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Hypoglycemia from 1998

  1. During several low blood sugar episodes I have experienced "fuzzy" or no memory of what occurred during that time. (31 Dec 1998)
  2. I have had other parents tell me about how their children have shown signs of hypoglycemia and I am very worried about my child. (25 Dec 1998)
  3. Can Type 1 diabetes in a 15 year old female affect short term memory? (17 Dec 1998)
  4. Every time I've tried to start an exercise program, I get "rewarded" with a lot of low blood sugars. (15 Dec 1998)
  5. There have been numerous times that my sugar dropped so suddenly that I lost consciousness at work. (13 Dec 1998)
  6. What is the treatment for a newborn that can't maintain a sugar level, and is suspected of having problems with his adrenal glands? (12 Dec 1998)
  7. I am working with a recently diagnosed nine-year-old boy. He came to me because he was having nightmares. (2 Dec 1998)
  8. Our grandson was born several days ago. Two days later, he was totally lethargic and his blood sugar crashed to 14. (28 Nov 1998)
  9. My second and third children have had episodes of seizures. Doctors say their blood sugar levels were too low. (27 Nov 1998)
  10. My 5 1/2 year old grandson was recently switched to Humalog. However the rollercoaster ride continues with lows at 3 A.M. Any thoughts? Does it take a few weeks to adjust to new insulin? (25 Nov 1998)
  11. My husband is considering substituting his "Regular" with Humalog. (16 Nov 1998)
  12. I am experiencing morning headaches and nausea. Are these side effects of insulin? (10 Nov 1998)
  13. My 10-year old daughter was diagnosed seven months ago. Since that time she has complained of headaches. (6 Nov 1998)
  14. Why is it that diabetics tremble, sweat, feel anxious and are confused when they go into hypoglycaemia? (2 Nov 1998)
  15. Can you tell me where I can find the symptoms of low blood sugar? (2 Nov 1998)
  16. My six year old son was recently diagnosed with "hypoglycemic ketoacidosis (low blood sugar)". (29 Oct 1998)
  17. How does rebounding affect a 5 year old? (29 Oct 1998)
  18. I've been on the insulin pump for 2 months now. After nearly every time I eat I have been hypoglycemic! (28 Oct 1998)
  19. You say: "Frequent hypoglycemia is to be avoided". That is a phrase often used. (21 Oct 1998)
  20. My son recently had his second episode of low blood sugar in which he didn't appear alert or responsive 1-2 hours after treatment. (21 Oct 1998)
  21. My 5 1/2 year old grandson periodically runs low blood glucoses at 3 A.M. and has to be fed. (12 Oct 1998)
  22. Our 11 year old son has been a type 1 diabetic for almost 3 years. Today, we experienced his first problem low upon waking. (8 Oct 1998)
  23. My 6 year old daughter recently experienced a severe hypo reaction during the middle of the night. (4 Oct 1998)
  24. My daughter is 16 years old and is on the drill team. When they perform, she sometimes has a spell. (4 Oct 1998)
  25. A couple of nights ago, I suffered convulsions caused by hypoglycemia. This has happened to me several times. (2 Oct 1998)
  26. Our 6 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. (30 Sep 1998)
  27. For the last 3 mornings, my son has awaken with some sort of paralysis on his left side. (27 Sep 1998)
  28. How serious is hypoglycemia and does it sound like I have it? (26 Sep 1998)
  29. My nine year old son recently suffered a severe nighttime hypoglycemia attack. What effect is this having on his mental functioning? (9 Sep 1998)
  30. Most of the time when I am low I have no signs of hypoglycemia. My body seems to rebound and the low goes undetected. (9 Sep 1998)
  31. How much should a non-diabetic person's sugar level fluctuate during one day of normal eating? (7 Sep 1998)
  32. His sugar dropped fast and for no apparent reason. We believe this happened when his body failed to digest his lunch. (4 Sep 1998)
  33. My son is 6 years old. Please help me figure out if his symptoms are that of a child with hypoglycemia. (3 Sep 1998)
  34. I am trying to find information on pseudohypoglycemia. (29 Aug 1998)
  35. My granddaughter has had a few seizures. I'm wondering if MSG could have contributed. (24 Aug 1998)
  36. Last week we had our first severe reaction. Which is better, the hospital or home for the glucagon? (24 Aug 1998)
  37. It seems like he is having more lows in the summer weather. (23 Aug 1998)
  38. Why will a Seagrams 7 and Diet Coke bring down my blood sugar, even after a full meal? (17 Aug 1998)
  39. Are there any new devices which warn wearers of pending low blood sugar levels? (15 Aug 1998)
  40. I have gestational diabetes. My blood sugar levels 2 hours after eating are in the 75 range. Is this too low? (13 Aug 1998)
  41. What could be done to a eleven day old baby girl weighing 4.4 kg at birth if she has hyperinsulinism and hypoglycemia? (7 Aug 1998)
  42. I was diagnosed with Type 2 two months ago. I am going to be 76 years old next month. Is 80 too low for me? (7 Aug 1998)
  43. My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed two years ago. Two weeks ago she had a seizure in the night. (5 Aug 1998)
  44. On several occasions I have taken my daughter's blood sugar and it has been in the mid-forties! (5 Aug 1998)
  45. Are there any statistics for hypoglycemia or other diabetes symptoms in the pre-natal and new-born? (31 Jul 1998)
  46. My 5 year old daughter has had bouts of tachycardia, weakness and vomiting after missing dinner. (27 Jul 1998)
  47. After my friend had a fit or stroke, his blood sugar level was 3.1. What does this mean? (24 Jul 1998)
  48. We have only had to use glucagon on one occasion. The needle is so large and has to be painful. (21 Jul 1998)
  49. I was diagnosed with functional hypoglycemia and told me that it changes into Type 1 within 10 years. (21 Jul 1998)
  50. My daughter as a newborn had a hypoglycemic seizure and stopped breathing for a few seconds. (18 Jul 1998)
  51. Just recently he would wake up just fine then about a half an hour later he would tell me he could not move his legs. (15 Jul 1998)
  52. Please advise on ways to control blood sugar while working on a night shift. (9 Jul 1998)
  53. Please explain "rebounding" to me. (7 Jun 1998)
  54. My grandson is Type 1 and 2 1/2 years old. The biggest problem lately has been with low blood sugars due to his refusal to eat or drink his juice. (3 Jun 1998)
  55. My daughter, age 28, is experiencing body temperature drops that seem to be associated with the insulin reactions. (1 Jun 1998)
  56. I am a 17 year old female with Type 1 diabetes. I have episodes where I black out and I can't remember what has happened. (24 May 1998)
  57. A week ago, my daughter would not wake up. She was put in the hospital and had a blood sugar of 57. (14 May 1998)
  58. Is there any kind of device that he could activate to medical personal if he feels it getting low? (12 May 1998)
  59. Mydaughter had a seizure. Her physician recommended she see a neurologist. He prescribed Tegretol. (26 Apr 1998)
  60. I've noticed that you say people should treat sugars under 70 as a hypo. I feel great at about 60 or 70. (24 Apr 1998)
  61. Over the last 2 years, I've experienced 2 or 3 seizures. I don't understand the seizures and why they are happening. (24 Apr 1998)
  62. My 16 month old daughter is perpetually thirsty. I worry since her sister is Type 1, so I occasionally test her. (24 Apr 1998)
  63. Where can I be tested and diagnosed for hypoglycemic unawareness? (22 Apr 1998)
  64. My son recently has had two ear infections. After several days on the antibiotic, he had severe hypoglycemic events. (5 Apr 1998)
  65. Can too much insulin trigger the production of glucose? (1 Apr 1998)
  66. My 13 year old daughter has had two seizures in the last three weeks. (31 Mar 1998)
  67. In the honeymoon period, is it common for the body to produce too much insulin? (26 Mar 1998)
  68. What is the worst case scenario for severe hypoglycemia? (22 Mar 1998)
  69. We are wondering what would raise blood sugar faster, a food or a drink? (16 Mar 1998)
  70. I have a friend, 20 years old, who injected too much insulin and has been in a coma for about one month now. (15 Mar 1998)
  71. Is there a way I can lower my blood sugars without increasing my insulin doses? (4 Mar 1998)
  72. My 5 year old son has a history of seizures. Is there any information I can get about this subject? (3 Mar 1998)
  73. Occasionally I check my daughter who is 2 years she is not diabetic. One night she registered at 46. (3 Mar 1998)
  74. What happens when your blood sugar level drops too low? How low is too low? (26 Feb 1998)
  75. I was wondering about the use of uncooked cornstarch in the bedtime snack and how much should be used. (26 Feb 1998)
  76. My wife's blood sugar spikes from like 57 to 345 in a short period of time and I am concerned about it. (22 Feb 1998)
  77. In case of an emergency situation, would glucagon would work on a non-diabetic experiencing hypoglycemia? (22 Feb 1998)
  78. We are having real trouble telling hypoglycemic episodes from the multitude of other symptoms he has. (21 Feb 1998)
  79. Is it okay to use candies (i.e., Lifesavers) for fast-acting sucrose rather than Gluco-Tabs? (21 Feb 1998)
  80. I went to my physician, who told me that the only way she can diagnose it is if I have blood taken when I have these attacks. (17 Feb 98)
  81. My 3 1/2 year old daughter has hypoglycemia. Her doctor has prescribed corn starch at bed time. How does corn starch keep sugar levels up? (11 Feb 98)
  82. Can stomach aches be part of hypoglycemia? (11 Feb 98)
  83. My daughter is 8. Our concern is that she might go to sleep, have an insulin reaction, go into a coma, and either we find her dead or in a coma. (11 Feb 98)
  84. I was advised not to use chocolate to treat low blood sugar because the fat in a candy bar would slow down the absorption of the sugar. (10 Feb 98)
  85. I read that dramatic hypoglycemia causes "adverse CNS consequences." Is this referring to the standard array of neurological damage? (10 Feb 98)
  86. My daughter is 3 1/2 years old and has gone below 4 before lunch time. How dangerous is a reading below 4 for a child this young? (8 Feb 98)
  87. Can hypoglycemia be symptomatic of some other problem? (31 Jan 98)
  88. My 7 year-old's (Type 1) blood sugar was only 79 mg/dl last night before bed. At what reading must he be awakened and fed more? (5 Jan 98)

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