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Hypoglycemia from 1999

  1. Often when I expect my sugar to be somewhat low I find at testing that it is 10-12 mmol/l [180-216 mg/dl]. (21 Dec 1999)
  2. From the fact that I could not keep the drink in my system, he determined that I had hypoglycemia. (15 Dec 1999)
  3. My 9 1/2 year old daughter has gone as low as 19 and she has never gone unconscious. (15 Dec 1999)
  4. What is the lowest blood sugar limit for the brain not to be permanently damaged? (13 Dec 1999)
  5. Can erythromycin [an antibiotic] interact with insulin or rate of digestion to cause low blood sugar levels? (13 Dec 1999)
  6. Can reactive hypoglycaemia in early pregnancy affect the baby? (13 Dec 1999)
  7. My son is 9 years old and has had approximately 8 seizures in the last 6 weeks while sleeping. (13 Dec 1999)
  8. I was wondering if there's a high frequency of hypoglycemia with children from age 10 to 15? (11 Dec 1999)
  9. My 7 year old son has had 2 episodes of tachycardia which self resolved. His blood sugar was 45. (11 Dec 1999)
  10. Sometimes I hear my 10 year old son, who was diagnosed 8 months ago, talking (arguing) in his sleep and he is very restless. (8 Dec 1999)
  11. Recently, she had her first seizure. Within minutes after the seizure, however, her blood glucose was 78, and then 85 1/2 hour later. (8 Dec 1999)
  12. We are having too many night time lows. He is was waking up several nights in a row, when we checked his blood sugar, he was around the 40-50 level. (7 Dec 1999)
  13. My 22 year old son was diagnosed ten months ago. This past weekend he had his first incident of insulin shock. (30 Nov 1999)
  14. My daughter suffers from low readings in the morning and sometimes is woken by her low readings as early as 4 A.M. (30 Nov 1999)
  15. Does insulin shock cause cause a person to become violent, with aggressive behavior? (28 Nov 1999)
  16. In the last 2 years, I have started to have different symptoms for hypoglycemia. (28 Nov 1999)
  17. Is there a better way to treat nighttime hypos, e.g., glucagon injection? (26 Nov 1999)
  18. I have a diabetic student who I think is playing games with me. (22 Nov 1999)
  19. My son has seizures during sleep, low blood sugar, ketones in urine. Can you tell me what these might mean? (7 Nov 1999)
  20. I am 16 years old and have just recently been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. (4 Nov 1999)
  21. My 5 year old son wakes up often with a blood sugar below 50. Why is he waking up so low? (4 Nov 1999)
  22. I am a kindergarten teacher who has a little boy in my room that has been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. (2 Nov 1999)
  23. I'm in between specialists now and want to confirm the glucagon dosage for my five year old daughter. (2 Nov 1999)
  24. My daughter is 2 months old and is suffering from persistent hypoglycemia. (28 Oct 1999)
  25. What are the effects of taking too much insulin? (26 Oct 1999)
  26. He is not taking the time to eat his mid-morning snack at school. (26 Oct 1999)
  27. Can this pressurized injector cause me to slip into such low blood sugars? (24 Oct 1999)
  28. What are the protocols for treating severe low blood sugar episodes using a glucagon emergency kit? (23 Oct 1999)
  29. I'm concerned about an answer previously given, and I quote, "Excessive sweating at night is not a symptom of diabetes". (23 Oct 1999)
  30. In the past 2 year she has gone through a dramatic change in her ability to tell when she is low. (23 Oct 1999)
  31. My son was diagnosed with hypoglycemia when he was 10 months old. (23 Oct 1999)
  32. Our 15 month old son often wakes up in a "terrible mood" with constant screaming. (19 Oct 1999)
  33. My 5 year old son was just diagnosed with Ketotic Hypoglycemia. (10 Oct 1999)
  34. My son has had 4 major hypoglycemic reactions in the last 6 months. (5 Oct 1999)
  35. Do you see hypo and hyperglycemia in children not on insulin? (28 Sep 1999)
  36. I went to take a nap. The next thing I knew, I was being treated by paramedics. (28 Sep 1999)
  37. I've been looking up the Somogyi effect on the Internet to learn more about it. (27 Sep 1999)
  38. How can we be sure he is not going to have a hypo during the night? (27 Sep 1999)
  39. When I went into the room, I found that she was completely paralyzed on her right side. (27 Sep 1999)
  40. In the past two months, she has had difficulty with low blood sugar at night which has caused two seizures. (27 Sep 1999)
  41. I am wondering if the milk boxes (similar to juice drink boxes) would be beneficial to have on hand to bring up lows. (24 Sep 1999)
  42. My 17 year old daughter is 4 months pregnant. She has had Type 1 diabetes since age 9. She has seizures throughout the night (23 Sep 1999)
  43. In reading the literature, I noticed that asthma and allergies are also symptoms of hypoglycemia. (20 Sep 1999)
  44. My husband has 3-5 reactions a week; some are severe. I want to know if this is normal. (14 Sep 1999)
  45. I recently read that repeated hypoglycemia in infants and toddlers has been associated with learning disabilities later in life. (12 Sep 1999)
  46. Our 12 3/4 year old son has had one mild diabetic seizure and 2 pretty full blown seizures in the past few days. (12 Sep 1999)
  47. What low blood sugar reading is considered to be low-severe versus that which is low-moderate for a young child? (12 Sep 1999)
  48. Could there be any reason why the A1c is high while the daily blood tests remain low? (12 Sep 1999)
  49. My niece is 8 years old. She was called to eat only to be found passed out on her bed. (11 Sep 1999)
  50. Are lows a concern for brain development at his age, and if not, how low of an hbA1c should we try for? (9 Sep 1999)
  51. What products are available that would provide a slow release of sugar to help prevent hypoglycemia? (6 Sep 1999)
  52. How we can prevent hypoglycaemia? (6 Sep 1999)
  53. The other morning, I "woke up" in my living room. I have no idea what happened to me. (3 Sep 1999)
  54. Wouldn't it be great if a dog could be trained to alert parents when the child is acting oddly from low blood sugar? (28 Aug 1999)
  55. Our 3 year old son used to show signs of hypo when his blood sugar was below 60. (27 Aug 1999)
  56. Our newborn nephew was put on a drip to raise his blood sugar level. (26 Aug 1999)
  57. In the past couple weeks her blood sugar is dropping dramatically during the night. (22 Aug 1999)
  58. My 4 1/2 years old's blood sugar goes low rapidly overnight and I don't understand why. (17 Aug 1999)
  59. My daughter, 7, has experienced hypoglycemic episodes mainly in the middle of the night. (15 Aug 1999)
  60. What is considered too low for a blood sugar reading? (14 Aug 1999)
  61. I have a 10 year old son with diabetes. He experiences rebounds in the afternoons. (14 Aug 1999)
  62. How low does blood sugar need to be to cause a seizure? (13 Aug 1999)
  63. My 11 year old son has had diabetes for 6 years. He recently had a severe seizure in the middle of the night. (11 Aug 1999)
  64. Recently, I have been passing out (3 seizures in the past 2 weeks) in the morning shortly after waking. (11 Aug 1999)
  65. During the pregnancy she had several episodes of low blood sugar with seizures. (7 Aug 1999)
  66. My HMO has dropped Glucagon Emergency Kits from its formulary. (6 Aug 1999)
  67. I believe myself to have some form of reactive hypoglycemia. (29 Jul 1999)
  68. Is there a chance that part of her problem could be hypoglycemia? (29 Jul 1999)
  69. My daughter is Type 1. My question now is about myself. I have had a few "panic attacks." (29 Jul 1999)
  70. I have been reading many question categories for the last three hours or so and have three questions. (26 Jul 1999)
  71. We find that by lunch his blood sugar crashes into the 60-70 range. (26 Jul 1999)
  72. My father has brittle diabetes and his episodes of hypoglycemia are increasing all the time. (24 Jul 1999)
  73. At present we have a 56 year old woman with Down's Syndrome who is a brittle Type 1 diabetic. (24 Jul 1999)
  74. How low does your sugar have to be to go into a coma? (21 Jul 1999)
  75. Recently I had a very low sugar without warning. Can I anticipate this happening more often? (17 Jul 1999)
  76. My 10 year old son with diabetes experiences rebounds in the afternoons. (11 Jul 1999)
  77. Does anyone have any good solid information pertaining to seizures that are on set by hypoglycemia? (11 Jul 1999)
  78. I would like to know if there is any equipment available to detect low blood sugars or seizures. (11 Jul 1999)
  79. His blood sugar is high in the evenings, but is normal in the morning. I was told that he is crashing. What is crashing? (7 Jul 1999)
  80. What are the blood sugar levels of an infant (under one year)? (4 Jul 1999)
  81. When my child has a severe low and I treat with instant glucose, this results in her becoming nauseated and vomiting. (2 Jul 1999)
  82. I have heard that hypoglycemia in children is considered a possible pre-diabetic condition. (1 Jul 1999)
  83. My father has had diabetes for 9 years. He recently passed out due to low blood sugar, which caused a seizure. (25 Jun 1999)
  84. I want to know how a hypo, which hits me quite regularly, will harm me, and in which way (especially brain). (23 Jun 1999)
  85. I have a 4 year old that has been experiencing problems with low blood sugar at the onset of an illness. (12 Jun 1999)
  86. Is there any research on sudden behavior changes in early childhood related to diabetes? (12 Jun 1999)
  87. My father has diabetes and his blood sugar is staying around 67. What can I do to bring it up? (9 Jun 1999)
  88. My eleven year old son has developed hypoglycemia unawareness. (9 Jun 1999)
  89. Why does a child sometimes have low blood glucose readings that are hard to raise during an illness? (7 Jun 1999)
  90. Can pancreatic problems lead to hypoglycemia? (1 Jun 1999)
  91. My husband had a GTT and results showed 59 mg. Is he hypoglycemic? (29 May 1999)
  92. What prevents non-diabetics from having hypoglycemic reactions? (25 May 1999)
  93. Is it unusual for a 10 year old diabetic to be confused when his sugar is low? (22 May 1999)
  94. Due to convulsions during the night we have lowered his N -- causing him to wake up (10-15). Any suggestions? (10 May 1999)
  95. My 7 year old son has never experienced a low blood sugar in the middle of the night. How often does this happen? (8 May 1999)
  96. We took her blood reading and she was 43. She seemed aware when she first woke up but then she had some convulsions. (8 May 1999)
  97. Most of the time when I am low I have no signs of hypoglycemia. (8 May 1999)
  98. My 8-year-old daughter has had problems going low during the night and waking up with high blood sugars. (30 Apr 1999)
  99. Why does my tongue become numb with low glucose levels? Sometimes the tip of my fingers will also become numb. (25 Apr 1999)
  100. My son is eleven years old and has been diabetic for two years now. He is having hypos about once a day although they are quite mild. (24 Apr 1999)
  101. One or two days after heavy exercise he will often wake up with a hypo reaction. (20 Apr 1999)
  102. My grandmother was diagnosed with hypoglycemia many years ago and has been able to control it through a proper diet. (20 Apr 1999)
  103. Last year I had several episodes of extremely low blood sugars in the mornings , two of which necessitated trips to the ER. (20 Apr 1999)
  104. I have had diabetes for 11 years and everything has gone very well, but recently I have been having very bad hypo's. (19 Apr 1999)
  105. This child's doctor states she would not want anyone in the school to give the injection except an RN. (19 Apr 1999)
  106. What have you found to be the best evening snack to avoid hypoglycemia during the night or early morning? (17 Apr 1999)
  107. Our son experiences morning lows of 50-60 whether he goes to bed with a reading of 150-300. (17 Apr 1999)
  108. What is happening in your body when you are having an insulin reaction? (14 Apr 1999)
  109. My 22 year old daughter is 4 months pregnant. Because of the need for tight control she's experiencing many severe reactions. (14 Apr 1999)
  110. Her last HbA1c was 7%. Her endocrinologist expressed concern that this was too low! (12 Apr 1999)
  111. Is the loss of memory during some hypoglycemic episodes normal? (10 Apr 1999)
  112. If alpha cell release of glucagon occurs in response to hypoglycemia then why does hypoglycemia occur? (4 Apr 1999)
  113. What effect will instances of high or low blood glucose have on the ability to comprehend and remember instructions? (2 Apr 1999)
  114. Recently, he has experienced several lows where he has had seizures and I need to administer glucagon. (29 Mar 1999)
  115. I would like to know whether there is any connection between a woman's inability to experience an orgasm and a hypoglycemic episode. (21 Mar 1999)
  116. How long does it usually take to rebound once a low occurs? (19 Mar 1999)
  117. A friend of mine chews tobacco every so often and I wondered whether he would have fewer diabetic "attacks" if he didn't "dip". (17 Mar 1999)
  118. My husband has reactions in the middle of the night. Is it possible to have a stroke during one of these reactions? (16 Mar 1999)
  119. Why does a child sometimes have low blood glucose readings that are hard to raise during an illness? (16 Mar 1999)
  120. Are they any known causes for infant hypoglycemia? (13 Mar 1999)
  121. Our 9 year old son complains almost daily of feeling a bit dizzy before lunch at school. (3 Mar 1999)
  122. My 22 year old daughter is 4 months pregnant. Because of the need for tight control she's experiencing many severe reactions. (21 Feb 1999)
  123. Over the last six or so years, he has had a total of 26 hypoglycemic seizures between 5:00 and 7:30 A.M. (2 Feb 1999)
  124. What site would you recommend for glucagon injection? (24 Jan 1999)
  125. For the last year I have been suffering from dizziness, headaches, cravings for sugar and blackouts. (21 Jan 1999)
  126. My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with low blood sugar two months ago. (10 Jan 1999)
  127. What happens when your blood sugar gets too low? (8 Jan 1999)
  128. My son (17, Type 1 for 6 years) had a brief (5-6 second) blackout while driving. (6 Jan 1999)

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