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Hypoglycemia from 2005

  1. I have gastroparesis, but take no medication. Sometimes, I am low for hours and need glucagon. How can I prevent the lows? What can I take to help with this? (21 Dec 2005)
  2. I have hypoglycemia. My doctor doesn't seem concerned, but I am worried since I had a numb feeling with my last spell. Should I be worried? (9 Dec 2005)
  3. I have hypoglycemia, with twice the normal level of insulin. Is there a cure for this? How can I lose weight? (2 Dec 2005)
  4. My son has ketotic hypoglycemia. Recently, he also has increased thirst, hunger and urination. What could be going on? (13 Nov 2005)
  5. Recently diagnosed, my son had a headache with a low blood sugar. Can he take Tylenol or Motrin? (12 Nov 2005)
  6. Two nights ago, I corrected my daughter's high, but it didn't work. Today, she was low before lunch. Could the low be from delayed absorption of the previous corrections? (3 Nov 2005)
  7. My daughter was diagnosed with hypoglycemia a year ago. The doctor suspected hyperinsulinemia, but wants a second opinion. Is this possibly pre-diabetes? (26 Oct 2005)
  8. My infant son has been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. Will he always have this or just in childhood? Is diet the only treatment? (25 Oct 2005)
  9. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Is this a type of diabetes? Can it lead to diabetes? (22 Oct 2005)
  10. The endocrinologist recommends that we reduce my son's slow-acting insulin since lows may affect brain development. What is your opinion? (17 Oct 2005)
  11. I get sweats, tingling, dilated eyes, etc. when I eat even small amounts of sugar. An internist said I have reactive hypoglycemia. What does this mean? (15 Oct 2005)
  12. I have a rare form of hypoglycemia. When I eat any kind of sugar, my blood sugar remains low. What do I have? What kind of diet should I follow? (14 Oct 2005)
  13. After starting on Adderall and Wellbutrin, my son, who has type 2, had a very low blood sugar. What should we do? (10 Oct 2005)
  14. At day care, my daughter has been very low twice. What could happen if she were to go lower than 24 mg/dl [1/3 mmol/L]? Could she stop breathing? (7 Oct 2005)
  15. What are the effects of being "LO?" Are there long-term effects? (26 Sep 2005)
  16. After four years with type 1, my daughter seems unable to detect lows until she is very low. Can young children have hypoglycemia unawareness? (21 Sep 2005)
  17. My son is having low blood sugars one hour after dinner. We know his NovoLog lasts up to two hours, but how do we know when the food has digested? (14 Sep 2005)
  18. My daughter had a seizure last night. I was unable to check her blood sugar, but I gave her glucagon. Was this the right option? What if she had been high? (1 Sep 2005)
  19. My daughter has been having pounding headaches and low blood sugars. What should I do? (25 Aug 2005)
  20. My doctor feels I have hypoglycemia based on my GTT. I am not convinced he is right. What else should I do? (16 Aug 2005)
  21. My wife had a low blood sugar when we were at the pediatrician's office with our infant. Will lows have any reflection on her as a mother? (11 Aug 2005)
  22. I have frequent low blood sugars. How many a month are "normal?" (3 Aug 2005)
  23. My fiance is very active during the summer. He has lows 24 to 36 hours after extra activity. What should he do? He takes Lantus and Humalog. (3 Aug 2005)
  24. Do most people with long term type 1 diabetes eventually develop hypoglycemia unawareness? Are lows harder to detect when one has good control? (27 Jul 2005)
  25. My daughter was told she may have reactive hypoglycemia. Eating small meals and snacks, she still has the same symptoms. What could be going on? (26 Jul 2005)
  26. I take Lantus at night, but have to be 250 mg/dl [13.9 mmol/L] to avoid nighttime lows. I wake up in range. How can I avoid the nighttime lows? (22 Jul 2005)
  27. I suspect my daughter has ketotic hypoglycemia, which I have read is related to diabetes. Should she have a GTT, even if all it does is confirm my suspicions? (17 Jul 2005)
  28. My friend, age 51, diagnosed with type 1 at age 16 is having morning lows since starting menopause. Why is this? What should she do? (17 Jul 2005)
  29. Since switching to Lantus and NovoLog, my son's doesn't feel low until he's 45 mg/dl [2.5 mmol/L]. Is this related to the insulin he is now taking? (13 Jul 2005)
  30. My husband has had good control of his diabetes, but had two seizures in the last eight months. Are they affecting our ability to conceive? (13 Jul 2005)
  31. I suspect I have hypoglycemia. If I am diagnosed with it, will it still be okay for me to have children? (29 Jun 2005)
  32. My mom, who has had diabetes for 38 years, has hypglycemia unawareness. What should she do? When my dad travels, should I check on my mom? (25 Jun 2005)
  33. How low does one's blood sugar need to go to cause one to pass out, have convulsions, or go into a coma? (9 Jun 2005)
  34. In the past two weeks, my husband has had erratic blood sugars, including two bad lows. What can cause this? Can you lose the ability to feel lows? (1 Jun 2005)
  35. Since treatment for a brain tumor, my wife's insulin needs have decreased dramatically and she is having lows. I keep the insulin locked up. What is going on? (30 May 2005)
  36. My friend has three year old twins, one of whom has been experiencing hypoglycemia. The doctor suspects it is genetic. If so, why doesn't his twin have it? (30 May 2005)
  37. My young son recently had a seizure uopn waking. His blood sugar was 27 mg/dl [1.5 mmol/]. Why would his blood sugar have dropped so low? (30 May 2005)
  38. My daughter disconnects her pump on weekends and takes evening Lantus. She is low on Monday mornings. Is some of the Lantus still in her system? (29 May 2005)
  39. My granddaughter has recently had low blood sugars. She does not have diabetes at this time. Are the lows a precursor to diabetes? (24 May 2005)
  40. I am in my honeymoon so I have been reducing my insulin. I am not taking any at this time, but I still have lows. Is my body overcompensating? (24 May 2005)
  41. Last night, my three year old was low and had a convulsion, without losing consciousness. Are convulsions common for people with low blood sugars? (23 May 2005)
  42. Since a recent flu and cold, my daughter has been experiencing low blood sugars even after we have reduced her insulin. What could be going on? (23 May 2005)
  43. What are the risks to a child who is found low during the night? For a sleeping child, is there a point at which the child's brain may be affected? (21 May 2005)
  44. Some nights, we have to treat our son's lows with juice every two hours throughout the night. The doctor suspects an absorption problem. Are there certain juices that are absorbed more easily? (18 May 2005)
  45. For several years, I have had several symptoms of diabetes. A doctor once said I had low blood sugars. Could a fasting test show I have diabetes? (14 May 2005)
  46. Last weekend, my husband was low for 72 hours, even with his pump disconnected. Does this fall into the category of counter regulatory responses? (14 May 2005)
  47. After one month with type 1, my son has lows in the early morning after his bedtime shot of Insulatard. Could he have type 2? How long will he be in "remission?" (14 May 2005)
  48. My son was diagnosed a month ago. Since he is often low after dinner and exercise, is it okay to skip his dinner Humalog, like we do on baseball nights? (13 May 2005)
  49. Do you have any information on severe hypoglycemia unawareness? Could it be caused by Humalog or the length of time I've had diabetes? (11 May 2005)
  50. Can a person experience dangerous lows without long-acting insulin, after the short-acting insulin has been fully absorbed? What level is considered "dangerous?" (7 May 2005)
  51. It is safe to say that I will not get diabetes because I suffer from low blood sugar? (28 Apr 2005)
  52. My mom is in a diabetic coma. She is on a ventilator. What can we do to help her? (27 Apr 2005)
  53. Is my low TSH causing my hypoglycemia? (25 Apr 2005)
  54. Since she's had nine seizures since her diagnosis with type 1 nine years ago, my daughter will have an EEG done. What will they be looking for? (15 Apr 2005)
  55. I am in my honeymoon, a year after my diagnosis with type 1. Why do I have low blood sugars 18 hours after my injection of intermediate acting insulin? (9 Apr 2005)
  56. When I exercise, I have low blood sugars several hours later even with removing my pump and cutting my basal rates. How can I prevent the lows? (6 Apr 2005)
  57. I have type 1. I am sometimes combative when low. My wife is afraid for herself and our children. Can you explain that this behavior is related to my lows? (3 Apr 2005)
  58. My daughter takes Humalog with meals, Lantus at bedtime. She is waking low at 6 a.m. How do we determine which insulin is causing the lows? (25 Mar 2005)
  59. Could the beginning of puberty cause blood sugars to run low? (20 Mar 2005)
  60. For a severe low with convulsions where there is no glucagon available, what is the next best thing to use? What comes after convulsions? (17 Mar 2005)
  61. Last night, our granddaughter took six units of Lantus. She was low all day today with no additional insulin. Are there any tests to determine what is going on? (10 Mar 2005)
  62. Can hypoglycemia cause death? If so, why? (10 Mar 2005)
  63. Am I correct in understanding that juice, which were taught to give our son when he is low, will actually not bring his blood sugar up as fast as a graham cracker or a piece of bread? (8 Mar 2005)
  64. Can a doctor diagnose a child with hypoglycemia based on her eating/behavior? Should I get a second opinion? Where can I get a medical identification bracelet? (8 Mar 2005)
  65. My toddler is scheduled to see an endocrinologist to test for hypoglycemia. What tests will be run? Should I be overly concerned until the appointment? (7 Mar 2005)
  66. Could my dad have neurological damage from a recent hypoglycemic seizure? Can his memory loss be related to four episodes of DKA in the last year? (6 Mar 2005)
  67. I was ticketed for "rolling" through a stop sign rushing home to treat my son's low. He was refusing to eat. Do I have a case for fighting this or not? (3 Mar 2005)
  68. I have some symptoms of low blood sugar. If it is not hypoglycemia, what could it be? Can coffee cause low blood sugar? (2 Mar 2005)
  69. Is it true that several hours of low blood sugars affect your brain, making it hard for someone to function? (2 Mar 2005)
  70. My teen son has to eat a big snack to prevent nighttime hypoglycemia after his shot of Levemir. Why is this? Isn't Levemir supposed to prevent hypoglycemia? (27 Feb 2005)
  71. For a week, my daughter has been low at bedtime. If I adjust her insulin, she is high. What should I do to help keep her in range? (26 Feb 2005)
  72. Since a hypoglycemic episode, the doctor said to check my daughter's blood sugar when she drinks or urinates a lot. Why are there variable readings within the normal range? (26 Feb 2005)
  73. Since a hypoglycemic episode, the doctor said to check my daughter's blood sugar when she drinks or urinates a lot. Why are there variable readings within the normal range? (26 Feb 2005)
  74. I was recently diagnosed with type 1. I take only nine units of insulin. Why so little? Should I tell my diabetes team about previous hypoglycemia? (23 Feb 2005)
  75. Is it possible that hypoglycemia is causing the paralysis I have been experiencing? (21 Feb 2005)
  76. We switched to a new endocrinologist since the first seemed to misinform us. Have we caused our son to have brain damage by creating lower blood sugars? (21 Feb 2005)
  77. I sometimes have lows that I can't bring up, then highs and ketones a few hours later. What do you think is causing this phenomenon? (16 Feb 2005)
  78. Can nighttime lows cause death? (15 Feb 2005)
  79. My daughter is at risk for diabetes, but is not overweight. She recently had an episode similar to a hypoglycemic reaction. Should I have the doctor run tests? (8 Feb 2005)
  80. My boyfriend was looking at my meter and saw a "low" reading that I don't remember. How could I have no recollection of this "low?" (30 Jan 2005)
  81. We are considering switching to Lantus to avoid lows at 3 p.m. and 3 a.m. and to eliminate required snacks. What differences can I expect with the change? (30 Jan 2005)
  82. My brother died during open heart surgery in 2002. His blood vessels were too fragile. Could this have been caused by the occasional hypoglycemia he had over the years? (29 Jan 2005)
  83. I've had type 1 for 24 years. I keep my blood sugars too low, taking too much insulin for meals. Should I meet with a psychologist or a dietary counselor for help? (28 Jan 2005)
  84. Recently, I had some low blood sugars. Since I'm often shaky and feel faint, my aunt said I might have hypoglycemia. Should I go see a doctor? (21 Jan 2005)
  85. My son was just diagnosed. He had high blood sugars at diagnosis, but continues to have low blood sugars. Do I have a valid concern about his diagnosis? (20 Jan 2005)
  86. Ten minutes after treating my son's low blood sugar, he was jerking, but conscious and unable to speak. Is this typical of a hypoglycemic seizure? (9 Jan 2005)
  87. Years ago, I was diagnosed with acute hypoglycemia. During my recent pregnancy, my GTT results were unusual. Could I have gestational diabetes? (4 Jan 2005)

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