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Insulin Pumps from 2005

  1. I live in Russia and want to buy an insulin pump. Where can I find the prices for the different pumps? MiniMed is the only pump available here. (28 Dec 2005)
  2. Is there a web site where I can sell an almost new insulin pump? I want to be able to pay off the original cost. (28 Dec 2005)
  3. Where is the best place for my son to place his infusion sets so they do not come out during wrestling matches? (28 Dec 2005)
  4. Is there any scale or book that helps with the time of breakdown for high fat foods for square and dual waves? (14 Dec 2005)
  5. I recently saw an ad for the OmniPod. What do you know about it? (9 Dec 2005)
  6. I am an active teen, soon to get a pump. How do I prevent the tubing from being ripped off? (9 Dec 2005)
  7. Is pump therapy better way to manage diabetes? Is it recommended for children in the early stage of diabetes? (6 Dec 2005)
  8. For a newly diagnosed child, wouldn't it be better to take Lantus and NovoLog, not NPH and Humulin? Is a pump acceptable within six months of diagnosis? (29 Nov 2005)
  9. My daughter is 13 weeks pregnant and has had poor glucose control since before her pregnancy. Would a pump be beneficial? Will Medicaid pay for it? (18 Nov 2005)
  10. I heard that pumpers should be getting 50% of their TDD as basal insulin. My daughter's basals are 25% of her TDD. Should I adjust it closer to 50%? (12 Nov 2005)
  11. Do you think the OmniPod is an acceptable device for a young child? I was interested in getting one for my son before he starts school. (11 Nov 2005)
  12. Two nights ago, I corrected my daughter's high, but it didn't work. Today, she was low before lunch. Could the low be from delayed absorption of the previous corrections? (3 Nov 2005)
  13. When is the best time to put a child on a pump? Should I wait until my daughter is out of her honeymoon? (29 Oct 2005)
  14. Although I have good control on NovoLog and Lantus, I want an insulin pump. My mom says it isn't necessary. What is your opinion? (25 Oct 2005)
  15. Can you use insulin pens and/or insulin pumps in children under 10 years old? Can they be used by a four year old? (18 Oct 2005)
  16. My daughter's blood sugars spike late in the evening, but come down to her range by morning. What, if any, pump adjustments should we consider? (9 Oct 2005)
  17. Are there any differences when using NovoLog insulin in an insulin pump rather than Humalog? (23 Sep 2005)
  18. I heard about a cure for type 1 in England. Does it really exist? What type of pump is best for a seven year old? (23 Aug 2005)
  19. Our pediatrician has suggested we get our daughter an insulin pump, but the endocrinologist disagrees. What do you recommend? (10 Aug 2005)
  20. Is there any research on insulin pumps happening in Canada using non-diabetic patients? (7 Aug 2005)
  21. Is there an organization to which we can donate our son's old insulin pump? (2 Aug 2005)
  22. I am in the U.K. and trying to get a pump. Is there any way to speed up the way the Primary Care Trust handles requests? (23 Jul 2005)
  23. I started pumping recently. My infusion sites have been bleeding/leaking insulin after 24 hours. Is this common? Should I try different sets or sites? (13 Jul 2005)
  24. My son's diabetes team is suggesting that we begin considering a new pump for him. Is there a comparison of pumps/pump problems available? (30 Jun 2005)
  25. I have type 1, celiac disease and hypothyroidism. I think I can get better control with a pump. How can I convince my anti-pump doctor of this? (29 Jun 2005)
  26. Where can I find an insulin pump with a blood glucose meter included in it? (29 May 2005)
  27. My daughter has developed an allergy to the tape that holds her infusion sets. Are there any other options, such as "PVC-free" canulas? (21 May 2005)
  28. Since going on a pump six months ago, my son has had many high blood sugars/mild DKA. He also doesn't like testing at school. What can you suggest? (13 May 2005)
  29. Can you tell me if it's possible for type 2 diabetics, insulin dependent, to find success using an insulin pump? (6 May 2005)
  30. My endocrinologist wants me to try a pump. With good A1cs, I am comfortable sticking with shots. What would the advantage of a pump be? (30 Apr 2005)
  31. My 16 year old experiences pain each time he changes his pump site. How can we ease the pain? (30 Apr 2005)
  32. How can I prevent air bubbles in the tubing of my MiniMed pump? I only have them when I am outdoors in temperatures that are often below freezing. (20 Mar 2005)
  33. Last summer, my daughter had infusion set problems and highs when on a swim team. How hard would it be for her to switch to shots for the summer, then resume pumping? (6 Mar 2005)
  34. Are unexplained high blood sugars normal on a pump? I have checked my pump and supplies and they seem okay. (27 Feb 2005)
  35. Is an insulin pump more efficient than injections? Is there anyone making insulin spray? (27 Feb 2005)
  36. What are the advantages between the different brands of insulin pumps? Is the Deltec most popular with kids? (9 Jan 2005)

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