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Meal Planning, Food and Diet from 1997

  1. I recently read an article which read "Fat, it turns out, is a much more important dietary variable than sugar, when it comes to controlling diabetes." (24 Dec 97)
  2. Do you know of Type 1 diabetics who have tried the Atkins diet? (24 Dec 97)
  3. If I am giving him a "bread" that has 15 grams of carbohydrate, how much of that can be sugar? (20 Dec 97)
  4. My husband has just been diagnosed. The doctor said not to eat any sugar. What do I feed him? (20 Dec 97)
  5. Why are we asked not to eat too much sugar? (20 Dec 97)
  6. What type of protein and calcium sources replace milk? (20 Dec 97)
  7. I babysit a little boy who is allergic to all glutens. Do you have any ideas of what we can use as a birthday cake for him? (16 Dec 97)
  8. My niece was diagnosed 5 months ago. My mother would like to know if there is a time limit on how long she has to eat her supper. (16 Dec 97)
  9. I am writing to you to find out if there are any efforts made to curb the labeling of things as "sugarfree" if they contain sugar. (4 Dec 97)
  10. Please let us know where we can get information about food allergies and Type 1 diabetes. (4 Dec 97)
  11. Can drinking coffee and other caffinated drinks help lower blood sugar? (4 Dec 97)
  12. I have been reading about the High-Protein, Low-Carb diet and it sounds like an excellent way to help control blood sugars. (1 Dec 97)
  13. There is a person on America OnLine saying that Dr. Bernstein's low-carbohydrate diet is okay for young children. (27 Nov 97)
  14. How does alcohol cause lower blood glucose? (22 Nov 97)
  15. I want to know what to do when I go to a party. There will be a lot of children eating sweets. (18 Nov 97)
  16. I was wondering how much sugar intake is too much in a day and what is normal intake of sugar a day? (16 Nov 97)
  17. I have noticed that most sugar-free foods contain the same if not more amounts of carbohydrates as regular foods. (16 Nov 97)
  18. I am looking for information about daily requirements of carbohydrates for a diabetic. (9 Nov 97)
  19. I know there is a difference in how long it takes for different carbohydrates to be absorbed. (9 Nov 97)
  20. What happen with the body if you have diabetes and drink alcohol? (9 Nov 97)
  21. I am concerned that I have regained 5-6 kilos in less than two weeks. (5 Nov 97)
  22. My 13-year-old stepson has the idea that he can eat whatever he wants and compensate by giving himself more insulin. (5 Nov 97)
  23. Is aspartame safe? (2 Nov 97)
  24. I have a 6 year old child in my class. Should this mother be giving her chips and chocolate bars for her morning tea? (31 Oct 97)
  25. What are sugar alcohols? (30 Oct 97)
  26. My 17 month old has diabetes and I need ideas for food. (30 Oct 97)
  27. I bought some sugarless chocolates for her, but she says sorbitol causes problems. They said the chocolates are made with morbitol. (30 Oct 97)
  28. How many carbohydrates a day should a nine year old get? (26 Oct 97)
  29. I read Ead's Protein Power book and would like to know if any studies have been done to validate their techniques. (25 Oct 97)
  30. I became aware of an alternative method for counting carbohydrates. This method takes the total carbohydrate and adds the sugar to the total. (25 Oct 97)
  31. Our son is 4 and was diagnosed at 2 1/2. How often should his diet be reviewed? (25 Oct 97)
  32. I got diabetes about five years ago and I've been having problems with my blood sugar. I love to eat a lot, and I mean a lot. (23 Oct 97)
  33. I read once where they were researching a way to test whether a soft drink is diet or not by using a stick. (23 Oct 97)
  34. Should she be on any special vitamins to help the diabetes? (18 Oct 97)
  35. I have a 12 month old son with Type 1. My husband and I have been trying to locate some information about diet and carbohydrates. (13 Oct 97)
  36. I recently married a diabetic with type 2. Is there a book I can get with foods and drinks that would be good for her? (11 Oct 97)
  37. Can you give me any information about Tupelo honey? I have been told that it is safe for diabetics to consume. (11 Oct 97)
  38. I noticed that some of your recipes contain honey as an ingredient. Can a diabetic use honey as a substitute for sugar? (4 Oct 97)
  39. I am trying to find a peanut butter substitute for cookies. (4 Oct 97)
  40. I was told that honey and corn syrup should never be used for infants less than one year of age. Is this true? (21 Sep 97)
  41. I love to drink Diet Pepsi and Diet Rite Cola. But my blood sugar increases when I drink a lot of these. (21 Sep 97)
  42. My father-in-law chews tobacco. We think that because tobacco is flavored with molasses, he is swallowing a lot of sugar. (9 Sep 97)
  43. I recently reduced my daily insulin dosage by cutting down on the starches in my diet. Any clue as to why I haven't lost weight? (9 Sep 97)
  44. Are there any positive effects on starting a low carb diet? (9 Sep 97)
  45. Our 5 year old daughter will be entering kindergarten. She is a picky eater, and we are looking for some lunch ideas. (7 Sep 97)
  46. I was wondering if you could direct me to a resource for foods low in all types of sugar. (7 Sep 97)
  47. I have seen some articles on Chromium Picolinate. Is there any research or proof that it helps Type 1 diabetics? (7 Sep 97)
  48. I have read that certain vitamin supplements could be of use in controlling Type 1 diabetes. (1 Sep 97)
  49. How strictly do you control the diet in this age group [toddlers]? (30 Aug 97)
  50. Can a diabetic use honey as a substitute for sugar? (24 Aug 97)
  51. What is the sugar content of different types of alcohol? (21 Aug 97)
  52. Recent reports are showing a link between the onset of diabetes and overconsumption of protein and cow's milk. (17 Aug 97)
  53. I would like some advice on meal planning for my 11 year old daughter. (17 Aug 97)
  54. Can someone with diabetes drink "agua miel," the juice of the sugar cane? (12 Aug 97)
  55. His triglycerides were 480 mg/dl. They said to talk to the dietitian about reducing saturated fat in his diet. (10 Aug 97)
  56. When reading a nutrition facts label and carbohydrate counting, what role does the protein play? (10 Aug 97)
  57. How harmful is olive oil with regard to its fat content? (4 Aug 97)
  58. Why is oat bran so high on the glycemic index and oatmeal so low? (29 Jul 97)
  59. Do you know of any health concerns related to eating dextrose? (26 Jul 97)
  60. My mother is a 55 year old diabetic. Where can we go to get a diet or information on things she can eat? (26 Jul 97)
  61. My 12 year old son's blood test turned up that he had an elevated blood sugar. What can he eat during this time of uncertainty? (13 Jul 97)
  62. What diet drinks do you suggest besides water? (6 Jul 97)
  63. I'm a sixteen year old male diabetic. I need to know how to lose weight as a diabetic. (26 Jun 97)
  64. Have there been controlled, double-blind studies that support the use of chromium in diabetes? (26 Jun 97)
  65. Why is it that diabetics aren't always told that a high-fibre diet can help to lower blood sugar levels? (26 Jun 97)
  66. We saw a dietitian briefly at the hospital. Is this normally all the dietary instruction a parent recieves? (24 Jun 97)
  67. I was looking for a list of fruits and their natural sugar content. Can you help? (8 Jun 97)
  68. My 2-year-old is a picky eater. He eats virtually no vegetables, and limited protein. I am concerned for his nutrition. (5 Jun 97)
  69. I just saw a documentary about taking magnesium or food rich with it to reverse the need for insulin supplements. (1 Jun 97)
  70. During the first three months of insulin injections, I gained close to 20 pounds. Is this weight gain normal? (29 May 97)
  71. Our eight year-old daughter has been taking vitamin E and vitamin C. What would be prudent for a child of her age? (26 May 97)
  72. How does a person on insulin lose weight? By adjusting my diet any more, I literally wouldn't be eating much of anything. (25 May 97)
  73. I gained 10 pounds last July when I began use of the pump. I would appreciate suggestions to diet plans. (25 May 97)
  74. What is the ratio for converting sugar recipes to sugar substitute recipes? (21 May 97)
  75. I was wondering if there is a maximum recommended daily amount of sorbitol for children, either with diabetes or without. (21 May 97)
  76. My son races off road mountain bikes. We need to figure out when he should eat before a race and what he should eat. (18 May 97)
  77. I have a 12 year old nephew with diabetes, Type 1, which he has had from age 5. He is always hungry. (10 May 97)
  78. We have searched for an apple drink sweetened with Nutrasweet and can't find one. Any suggestions? (9 May 97)
  79. I was wondering if aspartame causes cancer. (8 May 97)
  80. We had just started counting carbs. When it comes to meats, how do I figure the carbs? (6 May 97)
  81. Can you help me with my meal planning around "fast foods?" (3 May 97)
  82. How can I find out the way to get fatter? (3 May 97)
  83. Can you could furnish me with a simple list of foods that I can eat and the ones I can't eat? (3 May 97)
  84. Is there a concern associated with the use of rice regularly in one's diet? Is wheat better than rice? (20 Apr 97)
  85. I have had diabetes for over 14 years now, but for the past 3 years I have been obsessed with weight. (17 Apr 97)
  86. One of the doctors wants me to try this new low carb diet. This goes against everything I have been told. (30 Mar 97)
  87. Besides wanting to know how much of a role heredity plays, he has asked me to find him a very basic food conversion list. (29 Mar 97)
  88. Recently there has been some publicity on a possible link between Aspartame and brain tumors. (22 Mar 97)
  89. Any suggestions on how to get weight on a diabetic? (22 Mar 97)
  90. I went looking for a food counter that contained sugar count. Do you know of a book that may contain this information? (22 Mar 97)
  91. This past month I have had really good control, however I have also gained 15 pounds. Should I be worried? (20 Mar 97)
  92. Is there a role for chromium dietary supplementation in the control of insulin needs for either IDDM or NIDDM? (19 Mar 97)
  93. I would like to know what can be used as a substitute for non-nutritive sugar substitutes in recipes. (16 Mar 97)
  94. My question, or I guess, concern is diabetics who decrease their insulin so they do not have to eat. (16 Mar 97)
  95. Do you know of any research that shows if Japanese or vegetarian nutrition habits are better to prevent complications than other nutrition habits? (16 Mar 97)

  96. Recently I have had a problem with weight gain. Is this an inevitable consequence of being diabetic? (16 Mar 97)
  97. Food labels now include the item "Alcohol Sugars." How should this be taken into account? (15 Mar 97)
  98. I know that diabetics have to watch their carbohydrates intake, but what about water? (15 Mar 97)
  99. My wife drinks a lot of diet Mountain Dew and they told her that she could not have it because it was putting her sugar level too high. (15 Mar 97)
  100. How do we accommodate staying up later during the holidays, and some holiday snacking during the evening? (10 Mar 97)
  101. I would like to lose the 5 pounds that I put on before college. Is there a protein diet you could suggest? (10 Mar 97)
  102. Is it my diet or the time I eat that makes my sugar go high? (7 Mar 97)
  103. Our daughter's bedtime blood glucose numbers are good after eating pasta, but they then rise as the night goes on. (2 Mar 97)
  104. Our pharmacist is now handling a product called "NiteBite". Do you have any information on this product? (2 Mar 97)
  105. Often when our eight year old daughter has pasta for dinner, her blood glucose numbers go high by the middle of the night. (26 Feb 97)
  106. Our teenage daughter has cut down her insulin doses so that she doesn't have to eat as much. (19 Feb 97)
  107. I love to bake cakes but since I can't use Equal, can I use fructose sugar instead? (14 Feb 97)
  108. I am an 18 years old student. I am a female and have diabetes since I was 7 years old. I have a very big problem. I am a bulimic. (14 Feb 97)
  109. I have seen hand held calorie counters. Is there anything that you know of that has a carbohydrate counter as well? (9 Feb 97)
  110. My eats constantly from the time he gets home at around 3 pm until he goes to bed. He is constantly hungry. (9 Feb 97)
  111. When her AM shot is during the week before school (7am) her dinner reading is high. Any suggestions? (9 Feb 97)
  112. What is sugar alcohol? Wouldn't it be better just to let him have a regular piece of candy and work it into his diet? (3 Feb 97)
  113. Can you tell me which fruits are the best for me and the least amount of natural sugar, in that order? (1 Feb 97)
  114. My 5 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 6 months ago. I have been getting different advice on his diet. (29 Jan 97)
  115. Is sorbitol "healthier" than sugar? (27 Jan 97)
  116. Our son is on a no sugar added diet until age 6. [Other] kids are on either exchange or carb counting diets. Which is better? (25 Jan 97)
  117. I can't get rid of my craving for cookies. (25 Jan 97)
  118. I have a 4 year boy who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 3 months ago. Any suggestions or ideas on how to get him to eat protein? (25 Jan 97)
  119. Can you explain the [blood sugar] lowering effect of water? (25 Jan 97)
  120. Is there any reason we should avoid sugar intake altogether? (22 Jan 97)
  121. Every time I try and diet I have the most terrible hypos. How do I balance insulin intake with reduced food intake? (22 Jan 97)
  122. What is Sugar Alcohol and what is its effect on a diabetic? (18 Jan 97)
  123. Is fructose is a "legal" substitute sweetener for diabetics? (15 Jan 97)
  124. I'm trying to find help on nutrition classes. (15 Jan 97)
  125. I am 42 years old and diabetic for 1 year. I would like to know that how safe is the use of sugar substitutes, like Nutrasweet. (6 Jan 97)
  126. May I know how can I grow fatter? (6 Jan 97)
  127. My 11 year old son eats more candy now than before he was diagnosed. He thinks of it as a way to control his blood sugar. (4 Jan 97)

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