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Hypoglycemia from 2000

  1. Is it possible that I no longer have hypoglycemia, and I now have diabetes? (29 Dec 2000)
  2. My two year old has been saying her "tummy hurts". There doesn't seem to be a pattern that I can find. What can I do to help her feel better? (27 Dec 2000)
  3. I am 16 and my 21 year old brother has hypoglycaemia and doesn't follow his diet. This worries me. (26 Dec 2000)
  4. Is it better to give a patient who had "bottomed out" a glass of milk versus a glass of orange juice with of sugar in it? (26 Dec 2000)
  5. Is there any correlation between the anemia and hypoglycemia? Should I have my son tested? (21 Dec 2000)
  6. I have been strange feelings. I think when I eat I do get better. (20 Dec 2000)
  7. The problem is that the other care giver is consistently dropping the three year old's sugar well below 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L]. (15 Dec 2000)
  8. Our sweet six year old has often been into "rages". When she has something to eat, she's her sweet nice self again. (15 Dec 2000)
  9. Is it possible my son's activity level from six hours earlier could have caused a hypoglycemic reaction during the night ? (15 Dec 2000)
  10. I'm a wrestling manager at my high school, and have a 15 year old boy with diabetes who often gets sick during practice and has to take glucose pills. (14 Dec 2000)
  11. Do you think that I have hypoglycemia? (13 Dec 2000)
  12. My 15 year old daughter does springboard diving. Even when she eats an extra snack before diving, her blood sugars drop too low while exercising. (13 Dec 2000)
  13. Recently, my blood sugar was 55 mg/dl [3.1 mmol/L], and, two hours after a snack, it was 92 mg/dl [5.1 mmol/L]. Should I be concerned? (11 Dec 2000)
  14. After treating nighttime lows, my daughter has horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. What can we do to prevent this? (7 Dec 2000)
  15. How many lows are okay? What complications will all these lows cause? (4 Dec 2000)
  16. If the nighttime lows stop, will the ability to detect his "lows" come back? (4 Dec 2000)
  17. My 20 month old son will wake up with sudden uncontrollable tantrums that can go on for hours and are only controlled by giving him food or liquid. (3 Dec 2000)
  18. When my five year old's blood sugars are lower than 70 mg/dl, should I give her something high in sugar? Will this add to diabetes complications? (3 Dec 2000)
  19. Is it possible to have muscle weakness and delays in development from severe low blood sugar? (2 Dec 2000)
  20. Is it possible that my husband has suffered some brain damage from having many low blood reactions over the years? (1 Dec 2000)
  21. Do you feel that my daughter needs to be on a strict diet for hypoglycemia? (27 Nov 2000)
  22. The doctor said that my husband was to no longer have carbohydrates, and he is to eat every two to three hours. Where can I locate a diet with some realistic food directives? (26 Nov 2000)
  23. My four year old son was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, growth hormone deficiency and cortisol deficiency. He also has chronic abdominal pain. Do you know of any link? (26 Nov 2000)
  24. At bedtime, my son's blood sugar is in the normal range, but he is high in the morning and spilling ketones (small). Any thoughts? (26 Nov 2000)
  25. Why or how were my blood sugar and insulin both low at the same time? (22 Nov 2000)
  26. Up until recently, my daughter was able to tell when she was "low". Now she can fall as low as 40 mg/dl [2.2 mmol/L] without feeling any signs. (16 Nov 2000)
  27. I have switched from NPH to Ultralente, and I am having problems with lows during the night. (16 Nov 2000)
  28. What happens if someone with hypoglycemia has too much sugar? (9 Nov 2000)
  29. On a few occasions I have had seizures related to severe hypoglycemia. Could these episodes affect my heart or brain over time? (9 Nov 2000)
  30. I don't really understand the difference between hypoglycemia and diabetes. If I have hypoglycemia, am I at a higher risk for diabetes? (6 Nov 2000)
  31. We are now seeing a neurologist who believes my husband's seizures are not related to diabetes. Our endocrinologist thinks otherwise. (5 Nov 2000)
  32. What exactly is ketotic hypoglycemia? What else should we be doing for him? (31 Oct 2000)
  33. I have just been diagnosed with pseudohypoglycemia and am looking for ways to control the symptoms. I do not have diabetes of any kind. (30 Oct 2000)
  34. My seven year old daughter has been having "episodes" of hypoglycemia attacks for the past four years. (24 Oct 2000)
  35. My daughter recently tried the new CGMS. I have a lot of questions about rebound hyperglycemia. (23 Oct 2000)
  36. He recently told me that he experienced something that may have been a seizure of some sort. Is this diabetes related? (23 Oct 2000)
  37. Ten minutes of work can take him one and one-half hours. His last hemoglobin A1c was 5.5%. Could this be related to his diabetes? (22 Oct 2000)
  38. At present, he is growing like a normal child. Up to what age can hypoglycemia affect the development of my child? (22 Oct 2000)
  39. I think that these are symptoms of hypoglycemia, but what I am wondering is if this will go away with age or turn into diabetes. (22 Oct 2000)
  40. We were told that her liver stores may have been depleted which accounted for lows. Could you explain this to us? (20 Oct 2000)
  41. I have recently seen a short article that calls these two different hypos 'Adrenergic' and 'Neuroglycopenic'. (20 Oct 2000)
  42. Recently, whenever my blood sugar drops, I have noticed that I become a rude, quick tempered person and usually will say things that I do not mean. (16 Oct 2000)
  43. My friend wants to know what precautions she can take for her husband, who has type 1 diabetes, with regard to seizures. (11 Oct 2000)
  44. I have recently just been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and I don't know what kind of diet I am supposed to be on. (10 Oct 2000)
  45. Recently, she had a severe sugar low which included unconsciousness and seizures. We are trying to acknowledge that she is an adult. (7 Oct 2000)
  46. Is there a method of alerting others to severe hypoglycemia during the night (7 Oct 2000)
  47. Since his stroke, my father now seems to have more hypos than normal and doesn't get the warnings he used to. What should he be doing to avoid this? (5 Oct 2000)
  48. Recently, she has woken up with terrible headaches. This morning she was unable to use her left arm. Could this be from going low at night? (4 Oct 2000)
  49. My 15 day old newborn son has had low sugar since birth. What are the reasons for this? What is the treatment and the long term effect of this? (3 Oct 2000)
  50. Could it be night terrors? Can you advise us as to what might have happened? Is it possible to go into a diabetic coma and then rebound on your own? (2 Oct 2000)
  51. What exactly is ketotic hypoglycemia, and what else should we be doing for him? (2 Oct 2000)
  52. After a few days of frequent exercise, she tests her blood sugar before bed, thinks everything is okay, but she has a seizure between 2 am and 5 am. (27 Sep 2000)
  53. I was diagnosed with low blood sugar about five months ago. I can tell when my sugar is bad, but should I ask about getting a sugar tester? (26 Sep 2000)
  54. Is it normal to occasionally have a low blood sugar if you do not have diabetes? (25 Sep 2000)
  55. My ten year old son is having low blood sugars. I am hesitant to start medication without further for a reason as to why his blood sugar is low. (22 Sep 2000)
  56. In many cases, although he has eaten much food containing much quantity of sugar and his psychological state is very good, the rate of the sugar lowers. (22 Sep 2000)
  57. I have been having symptoms of hypoglycemia. Given these values, should I be concerned? (21 Sep 2000)
  58. Our 16 year old son is constantly having seizures because of low blood sugar. We just can't regulate his sugar. Please help. (20 Sep 2000)
  59. Please help me understand if this is appropriate behavior for a hypoglycemic child, so I can make adjustments for this child. (19 Sep 2000)
  60. Any ideas, or should I relax and just keep insisting on low carbohydrate meals and a regular schedule as I have been doing for over a year? (19 Sep 2000)
  61. In reviewing prior responses to questions regarding low blood sugar seizures, I was unable to ascertain when and why death would occur. (16 Sep 2000)
  62. Is is true that the longer a person has diabetes, the shorter the amount of time that person has to identify the symptoms of a "low" and treat it? (14 Sep 2000)
  63. His doctor changed him to human insulin. He now has many lows and has started to develop unawareness. What is different about the human insulin? (14 Sep 2000)
  64. My nine year old son has anacidic odor. He becomes diaphoretic, nauseous and weak, when he has not eaten in several hours. (14 Sep 2000)
  65. My 17 year old son has just been diagnosed with diabetes. He has been having hypo's lately and has also been having some seizures. Why is this? (14 Sep 2000)
  66. He has been having hypo's lately and has also been having some seizures. What is the mechanism of him having these seizures? (13 Sep 2000)
  67. Yesterday afternoon her pupils were dilated, this morning they were normal, but again this afternoon they were dilated. (11 Sep 2000)
  68. Can a relationship exist between seizures and the diabetes? (11 Sep 2000)
  69. We are very frightened of him experiencing a low that would cause him to pass out. What are the complications involved if he was ever to pass out? (11 Sep 2000)
  70. My 10 year old was just diagnosed with hypoglycemic episodes. What can I expect for her future? (10 Sep 2000)
  71. My son has "shaking episodes". I check his blood sugar during them. His numbers are low. Should I notify the doctor as soon as possible? (10 Sep 2000)
  72. My niece is 7 1/2 years old. She has had diabetes since 4 1/2 years. The school insisted she be tested for ADHD. (7 Sep 2000)
  73. Is there some kind of monitor to alert parents that the child is having a seizure other than a baby monitor? (3 Sep 2000)
  74. My six month old son was just diagnosed with "low blood sugar". I am stricken with worry that this is diabetes. (3 Sep 2000)
  75. My son was diagnosed with "severe" hypoglycemia and hyperinsulinism. Will he outgrow this condition? How common is type 2 diabetes? (3 Sep 2000)
  76. Is this a medically accepted treatment for the diagnosis of hypoglycemia and if so where may I find documentation on this? (30 Aug 2000)
  77. She is really struggling with school, academically. Could she have done any damage to her learning ability? (25 Aug 2000)
  78. She has had more than four hypos in a week and a half. Should I take her to the doctor? What's wrong with her? (25 Aug 2000)
  79. Is she at risk for diabetes? Do people without diabetes also have low blood sugar sometimes? (23 Aug 2000)
  80. She has a fear of dying in her sleep. Is this a normal thing that a child who has diabetes goes through? (22 Aug 2000)
  81. About six months ago, I was told that I have hypoglycemia. I know this is some form of diabetes, but that is all I know. (21 Aug 2000)
  82. If your blood sugar gets severely low, can you have a seizure? If my daughter has a seizure then isn't it from her diabetes? (19 Aug 2000)
  83. All of my life I've had extremely low blood sugar levels. Recently I've had to add another meal to my day in order to keep from passing out. Do you feel I should contact my doctor? (19 Aug 2000)
  84. We were advised to wake them at five hours until they are two months of age to prevent hypoglycemia. Should we follow this doctor's advice? (18 Aug 2000)
  85. Do you know of anyone complaining of a funny/odd taste in their mouth after a low? (18 Aug 2000)
  86. I am very susceptible to hypoglycemic symptoms. Could you explain why this is happening and is there anything I can do to prevent this? (18 Aug 2000)
  87. In the past, I have had symptoms(mostly trembling) that began whenever my sugars were around 60 mg/dl (3.3 mmol/L). What is happening? (15 Aug 2000)
  88. My daughter has had two seizures and lost consciousness. I am trying to figure out why these seizures happened. (15 Aug 2000)
  89. Could this be related to the seizure and how do I go about treating this? (15 Aug 2000)
  90. She is consistently low between 11 am and 1 pm. What can I provide her at breakfast that would have longer "lasting" power? (15 Aug 2000)
  91. I am seeking information about precautions that must taken prior to driving to avoid such a tragedy. (9 Aug 2000)
  92. Could this be episodes of hypoglycemia, and if it is, should I just keep giving her the Sprite? (9 Aug 2000)
  93. Can hyperglycemia occur in people who have not been diagnosed with diabetes? (6 Aug 2000)
  94. Is there a chance it could be diabetes, or is there some other metabolic disorder it might be? (4 Aug 2000)
  95. What is a proper meal plan for a person with hypoglycemia? (4 Aug 2000)
  96. I am only a friend and look after the kids when they are at my house with my kids, but, they have recently started to go hypo, even though their levels are good. I need to know as much as possible. (31 Jul 2000)
  97. Is any harm being done by having blood sugars this low? (29 Jul 2000)
  98. What kind of danger are we looking at here? How low and how often is too much? (29 Jul 2000)
  99. I have a 5 year old son with reactive hypoglycemia. A dietitian designed a "diabetic diet" for him. The problem is that it is not working. (28 Jul 2000)
  100. My four boys all have ketotic hypoglycemia. Is it common for this to continue past five or six? Is it a precursor to diabetes ? (27 Jul 2000)
  101. Is there a device that will alarm when the glucose level is dropping? (26 Jul 2000)
  102. Is this caused by being so premature? Could he out grow it? Could it return later? (26 Jul 2000)
  103. Does that rule out hypoglycemia? She has three grandparents who take insulin. Does that increase her chances of being that way too? (24 Jul 2000)
  104. Can my baby have defects related to the low blood sugars? (24 Jul 2000)
  105. What causes him to lose consciousness and have a grand-mal seizure at around 5:00 am even when his number is 84? (23 Jul 2000)
  106. Why does the pancreas release more insulin then needed, and why don't people who are hypoglycemic need to do glucose testing for safety reasons? (23 Jul 2000)
  107. Does a child with hypoglycemia use the same diet as a child with diabetes? (23 Jul 2000)
  108. He woke up and seemed to have lack of control of his body. (20 Jul 2000)
  109. My 6 year old daughter have been recently diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. Please can you help me? (20 Jul 2000)
  110. My son has recently been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. We are trying to find information for him to read. (19 Jul 2000)
  111. My 15 year old daughter has type 1 diabetes since age 7. She has been experiencing lows at night and failing to wake up. (16 Jul 2000)
  112. My husband's 12 year old son has a seizure disorder that no one has been able to identify. (15 Jul 2000)
  113. We have asked our health team what to consider low enough to treat and have gotten some very different numbers. (14 Jul 2000)
  114. About 6 months ago, she started having severe insulin reactions for three to four days on a monthly basis. (8 Jul 2000)
  115. Since the diagnosis, she has had two seizures in the morning (waking up) with normal level blood sugar levels (83 and 112). (8 Jul 2000)
  116. I want to know if his sugar drops from 300 down to 83 real fast if that can cause a seizure. (8 Jul 2000)
  117. We have a very difficult time finding info on ketotic hypoglycemia and so do our doctors/endocrinologists. (6 Jul 2000)
  118. My 2 week old son shakes uncontrollably before feeding. We believe that he might be hypoglycemic. (5 Jul 2000)
  119. For over 14 hours, I could not get his blood glucose level above 60 mg/dl. (30 Jun 2000)
  120. For the past month I've been unable to feel my lows until my sugars get down into the 30s. (29 Jun 2000)
  121. Is his threshold for feeling the effects of a low just lower than most? (29 Jun 2000)
  122. I've seen a product called the "Extendbar." Is it safe for me to try during pregnancy? (29 Jun 2000)
  123. Is there anything besides not having lows that will slow or minimize reduction in sensitivity to lows? (27 Jun 2000)
  124. I was just wondering where glucagon should be injected. (27 Jun 2000)
  125. I have 2 daughters. They both have had a 3 hour glucose test and both were diagnosed with hypoglycemia. (27 Jun 2000)
  126. My son was diagnosed with ketotic hypoglycemia when he was 11 months old. (26 Jun 2000)
  127. My son was diagnosed in almost a year ago. How long will this honeymoon period last? (24 Jun 2000)
  128. My three year old son frequently goes below 100. What are the best complex carb snacks to give him? (23 Jun 2000)
  129. What is the danger in being hypoglycemic on a regular basis? (20 Jun 2000)
  130. Even with 1/4 unit she bottoms out to 20-22 and we have a heck of a time trying to get it back up. (20 Jun 2000)
  131. He is constantly having trouble concentrating; also, he is tired, weak, and frequently states that he is exhausted. (20 Jun 2000)
  132. Have you ever heard of an episode lasting for four to six hours before coherency returns? (18 Jun 2000)
  133. My stepson has hypoglycemia. Do you have any suggestions for the types of food he should order from fast food restaurants? (18 Jun 2000)
  134. They say hypoglycemia is unusual in children. What would this be? (17 Jun 2000)
  135. Yesterday at school, he felt weak, nauseous, and shaky. The school nurse said his blood sugar was 71. (17 Jun 2000)
  136. What happens, chemically, in a person's brain when they have an insulin reaction? (15 Jun 2000)
  137. While the acute dangers of hypoglycemia are obvious, what long-term complications can there be? (15 Jun 2000)
  138. Can a high make him shaky as well as a low? (10 Jun 2000)
  139. Can you please comment on the capacity of a virtually out-of-control 55 year old? (6 Jun 2000)
  140. Can a low blood sugar of 30 cause him to act in a drunk stage and become violent? (5 Jun 2000)
  141. Why do people always joke on me when I have a sugar attack? (5 Jun 2000)
  142. At birth, my son was was given glucose intravenously because he could not maintain his blood sugar. (5 Jun 2000)
  143. A friend told me that dogs can be trained to warn someone that their blood sugar is getting too low. (3 Jun 2000)
  144. I am caring for a 67 day old pre-term baby with intractable hypoglycemia. (2 Jun 2000)
  145. My 6 year old son is having seizures during the night. (31 May 2000)
  146. There have been times when his blood sugar has dropped to 30's and 40's. He has become very violent and angry. (30 May 2000)
  147. What is considered frequent low blood sugars? (29 May 2000)
  148. On one morning several days ago, she was unable to wake her daughter. At that time her sugar level was 38. (29 May 2000)
  149. She tests all of the time, but, unfortunately, she crashes unexpectedly. (28 May 2000)
  150. In the last 5 years, he has had several car accidents and over 25 ambulance assisted emergencies. (26 May 2000)
  151. I was wondering if any research has been done on the effect Vitamin E would have on hypoglycemia unawareness. (23 May 2000)
  152. My daughter, age 11, has been dropping very low at night and waking up with high blood sugars (rebounding). (23 May 2000)
  153. Is it true that if you see ketones in the morning, it could mean a hypo in the middle of the night? (19 May 2000)
  154. Last night my 5 year old daughter had to be injected for the first time with a Glucagon Emergency Kit. (17 May 2000)
  155. He seems very sensitive to Humalog and Regular insulin. (17 May 2000)
  156. What are her chances for a seizure if we follow her insulin regimen and diet correctly? (6 May 2000)
  157. What result would you consider to be hypo and hyperglycaemia? (5 May 2000)
  158. I experience periodic profuse sweating when asleep. Is this common in diabetics? (4 May 2000)
  159. I have a 5 1/2 year-old daughter who I believe has hypoglycemia. (4 May 2000)
  160. Our daughter has had episodes of low levels around 2-3 A.M. Could these lows have affected her learning abilities? (2 May 2000)
  161. What does it mean when a newborn (4 days old) has low blood sugar? (1 May 2000)
  162. My 15 month old son has had off and on shakiness before meals. (30 Apr 2000)
  163. He had a 4 hour glucose tolerance test done last week. His initial level was 90. (26 Apr 2000)
  164. Do hypoglycemic episodes have a cumulative negative effect on our systems? (21 Apr 2000)
  165. When he has low blood sugars he starts to have a diabetic seizure. It happens around 2 A.M.. (21 Apr 2000)
  166. When I give her the insulin her blood glucose drops to 38-68. (19 Apr 2000)
  167. Exactly what hormones are involved in hypoglycemic reactions that make you feel bad? (18 Apr 2000)
  168. Are there dangers to the baby when the mother has severe low blood sugars? (9 Apr 2000)
  169. I have hypoglycemia since two years ago; in the last two months the symptoms are very much more frequent. (8 Apr 2000)
  170. I have a 14 year old daughter, and lately she has been showing signs of hypoglycemia. (31 Mar 2000)
  171. My brother is 26 and has recently starting getting the night sweats. Does this mean he needs less insulin? (29 Mar 2000)
  172. My 11 year old son has frequent low blood sugar spells. (29 Mar 2000)
  173. My son has hypoglycemia and hyperinsulinemia. His lowest blood sugar was 19. (27 Mar 2000)
  174. We had a local child who almost died a few weeks ago at school. (27 Mar 2000)
  175. Is there a pre-disposition to seizures? Why do some children have them and others don't? (26 Mar 2000)
  176. What can be done about before lunch blood sugar readings of 68 and below? (23 Mar 2000)
  177. My daughter is 11 years old and has headaches everyday. (20 Mar 2000)
  178. What are the effects, if any, of numerous low blood sugar levels on a 7 year old type 1 diabetic? (20 Mar 2000)
  179. Is there any potential correlation between low blood sugar and omega 3 fatty acids? (4 Mar 2000)
  180. I need some good information on a hypoglycemia diet. (26 Feb 2000)
  181. If insulin is supposed to be helping my daughter, why is it that she feels worse? (21 Feb 2000)
  182. My son was diagnosed with ketotic hypoglycemia that he has had since between 12 and 18 months of age. (21 Feb 2000)
  183. Is it possible that he could have suffered seizures from low blood glucose in his sleep and we never knew it? (18 Feb 2000)
  184. We have not been checking her blood sugar levels at night at first as we were told this was not necessary. (18 Feb 2000)
  185. Our 7 year old son woke up wailing, inconsolable, and incoherent with a blood sugar of 96. (18 Feb 2000)
  186. My 12 year old son has been experiencing mild "episodes" where he seems to maintain gross motor skills. (18 Feb 2000)
  187. On two occasions he has demonstrated what seems to be very unusual reactions to low blood sugars. (13 Feb 2000)
  188. My sister would like to know what goes wrong in the body to be diagnosed as having hyperglycemia. (7 Feb 2000)
  189. Does anyone have any data on whether Tegretol will help for hypoglycemic seizures? (29 Jan 2000)
  190. By supper she had been running low (50's). (27 Jan 2000)
  191. The Michigan legislature has law that says that if you have a reaction, you cannot get a driver's license. (27 Jan 2000)
  192. When is it appropriate to go to the hospital with too low blood sugars? (27 Jan 2000)
  193. Is hypoglycemia genetic? My dad was hypoglycemic. (25 Jan 2000)
  194. During the past few weeks he had a severe low blood sugar reaction shortly after the 6 P.M. insulin shot. (25 Jan 2000)
  195. What foods are recommended for a person with hypoglycemia? (5 Jan 2000)
  196. Do you have any information on using a heart rate monitor to monitor or catch hypoglycemia? (1 Jan 2000)

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