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Hypoglycemia from 2002

  1. I experienced a once in a lifetime disturbing sleepwalking incident. (31 Dec 2002)
  2. Can having too many low blood sugar episodes damage internal organs? (26 Dec 2002)
  3. Can you give me any explanation for the nighttime hypos? (26 Dec 2002)
  4. You can imagine that to pass out is extremely worrying. Is it possible that I injected my insulin directly into a vein? (5 Dec 2002)
  5. Do you feel I should make an appointment with a pediatric endocrinologist? (3 Dec 2002)
  6. What do you personally think I could have? Is there anything I could do to treat this problem? (30 Nov 2002)
  7. Can you tell me why my husband turned a yellowish orange color during an insulin reaction? (30 Nov 2002)
  8. How low would my son's sugar have to be and for what length of time before could have a seizure? (29 Nov 2002)
  9. Do low blood sugars destroy brain cells? (26 Nov 2002)
  10. We feel that these seizures are somehow caused by Ultralente, but the endocrinologist does not think they are diabetes related. (25 Nov 2002)
  11. I do not have diabetes, and I have been having severe hypoglycemic symptoms at night. Any insight is greatly appreciated. (25 Nov 2002)
  12. I am uncertain of whether I should take my son to see a neurologist or an endocrinologist. (24 Nov 2002)
  13. Within 10-15 minutes of my son's night-time injection of slow-released insulin, his blood sugar can drop dramatically. (22 Nov 2002)
  14. My son was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and I do not know if I am handling him properly since everything usually talks about diabetes. (22 Nov 2002)
  15. Are my hypoglycemic symptoms due in part or completely to the lack of amylase from my pancreas? (22 Nov 2002)
  16. My mother found my daughter on the floor, unconscious and foaming at the mouth, and she has always awakened before. (18 Nov 2002)
  17. I have noticed a strange phenomenon with my son's hypoglycemic episodes. This is distressing, and I would like any input. (13 Nov 2002)
  18. Can low blood sugar be a cause of my seizures? Can I fix this? How? (11 Nov 2002)
  19. Should my daughter's boyfriend have taken his insulin when his sugar was low? (4 Nov 2002)
  20. The paediatric diabetes team at our local hospital seems unsure about treatment of potential hypos at night during illness. (30 Oct 2002)
  21. I now have hypoglycemia unawareness, and I'm worried. (29 Oct 2002)
  22. Could physical injury work to lower blood sugar levels? What else might have caused this? (23 Oct 2002)
  23. Is there any evidence that a cat could detect lows? (10 Oct 2002)
  24. Can physical activity the night before and/or lack of sleep or fluctuating basal rates cause these seizure-like symptoms? (8 Oct 2002)
  25. Is there a way for a co-worker or supervisor to support the required care needed when they are unaware of the condition? (3 Oct 2002)
  26. How long can a diabetic coma last? When a person comes out of it, is it possible to have amnesia? (2 Oct 2002)
  27. Would it be irresponsible of me to instruct this nurse to give my daughter two-three glucose tablets and let her go eat her lunch with her friends? (25 Sep 2002)
  28. How do you define a severe low? When it comes to frequency, how often is frequent? (18 Sep 2002)
  29. It seems obvious to me that sooner or later we may have to deal with a seizure. What can we do to help control the seizure? (18 Sep 2002)
  30. My elderly mom, who takes insulin three times a day, did not wake up from afternoon sleep, and needed emergency care. (18 Sep 2002)
  31. Can you tell me if there is a certain breed of animal in particular that can sense a low blood sugar? (10 Sep 2002)
  32. Are there serious consequences from prolonged episodes of hypoglycemia to worry about if they continue? (8 Sep 2002)
  33. Should I have any concerns about my child's fairly frequent low readings? (5 Sep 2002)
  34. What can I do to make this fear of hypoglycemia disappear? (5 Sep 2002)
  35. How much glucagon should my 11 year old daughter get? Can a larger dose hurt her? (5 Sep 2002)
  36. Once the blood sugar drops below normal, what do you give a patient to increase it again? (5 Sep 2002)
  37. My girlfriend's sugars get really low. Are there any new cures or medications out there for her? (3 Sep 2002)
  38. My blood sugar levels are consistently low. Am I in dangerous territory? (3 Sep 2002)
  39. Despite the fact I had documented low blood sugar and a negative alcohol breath test, I was still charged with drunk driving. (31 Aug 2002)
  40. My uncle has episodes during which he is lethargic, glassy-eyed and confused, and he says he does not feel it coming on. (28 Aug 2002)
  41. My mother has had bouts of low sugar levels despite changing her eating habits, and I am very concerned. Please advise. (28 Aug 2002)
  42. My son, who was diagnosed with hypoglycemia when he was two and outgrew it, has had some more episodes recently. (28 Aug 2002)
  43. My daughter gets the hiccups a lot when her sugars are on the low side. Do they have anything to with each other? (20 Aug 2002)
  44. Should I be concerned about having to give extra snacks at midnight? Do you have any other suggestions? (19 Aug 2002)
  45. What should my mother eat if she feels faint? (17 Aug 2002)
  46. I have been taking Lantus alone for about five weeks, and I've been doing well. However, yesterday I had a problem with lows. (30 Jul 2002)
  47. What do we do about my partner's seizures? (29 Jul 2002)
  48. What would cause this kind of violent reaction as opposed to all previous insulin reactions? (28 Jul 2002)
  49. As a parent, did I not have the right to keep my son in the hospital or request a specialty hospital? (25 Jul 2002)
  50. Do lows always happen during the honeymoon period? When should I be checking my son's sugars in the night? (22 Jul 2002)
  51. Did my hypo cause the bleed in my son's head? Who is responsible if I have a bad hypo in hospital? (12 Jul 2002)
  52. Three times in the last month I have experienced moderate hypoglycemia. Is this normal? (8 Jul 2002)
  53. Shouldn't my granddaughter have a regimen to follow for her hypoglycemia? (6 Jul 2002)
  54. How can I get my son's pediatrician to take me seriously about my son's hypoglycemia symptoms? (4 Jul 2002)
  55. I no longer have the sensitivity to detect hypos in their early stages so I have been accepting of higher blood sugar levels. (4 Jul 2002)
  56. Does asymptomatic hypoglycaemia cause brain damage? (1 Jul 2002)
  57. Should I be making sure my son is not under a certain number to avoid having him go through these nighttime episodes? (1 Jul 2002)
  58. My daughter, who is advancing into puberty quickly, has had two seizures in the morning. I have been told that the growth hormone is released at night and can trigger lows. Is this true? I am working with my practitioner to work out insulin doses, but it is so scary to go through this ordeal. Any thoughts you have for me would be welcome. (24 Jun 2002)
  59. Can allergies or some allergy medications affect previously controlled hypoglycemia? (24 Jun 2002)
  60. Does this sound like my almost four year old adopted son could still have hypoglycemia? (23 Jun 2002)
  61. Is there anything we can change in my daughter's current routine to help prevent nighttime hypos? (12 Jun 2002)
  62. My friend's two and a half year old daughter was diagnosed with a fatty acid oxidation (FAO) disorder, and I have several questions. (12 Jun 2002)
  63. I had a gastric bypass to lose weight, but due to the procedure, I have acquired reactive hypoglycemia which is taking control of my life. (9 Jun 2002)
  64. I have had type 1 diabetes for 21 years, I have trouble recognizing when I am low, and twice this year have woken up in the ER. (9 Jun 2002)
  65. Have you heard of a Hypoalarm to warn a person if the blood sugar level is incorrect? Where can you buy one? (7 Jun 2002)
  66. We want to know is what we can do about these behaviors when he is low. (6 Jun 2002)
  67. My son does not have diabetes but does has a problem with low blood sugar and has had three seizures in three years. (6 Jun 2002)
  68. My blood sugar was too low to register on a meter. Should I be concerned? (3 Jun 2002)
  69. I am wondering when exactly I should test my blood sugar to see if I have hypoglycemia. (2 Jun 2002)
  70. Since my 12 year old daughter's blood sugar has been staying up, am I worrying too much? (30 May 2002)
  71. We think our daughter's ketotic hypoglycemia is getting worse. What should we do next? (23 May 2002)
  72. Does my daughter have hypoglycemia? Is there a different normal range for pediatric patients? (21 May 2002)
  73. What could my daughter's seizure be? (21 May 2002)
  74. We are concerned that our five year old daughter may have hypoglycemia. Should we look into this further? (20 May 2002)
  75. My son had a very serious low reaction, and the school wants to send him to an off-site campus classroom for his actions. (20 May 2002)
  76. My daughter frequently has symptoms of hypoglycemia. Please advise. (17 May 2002)
  77. My daughter's blood sugar was low, so her doctor suggested six small meals per day. Is there anything else I can do? (16 May 2002)
  78. Are there certain tests for hypoglycemia? (12 May 2002)
  79. My 10 year old son has had three seizures in the past year. What is happening? Should I have the doctors look at this? (12 May 2002)
  80. Could impending puberty be the cause of my daughter's hypoglycemia symptoms? (10 May 2002)
  81. Typically, how much would one ampule of 50% dextrose raise an adult's blood glucose level? (8 May 2002)
  82. What can I do about my blood sugar bottoming out? Should I be concerned? (8 May 2002)
  83. What could be the cause of the shaking other than hypoglycemia? (6 May 2002)
  84. Is it possible that I am having a seizure? How can I tell, are there specific symptoms? (6 May 2002)
  85. My five year old daughter, who has a mitochondrial disease, had a frightening episode, and I have several questions. (5 May 2002)
  86. We cannot figure out why this extreme blood sugar drop took place. (4 May 2002)
  87. The doctor said that because she's only four, any lows under 80 mg/dl [4.4 mmol/L] can cause brain damage. Is this so? (4 May 2002)
  88. When someone runs high and lows frequently, is it possible for this individual to have a very low blood sugar and remain conscious? (4 May 2002)
  89. I suspect my five year old year old daughter may have a low blood sugar problem. (29 Apr 2002)
  90. My granddaughter has low blood sugar, and if she does not eat right after waking up, she has passed out and also has a terrible temper at times. (29 Apr 2002)
  91. Do first time offenders who had hypoglycemia get their license pulled (like I've heard)? (26 Apr 2002)
  92. What is the appropriate dose of glucagon to be administered to an 80 pound child? (26 Apr 2002)
  93. I don't get any indication that my blood is low and become violent, cry, scream, and refuse to eat or cooperate with my husband in any way. (23 Apr 2002)
  94. What could explain this change in the severity of my son's reactions? (20 Apr 2002)
  95. My 13 year old son was diagnosed five years ago and has never had a hypo. Do you come across this often? (18 Apr 2002)
  96. I heard that dogs can be trained to recognise hypos in children mainly at night. Are you familiar with this? (14 Apr 2002)
  97. Are these hypoglycemic episodes causing brain damage? Wouldn't it be better to risk all of the other complications from high blood sugar rather than lose my mind? (12 Apr 2002)
  98. Do insulinomas occur in a person with diabetes? Can you tell me what type of digestive disorders they may be testing my daughter for? (12 Apr 2002)
  99. I sweat a lot more than people I know, and I read that this might have something to do with my hypoglycemia. (11 Apr 2002)
  100. My son had a severe hypoglycemic episode at night. How often do these type of things happen without good explanation? (11 Apr 2002)
  101. If my significant other hadn't been there when I had a nighttime low, what would have happened? (11 Apr 2002)
  102. Within a half hour of each dose of erythromycin, I suffer from very low blood sugar, worse than normal. Have you found out any information about this? (11 Apr 2002)
  103. If I ever have to use glucagon for my son, would he have to be held down? (7 Apr 2002)
  104. We tried getting some juice in her, and during this time she cursed him and fought him terribly. Please advise. (6 Apr 2002)
  105. Today, my 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. How do I get her involved with her treatment? (1 Apr 2002)
  106. My issue is my wife who will persist on issuing lectures concerning low blood sugars and her actions when I have them or when I am angry. (1 Apr 2002)
  107. My daughter had a seizure from low blood sugar, and I am concerned because this happened at night. How can we stop this from happening again? (31 Mar 2002)
  108. My brother passed away, and his formal inquest was postponed at the family's request because of an inconclusive result on an insulin test. (31 Mar 2002)
  109. How can someone with diabetes follow a suitable diet so that no comas from not eating enough sugar occur? (31 Mar 2002)
  110. Is 44 mg/dl [2.4 mmol/L] that low for a very active 10 year old girl? (31 Mar 2002)
  111. Could my son have seized earlier in the night and was able to come out of it naturally, yet was still low and vulnerable to another seizure? (26 Mar 2002)
  112. Our almost five year old daughter has been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and we would like to know more about it. (25 Mar 2002)
  113. I am a little confused as to what to do to treat my hypoglycemia. (24 Mar 2002)
  114. Can glucose tablets be used sublingually? Do they need to be chewed in order to improve absorption? What is better to use, glucose tablets or juice? (18 Mar 2002)
  115. Are ketones caused by diabetes? (15 Mar 2002)
  116. I am a nurse and am raising three grandchildren, one of whom has severe hypoglycemia, and I have several questions. (10 Mar 2002)
  117. Is there anything I can do about these reactions? Will they get better or will they get worse? (6 Mar 2002)
  118. I have had type 1 diabetes for 19 years. Two years ago, I switched to human insulin, and now I have a hard time recognizing when my blood sugar starts to get low. (6 Mar 2002)
  119. I have hypoglycemia, and while I have normal blood sugar levels most of the time, I am low in the morning every day even though I eat a bedtime snack. (6 Mar 2002)
  120. Our daughter has hypoglycemia. She is seeing a pediatrician who has no experience with hypoglycemia, our dietitian is not very accessible, and I have several questions. (4 Mar 2002)
  121. Given that glucagon may not always work, (especially if someone has had multiple lows or just completed extended or rigorous exercise), is it safe to use glucose gel in a semiconscious, unconscious or seizing patient? (4 Mar 2002)
  122. I know of a person who has had type 1 diabetes who was found unconscious by her six year old who could not wake her. What can be done be for her? (4 Mar 2002)
  123. have had type1 diabetes for 19 years, and recently, when my sugar gets low, I don't feel the reaction until the blood sugar is very low. Is there anything to alleviate this? (28 Feb 2002)
  124. Are these common signs of hypoglycemia, or should I be looking into something else? (27 Feb 2002)
  125. Can you point me in some good directions to find out more about acetone hypoglycemia? (27 Feb 2002)
  126. Could my daughter have had a severe low during the night? (27 Feb 2002)
  127. What would cause a sudden sustained low blood sugar in spite of the cessation of medication after one week in a 71 year old male who has had type 2 diabetes for 15 years? (21 Feb 2002)
  128. Do you consider milk to be an effective treatment for mild to moderate hypoglycemia? Do you recommend glucose gel? if so, at what level of hypoglycemia? (20 Feb 2002)
  129. The prescription sticker on my three year old daughter's glucagon kit says to give her 1 mg (all) if needed. Isn't that too much? (17 Feb 2002)
  130. What are some good snack options that will not increase blood sugars? What are some good options to help during hypoglycemia? (17 Feb 2002)
  131. My partner has fought my help during a low and has become physical with me. Have you heard of reactions of this sort, or am I in trouble? (13 Feb 2002)
  132. Are uncooked cornstarch bars available to be purchased in my area? (13 Feb 2002)
  133. Could this have been a hypoglycemic seizure? Should I have given the glucagon anyway? (13 Feb 2002)
  134. What can I do to prevent the constant lows? (12 Feb 2002)
  135. During a seizure, is it better to use a glucagon shot or to force honey or a like substance into the mouth? (11 Feb 2002)
  136. While I've read all the ADA literature along with many books on diabetes, I still cannot find this phenomenon of recovering on one's own from hypoglycemia addressed. (10 Feb 2002)
  137. Is there any evidence of problems occurring with Lantus so that it becomes concentrated? (9 Feb 2002)
  138. Do I need to get my daughter evaluated for seizures or night terrors? (9 Feb 2002)
  139. I want to know the time it will take to become hypoglycemic after eating high versus low glycemic foods. (2 Feb 2002)
  140. Which works faster in bringing the level back up to normal range, juice or glucose tablets? (24 Jan 2002)
  141. Approximately what percentage of children under the age of 13 in the United States develop hypoglycemia? (22 Jan 2002)
  142. Last week, we woke up and found our nine year old son unconscious in his bedroom making noises like he was having a nightmare. (20 Jan 2002)
  143. Have you heard of other people with diabetes having car accidents due to low blood sugar levels? (19 Jan 2002)
  144. My daughter has received two flu shots with hypoglycemic episodes afterward. (16 Jan 2002)
  145. I'm a 16 year old female with hypoglycemia diagnosed at age 15, and I have several questions. (14 Jan 2002)
  146. My 12 year old son is unable to feel lows throughout the night which has resulted in three seizures. Would a pump help with stabilizing his blood sugars? (9 Jan 2002)
  147. I apparently suffer from hypoglycemia unawareness. Where can I find more info about this? (8 Jan 2002)

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