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Insulin Pumps from 2006

  1. My son has developed two lumps from using the same two spots on his belly for his infusion sites. Can this impair insulin absorption or does it just look lumpy? (19 Dec 2006)
  2. When I change my son's infusion set, his blood sugar rises for about six to eight hours, even if I do corrections. What do you think the problem is? (27 Nov 2006)
  3. Since he started pumping in July, my 13 year old has often had moderate to large ketones. Could he use Lantus for half his basal? (22 Nov 2006)
  4. What do you know about the Aviator pump? I understand it will work with the Navigator continuous sensor. (20 Nov 2006)
  5. Do you know of a safe, quick and effective numbing spray that we could use to encourage our daughter to try new sites? (31 Oct 2006)
  6. My active son is having wide blood sugar swings. He often needs to change his infusion set once or twice daily due to kinking. Is this related to his activity? (21 Oct 2006)
  7. How should my son deal with his pump while skateboarding or snowboarding? He's concerned about breaking it or dropping it. (11 Oct 2006)
  8. Our son uses Teflon infusion sets and Humalog with his Paradigm pump, but we are seeing higher blood sugars after two days. Why is this? (29 Sep 2006)
  9. After two weeks pumping, our son is having stubborn highs at night. His pump/sites are fine, as are his daytime blood sugars. What do you suggest? (28 Aug 2006)
  10. Our MiniMed 522 keeps giving "no delivery alarms." The help line suggested set changes, which we have done, but still had the alarm. What do you suggest? (23 Aug 2006)
  11. Is it true that the U.S. would rather profit from diseases than cure them? Can you tell me about the OmniPod? Does Canada have fewer medical restrictions? (19 Aug 2006)
  12. Why aren't insulin pump supplies, sets, reservoirs, inserters available at pharmacies? (9 Aug 2006)
  13. I am desperately trying to get an OmniPod for my toddler nephew, but since we are in Iran, they won't send us one. Can you help us? (2 Aug 2006)
  14. While playing football, where should my teen son wear his pump? (30 Jul 2006)
  15. My son's infusion sets come off quite easily, especially from swimming. We have tried many products. What do you suggest? (30 Jul 2006)
  16. How is one supposed to dispose of the introducer needle of an Inset? It does not fit in a traditional "sharps" container. (16 Jul 2006)
  17. I don't trust the local doctor to care for my five year old. Should I drive to a bigger city to find a pediatric endocrinologist? Should we force our son to get a pump? (29 Jun 2006)
  18. After six months on a pump, my 14 year old is still having a lot of fluctuating blood sugars. Is this because of puberty or problems adjusting his pump? (28 Jun 2006)
  19. Even though we rotate his sites, my son's infusion sets are lasting fewer than two days. Is there any way to prolong the life of these infusion sets? (28 Jun 2006)
  20. Is there a way to get Insets to adhere better? Which infusion sets are more often used by kids? Is there anything other than lidocaine for numbing? (26 Jun 2006)
  21. I can get a MiniMed ParadigmŪ REAL-Time Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring System for my five year old. What should my concerns be? (24 Jun 2006)
  22. When my daughter attends basketball camps this summer, what is the best way to use her pump? Should we try the un-tethered approach? (20 May 2006)
  23. Will the Louisiana Medicaid Program cover an insulin pump? Where do I get pump stickers and covers? (16 May 2006)
  24. How do you choose a pump when technology is changing so quickly? When will more continuous glucose monitors be FDA approved and available? (13 May 2006)
  25. Where can I find information regarding financial assistance for insulin pumps? (11 May 2006)
  26. I would like to go on a pump. How does it works and what does it cost? Can I get it on the NHS or does it cost? (11 May 2006)
  27. Despite an extended bolus on her pump, my seven year old has delayed highs after eating pizza, ice cream and doughnuts. What do you suggest? (4 Apr 2006)
  28. The endocrinologist says my eight year old isn't eligible for a pump, that's it's too complicated. Why is she not eligible? (29 Mar 2006)
  29. When my teen sleeps in, her blood sugar drops from what it is at her usual waking time. The endocrinologist said to lower her basal rate. What do you think? (29 Mar 2006)
  30. What should I do with my pump during sexual intercourse? For me, wearing it is not an option. (26 Mar 2006)
  31. Recently, while on vacation, I had to re-use some pump sites. Once, I was quite high for a couple of hours. Will this affect my A1c? (25 Mar 2006)
  32. My 20 month old was diagnosed with type 1 three months ago. Should we consider getting her a pump? (4 Feb 2006)
  33. Our new doctor says our daughter should not use a pump because she uses very little insulin, that the insulin will crystallize. Is this true? (23 Jan 2006)

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