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Hyperglycemia and DKA from 2007

  1. My teen daughter is now on Seroquel and having very high blood sugars. She is also bingeing and not giving herself insulin. Are her highs caused by the Seroquel or the eating? (30 Dec 2007)
  2. My son has been experiencing nighttime and afternoon high blood sugars that require temporary basal increases and corrections. Why is this happening? (16 Dec 2007)
  3. When my daughter woke at 36 mg/dl [2.0 mmol/L], she ate cereal, took no insulin, went to work, then was 411 mg/dl [28.8 mmol/L]. What would have caused such a high? (16 Dec 2007)
  4. My teen daughter has a granuloma on her foot that the doctor wants to remove and she has an infection every week. What do you think? (13 Dec 2007)
  5. Diagnosed with mononucleosis, my teen son's blood sugars are not that elevated. Should we still check for ketones? (13 Dec 2007)
  6. Can high blood sugars cause menstrual irregularities? (11 Dec 2007)
  7. After a recent episode of DKA, my nephew still has consistently high blood sugars. If he is eating properly and using the pump correctly, shouldn't he be in better control by now? (8 Dec 2007)
  8. Recently, my doctor put me on a 30/70 premix and "R." I am in range breakfast, lunch and at night, but high at supper. I do have lows 40% of the time. Why am I high at supper? (7 Dec 2007)
  9. In children, does the insulin production work the same as in adults? I'm assuming not; is this why they have such variable blood sugars? (3 Dec 2007)
  10. Tested two hours after breakfast at school, my daughter's blood sugars are high, even when I give her a lower carbohydrate breakfast. What do you suggest I do? (2 Dec 2007)
  11. I am concerned about my teen daughter's extreme blood sugars. Can you advise how long the sugar level has to be high before it starts to affect the body? (2 Dec 2007)
  12. My blood sugars remain around 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] despite my medication. I continue to overeat. How can I control my appetite? (29 Nov 2007)
  13. With the last two vials of insulin I've used, my son has had high afternoon blood sugars for a few weeks, then stable numbers. Why is this? Is it just coincidence? (26 Oct 2007)
  14. Since going on Levemir and NovoLog, my daughter has had two episodes of DKA during her menstrual cycle. Is this something other teens have experienced? (22 Oct 2007)
  15. Only 11, my daughter has consistently high blood sugars. I can't trust her to do anything and I'm fed up. She keeps eating too many sweets. What should we do? (19 Oct 2007)
  16. What do you know about the Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents? Has anyone had problems with the MiniMed 715 not recording all boluses and fingersticks? (16 Oct 2007)
  17. My daughter has had random elevated blood sugars, several months apart, but no symptoms of diabetes. Why would she have such random highs? (13 Oct 2007)
  18. Recently diagnosed, I gave my son insulin for an elevated blood sugar that went up to HIGH before coming in range 45 minutes later. How long should I wait for his insulin to work? (13 Oct 2007)
  19. NovoRapid and detemir didn't work for my mother, so she was put on Actrapid and detemir. Her post meal readings are still high. Are we doing something wrong? (8 Oct 2007)
  20. At home, my daughter has had elevated blood sugars. At the ER, she was in range. Should I continue to monitor her blood sugars? Could this be something other than diabetes? (6 Oct 2007)
  21. Recent blood work revealed some abnormal results and an elevated A1c. My blood sugars have been higher since I've had joint pain. Could the pain be related to my diabetes? (24 Sep 2007)
  22. What is the recommended practice for exercise with elevated blood glucose without ketones? (21 Sep 2007)
  23. Diagnosed with a blood sugar over 1200 mg/dl [66.6 mmol/L], my daughter is doing well, but cannot focus and regressed academically. Could she have suffered brain damage? (21 Sep 2007)
  24. How much do high blood sugars affect cognitive ability? (19 Sep 2007)
  25. Recently, at school, my son had an inappropriate outburst in the nurse's office. His blood sugar was high at the time. Could his high have cause his behavior? (15 Sep 2007)
  26. In 1990, I was diagnosed with type 1, but I was able to stop insulin in 2001. My blood sugars remained in range until today. Is my diabetes back? (12 Sep 2007)
  27. For months, my daughter has had intermittent high blood sugars that come down on their own. Is it normal for a child to spike to over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] routinely after a meal? (8 Sep 2007)
  28. When I had the stomach flu, my blood sugars were low and I had moderate urine ketones. The doctor had me suspend my pump for eight hours. What do you think about this? (31 Aug 2007)
  29. Since a severe low, my teen daughter has been letting her blood sugars run high. She's afraid and in a rut from which she cannot pull herself. What should we do? (25 Aug 2007)
  30. What is the normal protocol for blood sugar levels that are too high at a meal time? (12 Aug 2007)
  31. After a tonsillectomy, my son had thrush and stomach pain. On a home meter, he was 231 mg/dl [12.8 mmol/L]. When the thrush clears, will his blood sugars return to normal? (6 Aug 2007)
  32. My daughter has been sneaking food, causing highs. Is water the best way to bring down her blood sugars? Where can we find a kids support group in our area? (31 Jul 2007)
  33. Is it okay to suspend my son's pump for seven hours overnight or should I try to feed the insulin? Is there a risk of ketones? (19 Jul 2007)
  34. Since beginning growth hormone therapy, my daughter's insulin needs increased. Why is this? Why are her later afternoon blood sugars elevated? (19 Jul 2007)
  35. My niece urinates a lot and is often fatigued. Her blood sugar has been in the in the 14s mmol/L [253 to 270 mg/dl]. Is this possible for a nondiabetic? (9 Jul 2007)
  36. Since diagnosis, we've had trouble with highs that start as soon as the dinner bolus runs out. Increased basals work, but may cause lows. What should we do? (9 Jul 2007)
  37. Since starting on Niaspan and Omacor, my blood sugars have been running much higher. Can the medications be causing this? (9 Jul 2007)
  38. This year, my daughter has been hospitalized seven times in DKA. The doctor believes it's from omitting insulin. I don't this is the case. What else could cause such frequent DKA? (30 Jun 2007)
  39. Can persistent hyperglycemia and insulin resistance in type 2 be due to decreased transcapillary movements of insulin by hypotonicity of blood due to elevated glucose or otherwise? (24 Jun 2007)
  40. Sometimes, my son will drink a lot of water quickly, then throw up causing ketones. Could he have something else that requires medical attention? What should I do about the ketones? (14 Jun 2007)
  41. Can high blood sugars cause a slow heartbeat or problems taking deep breaths? (8 Jun 2007)
  42. Is there a link between being constipated and high glucose levels? Will keeping constipation under control help lower blood sugars? (3 Jun 2007)
  43. Is it possible to experience high blood sugars and moderate to large ketones for no reason? Could this be because my son has begun puberty? (26 May 2007)
  44. Is it safe to do an injection into muscle to bring down a blood sugar more rapidly? (26 May 2007)
  45. At the ER, my daughter had a blood sugar of 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. The doctor blamed apple juice and said we didn't need to worry. Does this make sense? (25 May 2007)
  46. Can hyperglycemia and insulin cause blood flow variations? If yes, how? (22 May 2007)
  47. Why does my daughter's blood sugar level seem to go up at night? (16 May 2007)
  48. Is the A1c affected most by transient highs greater than 250 mg/dl [13.9 mmol/L] that are corrected quickly or more frequent levels less than that which persist for several hours? (14 May 2007)
  49. Is it possible for sugar to build up in your system and release later? (9 May 2007)
  50. Even though she's on insulin, my niece's blood sugars are around 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L], which my brother says is okay. How do I convince him otherwise? (4 May 2007)
  51. At an appointment for his broken leg, my nephew had a fasting blood sugar in the 400s mg/dl [over 22.2 mmol/L]. Could the break cause the high blood sugar? (1 May 2007)
  52. My husband and I are going through an unpleasant divorce, which has caused our son to be upset. Could this be why his blood sugars are running high? (20 Apr 2007)
  53. What happens to a person's body when they become hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic? Which is more harmful? (14 Apr 2007)
  54. Although my teen sister's post-meal blood sugars are in-range, her pre-meal blood sugars are elevated. Why is this? (12 Apr 2007)
  55. My daughter's pre-breakfast and pre-lunch blood sugars are in range, but testing has found highs at 9 a.m. Does she need more NovoRapid at breakfast? (3 Apr 2007)
  56. Our daughter recently had an elevated blood sugar. The ER doctors told us not to worry and the pediatrician laughed at us. What could be going on? (3 Apr 2007)
  57. Why doesn't someone do a study about teenage girls and DKA during their monthly cycles? Even when I monitor my daughter, she still goes into DKA. (29 Mar 2007)
  58. Is injecting insulin into muscle instead of subcutaneous fat an acceptable way to bring down a high blood sugar level? (27 Mar 2007)
  59. Recently diagnosed, yesterday, my son was 169 mg/dl [9.4 mmol/L] at 8 p.m. He drank water over the next hour, yet his blood sugar went up. Why did it go up? (22 Mar 2007)
  60. My daughter previously tested autoantibody positive, but she has yet to develop type 1. She does run high when ill. What does this mean? (21 Mar 2007)
  61. When my son uses his nebulizer, his blood sugar goes up. What should we do? Should we give him Humalog before the treatments? (20 Mar 2007)
  62. Since two surgeries in 10 days, my son has had hyperglycemia. It could be from the surgery, but how long should it last? What should I do about it? (15 Mar 2007)
  63. An athlete, my son disconnects his pump and takes a shot of Regular before playing. Sometimes, he is still very high. What do you suggest? (11 Mar 2007)
  64. What does it mean if you have high blood sugars with lower to normal lipids? Does injected insulin affect lipid levels? (3 Mar 2007)
  65. My son has been spilling ketones since falling ill recently, even with lower blood sugars. What do you think is happening? (26 Feb 2007)
  66. My toddler's blood sugar spikes very high after breakfast, then drops at lunch time. What should I do to prevent this? (25 Feb 2007)
  67. Is it possible for a glucose load to cause a false positive reading in the OGTT? My son's fasting blood sugars are normal. Do we still need to monitor him? (23 Feb 2007)
  68. In the seven days my daughter has been hospitalized since her diagnosis, we have yet to meet with a dietitian. Shouldn't we do so to help her regain the weight she lost? (23 Feb 2007)
  69. My young daughter is having high blood sugars around lunch time. Could she be dropping low, then rebounding? What do you suggest? (22 Feb 2007)
  70. At home, our daughter's postprandials are high, but her fastings are normal. Our family doctor thinks that for her, this could be normal for her. Is this possible? (21 Feb 2007)
  71. Is it really "safe" for small children with diabetes to run high blood sugars? (16 Feb 2007)
  72. My toddler seems to develop ketones quite easily, though they are usually only trace to small. What causes them? How can we prevent them? (16 Feb 2007)
  73. Now 12, my daughter is having high blood sugars. Is this related to puberty? Would a hormone/thyroid blood test confirm it's puberty? (14 Feb 2007)
  74. I am experiencing nightly blood sugar increases that don't budge with corrections. Increased basals and correction rates haven't helped. What do you think is going on? (11 Feb 2007)
  75. For the first time since her diagnosis, my daughter is having blood sugars over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. Is this related to her growth hormones kicking in? (9 Feb 2007)
  76. Can Benadryl cause my blood sugar to skyrocket? (1 Feb 2007)
  77. Can Trileptal affect one's blood sugars? Since starting on it, my son has been having high blood sugars. (29 Jan 2007)
  78. Why does my son spill ketones frequently? How come his endocrinologist and an ER doctor didn't seem concerned about large ketones he had recently? (29 Jan 2007)
  79. At his mom's, my son's s blood sugars are often very high. For a year, he has been threatening his siblings and behaving badly. Is this related to his high blood sugars? (21 Jan 2007)
  80. What is the difference between starvation ketones and ketones from a high blood sugar? Why do starvation ketones not require an ER visit? (17 Jan 2007)
  81. My child has wide fluctuations in his blood sugars. I've recently learned about diluent and insulin pumps. Which of these should I ask my brother to send to me from the U.S.? (17 Jan 2007)
  82. I have come across a child on a pump who has ADD and is non compliant in his diabetes care. I suspect he's suspending insulin delivery, causing highs. What should I do? (16 Jan 2007)
  83. For weeks, my teen daughter has had consistently high blood sugars. She doesn't seem interested in taking care of her diabetes. Do you have any suggestions? (14 Jan 2007)
  84. With a very high blood sugar, my son was said to be in DKA. But, the pediatrician said it's not diabetes because his A1c was normal. What is your opinion? (12 Jan 2007)
  85. My daughter has type 2. We are unable to bring down her blood sugars, no matter how much Humalog we give her. What do you recommend? (7 Jan 2007)

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