics. (17 Dec 2003)
  8. Are the carb counts on these labels accurate? Are these foods safe as an occasional snack for a growing teen? (24 Nov 2003)
  9. What happens to the blood sugar level when a couple of cookies are eaten? (24 Nov 2003)
  10. How is it possible to eat low fat with a high enough caloric intake and not have most of the food carb out? (19 Nov 2003)
  11. Are diabetic foods of any benefit to me? In what way are they of benefit to me? (10 Nov 2003)
  12. There seems to be no cause and effect with my daughter's glucose levels. Any suggestions? (10 Nov 2003)
  13. If it says 5% alcohol sugar, what is that? Should we avoid those as well? (6 Nov 2003)
  14. Does Isomalt (a sugar substitute) have an effect on blood glucose levels ? (6 Nov 2003)
  15. How do impact carbs impact blood sugar numbers? What are the benefits or downfalls of impact carbs? (4 Nov 2003)
  16. How soon does macaroni and cheese affect the blood sugar? (31 Oct 2003)
  17. My grandson had a cholesterol level of 201. Do you have anything to help me incorporate lower cholesterol foods into his diet? (29 Oct 2003)
  18. My son has diabetes, but his sister and I do not, so I am having a difficult time meal planning for my family. (29 Oct 2003)
  19. Should the school be giving parents a carb count on the meals that are served? (7 Oct 2003)
  20. My husband has finally decided to follow the carb total, and we need to know how many carbs he can have per day. (6 Oct 2003)
  21. I put my husband on a "controlled" carb diet. I would like your opinion as to whether I'm doing the right thing. (3 Oct 2003)
  22. A class at my school is planning a trip to the fair. Can you give me some tips on what to have and what not to have? (3 Oct 2003)
  23. Is there any place we can obtain a list of meal suggestions for a week at a time? (2 Oct 2003)
  24. Is there a general rule of thumb for counting carbs in low carb products? (29 Sep 2003)
  25. Can you also tell me why carbohydrates are so important? (26 Sep 2003)
  26. Can you suggest a good diet plan for a 22 year old who has had diabetes since she was 11? (20 Sep 2003)
  27. I am putting together a list of snacks that my son can have with the kids for his preschool. Could you give me some help? (16 Sep 2003)
  28. We spoke to a dietitian who said she can eat just about anything she wants which seems to me a bit absurd. (13 Sep 2003)
  29. Are there comparison graphs available for carbohydrates to show their relative breakdown periods? (12 Sep 2003)
  30. Are 140-160 grams of carb per day adequate for a seven year old? Do foods like macaroni and cheese affect blood sugar four to six hours later? (12 Sep 2003)
  31. Is the South Beach Diet appropriate for people with type 1 diabetes? (7 Sep 2003)
  32. I heard a doctor on the radio say that anyone with diabetes should never eat any food containing flour. Should this be a concern for us? (4 Sep 2003)
  33. Is there some kind of litmus paper or other device for detecting the amount of carbs or sugars in a food? (27 Aug 2003)
  34. My mother watches my niece after school and on weekends. Is there anything she can do to help her to lower her blood sugar? (25 Aug 2003)
  35. My son wants to be slim but seems unwilling to self-regulate eating. Is there a specific diet that could help? (24 Aug 2003)
  36. Is it okay to just keep food within the carb count for that meal or snack or is it necessary to stay clear from some things altogether? (21 Aug 2003)
  37. How do the sugar substitutes break down? (20 Aug 2003)
  38. In general, how does fresh fruit impact sugar level readings in terms of time and absorption? (19 Aug 2003)
  39. How many calories should a child who is a couch potato consume? (17 Aug 2003)
  40. Am I wasting my time creating ways to incorporate these low glycemic index foods into her diet, or will they really benefit my daughter? (15 Aug 2003)
  41. I am allergic to corn products. Could you tell me what to use to replace confectioner's sugar in recipes? (12 Aug 2003)
  42. Is there a website or book that could help us find some reliable answers on carbs? (5 Aug 2003)
  43. Is SoBe Tsunami safe to drink? What effect do these ingredients have on my son? (4 Aug 2003)
  44. Is there a website you are aware of that can calculate my recipes for nutritional values per serving? (4 Aug 2003)
  45. I have type 2 diabetes, treated with Glucophage. Is it okay to drink diet soda pop? Is there a limit on the quantity? (2 Aug 2003)
  46. I operate a restaurant and am looking at ways to enhance my dessert menu to accommodate people with diabetes. Can you help? (2 Aug 2003)
  47. What if there are no dietitians familiar with both diabetes and celiac disease where you live? What other resources are there? (2 Aug 2003)
  48. Could all these sweets possibly be the reason for my grandmother's lack of weight gain? (24 Jul 2003)
  49. Would it be safe for me to go on the Atkins' Diet? (22 Jul 2003)
  50. I have type 2 diabetes. Can I eat regular vanilla ice cream? (22 Jul 2003)
  51. Is the Food Guide Pyramid for someone with diabetes going to change? (21 Jul 2003)
  52. I'm curious as to whether the Splenda caused my blood sugar to go up. (21 Jul 2003)
  53. My wife, who has type 2 diabetes, gets cravings for candy about twice a week. I have had many arguments with her about this, but it does no good. She tells me things like, her blood sugar level is normal. What are the short- and long-term medical consequences of this kind of behaviour? (7 Jul 2003)
  54. I'm looking to buy a comprehensive list of food exchange values for common foods and fast food. (25 Jun 2003)
  55. Where can I find a list of foods and their glycemic index? (18 Jun 2003)
  56. Have you tested the DASH diet on people with diabetes? If so, what were the results? If not, do you feel I could make it work? (12 Jun 2003)
  57. I need to start my husband on a diet to help get is sugar level into a more normal range. (11 Jun 2003)
  58. I am very athletic, am trying to slim down a little bit, and I need help with food choices. What would the best food to eat? (8 Jun 2003)
  59. Is there a general guide as to how much one gram of carbohydrate raises a person's blood glucose level? (6 Jun 2003)
  60. I would like to find someone who can help me with meal planning or where I can obtain meal plans that are already made up. (5 Jun 2003)
  61. I have a student with diabetes who eats multiple food items throughout the class period which can be a distraction. (3 Jun 2003)
  62. It it is unclear how tagatose will affect blood glucose levels in a someone with type 1 diabetes. Do you have any information? (3 Jun 2003)
  63. Are there any foods my daughter can eat between meals besides vegetables? (31 May 2003)
  64. Is there a limit of the number of carbohydrates per day that I should allow my child? (31 May 2003)
  65. My five year old daughter appears to be overweight, so I am putting her on the diabetic diet. How many calories should she have? (29 May 2003)
  66. What kind of foods should I avoid? Is there such a thing as emotional diabetes? What is happening? (26 May 2003)
  67. Is there an insulin response after ingesting artificial sweeteners? (25 May 2003)
  68. Do you know where I can find nutritious and healthy free recipes for three to five old children? (24 May 2003)
  69. My three and a half year old daughter will hardly eat, and her blood sugar has been low lately. (16 May 2003)
  70. Why does the same amounts of calories result in substantial differences in the total amounts of blood sugar created? (8 May 2003)
  71. I am a teacher of an adolescent girl who uses an insulin pump, and I am concerned about she eats. (30 Apr 2003)
  72. Do I figure 4 grams or 36 grams of carb for every 35 jelly beans and cover for that? (28 Apr 2003)
  73. How much carb and protein do I give my six year old? (28 Apr 2003)
  74. Could you possibly provide suggestion or two as what to do about my nephew's diet? (26 Apr 2003)
  75. Is this diet supplement safe to take with my diabetes medications? (16 Apr 2003)
  76. Can people with type 1 diabetes use Somersweet (a sugar substitute made by Suzanne Sommers)? (14 Apr 2003)
  77. Is there a way to help with determine the effect of fat and when it turn into sugar? (13 Apr 2003)
  78. Can you please give me some pre-bed snack ideas for a picky four year old besides cheese and crackers and peanut butter? (10 Apr 2003)
  79. We need to find a meal by meal plan of what to eat. Can you help? (5 Apr 2003)
  80. My eight year old daughter who has type 1 diabetes seems to have lost her appetite, which makes things difficult and frustrating. (4 Apr 2003)
  81. My daughter, who has diabetes, was also diagnosed with celiac disease last week, and I can find no information about controlling both. (3 Apr 2003)
  82. I am 56 years old, I have type 2 diabetes, and I am on the Atkins' diet to lose weight. Is this diet okay, or should I change to low fat? (8 Mar 2003)
  83. My son is intolerant of phenylalamines so we are finding it near impossible to give him anything to drink except milk and water. (6 Mar 2003)
  84. I am wondering if breastfeeding is affecting my daughter's blood sugar levels. (6 Mar 2003)
  85. My son is particularly picky about his eating habits so it is very hard to manage his diet most of the time. (6 Mar 2003)
  86. If there is a type of heat resistant type sweetener on market I would like to compare blood sugar results. What is name of the new product? (3 Mar 2003)
  87. Could you please give me a diabetic food plan for 1,200 calories? (27 Feb 2003)
  88. The doctors seem to think my son needs nearly about five times of carb than I have read he needs. Where can I get more information? (22 Feb 2003)
  89. What alternatives can we offer the childre who have diabetes instead of the sweets that the rest of the class gets? (19 Feb 2003)
  90. I would like to recommend your "P-Balls" recipe to friends who are allergic to nuts. What else do you recommend they use? (17 Feb 2003)
  91. Is the low carb diet okay for a growing kid? Should we really be switching to another insulin? (15 Feb 2003)
  92. Would added protein shakes hurt my kidneys in any way? (14 Feb 2003)
  93. What type of high proteins foods can I give my daughter? (13 Feb 2003)
  94. Do you know which commercial fast food pizzerias might be healthier for someone with diabetes? (11 Feb 2003)
  95. I would like to know the carb content for a variety of after dinner liqueurs. (9 Feb 2003)
  96. Why are people on the Atkin's diet encouraged to enter into ketosis by not consuming any carbs for months. Why don't they get sick? (5 Feb 2003)
  97. Where can I find a diet menu for my 15 month old baby with type 1 diabetes? (5 Feb 2003)
  98. I am trying to find a program to load onto my Palm Pilot that will assist with carb counting. Do you know of any such program? (1 Feb 2003)
  99. I have a lot of things regarding low carbohydrate diets, but I am still confused. (24 Jan 2003)
  100. What is the maximum number of grams of sugar and carbohydrate I can consume in a day? (22 Jan 2003)
  101. I have type 2 diabetes and can control my sugar until I eat, but then it goes high. Any suggestions would be most helpful. (22 Jan 2003)
  102. How do the beans translate as a protein substitute? Are the measurements different if he uses them to replace meat in a meal? (21 Jan 2003)
  103. I went trick-or-treating yesterday. I am addicted to sweets, and I can't stop eating them. What should I do? (15 Jan 2003)
  104. Have you heard about a new sugar free chocolate for people with diabetes called," At Last" which supposedly does not have a laxative effect? (14 Jan 2003)
  105. I would like an idea of different food groups, food alternatives, and recipes for my two year old son when not in my care. (13 Jan 2003)
  106. What kinds of food can my father eat? What exactly is borderline diabetes? Can you please tell me the symptoms? (10 Jan 2003)
  107. It seems that insulin/carb ratios need to vary depending on glycemic index, and how much fat and protein are with each meal. (10 Jan 2003)
  108. I m interested in getting information on restaurants that list their nutritional data on the internet (10 Jan 2003)
  109. Is my local bartender mistaken or does fountain diet soda actually contain sugar? (7 Jan 2003)
  110. Is using the sucralose the same as using sugar? Will it cause blood sugar levels to rise? (4 Jan 2003)

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