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Meal Planning, Food and Diet from 2000

  1. Are there any supplements I can take without sacrificing my health diabetes wise? (26 Dec 2000)
  2. Lately my diabetes has gone a little out of control. I am looking for a "Do and Don't" list of foods for a person with diabetes. (20 Dec 2000)
  3. If my son wants to eat birthday cake and ice cream in addition to dinner, how can we determine about how much his blood sugar will go up? (19 Dec 2000)
  4. My family doctor has recommended a glucagon-free diet. Does this mean my son could have diabetes? (19 Dec 2000)
  5. Is there a ball park figure for the amount of carb for a 19 year old who weighs 160 pounds? (15 Dec 2000)
  6. Is there a recipe for icing that does not contain sugar? (13 Dec 2000)
  7. Carbonated drinks have been implicated in bone demineralization. If this is so, perhaps we should not be pushing diet sodas for people with diabetes. (7 Dec 2000)
  8. What fruits and veggies are not acceptable for people with diabetes? (1 Dec 2000)
  9. Is there a food guide for people with diabetes that gives serving sizes and amounts? (1 Dec 2000)
  10. If insulin brings the sugar level down then why can't my daughter eat whatever she wants (like candy) and just take more insulin? (1 Dec 2000)
  11. I would like to know what fruits and vegetables a person with diabetes cannot have because they are loaded with sugar. (30 Nov 2000)
  12. Could you please list all foods with no carbohydrates? (29 Nov 2000)
  13. My two year old isn't old enough to understand why the other kids are eating goodies and she can't. Do you have any tips on surviving the holidays? (28 Nov 2000)
  14. My 14 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with high blood sugar, and she is 50 pounds overweight. What types of food she should be eating? (27 Nov 2000)
  15. The doctor said that my husband was to no longer have carbohydrates, and he is to eat every two to three hours. Where can I locate a diet with some realistic food directives? (26 Nov 2000)
  16. Since diabetes leads to heart disease, why do recipes use fat when it could be substituted for or totally omitted? (26 Nov 2000)
  17. How many "sugar-free" type foods should be incorporated into an eight year old's daily diet? (22 Nov 2000)
  18. I am looking for a food list and diet sample to go by. I do not know anything about proper diet for a child. (22 Nov 2000)
  19. I recently started carb counting, and I am looking for a software package. (20 Nov 2000)
  20. My doctor told me to start a low carb diet, but didn't give me any help with it. Can you give me a food list for a low carb diet? (20 Nov 2000)
  21. What diet does my duaghter need to follow her so that the levels remain under control? Is it possible to avoid insulin and give pills? (17 Nov 2000)
  22. What diet does my daughter need to follow her so that the levels remain under control? Is it possible to avoid insulin and give pills? (14 Nov 2000)
  23. Does my child, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four years ago, need to watch his sodium intake? (14 Nov 2000)
  24. My daughter's pediatric endocrinologist feels that it is fine to have sugar. What is your opinion on this matter? (13 Nov 2000)
  25. Today my son's noon reading was high, and his mother it was because I fed him the frozen foods. Is there validity in this concern? (11 Nov 2000)
  26. In the long run, are diet drinks for children and adults with diabetes bad? (11 Nov 2000)
  27. My three year old's team has told me to "get the carbs in" even if it means giving her candy or pop. This doesn't seem to be right. (9 Nov 2000)
  28. After talking with her orthodontist, our typical "fun" low carb foods, such as popcorn, peanuts, almonds and pretzels, will not be allowed. (2 Nov 2000)
  29. Food labels list dietary fibers, sugar, and sugar alcohols. Should I treat the grams in the sugar-alcohol like the sugar grams? (30 Oct 2000)
  30. How can I best prepare a Halloween punch called Witches' Brew so that all clients can enjoy? (24 Oct 2000)
  31. I am taking honey every day during breakfast. Is it harmful to me? Can it cause diabetes? (23 Oct 2000)
  32. What artificial sweeteners are okay for use during pregnancy and what amount is safe? (22 Oct 2000)
  33. Will there ever be a diet to cure diabetes like the one they have for epilepsy? (17 Oct 2000)
  34. I am 35 years old and in my third trimester of pregnancy. Is it safe to use "Equal" and if so how much? (17 Oct 2000)
  35. Her mother consistently counts the about of "carbs" she can have at each snack and meal, but I feel like she is not getting enough "real food". (16 Oct 2000)
  36. We follow a no fat, plenty of low glycemic index carbohydrate diet. Is this correct? (15 Oct 2000)
  37. I've read that alcohol can lower your blood sugar, and I don't understand how this works. (14 Oct 2000)
  38. I have gestational diabetes. What would happen to me and/or my baby if I do not follow my diet strictly? (14 Oct 2000)
  39. My blood sugar drops after taking amino acid supplements. Is this common? (14 Oct 2000)
  40. Now that she has all her weight back, she is back to her, "I'm not hungry, I don't want to eat" habits. (12 Oct 2000)
  41. I thought the point of counting carbs was the flexibility it gives, and that if I keep the carbs within the specified range, my daughter could have variety. (12 Oct 2000)
  42. I am a 17 year old who is at high risk of getting diabetes. What should my diet consist of? (10 Oct 2000)
  43. I have recently just been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and I don't know what kind of diet I am supposed to be on. (10 Oct 2000)
  44. How do I do a carb count? (8 Oct 2000)
  45. My six year old son's best friend was diagnosed with type 1. Where can I find information on a good diet plan for when he comes for overnight visits? (8 Oct 2000)
  46. What foods are slowly absorbed so as not to spike blood sugar levels for a middle-aged person with type 1 diabetes? (8 Oct 2000)
  47. What do I do about a picky eater? (6 Oct 2000)
  48. What foods are slowly absorbed so as not to spike blood sugar levels for a middle-aged person with type 1 diabetes? (5 Oct 2000)
  49. We are having a hard time getting her glucose reading under control. Most of quick foods that can be given to her for snacks contain carbohydrates. (4 Oct 2000)
  50. Are these jams suitable for people with diabetes? Is a jam made with sorbitol better ? (3 Oct 2000)
  51. She is on a strict doctor's diet of no salt, no fat, and no sugar and must lose 150 pounds to continue to live. Nothing tastes good or is appealing. (2 Oct 2000)
  52. Could it be night terrors? Can you advise us as to what might have happened? Is it possible to go into a diabetic coma and then rebound on your own? (2 Oct 2000)
  53. Lately, my 11 year old has been sneaking a lot of food and regular soft drinks. Her last HbA1c was 9.2%, and I'm really worried. (1 Oct 2000)
  54. What is a general diet for an active nine year old who weighs 62 pounds? (1 Oct 2000)
  55. Would nutrition bars such as Glucerna and Extend would be helpful in maintaining her blood sugar level if she eats a bar as a bedtime snack? (30 Sep 2000)
  56. Is there any organization that would be able to work out a diet for my son over the Internet, if I gave them all the pertinent information? (20 Sep 2000)
  57. I have had diabetes for 30 years now and never experienced any problems most associated with diabetes. I never followed any special diet. (20 Sep 2000)
  58. Can diet sodas increase blood sugar? When travelling, what is the best way to keep insulins from getting warm? (16 Sep 2000)
  59. Is it normal for all children with diabetes to have to eat a lot? (15 Sep 2000)
  60. What are the benefits of giving large quantities of carbohydrate and increasing insulin to give the pancreas "rest"? (15 Sep 2000)
  61. "Diabetes Solution" by Dr. Richard Bernstein intrigues me. I would like your opinion on his theory. (27 Aug 2000)
  62. How do I cook meals that are both healthy for me and tasteful for my fiance? (26 Aug 2000)
  63. Our two year old child is still breastfeeding. We are wondering how to judge the effect of this on his diet and insulin. (20 Aug 2000)
  64. I have diabetes and I am a vegetarian. My cholesterol is high. I need a vegetarian menu. (18 Aug 2000)
  65. I have heard about endocrinologist who has developed a "new" idea of a diet for people with diabetes. Could you give me any more information on this? (15 Aug 2000)
  66. Our 18 month old child is a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, and likes avocados. How much carb and protein do they contain? (15 Aug 2000)
  67. Is there a place I can surf to or have them send me some info on meals and snacks? (9 Aug 2000)
  68. I am a 16 year old with a tough problem. What are good bedtime snacks for a growing kid like me? (6 Aug 2000)
  69. We are looking for age-appropriate eating patterns documentation. Do you have a document or know of a resource to obtain this information? (4 Aug 2000)
  70. Is this a recognized diabetic diet? What is your response to my questions and observations? (31 Jul 2000)
  71. I have a 5 year old son with reactive hypoglycemia. A dietitian designed a "diabetic diet" for him. The problem is that it is not working. (28 Jul 2000)
  72. The school says that they need her diet broken down into ounces. I am not sure how to do that. (27 Jul 2000)
  73. What kind of foods are good to eat while being pregnant? What should you stay away from? (27 Jul 2000)
  74. Can you tell me if creatine is dangerous for a 64 year old male body builder? (26 Jul 2000)
  75. What is the effect of diet cola on pregnancy? How much caffeine should you consume? (26 Jul 2000)
  76. What suggestions do you have for good and yummy nighttime snacks to prevent nighttime lows? (24 Jul 2000)
  77. He was on vitamins before, should he keep taking them? (24 Jul 2000)
  78. Is anyone familiar with the positives and negatives of giving my son these gluconutrients? (23 Jul 2000)
  79. We use a lot of fructose in my daughter's meal plan. What are the long term effects on the eyes? (23 Jul 2000)
  80. I need ideas on what are "free foods" and what determines them as "free foods". (21 Jul 2000)
  81. My 6 year old daughter have been recently diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. Please can you help me? (20 Jul 2000)
  82. My son is 8 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He was on vitamins before. Should he keep taking them or what other foods have those same vitamins in them? (20 Jul 2000)
  83. Besides children's vitamins, are there any other supplements you would recommend? (6 Jul 2000)
  84. My son is on the ketogenic diet; he has been for 3 years. We chose the diet as treatment for seizures. (5 Jul 2000)
  85. Do you have any knowledge of any diabetologists who treat Type 1 diabetics who are also vegans? (3 Jul 2000)
  86. I have been reading up on aspartame. Is it possible this is hurting him? (3 Jul 2000)
  87. I am a 20 year old type 1 diabetic. I want to know if the Atkins (high protein) diet is safe. (1 Jul 2000)
  88. My son was diagnosed with islet cell hyperplasia at 18 months. Is there a diet that would benefit him? (1 Jul 2000)
  89. My daughter has complained of numbness and tingling in the soles of her feet that comes and goes. (23 Jun 2000)
  90. My three year old son frequently goes below 100. What are the best complex carb snacks to give him? (23 Jun 2000)
  91. Is there a scale to determine how much a given calorie intake will raise the blood sugar in mg/dl? (23 Jun 2000)
  92. I would like to purchase some sucralose. Do you know where it can be purchased? (19 Jun 2000)
  93. I would like to know if there is any problem if I give her fructose. (19 Jun 2000)
  94. What is the difference between semolina pasta and regular pasta? (19 Jun 2000)
  95. My granddaughter was diagnosed last week. Since then, her eating habits are not what they should be. (19 Jun 2000)
  96. His wife is having trouble with planning his breakfasts. He is not supposed to have protein very often. (18 Jun 2000)
  97. My stepson has hypoglycemia. Do you have any suggestions for the types of food he should order from fast food restaurants? (18 Jun 2000)
  98. I have heard that one factor that can help us in determining the heredity in diabetes is the HLA DR type. (15 Jun 2000)
  99. Why can't I add uncooked cornstarch to my own foods to keep the level up, 5 to 6 hours later? (5 Jun 2000)
  100. I was wondering if you could please mail me a reference sheet with a variety of foods and their total carbohydrates. (2 Jun 2000)
  101. I have heard that people with diabetes should not take beta carotene supplements. (31 May 2000)
  102. A typical dinner consists of hot dogs or fast food such as McDonald's. Are these foods okay? (30 May 2000)
  103. My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed last week. We are "Carb Counting" but are concerned with total calorie intake. (30 May 2000)
  104. What precautions should she take in her diet during pregnancy? (29 May 2000)
  105. When he drinks cow's milk, I notice it increases his blood sugar. Is it correct? (19 May 2000)
  106. I take quite large (several grams) doses of vitamin C every day. (17 May 2000)
  107. What do you think of this new low calorie sweetener called Splenda? (15 May 2000)
  108. My 2 year old daughter has become very upset when she wants candy and it is not time to eat. (8 May 2000)
  109. What are good food choices for parties and special education that teachers may give to students with diabetes? (7 May 2000)
  110. The daycare provider will not let my daughter have the same thing that the rest of the kids eat. (29 Apr 2000)
  111. I need help with a menu plan and how to count calories. (29 Apr 2000)
  112. Can children with diabetes consume foods with sugar added? (26 Apr 2000)
  113. Many popular diets, such as Atkins, claim they work by breaking down fat, which leads to production of ketones. (24 Apr 2000)
  114. We find ourselves very frustrated by his eating habits. He is still extremely picky and eats very slowly. (22 Apr 2000)
  115. I am interested in moving her dinner time to a later time to aid in dinner preparation. (21 Apr 2000)
  116. Are there any federal regulations stating that I can bring in food for my own consumption into amusement parks? (15 Apr 2000)
  117. We are experiencing battles over food at almost every meal. (4 Apr 2000)
  118. Our 3 1/2 year old daughter loves fruit roll-ups. (2 Apr 2000)
  119. Her sugar levels are so out of control. Sometimes she will eat and times that she will not eat. (30 Mar 2000)
  120. Our son was diagnosed a few days ago. I need to know how many carbs, etc. he should be eating. (30 Mar 2000)
  121. My boyfriend insists he cannot eat out later in the evening as it doesn't fit with this routine. (30 Mar 2000)
  122. I have found that when I have a meal with protein my sugars go high and stay high for most of the day. (13 Mar 2000)
  123. I am thinking of using Stevia as a substitute for Nutrasweet for our family. (8 Mar 2000)
  124. Is there any potential correlation between low blood sugar and omega 3 fatty acids? (4 Mar 2000)
  125. One of my colleagues asked me if taking vitamin C affects A1c test results. (27 Feb 2000)
  126. I need some good information on a hypoglycemia diet. (26 Feb 2000)
  127. Is there a booklet that lists carbohydrate contents in various foods? (26 Feb 2000)
  128. I need a sugar free recipe for condensed milk and sugar free candy. (21 Feb 2000)
  129. What formula would be the safest for me to feed the new baby, based on a sibling having type 1? (18 Feb 2000)
  130. I have 2 vegan vegetarian patients, a 6 year old with type 1 and a 60 year old with type 2. so well? (15 Feb 2000)
  131. Is there a way to calculate how many grams of carbohydrate one unit of insulin will cover? (12 Feb 2000)
  132. Is it possible to get an already planned month's menu sent to me? (12 Feb 2000)
  133. I want to know how to measure the sugar content in sports beverage drinks, like Gatorade. (12 Feb 2000)
  134. Can you please tell me the guidelines that school lunchrooms must follow in order to meet our son's diabetic needs? (31 Jan 2000)
  135. Can you please make some suggestions as to some "portable" protein exchanges? (31 Jan 2000)
  136. Currently I'm taking 3 shots a day. With this program, I've gained a lot of weight. (29 Jan 2000)
  137. She was on formula and not eating solids. Could that have any contribution to her diabetes? (29 Jan 2000)
  138. I want to take niacin to help lower my cholesterol, but was told it may affect my blood sugar. (29 Jan 2000)
  139. Is snacking between feeding times with approved foods recommended or allowed? (27 Jan 2000)
  140. Are there any special nutrients that diabetics need in their diet? If so, what are they? (25 Jan 2000)
  141. My 8 year old granddaughter will be spending Thanksgiving with me. (25 Jan 2000)
  142. If I go to a party and I know they are having cake and ice cream, how will I know how much insulin to give myself? (25 Jan 2000)
  143. Does the body recognize the sweet flavor and try to release insulin even though there are no carbohydrates involved? (22 Jan 2000)
  144. I am wondering if I can get any information on how much sugars different fruits and vegetables have. (22 Jan 2000)
  145. Every day we see parents sending Gatorade to school with their children because they believe it is a health drink and better than milk. (21 Jan 2000)
  146. Can you suggest a diet schedule for whole day? (16 Jan 2000)
  147. My daughter-in-law is having problems in finding foods to feed her that are nutritious. (16 Jan 2000)
  148. I've noticed that she feeds her a lot of candy and sugar and uses it as substitutions for a nutritious meal. (16 Jan 2000)
  149. My daughter is in Kindergarten and needs easy snacks that will travel to school. (15 Jan 2000)
  150. Where can we find a store that cells diabetic foods and snacks? (15 Jan 2000)
  151. Can you help me find a place to buy the NiteBite bar on the Internet? (11 Jan 2000)
  152. My grandson loves sugar and counts carbs but has sugar cereal for breakfast, Twinkies, etc. (11 Jan 2000)
  153. So what purpose is the evening snack really serving, I'd rather not have the additional calories? (8 Jan 2000)
  154. How can he convert fat grams into equivalent carbo grams for use in planning regular insulin doses? (8 Jan 2000)
  155. My husband is diabetic and I am searching for some cookbooks that would include "country cooking." (6 Jan 2000)
  156. My daughter is 20 and a college Sophomore. Her problem is eating healthy at school. (5 Jan 2000)
  157. What foods are recommended for a person with hypoglycemia? (5 Jan 2000)

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