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Meal Planning, Food and Diet from 2002

  1. I am 10 years old. How many carbohydrates can I have each day? I have four big servings and two snacks. (24 Dec 2002)
  2. I would like to know if there are any resources for ready-made foods for people with diabetes. (16 Dec 2002)
  3. Are there carbohydrates in cheese? (11 Dec 2002)
  4. Have you ever heard of a new rating called the "glycemic index" that tells you the effect that food will have on your blood sugar? (5 Dec 2002)
  5. Even though I am taking metformin, should I still be on a low-carb diet? (3 Dec 2002)
  6. Could you give me a meal plan for all three meals and snacks? (29 Nov 2002)
  7. I am wondering if the addition of a little cheese or peanut butter or eating more complex carbs would help even things out. (29 Nov 2002)
  8. The diet that the dietitian gave us leaving the hospital is to much! Can this be adjusted down to meet my daughter's needs? (27 Nov 2002)
  9. Are foods like chicken, hot dogs, hamburger, cheese and eggs considered free foods or do they need limitations? (27 Nov 2002)
  10. Is it all right to allow my child to eat sweets sometimes? (26 Nov 2002)
  11. What is the sugar content in different kinds of alcohol? Which kind of alcohol has the lowest sugar content in it? (25 Nov 2002)
  12. My sister's doctor told us that fructose is worse than sugar, and someone with diabetes should never use it. Was he wrong? (25 Nov 2002)
  13. I have heard there was a website where, if you type in a recipe, will provide the total carbohydrate per serving. (23 Nov 2002)
  14. I have type 2 diabetes, and would like to know which fruits I must avoid. (17 Nov 2002)
  15. My seven year old daughter is 20 pounds overweight, and I would like a diet plan to follow and incorporate into her lifestyle. (13 Nov 2002)
  16. The parents told us it didn't really matter how much this child eats, but and we are concerned. (4 Nov 2002)
  17. I have hypoglycemia, and I need to find out what types of food I can eat, what to stay away from, and recipes if possible. (30 Oct 2002)
  18. The dietitian talked about a calorie amount and fat intake for, but did not talk about how many carbs my daughter should have. (29 Oct 2002)
  19. Does my body need a certain amount of sugar? Do you have or know where I can get a list of low sugar foods to eat every day? (22 Oct 2002)
  20. Our father claims that he has been diagnosed with diabetes and believes that he can eat anything he wants anytime. (10 Oct 2002)
  21. I need to find a specific diet that I can follow for someone with borderline diabetes. (30 Sep 2002)
  22. Are lemons bad for someone with diabetes? (30 Sep 2002)
  23. What amount of carb does my son need every time he eats? (25 Sep 2002)
  24. At my last visit, my endocrinologist asked me to go on a no-carb diet. What is your opinion of a no-carb diet? (23 Sep 2002)
  25. Can me any information on pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and the Atkins' diet? (23 Sep 2002)
  26. Any suggestions as what my son can eat to help fill him up more? (3 Sep 2002)
  27. Any suggestions as what my son can eat to help fill him up more? (31 Aug 2002)
  28. Is there a list that includes what my grandfather can eat, including information about eating sweet stuff? (31 Aug 2002)
  29. I am trying to get some information about for what kind of food a five year old with diabetes can eat. (31 Aug 2002)
  30. Should we count sugar alcohols as carbs? (30 Aug 2002)
  31. Is my mother-in-law justified in saying that artificial sweeteners are harmful to my children (ages two and five)? (30 Aug 2002)
  32. What are the long term effects of having a poor diet, especially if you have diabetes? (28 Aug 2002)
  33. The Atkins' Diet would never advocate "Ketoacidosis" which is a possibly fatal condition! (28 Aug 2002)
  34. What is a safe level of cholesterol intake for my 15 year old son? (20 Aug 2002)
  35. Is there any evidence for the theory that eating rapidly-absorbed carbs somehow causes hunger? (19 Aug 2002)
  36. I need help with getting recipes for a 1500 calorie diet. Are there any free recipe books that you would know of? (19 Aug 2002)
  37. I have been told that Glucerna shakes/bars are meal replacement products for people with diabetes. Is this true? (18 Aug 2002)
  38. I can't find anything on diet for an elderly underweight person with type 2 diabetes. (18 Aug 2002)
  39. I heard of the Nova Diet for diabetes. which is supposed to help with blood sugars and also with losing weight (16 Aug 2002)
  40. We dose the insulin based upon the volume of the nectarine without consideration of the degree of sweetness/ripeness. (14 Aug 2002)
  41. What is a good web site to find a vegetarian diet for diabetes? (13 Aug 2002)
  42. I had a gastric bypass and recently was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and I'm not sure what type of diet to follow. Should I eat a low carb diet? (12 Aug 2002)
  43. What kind of foods can or can't I eat? (12 Aug 2002)
  44. What is an appropriate daily carb intake is for a person with type 2 diabetes? (6 Aug 2002)
  45. Is honey harmful for a person with diabetes? (5 Aug 2002)
  46. How important is the combination of foods eaten compared to the type/amount? (5 Aug 2002)
  47. I cannot find Doongara Rice, and I have checked many stores in my area. (31 Jul 2002)
  48. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and my blood sugars are high. Please advise me where I can get a good diet. (29 Jul 2002)
  49. My son is in his third month of having diabetes and is getting sick of eating all the time. (28 Jul 2002)
  50. What type of food, drinks or diet should my friend be on now? (27 Jul 2002)
  51. Is there a list of free foods I can get somewhere? (25 Jul 2002)
  52. Does the fact small carb portions quickly pack weight on suggest anything to you? (11 Jul 2002)
  53. How safe is aspartame? (9 Jul 2002)
  54. What computer software program do you recommend for recipes? (8 Jul 2002)
  55. I am looking for a recipe for brown sugar substitute. (8 Jul 2002)
  56. I have just been told that I have type 2 diabetes, and until take classes I would like to know how many carbs I can have. (6 Jul 2002)
  57. A child my son invited to his party was just diagnosed. We were going to roast hot dogs and have s-mores. Can the child have these? (4 Jul 2002)
  58. My dad has diabetes, but he lives in Africa, and I am worried about what he eats over there. (3 Jul 2002)
  59. My daughter has type 1, we're both vegetarians, and I am concerned because a friend told me that soy can cause thyroid problems. (3 Jul 2002)
  60. My daughter has hypoglycemia, and my insurance does not cover a dietitian. Would it be best for her to go to an endocrinologist? (3 Jul 2002)
  61. Where would we get the tools needed to help my brother manage his blood sugar with his diet? (2 Jul 2002)
  62. My seven year old, who has had diabetes less than six months, wants to eat constantly which is making everything much harder. (29 Jun 2002)
  63. My 16 month old daughter has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. What kind of a diet should she be on? (29 Jun 2002)
  64. Is the sugar gram count included in the carb count in foods? (29 Jun 2002)
  65. You often advise us to eat more fibre but what should I do, if I do not have enough enzymes (pancreatic and liver)? (25 Jun 2002)
  66. I am looking for good education materials about carbohydrate counting for an East Indian vegetarian diet. (21 Jun 2002)
  67. My friend and her niece who has diabetes will be visiting me soon, and I don't want her to feel left out when everyone else is snacking. (21 Jun 2002)
  68. My son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and his doctor has suggested a 2200 caloric diet. (20 Jun 2002)
  69. What is sugar alcohol? How will it affect my glucose levels? (8 Jun 2002)
  70. Where might I find a chart that lists types of food and the carbs that they contain for someone with insulin resistance? (29 May 2002)
  71. How would I manage my mother-in-law 's diet in order to reduce both the cholesterol and control her diabetes? (28 May 2002)
  72. When my seven year old daughter was diagnosed, she was advised by the hospital to stick to a low-fat diet. Are we being too vigilant about keeping fat-free? (15 May 2002)
  73. Can my daughter drink regular sodas and juice or use sugar as a sweetener for cereals if she counted them in her bolus calculations? (12 May 2002)
  74. Can people with diabetes drink coffee? (9 May 2002)
  75. Do you have any suggestions/ strategies for combating grazing? (5 May 2002)
  76. Is there any thing like, or any kind of, sugar-free orange juice? (29 Apr 2002)
  77. Is it okay to give a low (or no) carb meal when blood glucose is high instead of an extra insulin jab? (25 Apr 2002)
  78. I don't know how many grams of sugar or how many carbohydrates is an acceptable daily intake for my husband. (23 Apr 2002)
  79. What is the calorie count/carbohydrate count for a 75 pound 10 year old girl? (23 Apr 2002)
  80. I have newly diagnosed diabetes and am searching for the following information about food and exercise. (21 Apr 2002)
  81. Is Dr. Bernstein's diet really healthy? (20 Apr 2002)
  82. A co-worker said that she is not allowed to use Pam cooking spray or eat garlic because it will affect her diabetes. Any truth to this? (18 Apr 2002)
  83. Have you ever heard about the "Schwarzbein Principal" Diet? (17 Apr 2002)
  84. Can someone who has diabetes use honey as a sweetener since it is natural? (16 Apr 2002)
  85. What is the normal recommended carbohydrate intake for an adult male? (16 Apr 2002)
  86. I was wondering if anyone has any helpful hints for snacks for my seven year old. (14 Apr 2002)
  87. I just learned (and I do not hope this is true) that McDonald's and Burger King may sugar coat their french fries. (13 Apr 2002)
  88. Is there a diet that can help me and keep me from starving? (12 Apr 2002)
  89. What is the justification for putting a six year old, recently diagnosed child on a low fat diet? (9 Apr 2002)
  90. I just found out my two year old daughter has diabetes. What are some low carb foods? (8 Apr 2002)
  91. Is it normal for a person who is on a low carb diet or even not eating carbohydrates at all to have some ketones in his/her urine? What could be the side effects? (6 Apr 2002)
  92. Can you tell us how many carbohydrates my brother-in-law needs? (1 Apr 2002)
  93. Can we increase my son's intake of food as long as his blood sugar level and weight remain controlled? (29 Mar 2002)
  94. Could the higher fat foods be causing higher blood sugars? (29 Mar 2002)
  95. How does peanut butter fit into a meal plan for people with diabetes? Can someone with diabetes eat it without experiencing any problems? (26 Mar 2002)
  96. Please lead me to references that will explain the differences in the glycemic index for each type of food and why. (23 Mar 2002)
  97. I am a flight attendant who has just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and my problem is I am unable to eat regularly scheduled meals. What are some things I can carry with me on trips. (20 Mar 2002)
  98. Is there anything I can do to require the school to provide nutritional information ahead of time so that my son can eat what the other kids are eating? (20 Mar 2002)
  99. One of my friends told me that when you drink alcohol your blood sugars read high when they are actually low. Is this true? (17 Mar 2002)
  100. Where can I find information about a diet plan for my mother? (13 Mar 2002)
  101. What foods are low in fructose? (12 Mar 2002)
  102. I work with the Big Sister Organization, and my Little Sister has diabetes. Is there a general number of carbohydrates I should aim for when planning our days together? (12 Mar 2002)
  103. If my grandson needs more food, wouldn't it be better to allow him a few extra proteins rather than carbs which, of course, he often craves? (10 Mar 2002)
  104. Since the dietitian said that "a carb is a carb", my daughter is constantly wanting her snacks to be sweets even though all her blood sugars are high. (10 Mar 2002)
  105. How can we better support our daughter to be responsible with sweets in the same way she is with other foods? (9 Mar 2002)
  106. My 21 month old daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I am having trouble finding calorie intake and portion size information for her age. (8 Mar 2002)
  107. Where can my co-worker find information about a healthy sensible diet for her daughter which will keep her daughter's cholesterol level low? (8 Mar 2002)
  108. Should I be forcing myself to eat snacks when I don't want them? (7 Mar 2002)
  109. My son, who has type 1 diabetes, wants to go back to weight lifting and wants to start taking protein supplements to improve muscle building. Are they safe? (4 Mar 2002)
  110. Should I be forcing myself to eat snacks when I don't want them? (1 Mar 2002)
  111. I have been unable to find what a gram of carbohydrate converts to as glucose by the body. Could you tell please me? (28 Feb 2002)
  112. An educator said that if my son ever wanted an extra treat or something to just let him have it and correct later. Do you think this is okay to do once in a while or never? (20 Feb 2002)
  113. What will be the effect on blood glucose if I keep a teaspoonful of sugar in my mouth for sometime and then spit it out (not swallowing at all)? (19 Feb 2002)
  114. My 15 year old daughter weighs 208 pounds and was placed on a 1800 calorie diet, but I have no menus to go by and no idea how to plan meals for her. (19 Feb 2002)
  115. I believe my three year old daughter has type 1 diabetes in the honeymoon stage right now, but I want to get her on her diet because I know how critical this is. (19 Feb 2002)
  116. When my three year old daughter eats her bedtime snack, is it important that she go right to bed afterward, if she doesn't get too active? (18 Feb 2002)
  117. Is it all right to feed Fruit Loops, Hi C, ice cream, bologna sandwiches with mayo, chips, fruit roll ups, etc. to a child with diabetes? (18 Feb 2002)
  118. I see a lot of sugarfree items with sugar alcohol. Can you please tell me what it is? Is it safe for people with diabetes? (18 Feb 2002)
  119. What are some good snack options that will not increase blood sugars? What are some good options to help during hypoglycemia? (17 Feb 2002)
  120. I am looking for a list of foods which contain no carbohydrates, if there is such a list. (17 Feb 2002)
  121. I would like to know what kinds of foods to eat that will lower my blood sugar and my A1c test. (15 Feb 2002)
  122. I have noticed that 20- 30 minutes after eating a meal rich in sweets, my blood sugar goes up and then drops. (12 Feb 2002)
  123. Is there any way that I can make my 86 year old grandfather a shake and still stay within his diet? (12 Feb 2002)
  124. I need help in finding a 1800 calorie diet for my mom, who has diabetes and has just been diagnosed with heart disease (2 Feb 2002)
  125. I want to know the time it will take to become hypoglycemic after eating high versus low glycemic foods. (2 Feb 2002)
  126. My husband thinks he can eat what he wants as long as the Glucovance keeps his levels down. I say no. Who is right? (27 Jan 2002)
  127. Which of the following fruits, vegetables and grains should a person with diabetes not eat on a daily basis? (22 Jan 2002)
  128. How can I incorporate soy products and other health foods into a diet for diabetes? How do I figure the portion sizes or substitutions? (22 Jan 2002)
  129. Does drinking coffee cause any adverse effects to people with type 2 diabetes? (21 Jan 2002)
  130. I am the chef/food service manager for a camp which will be hosting a session for children with diabetes, and I need some sample menus. (21 Jan 2002)
  131. Can Crystal Light cause constipation and dehydration? (20 Jan 2002)
  132. What categories do natural sweet corn and sugar cane come under in the food pyramid? Should my mother avoid such foods? (20 Jan 2002)
  133. My 51 year old mother-in-law drinks four to five cans a day of soda pop, and her sugar level is not being controlled. (16 Jan 2002)
  134. My pop, who has type 2 diabetes, is coming to stay with me. What foods should we should not have in the house? (14 Jan 2002)
  135. I am a 68 year old, overweight white female who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a year ago. What are the real benefits of weight loss? (14 Jan 2002)
  136. My 79 year old father-in-law, who had a heart attack, was told he had diabetes and needed to go on an 1800 diabetic diet and lose weight or die. Can you help me find such a diet? (14 Jan 2002)
  137. Can you give me a planned diet to follow of what I can and cannot eat? (13 Jan 2002)
  138. Are diet soda and diet chocolate better for my wife? (12 Jan 2002)
  139. Are the warnings valid enough for saccharin and aspartame to be limited in a diet for someone with diabetes? (12 Jan 2002)
  140. My doctor told me to try a diabetic diet, but all he gave me were a bunch of charts, and I need examples. (12 Jan 2002)
  141. I need a three day menu plan for a 20 year old female, who is 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighs 150 pounds, and has type 2 diabetes. (12 Jan 2002)
  142. Will it make a difference if the diet for diabetes and the one for hypertension are combined? (12 Jan 2002)
  143. I have type 2 diabetes and four to five fruits a day shoot my blood sugar levels higher. What is your advice regarding fruit for diabetes? (11 Jan 2002)
  144. I would like to know more about the meal planning for a 34 year old who has just been told that she has type 2 diabetes. Where would eggs go on that meal plan? (11 Jan 2002)
  145. My husband enjoys the sugar free cookies, but we are concerned about the sugar alcohol that is listed on the ingredients. What is this? (11 Jan 2002)
  146. I have had diabetes for six years and have not been eating the right foods so I would like to know more about diets for myself. (9 Jan 2002)
  147. My seven year old has diabetes, and the school personnel say I'm medically neglecting my child because I fed her waffles for breakfast one morning. (9 Jan 2002)
  148. I'm concerned that the diet for diabetes and cystic fibrosis will not work together. Any suggestions? (6 Jan 2002)

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