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Hyperglycemia and DKA from 2009

  1. Since January, my daughter has had elevated blood sugars that have come down on their own. I want to stop checking her, but the doctor disagrees. What is your opinion? (28 Dec 2009)
  2. Despite a recent increase in her evening Levemir, my daughter is still waking up over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. How can we ensure she is closer to 100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L]? (19 Dec 2009)
  3. After a trip to the Emergency Room for a fever and cough, my daughter's blood sugar was elevated. Does this mean she could have diabetes? (14 Dec 2009)
  4. Despite Glucovance, diet and exercise, my blood sugars were elevated. Now on Glucophage and Amaryl, I see no difference. Is my pancreas slowly dying? (2 Dec 2009)
  5. Now five, my daughter has become defiant, rebellious, devious, and, at times, violent. Many times, this is when her blood sugar is high. How do we get the behaviors under control? (24 Nov 2009)
  6. Last weekend, when sick with the flu, my daughter had blood sugars over 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L]. The pediatrician said they were related to the flu, but I am worried. What do you think? (10 Nov 2009)
  7. My new doctor switched me from Humalog to NovoLog, but I am now having consistent highs. Why is this happening? Should I find another doctor to put me back on Humalog? (8 Nov 2009)
  8. Can extreme dizziness and shortness of breath be caused by high blood sugars? (26 Oct 2009)
  9. My daughter disconnects her pump for soccer. She is often low at half time, corrects, then goes high after the game. What do you recommend? (22 Oct 2009)
  10. Do magnesium or fish oil supplements increase one's blood sugar? What alternative methods are there for treating mild depression? (25 Sep 2009)
  11. My son is bicycling to school. Often, but not always, his blood sugar shoots up quite high as a result of the ride. We cannot safely preempt this. Can you shed any light on this? (22 Sep 2009)
  12. After his one mile cross country runs, my son's blood sugar is elevated. Does he have exercise induced hyperglycemia? How can we get these post race readings lower? (22 Sep 2009)
  13. Why do high blood sugars and ketones cause vomiting? (1 Sep 2009)
  14. My son has some of the symptoms of diabetes and had two somewhat elevated blood sugars. Other than diabetes, what might cause such elevated blood sugars? (5 Aug 2009)
  15. My daughter had positive GAD antibodies and now has H. pylori. Are there side affects of the medications she must take that relate to blood sugar? (15 Jul 2009)
  16. When I exercise intensely, I feel very nauseous about two hours later. My blood sugar is not too elevated, but I have large ketones. How can I prevent the ketones/nausea? (15 Jul 2009)
  17. Is it possible for it someone's blood sugar to spike really high then be normal two hours after eating? With MODY, will there always have a high blood sugar after eating? (18 Jun 2009)
  18. Why is it so hard to keep my 14-year-old's blood sugar down? Is it normal for a teenager to be so insulin resistant? (22 May 2009)
  19. My daughter's post dinner blood sugar was 500 mg/dl [27.8 mmol/L], but she was not symptomatic. How can this be? What is the best device for checking blood sugars? (22 May 2009)
  20. Despite negative tests done by an endocrinologist, my daughter has occasional high post food blood sugars. Why would this be? (30 Apr 2009)
  21. My toddler has higher blood sugars. The endocrinologists are happy, but I am concerned about organ damage. What should we do differently? (29 Apr 2009)
  22. My blood sugars are very elevated since my recent gallbladder surgery, but I was told they would level out. Shouldn't they have leveled out by now? (21 Apr 2009)
  23. Does hyperglycemia cause an increase in appetite or a loss of appetite? (7 Apr 2009)
  24. For two months, my son has been waking up high after being in range at 1 to 2 a.m. Other than getting up a 4 to give him a correction shot, what do you suggest? (7 Apr 2009)
  25. We usually increase our daughter's Lantus during her cycle and see okay blood sugars. Now, she is in range after lunch, but high before dinner. Why would this be? (16 Mar 2009)
  26. I run three miles a day. When I reduce my bolus, 30 minutes before running, I am high afterwards, sometimes for several hours. Wouldn't such an intense workout cause lows? (28 Feb 2009)
  27. Since moving, our daughter goes through periods of extremely high blood sugars requiring quite a bit of insulin. Why does this happen? (24 Feb 2009)
  28. Is there a link between ovarian cysts and type 1? Can the cysts cause insulin resistance? (5 Feb 2009)
  29. I was diagnosed with diabetes the day I found out I was pregnant. Could I have had diabetes before? Does drinking water help lower blood sugars or is it a myth? (9 Jan 2009)
  30. Now 12 years old, my blood sugars are always somewhat elevated, even though I have tried to correct my insulin dosages. Is puberty affecting my blood sugars? (7 Jan 2009)

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