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Meal Planning, Food and Diet from 2001

  1. Can you give me a planned diet to follow of what I can and cannot eat? (13 Jan 2002)
  2. Are diet soda and diet chocolate better for my wife? (12 Jan 2002)
  3. Are the warnings valid enough for saccharin and aspartame to be limited in a diet for someone with diabetes? (12 Jan 2002)
  4. My doctor told me to try a diabetic diet, but all he gave me were a bunch of charts, and I need examples. (12 Jan 2002)
  5. I need a three day menu plan for a 20 year old female, who is 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighs 150 pounds, and has type 2 diabetes. (12 Jan 2002)
  6. Will it make a difference if the diet for diabetes and the one for hypertension are combined? (12 Jan 2002)
  7. I have type 2 diabetes and four to five fruits a day shoot my blood sugar levels higher. What is your advice regarding fruit for diabetes? (11 Jan 2002)
  8. I would like to know more about the meal planning for a 34 year old who has just been told that she has type 2 diabetes. Where would eggs go on that meal plan? (11 Jan 2002)
  9. My husband enjoys the sugar free cookies, but we are concerned about the sugar alcohol that is listed on the ingredients. What is this? (11 Jan 2002)
  10. I have had diabetes for six years and have not been eating the right foods so I would like to know more about diets for myself. (9 Jan 2002)
  11. My seven year old has diabetes, and the school personnel say I'm medically neglecting my child because I fed her waffles for breakfast one morning. (9 Jan 2002)
  12. I'm concerned that the diet for diabetes and cystic fibrosis will not work together. Any suggestions? (6 Jan 2002)
  13. I use the carbohydrate counting method when planning my meals, and I would really like to switch over to the sweetened products. (29 Dec 2001)
  14. Can people with diabetes could consume products with sugar alcohol? (21 Dec 2001)
  15. I would like to know if fructose really prevents lows at night. Is it safe? Why it isn't more commonly used? (20 Dec 2001)
  16. Where can I buy brown sugar substitute for baking? (16 Dec 2001)
  17. Is each piece of fruit more than 3 grams? Is one piece of chicken (example: a chicken leg) considered to be 1 ounce? (15 Dec 2001)
  18. My son is almost seven, and there is diabetes is on his maternal side so I refuse to let him have sugar snacks or drinks (14 Dec 2001)
  19. Do you know how many carbohydrates are in two ounces of breast milk? (14 Dec 2001)
  20. My pharmacist said that it was ok ay for a person with diabetes to consume as much sugar alcohol as she/he wanted, but I am still skeptical. (14 Dec 2001)
  21. My son has type 1 diabetes, and I would like a list to help with my carbohydrate counting. Can you please give me some sites that I can visit? (11 Dec 2001)
  22. My 83 year old father has had type 2 diabetes treated with glyburide for three months as a result of cancer (not terminal) and needs to regain 30 pounds. (28 Nov 2001)
  23. What is it about dark-coloured diet pop and artificial sweeteners that makes ithem dangerous for people with diabetes to drink? (19 Nov 2001)
  24. My obstetrician is recommending a diet that seems extreme. (18 Nov 2001)
  25. I think a low carb zone diet (40% carbs, 30% fat, 30% protein) for kids controls blood sugars is a lot better. (16 Nov 2001)
  26. Has any research been done on the effect of growth hormones in animals which are consumed by people with diabetes? (15 Nov 2001)
  27. My son, just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, still tells me he wants sweet things. Please tell me what ingredients I should use in place of the proper ones. (13 Nov 2001)
  28. My husband had his second stroke, and they detected diabetes. This is a new world for me, and I need to find information on what he can have to eat. (12 Nov 2001)
  29. Could you at least let me know what breakfast foods are no-no's for people with diabetes? Is there a chart for breakfast food I can get my hands on? (2 Nov 2001)
  30. What are the percentages of carbohydrates, protein, and amount of sugar guidelines? Also what are normal values for glucose and hemoglobin A1c? (28 Oct 2001)
  31. I have a really hard time teaching my four and a half year old son the importance of eating all the food I serve him. (16 Oct 2001)
  32. We are planning a trip to Club Med with our son who has type 1 diabetes and need some advice about how to handle meals and snacks at an all-inclusive resort. (13 Oct 2001)
  33. Why is it that in America, you measure the protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit? (4 Oct 2001)
  34. How can I change my husband's diet to help with the cholesterol and diabetes? (3 Oct 2001)
  35. Is there something I could do to continue on a low carb diet, without producing ketones? (24 Sep 2001)
  36. Could you give me some neat ideas for breakfast that might really make my seven year old granddaughter want to eat faster? (18 Sep 2001)
  37. How far apart should meals and snacks be spaced? (17 Sep 2001)
  38. My son was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and, even though he is eating well, sometimes he still gets hungry between meals. What are some good snack ideas for him? (17 Sep 2001)
  39. I must lose weight, and I need to know what foods I should keep away from because I get very confused. (17 Sep 2001)
  40. My 11 year old son has had type 1 diabetes for eight months and is using a pump with good control in general, but we struggle to bolus correctly for high fat meals. (13 Sep 2001)
  41. Are there any research data on the effects of salmon on people with type 1 diabetes? (11 Sep 2001)
  42. I know that a serving of Coco Puffs has approximately the same number of carbs as a serving of Cheerios or a couple of waffles. Is one better for my daughter than the other and why? (11 Sep 2001)
  43. I was wondering about the effects on blood sugars due to alcohol and other drugs. (11 Sep 2001)
  44. I have type 1 diabetes, and I love dry white and dry red wine. Are the long term effects of alcohol going to be more serious than for someone who doesn't have diabetes? (5 Sep 2001)
  45. How does alcohol intake affect blood sugars? (30 Aug 2001)
  46. I am leaving for college in two weeks. Could I safely have four beers at night? (26 Aug 2001)
  47. Can you please tell me why coffee raises my blood sugar 35-50 mg/dl [1.9-2.7 mmol/L]? (21 Aug 2001)
  48. How moderately can I drink if I keep my blood sugars in check? (13 Aug 2001)
  49. Do you know of any programs for Palm Pilots specifically for carb counting? (10 Aug 2001)
  50. Are there detailed lists available for foods that show serving size and grams of carbs? (6 Aug 2001)
  51. I work for a company that is putting on a Carnival/Fun Fair for children with diabetes, so I would like to get a few suggestions for foods and snacks. (29 Jul 2001)
  52. Aren't these food choices empty? (27 Jul 2001)
  53. I am concerned about the erratic effect alcohol has on my wife snd need to know whether this problem is related to her diabetes. (26 Jul 2001)
  54. Does this mean that the sugar count does not really matter as long as the carbohydrates are the same? (25 Jul 2001)
  55. If a middle aged man with type 2 diabetes were to not eat for a day would it cause acidosis? (25 Jul 2001)
  56. How concerned should I be about my husband's beer intake? (25 Jul 2001)
  57. read a recent article that said that it may be very dangerous for people with diabetes to fast. (23 Jul 2001)
  58. Do you think at this point I should switch to counting carbs rather than calories? (11 Jul 2001)
  59. We are going to Switzerland, and I would like information about the food labelling system there. (9 Jul 2001)
  60. Is there a way to fast and still keep my blood sugars relatively in range? (7 Jul 2001)
  61. Why are diet sodas bad for you? (4 Jul 2001)
  62. I am searching for software that can assist me in identifying and monitoring my diet and food consumption. (30 Jun 2001)
  63. One of our kids who has diabetes is on a low carb diet. What kind of snacks can she have? (29 Jun 2001)
  64. One of our kids who has diabetes is on a low carb diet. What kind of snacks can she have? (29 Jun 2001)
  65. Is it true that with the pump you have the freedom to eat like someone without diabetes? (29 Jun 2001)
  66. Why are some types of foods beneficial to blood sugar stability? (28 Jun 2001)
  67. What type of snacks including drinks should I give a five year old with diabetes? (28 Jun 2001)
  68. We have a boy scout troop, and have just gotten three 11 year old boys who have hypoglycemia and no helpful information about how to fed them. (28 Jun 2001)
  69. My seven year old daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. Can you supply me with information as to what she can eat? (27 Jun 2001)
  70. Can you tell me how many servings of meats, fats, milks, starches, vegetables, and fruits I can have on a 2000 calorie diabetic diet? (27 Jun 2001)
  71. . Is there a 1800 calorie diet that would be good for a teen? (27 Jun 2001)
  72. If I were to drink anything, should I take insulin before or after or at all? Should I eat before I drink? What is the safest beverage to drink? (20 Jun 2001)
  73. Do I treat soy milk as equal to cow's milk with regard to food exchanges? (18 Jun 2001)
  74. I started a diet which consists of mostly chef salads, and my sugar level drops way to low. What am I doing wrong? (13 Jun 2001)
  75. Because he is nearing the teenage stage, does my son need more carbohydrates? (11 Jun 2001)
  76. If a label on a jar states "dietetic", is this suitable for diabetics? The two terms are confusing. (7 Jun 2001)
  77. Is dietary fiber converted to glucose like other carbohydrates, or does it pass through undigested? (22 May 2001)
  78. What special factors are associated with the diet for children with diabetes? (22 May 2001)
  79. I would like to continue on the gestational diabetes meal plan, but would like to know how to cut out some of the calories. (22 May 2001)
  80. Is it okay for my son to go on the gluten free diet with my daughter since he doesn't have celiac disease? (11 May 2001)
  81. My eight year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three months ago, and now he has started not eating and will not eat at times. (7 May 2001)
  82. Is this a common side effect to a large dose of the sugar-free candy? (25 Apr 2001)
  83. Can anyone help me find recipes to make this easier and a little less frustrating? (18 Apr 2001)
  84. Carbohydrate counting, that you claim is easier and better, is actually the same as has been being practiced for years. (17 Apr 2001)
  85. I'm finding that my postprandial readings are usually in my target range, but, if I eat a snack, my readings are high before meals. (16 Apr 2001)
  86. Is the Weight Watchers plan using the point system good for people with diabetes? (11 Apr 2001)
  87. Is there an RDI for diabetes to keep track of the food they eat? Is there a difference in RDI between type 1 and type 2 two diabetes? (11 Apr 2001)
  88. What snacks can I eat between meals that won't significantly influence my blood sugar yet still satisfy my desire to nibble on something? (10 Apr 2001)
  89. It's hard for my father to find right things to eat; everything is either not good for him because of his diabetes or because of his heart trouble. (10 Apr 2001)
  90. I would like to know more about the ingredient hydrogenated starch hydrolysate and its effect on diabetes (or on the body in general!). (9 Apr 2001)
  91. Is there still a limit on the amount of sugar per serving? (5 Apr 2001)
  92. Why is it that the diabetes nutrition advisors are pushing dangerous sweetener alternatives instead of educating people about the sweet herb Stevia? (3 Apr 2001)
  93. Is there any healthy way to do a one to three day water-only fast? (2 Apr 2001)
  94. I'm looking to provide a diabetic wedding cake for a number of guests who have either type 1 or 2 diabetes. Could you give me any ideas? (2 Apr 2001)
  95. How do the manufacturers get away with artificial sweeteners have zero calories when they contain maltodextrin? (27 Mar 2001)
  96. My eight year old daughter was diagnosed five months ago, and she is never hungry. How can I get her to eat when she has to and to eat more food? (22 Mar 2001)
  97. Where can I find a full listing of the glycaemic index? (22 Mar 2001)
  98. Can you suggest other bedtime snacks to help prevent the lows in the night? (22 Mar 2001)
  99. What type of vitamins should a 14 year old and a 10 year old with diabetes take to get the appropriate amount they need each day? (21 Mar 2001)
  100. My son's mom believes that abnormal highs and/or lows after he stays with me are caused by frozen foods that I sometimes prepare for him. (21 Mar 2001)
  101. My 65 year old grandfather, who is a strict vegetarian and has NIDDM, needs a general diet chart. Please give some tips. (19 Mar 2001)
  102. My 12 year old son has borderline diabetes. I'm really not sure what his diet should consist of. (3 Mar 2001)
  103. My mother has taken to not eating and has lost a lot of weight. We live far apart, and I can't get to her dietitian to get some advice. Can you help? (1 Mar 2001)
  104. Does it matter how many carbohydrates my granddaughter has? Is Splenda (sugar substitute) okay? (25 Feb 2001)
  105. What is the best way to teach a four year old to make wise food choices? (24 Feb 2001)
  106. We need help in establishing an appropriate diet of required portions for our 15 year old daughter. (24 Feb 2001)
  107. Would I be better off giving my three and one-half year old daughter regular soda or diet soda? I am afraid both ways. (22 Feb 2001)
  108. I am trying to develop a set of simple, everyday menus for a 16 year old, African-American student recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. (22 Feb 2001)
  109. I daycare a child who is two and one-half years old and has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. What kinds of foods can I give? (21 Feb 2001)
  110. The doctor thinks that my six year old's sugar level is dropping and wants us to control this with diet. I need help with a meal plan. (19 Feb 2001)
  111. According to the ADA, what should the caloric intake be for a 20 year male, weighing 177 pounds? I had a guess it might be 2500 calories. (19 Feb 2001)
  112. Any suggestions on how to get my five year old to eat more or is there another diet control method? (19 Feb 2001)
  113. My nine year old son knows what he can have, but he is always sneaking sweets, especially at school. (18 Feb 2001)
  114. My seven year old daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I am confused to how many sugar free items she is allowed. (18 Feb 2001)
  115. My brother's girlfriend has diabetes, celiac disease, ADD, thyroid problems, and takes MAOI inhibitors. What sort of foods should I buy? (15 Feb 2001)
  116. Sometimes, my parents' friend comes over to eat, and no one knows what he should eat. (14 Feb 2001)
  117. Is there an Accepted Daily Intake (ADI) for sucralose? What is the ADI for sugar? Why is there an ADI? (13 Feb 2001)
  118. I have type 2 diabetes and as of yet, my 108 pound six year old does not it, but I would like to place him on a "lifestyle change diet". (9 Feb 2001)
  119. I read that the digestion of the dinner meal takes substantially longer than other meals and that insulin resistance at dinnertime is about double. (7 Feb 2001)
  120. We are looking for a recipe to make Glucerna ourselves or suggestions as to where we might obtain it at discounted prices. (3 Feb 2001)
  121. At what rate or the time does it take for proteins to digest into carbohydrates? (2 Feb 2001)
  122. Is the acceptable daily intake of sucralose 15mg/kg or 5 mg/kg of body weight? (1 Feb 2001)
  123. I am seven months pregnant and have diabetes. What is the type of food and fruits I should eat? (1 Feb 2001)
  124. My five year old son is always hungry, but is limited to a 1500 calorie diet. Can you please help me? (24 Jan 2001)
  125. I am still uncertain what to eat, when I "crash". Can you tell me? (22 Jan 2001)
  126. I have gestational diabetes, controlled by diet. Is there something I can change in my evening snack to avoid such high fasting numbers? (22 Jan 2001)
  127. I have been diagnosed with diabetes. Please let me know the carbohydrate counts I can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (19 Jan 2001)
  128. Is this level high enough to take oral medication? The doctor told me to eat no sugars. What would happen if I did? (19 Jan 2001)
  129. How many food exchanges are you allowed in a day for a person with newly diagnosed type 2? (18 Jan 2001)
  130. Are there any books out that tell someone how many carbs, fats and sugars, and the amount of sodium a person with diabetes can have at each meal? (17 Jan 2001)
  131. I am a 12 year old who was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I have some food questions. (16 Jan 2001)
  132. I am 13 years old and, I am gradually adjusting to the carbo counting, and the certain restrictions. Could you tell me some free foods? (16 Jan 2001)
  133. What exactly is maltodextrin? Is it a natural product and how is it produced? Does it affect blood sugar levels? (15 Jan 2001)
  134. I am a true believer in nutritional support and feel that a dairy free diet (for our whole family ) would be very beneficial. (5 Jan 2001)
  135. Would having my daughter eat or drink something high fat or high protein immediately before her meal slow her glucose absorption? (4 Jan 2001)
  136. Recently, I've started consuming sugar-free items. What precautions should I take? Are they really harmful? (1 Jan 2001)

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