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Meal Planning, Food and Diet from 1999

  1. I am 44 years old and I was diagnosed Type 1 three years ago. I am having some trouble regulating my diet. (29 Dec 1999)
  2. He does not want to eat and also his father nags him about his diet to the point of rebellion, I am sure. (18 Dec 1999)
  3. It seems like everything he eats raises his blood sugar to way above normal. (15 Dec 1999)
  4. My daughter is on insulin twice a day, but does she not have to stick to a diet? (13 Dec 1999)
  5. Our problem is that his meal plan only allows for a light lunch and packed lunch which he has at school. (13 Dec 1999)
  6. I would like to know what I can do to maintain or even bring down my weight and what kind of diet I need to stick to. (7 Dec 1999)
  7. On making Maple-Flavored syrup, what is the shelf life span that you can keep it stored? (5 Dec 1999)
  8. Please can you tell me what she can eat/drink to prevent the risk of getting into serious situations? (29 Nov 1999)
  9. My sister was diagnosed with diabetes 2 this afternoon. We are trying to find a diet for her. (28 Nov 1999)
  10. We have to send an earthquake preparedness kit to keep at school. What kind of non-perishable foods should we pack? (28 Nov 1999)
  11. My daughter eats sweetened cereal almost every morning. Is this bad for her? (26 Nov 1999)
  12. I understand the premise that feeding my daughter many low GI foods could help control her blood sugars. (22 Nov 1999)
  13. I am very concerned about the eating habits we are establishing in our effort to avoid lows. (16 Nov 1999)
  14. I have heard that aspartame is not recommended for use by type 2 diabetics. (16 Nov 1999)
  15. My 5 year old daughter was diagnosed three weeks ago. How many grams of sugar are acceptable for a snack? (11 Nov 1999)
  16. All 3 claim drinking tea reduces blood sugars. (10 Nov 1999)
  17. I don't understand the diabetes "diet" thing and eating healthy. (10 Nov 1999)
  18. She joined a swim team this summer and I am wondering what are the best types of foods for her to eat. (10 Nov 1999)
  19. My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with fructose/sucrose intolerance last week. (10 Nov 1999)
  20. My son was diagnosed 1 month ago. We have communion (bread and wine) at our church every two weeks. (7 Nov 1999)
  21. I have read that vitamin E will help increase blood flow to your eyes. How much should we take? (7 Nov 1999)
  22. My daughter has been having unexplained highs. Could it be that she needs to take more insulin to cover what she eats? (7 Nov 1999)
  23. It seems to me that the carbohydrates in milk and yogurt have much less of an effect on blood glucose than the carbs in fruit and starches. (5 Nov 1999)
  24. I was wondering if you could tell me a meal plan that would be cost efficient and healthy? (4 Nov 1999)
  25. Our daughter was diagnosed 6 weeks ago. Every afternoon after school, she is over 500. (2 Nov 1999)
  26. I have been doing some web-reading about 'night eating disorder', and wonder if I have it. (31 Oct 1999)
  27. I would like suggestions on an ADA meal plan to control her weight and hopefully save her some health grief. (29 Oct 1999)
  28. Can non-carbohydrate exchanges be moved around during the course of a day? (27 Oct 1999)
  29. Is there a multi-vitamin or a particular single vitamin he can take? (27 Oct 1999)
  30. Does drinking soft drinks affect healthy people? Can it cause diabetes? (24 Oct 1999)
  31. Do the school lunches meet the nutritional requirements of 5 to 6 carbohydrates? (24 Oct 1999)
  32. It seems as though apple is the only fruit flavor unavailable in low-sugar. (23 Oct 1999)
  33. What are acceptable daily grams of sugar and carbohydrates for a 58 year old female with blood test of 131? (19 Oct 1999)
  34. We have wondering if eating fruit alone for a snack, e.g., grapes or mangoes, can cause a big spike in his blood sugars. (17 Oct 1999)
  35. What I would like to know is the thing about diabetes and alcohol. (13 Oct 1999)
  36. My son is now 17 months and I am having trouble getting him to eat and counting carbs. (11 Oct 1999)
  37. I always thought that you should try not to eat a lot of starches. (11 Oct 1999)
  38. I was told that they would be glad to give me food for the time when the cafeteria is closed. (10 Oct 1999)
  39. My friend says eating a lot of sweets can give you diabetes and I say this is not true. (7 Oct 1999)
  40. I have had friends telling me that it is terrible for a diabetic to drink (alcohol). (28 Sep 1999)
  41. I want to know if I should be a little more concerned about the types of foods he eats. (27 Sep 1999)
  42. Is the sugar substitute sorbitol the same sorbitol that is produced in the body? (27 Sep 1999)
  43. Two months ago my nephew contracted Type 1. When he is sick or just doesn't feel like eating. (27 Sep 1999)
  44. I am wondering if the milk boxes (similar to juice drink boxes) would be beneficial to have on hand to bring up lows. (24 Sep 1999)
  45. What can I do to gain weight? (24 Sep 1999)
  46. In the hospital they put me on 300 grams of carbs a day. (11 Sep 1999)
  47. We would like any pointers on low carbohydrate foods that will put some weight on my son. (6 Sep 1999)
  48. How exactly does alcohol affect the body? (3 Sep 1999)
  49. I want to know if 1 serving of alcohol can be balanced out with 1 serving of carbohydrate to prevent a hypoglycemic incident. (31 Aug 1999)
  50. My baby is breastfed and I want to know what artificial sweeteners I can use safely. (28 Aug 1999)
  51. What is sugar alcohol and how much can a person with diabetes have? (27 Aug 1999)
  52. I seem to remember that there is a certain number of carbs that it covered by a unit of insulin. (26 Aug 1999)
  53. I need to know how many carbohydrate grams she is allowed to have in one day. (24 Aug 1999)
  54. I want to know if I should be a little more concerned about the types of foods he eats as long as his blood sugar is under control. (24 Aug 1999)
  55. I was diagnosed with diabetes about two months ago. Why do I feel hunger most of the time? (17 Aug 1999)
  56. I have a 6 year old in my life that has type 1. There are significant people in his life that feed him sugar. (15 Aug 1999)
  57. What should an insulin dependent 7 year old who has been diagnosed for 3 years eat for breakfast? (14 Aug 1999)
  58. What type of food is healthy and not healthy with respect to diabetes? (14 Aug 1999)
  59. I know a 4 year old with Downs Syndrome and IDDM who drinks 3-4 bottles of milk each day. (14 Aug 1999)
  60. Is it true that the child can eat all kinds of food and I can simply increase the dose for her without any complication? (13 Aug 1999)
  61. My brother can't keep his blood sugar from being high. The problem is his diet: he's a fussy eater. (7 Aug 1999)
  62. My sixteen year old son has diabetes and PKU, therefore his diet is very difficult. (6 Aug 1999)
  63. I have notices that certain foods will raise my son's blood sugar, even if I count out the correct serving. An example is corn chips. Why is this? (2 Aug 1999)
  64. I was diagnosed with Type 2 eight months ago. I would like to know what kind of alcohol I could drink. (2 Aug 1999)
  65. I have Type 1 Diabetes and use an insulin pump. How would I go about bolusing for alcohol? (1 Aug 1999)
  66. I have gained 25 pounds recently. Would it be safe to try the low carbohydrate diet? (24 Jul 1999)
  67. My 7 year old daughter just started softball and I am missing her games because of my son's dinnertime. (20 Jul 1999)
  68. Is it okay if he eats honey or chocolate as much as he wants before a game? (11 Jul 1999)
  69. My daughter, 12 years old, has Type 1 diabetes. She plays basketball with a highly competitive league. (11 Jul 1999)
  70. Many of the recipes I found call for sugar substitutes. These substitutes cause headaches for my mother. (11 Jul 1999)
  71. Do simple sugars spike the blood sugar levels faster and drop down more sharply and quicker? (8 Jul 1999)
  72. Our 6 year old diabetic son's dietitian told us that he should have a snack 2 hours after his breakfast. (8 Jul 1999)
  73. My mom has been diagnosed with borderline diabetes. What kind of fruits can she eat? (8 Jul 1999)
  74. My dad is worried about my brother's meal plan. I want to talk to a dietitian nearby. Can you give me any pointers on finding one? (8 Jul 1999)
  75. My stepdaughter's team told her she can eat what she wants between meals as long as she takes an extra shot. (7 Jul 1999)
  76. I would like to know what kind, if any, alcohol I could drink. (7 Jul 1999)
  77. Do you recommend that diabetics take Vitamin E? I heard it may decrease the risk of atherosclerosis. (4 Jul 1999)
  78. Can you refer me to a list of fruits without sucrose? My 5 kids have sucrose allergies. (4 Jul 1999)
  79. I have made my daughter sugar-free candy. How much can she have if it is sugar-free? (3 Jul 1999)
  80. I want to know about how much does one carbohydrate unit affect blood sugar. (1 Jul 1999)
  81. I am looking for a sugar-free food supplement. I need to lose 30 pounds. (1 Jul 1999)
  82. I'm 15 who was diagnosed a month ago, and I was wondering are there any "free foods" that can be eaten that don't affect your blood sugar? (30 Jun 1999)
  83. My brother-in-law has ballooned in weight by 5 stone even though he is eating small amounts as specified by his dietitian. (29 Jun 1999)
  84. I am looking for information about high "bad" cholesterol and its interaction with juvenile diabetes. (29 Jun 1999)
  85. My mother will be moving in with us and I'd like to know what her daily carbohydrate amount should be for meal planning. (25 Jun 1999)
  86. After her evening snack, can she have sugar free jello or any "free food?" (23 Jun 1999)
  87. We expressed interest to our doctor regarding the "counting carbohydrates" system. (23 Jun 1999)
  88. What diet/food should you eat when you have diabetes? (14 Jun 1999)
  89. They have her on a constant carb diet. We count carbs at each meal and snack. (10 Jun 1999)
  90. Should maltitol be calculated like the other sugar alcohols by dividing the carbohydrates in half? (9 Jun 1999)
  91. I am having trouble finding low- or no-carbohydrate snacks. (7 Jun 1999)
  92. How would the amount of caloric increase in a cardiac diet for an elderly person with Type 1 be determined? (7 Jun 1999)
  93. We need the potatoes, rice stuff to keep bowel from going to constant diarrhea; the green leafy stuff is giving us fits. (4 Jun 1999)
  94. Do you have any suggestions about how to modify my diet to imrpove my blood sugar control? (3 Jun 1999)
  95. I am recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I am searching for diet information and carb and sugar counters. (3 Jun 1999)
  96. My last two dental checkups have shown 3 cavities, which the dentist is concerned about. (1 Jun 1999)
  97. Do you have any anecdotal evidence that consuming diet soda causes bingeing or other unusual eating practices? (1 Jun 1999)
  98. My 4 year old son was diagnosed 6 weeks ago. At this point we are not counting the carbohydrates he's eating. (29 May 1999)
  99. Before my thyroid condition was diagnosed I put on a lot of weight. (29 May 1999)
  100. I have a 14 year old brother (type 1) who cannot resist the temptations of chocolate or sweets. (29 May 1999)
  101. I have rheumatoid arthritis. It was recommended that I not use aspartame as a sweetener, as it is really a poison. (27 May 1999)
  102. Lately the idea of anorexia is very appealing because I can't seem to do a thing with my weight even though I exercise everyday. (23 May 1999)
  103. I just found out about the carbohydrate counting program. Is that a better way of controlling diabetes? (22 May 1999)
  104. Our son is 3.5 years old. He has had diabetes for 2 years. We are considering carb counting. Is it a good choice at that age? (17 May 1999)
  105. Are potato chips alright 2 days a week back-to-back? (15 May 1999)
  106. I eat out a lot on my job, and I find that most restaurants do not have foods for diabetics. (13 May 1999)
  107. Have you any information on low carb diets and ketones? (10 May 1999)
  108. Is Semolina something that I can have as a recently-diagnosed type 2 diabetic? (5 May 1999)
  109. It would be great if there were a report on what diabetics can and cannot eat. (1 May 1999)
  110. When you drink alcohol, does this interfere with the effectiveness of glucagon? (30 Apr 1999)
  111. Do you have any information on a study by Barry Sears ("The Zone")? (24 Apr 1999)
  112. Please explain what is meant by a "carb" and its relation to the amount of insulin units required to metabolize it. (24 Apr 1999)
  113. I need the nutrient content of Vietnamese foods for a patient of mine who is a pregnant Vietnamese woman with Gestational Diabetes. (22 Apr 1999)
  114. How much does the insulin affect the child's weight? My child needs to lose some weight but I don't want her to know she is on a diet. (22 Apr 1999)
  115. Is there anywhere on the Internet that a diabetic diet can be obtained and if so, where? (20 Apr 1999)
  116. I found out two years ago I have Type 2 diabetes. I am confused about the use of sugar. (20 Apr 1999)
  117. How many carbohydrates should I eat a day and at each meal? (19 Apr 1999)
  118. Ever since my 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 at age 13 months, it has always been a problem what to give her to drink. (19 Apr 1999)
  119. My daughter is 16 and has had Type 1 diabetes since 7. She has been in situations recently where others have been deciding her menu. (19 Apr 1999)
  120. I have read about the glycemic index. Is this terribly important in planning meals? (17 Apr 1999)
  121. What have you found to be the best evening snack to avoid hypoglycemia during the night or early morning? (17 Apr 1999)
  122. What is the difference between foods with sugar alcohol and regular sugar? (17 Apr 1999)
  123. I have a 4 year old son who has type 1 diabetes. For no calorie food such as vegetables, can he have them freely? (17 Apr 1999)
  124. We are currently looking for a small pocket size food exchange book. (12 Apr 1999)
  125. I am wondering why they don't increase the amount of protein in a diet with the effort of reducing the amount of insulin. (4 Apr 1999)
  126. My daughter was diagnosed about 1 week ago. I'm a little confused about free foods. Any help will be appreciated. (29 Mar 1999)
  127. Our grandson, diagnosed 1 year ago, now age 11, has no information on salt intake. Is there any restriction on it? (29 Mar 1999)
  128. Do you have information on any other studies regarding Vitamin E? (26 Mar 1999)
  129. I have a newly diagnosed 10 year old son. He is looking for some "freebie" foods that he can have in between meals. (26 Mar 1999)
  130. How far are we for "cloning" islets? Is stevia recommended as a sugar substitute for diabetics? (24 Mar 1999)
  131. My 5 year old son has Type 1. The problem I have is getting him to eat. It is a total nightmare at mealtimes. (24 Mar 1999)
  132. If I need a snack that is 15 grams of carbohydrate, what is the lowest calorie snack that is good, yet healthy still to eat? (19 Mar 1999)
  133. My 4 year old son weighs 70 pounds and I am concerned that his excessive weight is not caused from his eating habits. (19 Mar 1999)
  134. My doctor says I need to cut my sugar and sodium intake and I am clueless as to what I can drink besides spring water. (17 Mar 1999)
  135. I have Type 2 diabetes. Would you suggest a non-pork, very low sodium breakfast meat? (17 Mar 1999)
  136. How does insulin affect the feelings of hunger? (12 Mar 1999)
  137. I offer another test to check diet soda for sugar does not require any chemical strips. (12 Mar 1999)
  138. A friend of mine has a 12 year old daughter that is on a very low carb diet. (3 Mar 1999)
  139. As honey is a natural product and does not need to be digested by the body, would it be okay for him to take it? (27 Feb 1999)
  140. Is it possible for a person with Type 1 diabetes to go on a carbohydrate free diet, similar to the Atkins all protein diet? (24 Feb 1999)
  141. Our daughter, 19 years old and diagnosed with Type 1 at age 8, has had extreme difficulty losing weight for the last 5 years. (21 Feb 1999)
  142. What is the effect of fasting on such diabetic patients who are able to fast, and what we can advise them? (15 Feb 1999)
  143. I want to start cutting out the snack foods that my friends don't have to eat between meals, so that I don't feel different. (2 Feb 1999)
  144. Is it safe to use artificial sweeteners such as aspartame? (30 Jan 1999)
  145. Is there a good source of information for meal planning and snack planning? (24 Jan 1999)
  146. I need the American Diabetes diet, the food plan. (24 Jan 1999)
  147. In a previous question, you discussed vitamin E reducing the sensitivity to insulin. (24 Jan 1999)
  148. Recently, I have been reading articles about aspartame which are not favorable. What are our alternatives? (19 Jan 1999)
  149. I do a lot of baking of cookies for diabetics and have come across some recipes using "brown sugar substitute." (17 Jan 1999)
  150. Can diabetics eat sugar substitutes? (17 Jan 1999)
  151. What is the ADA recommendation for calories, fat, carbos, and protein for an active 7-year-old boy? (17 Jan 1999)
  152. I was told to just look at the carbohydrates not the sugar content. Is this true? (17 Jan 1999)
  153. My 2 year old son was just diagnosed. I'm especially having a hard time with his diet. (15 Jan 1999)
  154. I am 30 years old and have had Type 1 for 9 years. In the last 2 1/2 years I have gained almost 60 pounds and can't lose it. (11 Jan 1999)
  155. I am 12 years old. I count carbohydrates. Is counting carbohydrates a good meal plan to stick to? (11 Jan 1999)
  156. Would it be alright for diabetics to have an Indian meal that contained no sugar? (10 Jan 1999)
  157. My daughter's boyfriend has type 1 diabetes and I need to have more information as to what types of food I should prepare for him. (10 Jan 1999)
  158. I know that one protein in the diabetic diet can be a 1 oz. of lean beef. How many grams of protein does that represent? (8 Jan 1999)
  159. Is there any medical evidence to show that large amounts of sugar are bad for a 4 year old with a family history of diabetes? (4 Jan 1999)
  160. My 8 year son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 8 months ago. We are currently reading about glycemic index. (3 Jan 1999)
  161. I am a preschool teacher with a 3 and a half year old girl with Type 1 diabetes in my class. (3 Jan 1999)
  162. My dad was recently diagnosed with type 2. I would like to know what types of holiday treats are okay. (3 Jan 1999)
  163. What kind of sweets can I fix for a diabetic without putting him in the hosptial? (3 Jan 1999)

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