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  1. My son, who is a wrestler, will soon be getting a pump. Will he have any pain if he wrestles with the infusion set/canula in his body? (25 Nov 2007)
  2. Can I purchase an insulin pump for my daughter in the U.S. and then have her managed by doctors in Portugal? How much does a pump cost? (15 Nov 2007)
  3. My daughter, who's had diabetes for three years, has started to develop "dimples" at her infusion sites. Could she be allergic to her insulin? What should we do? (12 Nov 2007)
  4. Is it possible to cover breakfast, which is around 7:00 a.m., and a morning snack around 9:00 a.m. with a dual wave bolus? (9 Nov 2007)
  5. My young daughter is a gymnast and we are considering getting her a pump. Are there other gymnasts who use a pump? Do they wear the pump during gymnastics? (31 Oct 2007)
  6. Is it important to have a saline trial before starting pump therapy? How well do small children tolerate wearing an insulin pump? (16 Oct 2007)
  7. What do you know about the Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents? Has anyone had problems with the MiniMed 715 not recording all boluses and fingersticks? (16 Oct 2007)
  8. What could be causing "dark spots" at the pump insertion sites of an African American child? (10 Oct 2007)
  9. My work schedule can be hectic so I have erratic blood sugars. Should I change from injections to a pump? (28 Sep 2007)
  10. In the past year, we've had to replace three Cozmo pumps. Do you have patients who've had the same bad luck with this pump? Is there any rating of pumps? (26 Sep 2007)
  11. Where can I get insulin pump supplies at no cost? My husband is on disability and I currently have no insurance. (8 Sep 2007)
  12. When I had the stomach flu, my blood sugars were low and I had moderate urine ketones. The doctor had me suspend my pump for eight hours. What do you think about this? (31 Aug 2007)
  13. What can tell me about the available pumps? How about the current sensors? Which pump is best for me since I am a runner? (23 Aug 2007)
  14. A swimmer, my daughter's infusion sets come off in the pool or right afterwards. We've tried I.V. prep, Tegaderm and band aids. How can we get the sets to stick? (7 Aug 2007)
  15. Since switching to a MiniMed pump and Quick-sets, my blood sugars are running higher. Could the Quick-set be the problem? (6 Aug 2007)
  16. Is there an insulin pump that will send a notice to a phone when something is wrong or insulin is given the the patient? (3 Aug 2007)
  17. Are there any worldwide programs to help get insulin pumps for free or at a reduced cost? (3 Aug 2007)
  18. I'm a new pumper and have two issues. How do I get my infusion sets to stay in longer? How do I prevent blood from getting in the tubing? (29 Jul 2007)
  19. My 10-year-old was diagnosed in October 2006. We want to get started with pump training, but our clinic will not do this until one year after diagnosis. Is this a common practice? (22 Jul 2007)
  20. Is it okay to suspend my son's pump for seven hours overnight or should I try to feed the insulin? Is there a risk of ketones? (19 Jul 2007)
  21. We are hoping to get a pump for our daughter, but are concerned about the use of Teflon in canulas. Are there any canulas NOT made of Teflon? (8 Jul 2007)
  22. As a relatively new pumper, I'm having bad pain when I put in my infusion sets and when I bolus. What do you suggest? (29 May 2007)
  23. According to my diabetes educator, I cannot go on a pump before my blood sugars are stabilized. Why is this? (9 May 2007)
  24. Why can't one use a pump site for more than three days? What about CGMS sensors? Can they be used for more than three days? (1 May 2007)
  25. Since starting on a pump, my daughter's blood sugars are fluctuating even more than before. She disconnects for sports. What do you recommend? (18 Apr 2007)
  26. Is there some way to determine the bolus ratio and duration for a dual wave bolus for "stubborn foods" like pizza and pasta? (14 Apr 2007)
  27. What is the duration time for Humalog? The nurse says three hours, but it seems to last longer in my son. Should I change his pump accordingly? (8 Apr 2007)
  28. What are the most important features to consider in choosing a pump? (21 Mar 2007)
  29. We are considering a pump for our grandson, but I'm concerned he could damage it. How could he handle the pump for karate class? (21 Mar 2007)
  30. I am taking long acting insulin once a day and short acting insulin before every meal. Is an insulin pump for me? (14 Mar 2007)
  31. Now that we are considering getting a pump for our son, should we pursue a pump with or without a continuous glucose sensor? (3 Mar 2007)
  32. The nurse at the endocrinologist's office says my teen son is bolusing too frequently, causing swings in his blood sugars. Could this be true? (22 Feb 2007)
  33. My daughter has insulin resistance so her doctor has put her on a second pump to administer Symlin. Have you ever heard of this? (16 Feb 2007)
  34. What are the recommended guidelines for the appropriate age for a child to change his or her own infusion site? (7 Feb 2007)
  35. My son has a problem with insulin absorption, having high blood sugars after 30 hours per infusion site. Is this a common problem? What do you suggest? (5 Feb 2007)
  36. Are there products for boys, other than backpacks and fanny packs, to carry around their meters or sugar source? My son's pockets are too small and a lunchbox isn't "cool." (13 Jan 2007)
  37. What do you know about the OmniPod pump system? Do you know of any eight-year-olds using it? (4 Jan 2007)
  38. I want to get a pump to improve my control, but my doctor says I don't take diabetes seriously so I should not get a pump. What should I do? (4 Jan 2007)

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