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Hypoglycemia from 2004

  1. When my blood sugar is low, everything I try to eat tastes like baking soda and makes me nauseous. Is this a warning sign of an impending seizure? (30 Dec 2004)
  2. Recently, while hospitalized, my daughter's insulin level was over 2000. She could not have given herself that much insulin. Do you have any insight? (9 Dec 2004)
  3. Diagnosed a month ago, my son has one or two lows per week without symptoms. He is on very low doses of insulin. Is it safe for him to have lows? (7 Dec 2004)
  4. I have pre-diabetes. I've read that treatment should be given for blood sugars less than 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L]. What should I do when lower than that? (3 Dec 2004)
  5. Diagnosed with type 1 one and a half years ago, I have been having a lot of lows. What would cause this? Could I have been misdiagnosed? (28 Nov 2004)
  6. Two years ago, a nutritionist said my daughter probably has hypoglycemia. How do I control it? (23 Nov 2004)
  7. How long after a child becomes unconscious/unresponsive does brain injury begin? Does it occur as the child is in the process of going low? (23 Nov 2004)
  8. My friend has hypoglycemia and often gets dizzy or collapses. What should he do when this happens? (23 Nov 2004)
  9. Does the body self-correct for low blood sugars? Could my grandson have had nighttime lows when he did not wake up? (22 Nov 2004)
  10. Is it possible for a diabetic to be unable to recognize a low blood sugar? How can a diabetic be unable to wake up during the night when they are low? (17 Nov 2004)
  11. Diagnosed with type 1 in the summer of 2003, my daughter was later said to have intermittent hyperglycemia. Should she have a GTT? Could she have hypoglycemia? (16 Nov 2004)
  12. At birth, my son's blood sugar was 15 mg/dl [0.8 mmol/L]. Could there be brain damage or problems of this nature that might not be detectable until later? (16 Nov 2004)
  13. My son has been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Is there any known link to diabetes? If there's a connection, how can I prevent or delay its onset? (16 Nov 2004)
  14. The school is concerned about my daughter's lows, one or two a day. Is she having more episodes of hypoglycemia than average or normal? (12 Nov 2004)
  15. I give my daughter frequent snacks to prevent outbursts that she has when hungry. I suspect she might have hypoglycemia. Do you have any advice? (11 Nov 2004)
  16. What are the long and short term effects of lows? Could my daughter, who does not feel low in the 40s mg/dl [2.4 to 2.6 mmol/L], develop hypoglycemia unawareness? (21 Oct 2004)
  17. I have type 2 and have been experiencing low blood sugars during my rugby games. How can I prevent the lows? (18 Oct 2004)
  18. I have hypoglycemia. After I treat a low blood sugar, I then get a headache and itching. What can I do to stop the itching? (17 Oct 2004)
  19. My son had a normal fasting blood sugar, but has, what I believe, are symptoms of hypoglycemia. Should I ask the doctor to do more testing? (10 Oct 2004)
  20. My son is a long distance runner. How can he keep his blood sugar from dropping during a race? Are there certain foods to eat or drink? (10 Oct 2004)
  21. After four years with celiac, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Where can I find a proper diet? (4 Oct 2004)
  22. I had a seizure where my blood sugar was 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L]. I'd been waking up lower recently. Why did I not have a seizure when I was lower? (29 Sep 2004)
  23. Is it possible for a type 1 to be aware of having hypoglycemia severe enough to cause convulsions? (27 Sep 2004)
  24. My daughter had two days of unexplained lows that would not go up with the usual amount of carbohydrates. Is this a growth or hormonal issue? (26 Sep 2004)
  25. Is glucose gel acceptable for a severe low? I am confused by Dr. Hanas, who states that "glucose cannot be absorbed through the lining of the mouth..." (23 Sep 2004)
  26. My son is having lows around midnight. Could it be from playing football? Is a big dose of Humalog at 7 p.m. contributing to the lows? (23 Sep 2004)
  27. I have hypoglycemia. Will I be able to give blood next week? (23 Sep 2004)
  28. If a healthy young adult type 1 diabetic goes into shock and then a coma, how long can he survive until help arrives? (22 Sep 2004)
  29. Feeling shaky, my teen daughter used my meter to check her blood sugar, which was 50 mg/dl [2.8 mmol/L]. Is this a precursor to diabetes? (20 Sep 2004)
  30. I heard about a dog that was specially trained to alert when someone is low. Do you know where I can go to learn more about this? (16 Sep 2004)
  31. I am 18 years old and not overweight. I often feel tired, shaky and weak several hours after eating. Could I have hypoglycemia? (10 Sep 2004)
  32. When you have a low blood sugar, will chocolate bring it up or block the sugar? (9 Sep 2004)
  33. Will my hypoglycemia eventually become type 1 or type 2 diabetes? How much of an impact does hypoglycemia have on memory? (31 Aug 2004)
  34. Last night, my son felt low after dropping from 533 mg/dl [29.6 mmol/L] to 356 mg/dl [19.8 mmol/L]. Could the symptoms of the low have been from the drop? (31 Aug 2004)
  35. Today, my teen daughter was combative and uncooperative. Assuming she was low, we gave her glucagon. Afterwards, she didn't recall the incident. Is this normal? (29 Aug 2004)
  36. Is there such a thing as withdrawal from hypoglycemia? Could my husband's diagnosis of schizophrenia be related to the drugs he was prescribed? (21 Aug 2004)
  37. When my blood sugar is quite low, I get a cramping pain in my pelvic area. It will wake me so I can treat myself. What could cause this pain? (17 Aug 2004)
  38. My son recently underwent a glucose tolerance test. The doctor suspected hypoglycemia. Why did my son not show signs of having low blood sugar? (7 Aug 2004)
  39. My daughter had a violent episode that I suspect was due to a low blood sugar. All tests were negative. Could this have been diabetes related? (4 Aug 2004)
  40. Following a seizure, my infant daughter cannot keep her blood sugar normalized without an IV. Why is this? (26 Jul 2004)
  41. Following a seizure and "spikes" in his EEG, my son was put on Depakote three years ago. Does he really still need the Depakote? (22 Jul 2004)
  42. After a seizure, my infant's blood sugar was low and stable only with a glucose IV. She is now also getting HGH shots. What could be going on? (9 Jul 2004)
  43. When born, my son was borderline hypoglycemic. He still wakes up shaky and cranky, but improves after eating. Is this something to worry about? (8 Jul 2004)
  44. My son had a seizure yesterday. What happens if he seizes when alone? Why didn't he pass out first? How great is the fear of dying from this? (30 Jun 2004)
  45. Last night, my son awoke screaming and incoherent. His blood sugar was 47 mg/dl [2.6 mmol/L]. Is this type of episode normal? (29 Jun 2004)
  46. During after school sports practices, my daughter gets dizzy and light headed, especially if she had a light lunch. Could this be hypoglycemia? (29 Jun 2004)
  47. During three recent lows of 25 mg/dl [1.4 mmol/L], my nine year old son was not symptomatic until he got that low. Why is this? (28 Jun 2004)
  48. I recently had a severe hypoglycemic reaction 30 minutes after my evening Lantus injection. I believe Lantus is dangerous. What do you think? (27 Jun 2004)
  49. My son has ketotic hypoglycemia. He is often miserable and has complained of itching. Where can I find a specialist? (14 Jun 2004)
  50. To prevent hypoglycemia during the active summer months, should I decrease my son's Lantus or feed him extra carbohydrates before bedtime? (13 Jun 2004)
  51. I experience bloating, fatigue, etc. that pass if I eat. My blood sugar was 171 mg/dl [9.5 mmol/L] the last time. Could I have hypoglycemia? (11 Jun 2004)
  52. My six year old has been diagnosed with ketotic hypoglycemia. Her insulin level was 91 after an oral glucose tolderance test. Why is this? (2 Jun 2004)
  53. I have been monitoring my young son's blood sugars since his two seizures. He has had several lows. Could they impair his brain development? (29 May 2004)
  54. How do parents or other caregivers deal with disciplining toddlers when it's not clear they are merely misbehaving or are having a low blood sugar? (26 May 2004)
  55. Is there a relationship between allergies and ketogenic hypoglycemia? (25 May 2004)
  56. Should I use smaller doses or a different mix of insulins to prevent the post-meal lows I am now having. I use a Humalog 70/30 mix. (23 May 2004)
  57. What are the best snacks to give a teen to prevent lows while he is participating in sports? (19 May 2004)
  58. I have kept very tight control of diabetes for 49 years. In the past five years, I have found myself to be "skeptical" when low. Do you know why this is? (12 May 2004)
  59. Two days ago, we had to feed my daughter lots of extra food and no Humalog to prevent constant low blood sugars. What would have caused this? (12 May 2004)
  60. I recently gave 1 mg glucagon to someone with a very low blood sugar that was not coming up after a Coke. Was this the appropriate treatment? (11 May 2004)
  61. My young son has overnight low blood sugars. Is his body still producing some insulin? What insulin options do you recommend? (7 May 2004)
  62. Why does my daughter sometimes have a low blood sugar only two hours or less after eating a meal with the required amounts of carbohydrates? (6 May 2004)
  63. My son seems to digest food slowly, making it hard to treat low blood sugars. Is it okay to give him his Humalog after he eats to prevent this problem? (30 Apr 2004)
  64. Is it common for people with pre-diabetes to have hypoglycemia as well? (30 Apr 2004)
  65. I manage my diabetes with diet and exercise, yet my blood sugar drops to 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L] or lower each night. What can I do to prevent this? (28 Apr 2004)
  66. What is the relationship between blood sugar levels and altitude? My son had more lows when we recently traveled to a higher elevation. (28 Apr 2004)
  67. Ho do I know if my daughter's recent seizure was diabetes or epilepsy related? Will she have more seizures? Should I loosen control to avoid them? (23 Apr 2004)
  68. My son has had several lows since his recent diagnosis. Could these lows have caused to brain damage? (18 Apr 2004)
  69. I was recently diagnosed pre-type 1/hypoglycemic. Will I get diabetes, and when? I see an endocrinologist in May. (18 Apr 2004)
  70. My pregnant wife has gone into insulin shock/seizures several times. What can I do to help our unborn child? What are the odds of birth defects? (15 Apr 2004)
  71. If my niece is having low blood sugars/dehydration due to illness, what intravenous solution should she receive? (11 Apr 2004)
  72. Can stress send your body into an episode of low blood sugar and, if so, do you have any idea how low you go before you lose all self control? (5 Apr 2004)
  73. I live in Colombia and have hyploglycemic unawareness. My doctor wants me to have a scan for brain damage. Where can I get this done? (5 Apr 2004)
  74. I no longer take medication for my diabetes. Can my recent low blood sugars be caused by my fibromyalgia? I take several medications. (2 Apr 2004)
  75. My son has had a stomach virus with vomiting and diarrhea, possibly a Rotavirus. Why have his blood sugars remained low during this illness? (29 Mar 2004)
  76. My daughter has had diabetes for three months. Since the flu, she has symptoms of hypoglycemia with normal blood sugars. Is this normal? (21 Mar 2004)
  77. Since starting an antibiotic, my mom, who has type 2, had low nighttime blood sugars. How do I treat the lows? How can we prevent them? (21 Mar 2004)
  78. Despite reduced insulin, my son is having nighttime low blood sugars. And, he isn't rebounding. Is there something wrong with his liver? (20 Mar 2004)
  79. My nine year old daughter does not often recognize hypoglycemia. Can we expect that she may develop seizures with low blood sugars? (19 Mar 2004)
  80. I am a regular smoker of marijuana. When I smoke, it always lowers my blood sugars. Does it indeed lower blood sugars? (15 Mar 2004)
  81. My husband recently had a seizure. His blood sugar was 66 mg/dl [3.7 mmol/L]. Was the seizure from a low blood sugar or something else? (14 Mar 2004)
  82. My hypoglycemic daughter is very active and has irregular menstrual cycles. How do I get her blood sugars under control during her cycles? (13 Mar 2004)
  83. I have had hypoglycemia since birth. I was wondering if I would still be able to conceive? (4 Mar 2004)
  84. My twins had severe low blood sugars at birth; one now has several health problems. Is this hypoglycemia responsible for the health problems? (3 Mar 2004)
  85. Following prior hypoglycemic episodes, tests failed to determine a cause. The episodes have resumed. Is there something more serious going on? (1 Mar 2004)
  86. Can hypoglycemic episodes cause neurological damage? If so, is it something that can be corrected? (1 Mar 2004)
  87. My partner, who had type 1 diabetes, died while I was away. Can you help me interpret the postmortem test results? (28 Feb 2004)
  88. Can beta blockers induce hypoglycemia? (27 Feb 2004)
  89. Is the leg aching I've been experiencing related to my hypoglycemia? (27 Feb 2004)
  90. My daughter is now taking much less insulin after her first hypoglycemic seizure. Will she have more seizures? Why is she now having lows? (27 Feb 2004)
  91. I have nausea and light-headedness if I don't eat for six hours or more. Might I have mild hypoglycemia? Could this be a precursor for diabetes? (27 Feb 2004)
  92. My son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He now takes no insulin and still has low blood sugars. What could be causing them? (23 Feb 2004)
  93. My daughter has experienced hypoglycemic episodes. The doctor says it may be a glycogen storage issue. Should I push for more testing? (22 Feb 2004)
  94. I was of the opinion that the sugar molecules in cake frosting were too big for quick absorption. Can you please clear this up for me? (21 Feb 2004)
  95. When I went to a low cost clinic, the doctor was insensitive about my family history. What should I do when I have to go there again? (20 Feb 2004)
  96. Do you think that I really have hypoglycemia and am I at a high risk for developing diabetes? (12 Feb 2004)
  97. Can heart palpitations be caused by a low blood sugar? (26 Jan 2004)
  98. This morning I woke up and legs and arms were so wobbly that I couldn't walk and I was shaking. Could this be a seizure? (23 Jan 2004)
  99. Why did he go into a seizure when his blood sugar was 53? His blood sugar falls that low without him starting to seize. (21 Jan 2004)
  100. My husband has mood swings and they have gone into fits of rage to mega rage. Can you tell me why this happens? (17 Jan 2004)
  101. Has any research been done to determine what, if any, complications result from low blood glucose incidences? (16 Jan 2004)
  102. My son has had two seizures over the past six months from hypoglycemia. Can hypoglycemic events result in organ failure? (13 Jan 2004)
  103. Do you think that I really have hypoglycemia and am I at a high risk for developing diabetes? (13 Jan 2004)
  104. My son, age 11, has had in the last week two serious hypos which have caused fits of about 6 minutes in duration. (8 Jan 2004)
  105. We seem to be having a major problem with hypos over the last couple of months. She averages maybe 2 to 3 per day. (8 Jan 2004)
  106. My daughter has fainting spells. I have had test after test and they keep coming back normal. Could she have hypoglycemia? (5 Jan 2004)
  107. Is it possible that I have some sort of allergy to Lantus? (2 Jan 2004)
  108. My son recently began Lantus at evening time and Humalog with meals. We are experiencing lows around 4:00am. Any thoughts? (2 Jan 2004)

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