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Hypoglycemia from 2001

  1. My doctor told me that because of my size (I'm 221 pounds) and having hypoglycemia, I could possibly get diabetes within the next 10 years. (31 Dec 2001)
  2. My friend has just been diagnosed with a severe case of hypoglycemia to the extent that she is unable to work. (31 Dec 2001)
  3. My 23 year old, who has had type 1 diabetes for 11 years, has had two fits recently with no warning or explanation. (27 Dec 2001)
  4. Can you explain why more hypoglycemia occurs as my A1c moves in the normal range of about 5%? (17 Dec 2001)
  5. My son needs more testing, and I am very afraid so please tell me what you can. (11 Dec 2001)
  6. Can my friend really be that unaware of his low blood sugars and be unable to anything about it? (6 Dec 2001)
  7. What can I do to help my boyfriend when he doesn't want it or doesn't know he needs it? (6 Dec 2001)
  8. Can Humalog act later than four to six hours and cause a severe and unexpected hypo? (5 Dec 2001)
  9. I don't understand why friend experienced his hypoglycemia in the evening instead of the morning. What is significant about that particular time of day? (4 Dec 2001)
  10. What are the symptoms of an oncoming hypoglycemic seizure? (2 Dec 2001)
  11. Are these reactions normal in children with diabetes? What is the best way to deal with them? (29 Nov 2001)
  12. When this student's blood glucose is low, he refuses to check his blood glucose. Do I have the right to check his blood glucose even if I have to restrain him? (28 Nov 2001)
  13. Our daughter monitors eight or more times a day, but still has lows weekly. How damaging are these lows? (27 Nov 2001)
  14. Is hypoglycemic unawareness inevitable in a child in which tight control is practiced? (26 Nov 2001)
  15. An acquaintance told me she has type 2 diabetes which is the same as hypoglycemia. Is that true? (23 Nov 2001)
  16. His doctor says my son has hypoglycemia and that I should increase his protein intake, but I am not satisfied and need more information. (22 Nov 2001)
  17. After a hypo I always go hyper. Is there a way I can avoid or reduce this upswing? (22 Nov 2001)
  18. Could my son have hypoglycemia? (13 Nov 2001)
  19. I had a severe accident which the doctors believe was due to hypoglycemia, and the State of Kansas revoked my driving privileges. (30 Oct 2001)
  20. What is hypoglycemia unawareness? What should I do about it? (28 Oct 2001)
  21. Please tell me how long Humalog insulin lasts and what I should have done. (27 Oct 2001)
  22. Can seizure happen for the first time after so many years? (25 Oct 2001)
  23. How much damage can a lack of sugar over such a long period of time do to the brain? (24 Oct 2001)
  24. My son occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night feeling he's having a hypo, though in reality his levels aren't that low. (24 Oct 2001)
  25. I have had diabetes for almost 12 years now and started having seizures almost five years ago which I thought were due to low blood sugar reactions, but then I realized that they were not. (20 Oct 2001)
  26. Why would my brother's sugar be dropping so low? What can we do? (14 Oct 2001)
  27. Is my son's seizure experience similar to those other toddlers? Do seizures associated with hypoglycemia usually stop when the blood sugar level rises? (13 Oct 2001)
  28. Can you please tell me how many hypoglycemic episodes are acceptable? (11 Oct 2001)
  29. What are the causes of low blood sugar not related to diabetes? (3 Oct 2001)
  30. My five month old son had congenital neonatal hypoglycemia, his mother (my wife) has type 1 diabetes, and I have several questions. (3 Oct 2001)
  31. If a person is not ill and ate something without covering it with short-acting insulin, then they vomit, could it cause their blood sugar to drop? (3 Oct 2001)
  32. How low is too low for someone with type 1 diabetes? (1 Oct 2001)
  33. When did the term 'hypoglycemic unawareness' originate and who coined it? (25 Sep 2001)
  34. At what point do diabetic seizures start affecting the brain? (22 Sep 2001)
  35. I have been seeing "green dots" when I haven't eaten or am doing an unusual amount of exercise. Is this a symptom of hypoglycemia? (22 Sep 2001)
  36. I am trying to determine when my son suffered brain damage. (20 Sep 2001)
  37. I'm anxious to find more information on "night sweats". (20 Sep 2001)
  38. I am a school bus driver transporting a child who has diabetes. I want to know what to do if he passes out or has a seizure. Is there anything that I could do until the paramedics get there? (20 Sep 2001)
  39. I have hypoglycemia. How do I get myself stable? (12 Sep 2001)
  40. If there is anything at all that I can do to help reduce the risk of the "Dead in Bed" syndrome in my child, please let me know. (11 Sep 2001)
  41. My husband is really careful watching his blood.sugar, but with everything we do, he still has had five seizures in the last 18 months. Where can I learn more about seizures? (11 Sep 2001)
  42. Don't blood sugars automatically rise after three hours once the Humalog is gone? (10 Sep 2001)
  43. The baby has a blood sugar problem with his level which was down to zero. Do you know where I could find this specific information on the Internet? (6 Sep 2001)
  44. My husband gets insulin and has checked my son's blood sugars with one of the newest meters. His values are in the 40's-60's mg/dl [2.2-3.3 mmol/L], but the doctor said you can't always go by the meter. (4 Sep 2001)
  45. I have heard about service dogs being used to alert people diabetes prone to nighttime or waking hypoglycaemia. (31 Aug 2001)
  46. Please share input on the emergency treatment of hypoglycemia in the school-aged child. (31 Aug 2001)
  47. My one week old daughter has been in the intensive care unit with blood sugar levels of 39-70 mg/dl [mmol/L] since birth. (28 Aug 2001)
  48. Can low blood sugar cause a seizure? Can it also cause a coma? (27 Aug 2001)
  49. When my friend's daughter had a convulsion, her sugar was not low. My consultant has mentioned something about glucose around the brain. Can you enlighten my friend and her daughter on this? (22 Aug 2001)
  50. My wife has had three seizures in a week because her blood sugar dropped, and we can't seem to figure out why. (20 Aug 2001)
  51. My son,who has had type 1 diabetes for 18 months had a seizure. Should we have used the glucagon? (12 Aug 2001)
  52. Yesterday, I had a severe hypoglycemic episode for the first time. There is no logical explanation for this, and I am wondering about the insulin. (10 Aug 2001)
  53. Is there a different value determined as hypoglycemic for a person with diabetes versus someone who doesn't have it? (10 Aug 2001)
  54. Over the years I have had many low blood sugars. My memory is getting weak. What can I do? (8 Aug 2001)
  55. Could these seizures have been caused by low sugar? (8 Aug 2001)
  56. I was born with hypoglycemia, and by the age of 10, I had grown out of it. Will I pass this on to my offspring? (8 Aug 2001)
  57. Doesn't blood sugar have to be a lot lower or a lot higher than 82mg/dl [4.6 mmol/L] to cause seizure? (3 Aug 2001)
  58. My son sometimes has hypoglycemia accompanied by vomiting. Is the vomiting due to hypoglycemia? (1 Aug 2001)
  59. I came across an article on your website about "dead in bed" syndrome. Why would we not have been advised that this was possible? (31 Jul 2001)
  60. If my son has a low, what foods do I give him to bring him back up, but not too high? What foods are fast acting and what foods are slow acting? (27 Jul 2001)
  61. I have been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. How do I treat the symptoms? (27 Jul 2001)
  62. Can people get hypoglycemia unawareness without having diabetes? (26 Jul 2001)
  63. My daughter can't understand why this reaction created such an unusual response, nor can she understand why she didn't recognize she was low. (22 Jul 2001)
  64. If someone uses insulin pump therapy to control their diabetes, could they ultimately eliminate the hypoglycemic episodes? (14 Jul 2001)
  65. If only beta cells are dead in type 1 diabetes, why does hypoglycemia occur when alpha cells have not been killed? Is it that all types of cells are destroyed? (13 Jul 2001)
  66. Do you think at this point I should switch to counting carbs rather than calories? (11 Jul 2001)
  67. Is there a subtle damage to the brain anytime his blood sugar goes below 4.0 mmol/L [72 mg/dl] or is there damage only when there are clear and visible symptoms? (9 Jul 2001)
  68. When charts indicate mild/moderate and severe hypoglycemia, is this based on the symptoms or on blood sugar readings? (9 Jul 2001)
  69. It worries me that my son may move out after finishing college because he will not carry diabetes identification or say that he has diabetes. What is the best thing to do? (2 Jul 2001)
  70. Are these problems that are commonly experienced after a hypo episode and a glucagon injection? (2 Jul 2001)
  71. I have experienced hypoglycemic episodes since I was young, they seem to be happening more, and I am not able to bring it up like I could before. (29 Jun 2001)
  72. Is the human insulin responsible for my hypoglycemia unawareness? (28 Jun 2001)
  73. Should my two year daughter be tested for other causes unrelated to reactive hypoglycemia? (28 Jun 2001)
  74. We have a boy scout troop, and have just gotten three 11 year old boys who have hypoglycemia and no helpful information about how to fed them. (28 Jun 2001)
  75. I am wondering if physicians can write prescriptions for hypoglycemic aids that I can claim through a medical plan. (26 Jun 2001)
  76. My son's pediatrician and neurologist are not sure his seizures are due to low blood sugars and want to send him for an EEG. (21 Jun 2001)
  77. Do I have hypoglycemia? (15 Jun 2001)
  78. How long does it take to get brain damage from a low? (13 Jun 2001)
  79. With such a little insulin, why is my son still going into hypoglycemia? (7 Jun 2001)
  80. WI was younger, I could always feel when my blood sugars were low or high; now I must check my blood to tell what my blood sugars are. (7 Jun 2001)
  81. My son, who has been on a pump for months, was pitching a baseball game when felt very low and dizzy, and his fruit drink was on the bench. (6 Jun 2001)
  82. What are your thoughts are about the efficacy of glucose gel versus glucagon in case of emergency in a child with diabetes on a school field trip? (3 Jun 2001)
  83. What is the best thing to give my daughter when she has one of these shaking sessions? (2 Jun 2001)
  84. Is there ever any other reason for low blood sugar other than diabetes? (26 May 2001)
  85. My friend was told that if his daughter passes out from low blood sugar, her body will adjust itself and she will wake up on her own. Is this possible? (26 May 2001)
  86. My son has been able to tell when his sugar is going low, because his neck gets hard/tight and hurts. Do you know what is causing this feeling? (24 May 2001)
  87. My daughter has ketotic hypoglycemi and is unresponsive to injectable glucagon. Are there other reported cases of such a reaction? (24 May 2001)
  88. Often after an event of insulin shock, I have severe diarrhea for several hours following the event. What causes this? (24 May 2001)
  89. Wouldn't my duaghterhave to have a glucose tolerance test done to rule out hypoglycemia? (21 May 2001)
  90. Are these test satisfactory for testing for hypoglycemia? (9 May 2001)
  91. What do you recommend be done to determine if my daughter has hypoglycemia? (7 May 2001)
  92. I read somewhere that chocolate wasn't good in treating hypoglycemia, but I can't find the information now. What was the reasoning? (4 May 2001)
  93. My teenager was diagnosed with hypoglycemia in the emergency room. Could this be a fluke? Should I have him tested more extensively now? (1 May 2001)
  94. Can you have such a massive panic attack during an insulin reaction and not remember anything when it is over? (29 Apr 2001)
  95. If vomiting occurs within a minute or two after successfully treating a low blood sugar, is there any concern that the ingested sugar hasn't been retained? (25 Apr 2001)
  96. I've been told that repeated lows in children under the age of five could cause cognitive brain damage that is not detected until their teenage years. (24 Apr 2001)
  97. Could I have hypoglycemia? (23 Apr 2001)
  98. My daughter is on only a morning injection of Actrapid and Monotard, and I still fear night time hypos. (19 Apr 2001)
  99. Other than the obvious precautions, what can I do to avoid these hypoglycemic reactions from happening again? (12 Apr 2001)
  100. Lately, my husband been having low sugars at least once a day, and for the past week, he can no longer tell when he is going low. Is this a bad sign? (12 Apr 2001)
  101. Is there anything I can do to minimize the likelihood of a seizure? What are the long-term detrimental effects of repeated seizures? (12 Apr 2001)
  102. Can I get any brain damage because my sugars get so low without warning? (10 Apr 2001)
  103. What is a reasonable blood count to expect or aim for at bedtime with fairly reasonable expectation of not going hypo before breakfast? (9 Apr 2001)
  104. Recently a teacher told my nine year old daughter off in class, and one-half hour later her sugar level was low. Can this happen? (4 Apr 2001)
  105. What are the short and long term effects of glucose levels that are occasionally below 50-80 mg/dl [2.7-4.4 mmol/L]? (4 Apr 2001)
  106. Could hypoglycemia cause weight gain or make it difficult to lose weight? (3 Apr 2001)
  107. Can my daughter's hypoglycemia be related to her father's type 1 diabetes? If so, does she run a higher risk of getting it? (3 Apr 2001)
  108. I'm fifteen years old, and I think that I may have hypoglycemia. (2 Apr 2001)
  109. We were taught that the standard treatment for a low is 15 grams of carbohydrate, but in smaller individuals, this profoundly increases blood glucose. (2 Apr 2001)
  110. Recently, my daughter was admitted to the hospital with a blood glucose of 21 mg/dl [1.2 mmol/L]. Is there cause for concern? (29 Mar 2001)
  111. Is there any medication which can slow down how fast the food breaks down into sugar? (28 Mar 2001)
  112. My two day old granddaughter's blood sugars have been running in the 40s [mg/dl, 2.2 mmol/L], so they put her on a IV. (23 Mar 2001)
  113. The day my son had a seizure, his sugar was normal, he was very fussy and cried a lot, then fell asleep and right after that he seized. (21 Mar 2001)
  114. How typical is it for a person with diabetes to have a seizure with a low blood sugar instead of just passing out? (19 Mar 2001)
  115. Our 16 year old son s experiencing serious nocturnal low blood sugars (specifically between 3 and 6 am). (18 Mar 2001)
  116. Could my daughter's night terrors be linked with her diabetes? What can we do to help her? (11 Mar 2001)
  117. If I had a severe hypo in the middle of the night, and no one woke up to save me, about how long would it take before I died? (10 Mar 2001)
  118. Our 16 month old daughter was diagnosed with diabetes about six weeks ago, and has had four seizures during sleep. (9 Mar 2001)
  119. I am having problems with my sugar crashing after and sometimes during sex. (9 Mar 2001)
  120. I am concerned that my son's behavior may be the result of hypoglycemia, but not I am sure what to do at this point. (9 Mar 2001)
  121. During two exciting weeks in Barbados, I had one or two hypos every day (mostly in the afternoon), and I couldn't find any explanation. (8 Mar 2001)
  122. Is there such a thing as a glucose suppository to treat hypoglycemia when a child is unable to take glucose orally? (6 Mar 2001)
  123. What is the best way to handle a seizure? What if she were to have the seizure and no one was there to get her out of it? (3 Mar 2001)
  124. Could this have been hypoglycemia? Does the body spontaneously correct hypoglycemia or was this something else? (1 Mar 2001)
  125. Could those be symptoms of anemia or hypoglycemia? (25 Feb 2001)
  126. Are there chemical imbalances in hypoglycemia? If so, what are they? Is there some sort of prevention? (25 Feb 2001)
  127. Should I have my two year old tested for hypoglycemia? If so, what type of tests should I ask for? (25 Feb 2001)
  128. Could this be hypoglycemia? (21 Feb 2001)
  129. The doctor thinks that my six year old's sugar level is dropping and wants us to control this with diet. I need help with a meal plan. (19 Feb 2001)
  130. I will be watching my granddaughter this summer and have several questions about glucagon. (18 Feb 2001)
  131. I read about a young lady's stomach cramps and diarrhea after treating nighttime hypoglycemia. I wanted to mention to you another likely cause. (16 Feb 2001)
  132. Could my daughter have hypoglycemia? Can I buy a kit at the store to test her? What do I do if her levels are high? (15 Feb 2001)
  133. Our son has begun having grand mal seizures and hypoglycemia. Are they related? (13 Feb 2001)
  134. I am intolerant of almost all forms of sugar until dessert at night (but only after a protein-rich dinner). (13 Feb 2001)
  135. What are the effects of methamphetamines while taking 75/25 insulin? (13 Feb 2001)
  136. How likely is a "de-branching enzyme disorder"? How would it be treated and is it life threatening? (11 Feb 2001)
  137. For the last 10 days or more, my son has been having a number of low blood sugars during the night, in the early morning hours, after which he vomits. (9 Feb 2001)
  138. I have averaged a grand mal seizure approximately once a month, mostly at night during sleep. Any ideas? (9 Feb 2001)
  139. Could hypoglycemia be a possible cause of my headaches? (9 Feb 2001)
  140. If inhaling insulin is possible, what about a glucose solution? Wouldn't it be much handier? (8 Feb 2001)
  141. What is meant by the term "good diabetes control"? (5 Feb 2001)
  142. My husband recently got into a car accident because his blood sugar went low, and he had no clue. (5 Feb 2001)
  143. Are there any long-term damaging effects of hypoglycemia? When someone is seizing, anything else I can do aside from force feeding honey? (3 Feb 2001)
  144. I've heard that having many severe insulin reactions can cause memory loss over a long period of time. Is this true? (1 Feb 2001)
  145. My daughter has had several hallucinatory episodes that scare and upset me. (31 Jan 2001)
  146. What do my blood sugar results mean? (31 Jan 2001)
  147. I have heard recently that it is possible for someone who has a hypoglycemic reaction, and does not treat it, to die from it. Is this true? (30 Jan 2001)
  148. Is it true that a hypoglycemic person cannot go into a coma from low blood sugars? (25 Jan 2001)
  149. My newborn son's blood sugar has been staying around the 20s mg/dl [1.1 mmol/L], but will go as high as the 70s mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L] sometimes. (25 Jan 2001)
  150. Can your blood sugar go low enough to go into the same kind of coma that a person with diabetes can go into even if you don't have diabetes? (22 Jan 2001)
  151. I am still uncertain what to eat, when I "crash". Can you tell me? (22 Jan 2001)
  152. Is a hypoglycemic seizure just like an epileptic seizure? (9 Jan 2001)
  153. My daughter had some low blood sugars. Is this something i should be very concerned with? (9 Jan 2001)
  154. Is a hypoglycemic seizure just like an epileptic seizure? (6 Jan 2001)
  155. I know my husband has severe hypoglycemia unawareness, and it seems every time he has a low he gets a new symptom. (2 Jan 2001)
  156. My father has consistently been hitting lows of 50 mg/dl [2.8 mmol/L} and below at night. (1 Jan 2001)
  157. Is there a chance that hypoglycemia might be triggering my seizures? (1 Jan 2001)

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