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Meal Planning, Food and Diet from 1998

  1. What is the best diet to prescribe for someone who has diabetes and is prone to it? (31 Dec 1998)
  2. Is there a difference in caloric value between dextrose and glucose? (29 Dec 1998)
  3. My father likes sweet potatoes with the marshmallow topping and I don't know how to do it for him. (24 Dec 1998)
  4. I'm a diabetic at university and quite frequently go out with my flatmates. Am I sensible to drink a little? (23 Dec 1998)
  5. My 21 month old daughter has had a lot more gas since she started eating sugar free foods. (17 Dec 1998)
  6. I am a freshman at Indiana University and I have been having a real hard time with eating right. (13 Dec 1998)
  7. I am 15 and have had diabetes for 2 years. I like beer and I am disturbed to see that you can only drink twice a week. (12 Dec 1998)
  8. My son was diagnosed about a year ago. Controlling blood sugar levels has been difficult. Would carbohydrate counting work? (11 Dec 1998)
  9. We have notice a lot of new foods with alcohol sugars. Exactly how do these sugars affect diabetes? (9 Dec 1998)
  10. My 15 year old has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I need to know what can she eat? (8 Dec 1998)
  11. Could you please give some information regarding LACTAID? (8 Dec 1998)
  12. I have gestational diabetes; how do I control what I eat? What type of menu of foods should be included? (1 Dec 1998)
  13. How do you handle fats when counting carbohydrates? (21 Nov 1998)
  14. I have 5 year old diabetic daughter. Just recently she has developed temper tantrums right before dinner. (21 Nov 1998)
  15. I need a diet plan for diabetes. I can't seem to locate one. (14 Nov 1998)
  16. If I eat a spoonful of peanut butter before I eat something sweet, will it lower the amount of sugar that is put into my system? (10 Nov 1998)
  17. Should we count carbs or follow the exchange diet? We have two dietitians, each telling us something different. (6 Nov 1998)
  18. Are there any standard diet pops that are considered pretty palatable? (2 Nov 1998)
  19. I have a 15 month old son who has diabetes. What kind of juice or Kool-Aid should I give him? (2 Nov 1998)
  20. Does Brewer's Yeast work like cornstarch to slow glucose absorption? (1 Nov 1998)
  21. I am working hard to gain weight. No matter how hard I try I am not able to gain weight or build muscle mass. (26 Oct 1998)
  22. My son is 11. His teacher wants to combine his morning snack and gym snack for the same time. (25 Oct 1998)
  23. My 5-year-old son's preschool teachers are reluctant to give him specific amounts of the morning snack. (22 Oct 1998)
  24. I can't find nutrition info for wheat berries, and I want to try a new recipe. (21 Oct 1998)
  25. We experience many lows (below 40), and many highs, (above 400), due to her lack of eating. Any suggestions? (21 Oct 1998)
  26. I have a question regarding meat analogs and soy protein products, and how to count them for carb counting. (21 Oct 1998)
  27. Can I drink cranberry juice? The second ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. (18 Oct 1998)
  28. My 7 year old isn't getting enough to eat from the school's hot lunches. What do I do when she is low? (17 Oct 1998)
  29. I am a school nurse and have a 7 year old boy with Type 1 diabetes in my school. Please help with suggestions for snacks. (17 Oct 1998)
  30. How does Olestra affect the body? (17 Oct 1998)
  31. I am trying to find out if fruits are okay to eat if you have type 2 diabetes. (17 Oct 1998)
  32. What's the diet plan for a 12-year old girl suffering from insulin dependent diabetes? (16 Oct 1998)
  33. How many grams of a red watermelon contain one Bread Exchange? (16 Oct 1998)
  34. My 7 year old isn't getting enough to eat from the school's hot lunches. (13 Oct 1998)
  35. Do you have any suggestions regarding introducing fruits, vegetables to a child who refuses to try new foods? (12 Oct 1998)
  36. I am wondering whether anyone has made a diet soda that does not taste like chemical-plant effluent. (10 Oct 1998)
  37. How do British and Canadian diabetic food exchanges compare? (8 Oct 1998)
  38. I have been on the Atkins diet. Could my 15 year old daughter go on this meal plan? (8 Oct 1998)
  39. My 18 year old son is constantly hungry and is afraid to eat because he thinks more food will elevate his glucose. (5 Oct 1998)
  40. My son, now 2 years, 3 months old, occasionally will not eat meals or snacks. (4 Oct 1998)
  41. I am trying to lose weight but cannot. I keep gaining regardless of how I watch my diet. (3 Oct 1998)
  42. My 5 year old daughter experiences many lows and many highs due to her lack of eating. (3 Oct 1998)
  43. Are there any special considerations for carb counting with a vegetarian meal plan? (3 Oct 1998)
  44. What are sugar alcohols and how do they affect blood glucose levels? (2 Oct 1998)
  45. I have a 17 year old brother-in-law with diabetes. What foods can he have? (29 Sep 1998)
  46. What herbs and or vitamins can help the effects of diabetes? (29 Sep 1998)
  47. Giving fibrous foods may often bore a child. Can you give me some alternate dishes other than fruits to turn the child on? (27 Sep 1998)
  48. How does one find a reliable diabetes dietitian? (24 Sep 1998)
  49. I am looking for diabetic jams recipes; where can I get information? (24 Sep 1998)
  50. My mother says that diabetics cannot drink alcoholic beverages. (24 Sep 1998)
  51. I'm thinking of substituting my breakfast and dinner with a proper amount of fruits. (21 Sep 1998)
  52. I have recently read about Sucralose. Do you know what soft drink uses this sweetener? (14 Sep 1998)
  53. Do all 12 year olds need the same calorie amount and carbohydrate count? (13 Sep 1998)
  54. Is there a formula or a service I can send my recipes to and find out the nutritional facts? (13 Sep 1998)
  55. I have been on intensive therapy for over a year. I am gaining weight like crazy. (13 Sep 1998)
  56. I would like to know if there are any articles written about the relationship of brain tumors and Nutrasweet (aspartame). (13 Sep 1998)
  57. I just got diabetes a few days ago. Is watermelon okay to eat? When will I need I bigger needle (I'm using 3/10 right now)? (13 Sep 1998)
  58. I have a two year old daughter who was diagnosed at the age of 14 months. We are having trouble getting her to eat when she needs to. (9 Sep 1998)
  59. I am doing okay on most of cooking because of nutrition labels, but what about the "old family recipes" that don't have labels? (4 Sep 1998)
  60. Are there any reasons not to use use sweeteners such as aspartame and Nutrasweet? (4 Sep 1998)
  61. I never used to have a bad eating habit before I developed diabetes and now I do. (2 Sep 1998)
  62. I am interested in carbohydrate counting, since it offers more creative ideas in menu planning. (31 Aug 1998)
  63. My 15 year old daughter asked what does drinking do to people who have diabetes. (31 Aug 1998)
  64. Could you tell me where I can find specific diet recommendations for my 9 year old son? (29 Aug 1998)
  65. What would be good foods for a 1 year old who is still eating jarred baby food and some table foods? (24 Aug 1998)
  66. How important is it to keep to regular meal times? (23 Aug 1998)
  67. I need a nutrition guide for an open-heart patient (age 69) living with non-insulin diabetes. (23 Aug 1998)
  68. One physician says that carbohydrates are okay and another says no sugars allowed. (23 Aug 1998)
  69. I need a good list of foods and the amount of carbohydrates in each food. (17 Aug 1998)
  70. Why will a Seagrams 7 and Diet Coke bring down my blood sugar, even after a full meal? (17 Aug 1998)
  71. What is the proper diet for person with gestational diabetes? Should I stop taking my pre-natal vitamin? (15 Aug 1998)
  72. My 9-year-old son was diagnosed at 15 months. Is it okay to reward him with a small chocolate cup? (13 Aug 1998)
  73. What types of food should I avoid? I'm not insulin dependent but I take a diabetes pill. (9 Aug 1998)
  74. Is there a general guideline for planning meals for diabetic children? I am a school food service director. (7 Aug 1998)
  75. My problem is with the advertisers in monthly publications, in particular those advertising "sugar-free" products. (7 Aug 1998)
  76. My son was diagnosed last year with Type 1 at age 4. How essential are the snacks he must have between meals? (5 Aug 1998)
  77. I am seeing vitamin supplements made specifically for diabetics. What do you think of them? (2 Aug 1998)
  78. My dad is 80 years old and was diagnosed while in his 60's. Can you recommend specific foods to be avoided? (25 Jul 1998)
  79. When he eats maize-porridge in the mornings with milk, his blood sugar goes up to 26 mmol/l [468 mg/dl]. (25 Jul 1998)
  80. Isn't blood sugar level management aided by consumption of low glycemic index foods? (24 Jul 1998)
  81. My 7 year old daughter seems to be hungry all the time. Are we under-feeding her? (21 Jul 1998)
  82. I would like to prepare some puddings. I have no idea what is the carbohydrates contents/100 grams for cornstarch or other starches. (18 Jul 1998)
  83. My wife recently started work as a cook at a retirement home. She is looking for a source of recipes for cakes, etc. (18 Jul 1998)
  84. We are parents of a 14 year old female, diagnosed five years ago, and has recently admitted to bulimia. (15 Jul 1998)
  85. I was wondering what kind of candy I can eat. I'm Type 1, and 14. (13 Jul 1998)
  86. I would like to know if supplements have been found to help or hurt in the control of diabetes. (13 Jul 1998)
  87. My son is an 11 year old Type 1. His blood sugar levels on a day to day basis are like a rollercoaster. (11 Jul 1998)
  88. My son has had Type 1 diabetes since he was 6 years old. He is now 10. We would like to go for ice cream every now and then. (9 Jul 1998)
  89. I've been diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia. I was wondering if chronic eating disorders can cause diabetes. (4 Jul 1998)
  90. The first week after being diagnosed he gained 5 pounds but has not gained any more since then. (28 Jun 1998)
  91. I have a friend at work who is middle aged and I guess Type 1. He wants to know about the sugar content in fruit. (24 Jun 1998)
  92. What are some "free" snacks that I can eat during the day? (21 Jun 1998)
  93. Where can we get milk and food that has no sugar in it? (21 Jun 1998)
  94. What is the nutritional value of avocados? (21 Jun 1998)
  95. I am trying to find out how much sugar there is in a can of soda. (19 Jun 1998)
  96. Can you tell me information on a diet called the Hawaiian Diet? (19 Jun 1998)
  97. I am working with vegetarian diabetics and would like to know what I should recommend for legumes. (12 Jun 1998)
  98. If a yogurt has Nutrasweet [brand of aspartame] in it, can a diabetic eat it? (12 Jun 1998)
  99. I switched to stevia for making herbal iced tea. Are there any valid concerns about stevia? (12 Jun 1998)
  100. I am trying to prepare for my grandfather's 89th birthday and I am wondering if you have any ideas for a birthday cake or something like that? (11 Jun 1998)
  101. My daughter, 4-1/2 years old, has been having headaches for about 6 months. The headaches seem to be sugar related. (11 Jun 1998)
  102. What can you tell me about creatine monohydrate? (8 Jun 1998)
  103. Do you have some suggestions for a diet for a young toddler with diabetes? (7 Jun 1998)
  104. I was wondering how bad alcohol hurts me. I am 23 years old and Type 1 diabetic in a honeymoon period. (7 Jun 1998)
  105. My son has had diabetes for 2 years. Recently, I changed his diet completely. I let him have more sweets. (5 Jun 1998)
  106. I was wondering if and how diabetes causes high cholesterol. (3 Jun 1998)
  107. My grandson is Type 1 and 2 1/2 years old. The biggest problem lately has been with low blood sugars due to his refusal to eat or drink his juice. (3 Jun 1998)
  108. My 13 year old daughter got diabetes when she was 4. Will too much carbohydrates cause a problem for her? (1 Jun 1998)
  109. Can you tell me what milk is good for diabetics to drink? (25 May 1998)
  110. I was wondering how many fat grams are in one fat exchange for a diabetic diet plan. (24 May 1998)
  111. What are some "free" snacks that I can eat during the day? (21 May 1998)
  112. Do you happen to know the caloric and carbohydrate content of sunflower seeds with the shells? (21 May 1998)
  113. I recently saw on the news an item about a new kind of sugar substitute made out of sugar, called "Splenda". (18 May 1998)
  114. When he eats pasta for dinner, he always has a high glucose reading the next morning. Any suggestions? (18 May 1998)
  115. When I am around my friends and they ask me, "Do you want a sweet?", what should I say if I do not want them to know I am diabetic? (12 May 1998)
  116. I have a patient who is asking about cholestin food supplement for helping to reduce cholesterol levels. (10 May 1998)
  117. We are having a hard time getting the school administration to allow us access to food labels of the foods they offer for lunch. (10 May 1998)
  118. Our son is trying lower carbs and higher protein to control the post meal blood sugar rises. (6 May 1998)
  119. How many Equal [aspartame] packets could a boy weighing 85-95 pounds consume a day? (6 May 1998)
  120. What is the long term effect of too much protein in one's diet? (6 May 1998)
  121. My 9 year old daughter was diagnosed almost two years ago. Basically our problem is her not eating. (4 May 1998)
  122. We have been using peanuts as free snacks assuming they were carbohydrate-free. (4 May 1998)
  123. I've read about Olestra. I've made other searches and found a product called Z-Trim. (4 May 1998)
  124. My son was diagnosed yesterday. Can he eat Healthy Choice ice cream or Doritos? (4 May 1998)
  125. How does royal jelly, a nutritional supplement, affect diabetics? (1 May 1998)
  126. Please direct me to research or other sources on whether or not there is correlation between diet and the onset of diabetes. (22 Apr 1998)
  127. I would like to more about the effect of vitamin E on diabetes. (22 Apr 1998)
  128. I'm newly diagnosed Type 1 and I'm going on an overnight Field Training Exercise with Civil Air Patrol. (22 Apr 1998)
  129. Could you please give us a reasonable daily carb range and how we can determine the best dosage of insulin based on those carbs? (20 Apr 1998)
  130. We have been using fructose and now find that it is as bad as sugar. Is there a safe sweetener? (16 Apr 1998)
  131. I recently read an alarming report about the dangers of aspartame use. Does the AMA have a position? (14 Apr 1998)
  132. The week after being diagnosed he gained 5 pounds but has not gained any more since then. (10 Apr 1998)
  133. I would like your opinion(s) on the Atkins Diet. It's the one that's no carbohydrate, meat, and mostly fat diet. (10 Apr 1998)
  134. Is a "starch" what we call a "portion" -- 15 grams of carbohydrates? (5 Apr 1998)
  135. When I eat a diet high in complex carbohydrates, my blood pressure and triglycerides skyrocket. (4 Apr 1998)
  136. I would like to know what sort of drinks I can have without raising my blood sugar levels too high. (3 Apr 1998)
  137. I need a diet to go by for Type 2 diabetes. (1 Apr 1998)
  138. Could you give me a sample 2000 calorie ADA diet? (1 Apr 1998)
  139. Is there any software for Windows 95/NT that is designed only for calculating food groups for diabetics? (30 Mar 1998)
  140. Am I supposed to count carbohydrates or sugar and what should my daily carbohydrate count be? (29 Mar 1998)
  141. I would like to know it alcohol raises or lowers the blood sugar. (28 Mar 1998)
  142. Do you know of any evidence that a low carb diet would help or reverse kidney damage? (27 Mar 1998)
  143. Would you please tell me if diabetics of any type can take brown sugar? Is only white sugar the one to avoid? (22 Mar 1998)
  144. We were reading about testing allegedly sugar-free drinks in restaurants and would like to try it ourselves. (22 Mar 1998)
  145. My 10 year old has diabetes. I am interested in pursuing chromium picolate. (22 Mar 1998)
  146. Please send me information where I might be able to get recipes and articles on food preparation in Spanish. (21 Mar 1998)
  147. My mother has just been diagnosed with diabetes. Can she use honey for a sugar substitute? (19 Mar 1998)
  148. My wife has diabetes. She says she can have fatty foods because they are low in sugar. Is that true? (16 Mar 1998)
  149. I was told that protein will not raise the blood sugar. Is this true? (15 Mar 1998)
  150. My father is an over the road truck driver. Is there any information that would help him in his fight for diabetes? (15 Mar 1998)
  151. I have read that consuming sugar is not a cause of getting diabetes. (14 Mar 1998)
  152. How does blending high fibre foods affect carbohydrate content? (11 Mar 1998)
  153. If carbos are what causes my blood sugar to be high, wouldn't a higher protein, lower carbo diet make more sense? (10 Mar 1998)
  154. I need some ideas for protein for a 7 year old child with Type 1 diabetes. (9 Mar 1998)
  155. I recently read an alarming report about the dangers of aspartame use. (8 Mar 1998)
  156. I tried sugar free ice cream and it kinda tasted like chalk. Are there any that don't taste bad? (8 Mar 1998)
  157. My 6 year old son was diagnosed about 7 months ago. Should I start counting his carbohydrates? (5 Mar 1998)
  158. My daughter is seven years old. How many carbs should she have at each meal and snack? (4 Mar 1998)
  159. My boyfriend's grandmother is a diabetic. Are there any cookbooks to help those taking care of her? (4 Mar 1998)
  160. My wife believes that carbs from fruit juice or refined sugar "burn up" faster than carbs from milk or bread. (3 Mar 1998)
  161. In attempts to lose weight, I have trace to moderate ketones in my urine. Is this ketosis dangerous? (1 Mar 1998)
  162. My daughter was diagnosed two days ago. I'm very confused with the diet she must follow. (26 Feb 1998)
  163. I was wondering about the use of uncooked cornstarch in the bedtime snack and how much should be used. (26 Feb 1998)
  164. Our five year old son has pre-evening snack blood/glucose readings in the 300s and 400s. (23 Feb 1998)
  165. Is Weight Watchers a good diet for a diabetic? I need to lose about 50 pounds. (22 Feb 1998)
  166. I've been diabetic over 20 years, and no doctor or nutritionist ever mentioned Stevia. (21 Feb 1998)
  167. I want to know information about the best food that doesn't raise the blood sugar, for children. (21 Feb 1998)
  168. Can you comment on the doctor's remarks of how vitamins can help the insulin work better? (19 Feb 1998)
  169. Isn't it bad for a diabetic to go hungry? (17 Feb 98)
  170. My boyfriend exercises daily but I think his diet is terrible. He regulates his sugar level with pop everyday. (17 Feb 98)
  171. I am a professional Chef and will be cooking for a client with diabetes soon. I am in need of some guidelines to assist me. (11 Feb 98)
  172. I prefer that our kids eat plain Cheerios. But I've also read an article that the sugar sweetened ones are okay. I'm confused. (8 Feb 98)
  173. Whenever my son eats ice cream his readings are always very high. Any suggestions? Our family really likes ice cream. (8 Feb 98)
  174. My daughter, age 5, does not want to eat her lunch within the allotted 30 minute lunch period. (5 Feb 98)
  175. I want to go on the grapefruit diet starting the New Year out to lose weight and to control my diabetes. Is this a healthy diet? (22 Jan 98)
  176. We have used Nutrasweet products a lot since diagnosis. I am becoming concerned about the prolonged use of it. (13 Jan 98)
  177. Does garlic keep a person's sugar level elevated? (6 Jan 98)
  178. I would like to know what I should be substituting in the traditional cookie, breads, pies recipes. (6 Jan 98)
  179. My niece, 6, was recently diagnosed and I am looking for "free foods" I can offer her during a party. (2 Jan 98)
  180. Are cashew nuts, almonds and milk good for diabetes? (2 Jan 98)

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