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Meal Planning, Food and Diet from 1996

  1. Is it more difficult for a Type 1 diabetic to control his/her weight than a non-diabetic? (31 Dec 96)
  2. I am interested in food-based approaches to managing blood sugar levels in both types of diabetes. (28 Dec 96)
  3. I am a 35 year old obese white female. Should I be overly concerned? (28 Dec 96)
  4. I have a great concern for my brother. Since there is no diabetic diet involved, how long does it take to see any progress? (24 Dec 96)
  5. I read that the vitamin inositol is tried to reduce the symptoms of neuropathy. What kind of vitamin is inositol? (18 Dec 96)
  6. I have to beg for 3 snacks a day on diabetics in the hospital. Thanks for any help you may have to offer. (18 Dec 96)
  7. Could I get a diet for a 15 year old, very active and compliant, newly diagnosed diabetic? (15 Dec 96)
  8. Does chewing gum have an adverse effect on sugar levels? (14 Dec 96)
  9. What kind of combination of food can I eat throughout a day that would allow me to gain 10 pounds? (14 Dec 96)
  10. I am looking for some organization that ships frozen prepared meals for people with special dietary such as insulin dependent diabetics. (13 Dec 96)
  11. My four year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 1 1/2 weeks ago. Should we be seeing a nutritionist? (11 Dec 96)
  12. I read about the Zbar but, what are the effects of overconsumption? (9 Dec 96)
  13. What kinds of meal is recommended to prevent high blood glucose in the morning or at 3 A.M. or 4 A.M.? (3 Dec 96)
  14. Is there a specific diet for diabetics? (27 Nov 96)
  15. I noticed this past week that she had a low after each meal in which bread was a component. Should I compensate for "crust-removal"? (27 Nov 96)
  16. Can anyone out there tell me about the Glucose Tolerance Factor? (24 Nov 96)
  17. How soon will products made with olestra be available on the market? (20 Nov 96)
  18. Ever since being diagnosed with this disease I have found it difficult to keep weight on. (16 Nov 96)
  19. I was wondering if there were any receipes for desserts, cookies, candy, etc. (13 Nov 96)
  20. What are the negative issues for diabetics who drink alcohol? (13 Nov 96)
  21. If legumes are starches and nuts are fats, what does a vegetarian diabetic do about the meat exchange? (13 Nov 96)
  22. I would appreciate any menu that is available for diabetics. (11 Nov 96)
  23. In the evening, after my final insulin dose, I get so hungry. Any suggestions? (11 Nov 96)
  24. I have been trying to find out more about uncooked cornstarch to prevent low blood sugars. (11 Nov 96)
  25. Are mega-vitamin supplements helpful for kids or adults with Type 1 diabetes? (9 Nov 96)
  26. My 12 year old daughter has maxed as far as growing is concerned. About how many fat grams should we be trying to maintain at this point? (9 Nov 96)
  27. What is better: the high protein diet approaches put forth by books like "The Zone," "Protein Power," the Atkins Diet. (9 Nov 96)
  28. How does 25 mg of natural sugar compare to ordinary table sugar? Where can I find information regarding natural sugars? (7 Nov 96)
  29. Our teenage daughter has cut down her insulin doses so that she doesn't have to eat as much. I am concerned. (7 Nov 96)
  30. Is counting carbohydrates the best way to compare the effect of a given meal on blood sugars 1-2 hours hence? (3 Nov 96)
  31. They have been letting her have some soda pop to drink with sugar in it. Is this okay to do? (2 Nov 96)
  32. My wife is diabetic. What kind of dessert could my wife eat? (2 Nov 96)
  33. I have been trying to find a copy of the Diabetes Diet that was given to me when I was pregnant and had gestational diabetes. (28 Oct 96)
  34. What effect does alcohol have on diabetes? (28 Oct 96)
  35. We were wondering if a diabetic can eat sugar contained in ice cream or if everything they eat has to be prepared with Equal. (28 Oct 96)
  36. I am wondering what diet has to do with causing, treating and even preventing diabetes? (28 Oct 96)
  37. I was wondering if you had any useful medical information on the benefits of kiwifruit, other than "eating fruit is good for you." (19 Oct 96)
  38. What do you think of chromium and raw pancreas concentrate, and vitamin supplements in general? (13 Oct 96)
  39. Our doctor suggested we take our daughter off all dairy products because she doesn't metabolize them well. (4 Oct 96)
  40. We cannot get our son to eat when he is supposed to and meals are becoming a battleground. Any ideas? (3 Oct 96)
  41. Could use all the recipes I can get for cooking for a diabetic. (12 Sep 96)
  42. I teach with a lady whose husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She needs a list of cookbooks... (31 Aug 96)
  43. I always wondered how much sugar intake was safe? If I consume too much sugar in a day what are the consequences? (25 Aug 96)
  44. I am looking for food exchanges and also a good up to day calorie counter. (23 Aug 96)
  45. I wanted to find out if any of you have had successful results by taking Chromium Picolinate. (16 Aug 96)
  46. Can you tell me what role potassium plays in the diabetic diet? (16 Aug 96)
  47. She has lowered her doses on exercise days but still becomes hypoglycemic. Any ideas? (6 Aug 96)
  48. Since taking insulin, starting six months ago, I gained 16 pounds. Can you help? (31 Jul 96)
  49. I am a 21-year old, new to diabetes, and having trouble keeping away from sweets. (28 Jul 96)
  50. Could you please send me some information regarding studies and research on the herb stevia. (27 Jul 96)
  51. I'd like information about the new study done in China showing effectiveness of chromium therapy. (20 Jun 96)
  52. I have a 13 year old daughter who is losing weight. (23 May 96)
  53. Do some fruits contain more "natural" sugar than others? (21 May 96)
  54. I am a college student doing a group project about the fat substitute Olestra. (9 May 96)
  55. I read a bit about anti-oxidants ... preventing diabetic complications. (18 Apr 96)
  56. I can't find a place to buy olestra oil for personal use. (14 Apr 96)
  57. I've been reading about the glycemic index of different foods. (7 Apr 96)
  58. I'm having a difficult time really sticking with a diet.... (24 Mar 96)
  59. I need to know how to convert regular recipes to exchanges. (7 Feb 96)
  60. The problem we are experiencing is insatiable hunger. The Doctor has her on a 1200 calorie diet. (30 Dec 95)
  61. A friend told me that taking Chromium may decrease the amount of insulin needed. (23 Dec 95)

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