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Hyperglycemia and DKA from 2005

  1. My patient takes four diabetes pills. His post meal blood sugars are high, yet, he won't take insulin. Is there another combination of pills he can take? (31 Dec 2005)
  2. I've had high blood sugars for a year. My doctor says the highs will go away when my Grave's is stabilized. How can I bring down my blood sugars? (21 Dec 2005)
  3. My son has the symptoms of diabetes and often spikes high blood sugars. But, they always come down on their own. What could this be? (20 Dec 2005)
  4. Does diabetes affect the mind? Would my friend's husband act delusional and paranoid because of high blood sugars? (9 Dec 2005)
  5. My dad was recently in DKA. They said his pH was low and that he should not have survived. How many others have been in similar situations? (7 Dec 2005)
  6. I just started caring for my granddaughter. She's been in DKA three times recently and is still high. Am I expecting too much, too soon? (2 Dec 2005)
  7. Is there an enzyme to protect pre-pubertal children from blood sugar swings? I am worried about a student whose mom won't keep us informed of his daily care. Do you have any advice? (2 Dec 2005)
  8. My 25 year old daughter is on a pump and takes Symlin. She often has insulin resistance that causes highs and a sick feeling. What is your opinion? (30 Nov 2005)
  9. Since her tonsillectomy, my daughter has high blood sugars, even though the pain from the surgery is gone. Is there any reason for this? (29 Nov 2005)
  10. One of my students has high lunch time blood sugars. We have called the parents and talked with the student. What else can we do? (29 Nov 2005)
  11. For three weeks, my daughter's blood sugars have been running very high, with no ketones. Should we be concerned? What does this mean? (28 Nov 2005)
  12. Three hours after a meal, my blood sugar was 314 mg/dl [17.4 mmol/L]. What can I do to bring it down? How bad is this? (28 Nov 2005)
  13. Using my mom's meter, my daughter had a high blood sugar. At the doctor's, it was normal. Can one's blood sugar shoot up, then fall before a doctor can catch it? (25 Nov 2005)
  14. I have no symptoms of diabetes other than high blood sugars. I tested myself because my dad has diabetes. What advice do you have? (18 Nov 2005)
  15. After five years on pills, my doctor put me on insulin and metformin. The shots do not seem to bring down my blood sugar. Should I take more insulin? (16 Nov 2005)
  16. Since my recent move, my blood sugars have been consistently high. What should I do? (14 Nov 2005)
  17. While visiting my father-in-law, my daughter had a random blood sugar of 13.3 mmol/L [239 mg/dl]. Is this high? Should we take her to the doctor? (14 Nov 2005)
  18. Last night, my son was low soon after dinner. It took me two hours to stabilize him. All night he was high. Was he high from fat in his dinner or a rebound? (11 Nov 2005)
  19. After six years with type 2, I just took action to lower my blood sugars. I've seen little change in two weeks. When should I start seeing lower blood sugars? (3 Nov 2005)
  20. My blood sugars are currently out of control. Since I am overweight, would losing 70 pounds get my blood sugars under control? (30 Oct 2005)
  21. Could unexpected highs in a 15 year old female be due to hormonal shifts of adolescents? They are not related to menses. (19 Oct 2005)
  22. My daughter has been complaining of breathing problems and stomach pain. She has ketones and elevated blood sugars. Are these problems normal? (17 Oct 2005)
  23. When my non-diabetic son had an elevated blood sugar, the doctor said just to watch for urine glucose. Are elevated blood sugars normal for sick children? (14 Oct 2005)
  24. I read about hyperglycemia being a cause seizures. Where can I find more information? (10 Oct 2005)
  25. I have no job or health insurance and need insulin. I've had diabetes for 11 years and have neuropathy. What do you suggest? (10 Oct 2005)
  26. My daughter's blood sugars spike late in the evening, but come down to her range by morning. What, if any, pump adjustments should we consider? (9 Oct 2005)
  27. To combat hyperglycemia, my endocrinologist has suggested I use Lantus along with the pump. Have you heard of this before? (5 Oct 2005)
  28. Are violent outbursts common with high blood sugars? (5 Oct 2005)
  29. My son disconnects his pump for football practice and is always HIGH. How does he replace the missing basal insulin? What is your opinion of the Un-Tethered Regimen? (27 Sep 2005)
  30. My 12 month old has had diabetes for three months. Since getting her immunizations three weeks ago, her blood sugars are higher. Why is this? (26 Sep 2005)
  31. Why do I get thirsty when my blood sugars are high? (26 Sep 2005)
  32. My wife takes Regular and NPH and is having highs after her injections, but lows several hours later. Why is her blood sugar spiking? (19 Sep 2005)
  33. I have started eating more fruits and vegetables, but the fruits make my blood sugar spike very high. Why is this? Is this common? (17 Sep 2005)
  34. My son has been in DKA several times over the past few years. I think it is related to his emotions. How can I help him? (13 Sep 2005)
  35. After 11 years with diabetes, I now break out in hives when my blood sugar is high. Have you heard of this? (12 Sep 2005)
  36. I am concerned because my seven year old is having consistent high blood sugars. Can a child with type 1 become insulin resistant? (9 Sep 2005)
  37. Since August 2001, I have checked my blood sugars, but taken no medication. Now, I am seeing higher blood sugars. Why is this? Is my condition worsening? (23 Aug 2005)
  38. My niece recently started a new insulin regimen to prevent constant highs. It isn't working. What insulins are there? How do we know what insulins she should use? (17 Aug 2005)
  39. My four year old has occasional high sugars that return to normal after two hours. Should we do an OGTT on her? Should we find a pediatric endocrinologist? (16 Aug 2005)
  40. My grandson is often waking with high blood sugars. The doctor says he doesn't know why. What should we do? (16 Aug 2005)
  41. I have no insurance coverage and I have type 1. My blood sugar is very high and I have a hospital bill I cannot pay. What can I do? (15 Aug 2005)
  42. Since switching to Lantus and NovoLog, my daughter's blood sugars are higher, especially after meals. Does she need Lantus in the morning, too? (15 Aug 2005)
  43. My daughter is now more active, therefore needing less insulin. Her blood sugars are in range. Does this increase her chance of going into DKA? (11 Aug 2005)
  44. Is it true that blood ketone testing is better than urine ketone testing? When should one check for ketones? How are they to be treated? (3 Aug 2005)
  45. I take pills for type 2. Although my blood sugar is normal around 3 a.m., it is higher when I get up. What can I do to maintain normal blood sugar? (29 Jul 2005)
  46. At a urine drug screening, I tested positive for alcohol, but I do not drink. I had taken no insulin for three days before the test. Can you help me figure this out? (27 Jul 2005)
  47. Is there a correlation between high blood sugars and the viscosity of blood? My husband says our son's blood drips faster when he's high. (18 Jul 2005)
  48. Can you explain why I have trouble lowering my blood sugar when it's over 15.0 mmol/L [270 mg/dl]? I give an extra injection, but it doesn't help. (16 Jul 2005)
  49. Are my daughter's blood sugars high because she is in puberty? Why hasn't the doctor increased her insulin? (12 Jul 2005)
  50. My teen daughter's blood sugars, A1c and weight have all gone up in the last year. Will her weight and blood sugars decrease when she starts menstruating? (12 Jul 2005)
  51. Although my niece has been running high with ketones and a "slight" infection, the doctor is not giving her antibiotics. Why is this? (12 Jul 2005)
  52. At 15, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Recently, I have been experiencing hyperglycemia and had a higher than usual A1c. What could this mean? (30 Jun 2005)
  53. In September 2004, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Since a case of thrush, I have had more highs, but still some lows. What do I need to do? (29 Jun 2005)
  54. Does the end of the honeymoon have a rapid or gradual increase in insulin? With stubborn highs, should we still wait three days before making adjustments? (29 Jun 2005)
  55. My six year old has had frequent hypoglycemic episodes. When hospitalized, he had ketones and reducing substances. Are these a sign of diabetes? (29 Jun 2005)
  56. At the Emergency Room, my sister had a high blood sugar. Was it caused by her poor eating habit? (25 Jun 2005)
  57. I am concerned about a two-year-old boy in daycare, who wets extremely with an overflowing diaper, and whose blood sugar ranges from 77 up to over 450. (21 Jun 2005)
  58. Can you help me understand why my son is having some higher blood sugars? Is he coming out of his honeymoon? (15 Jun 2005)
  59. My daughter, who is breast feeding, experienced high blood sugar during the night. Will the milk be affected to where it would harm the baby? (15 Jun 2005)
  60. What causes hyperglycemic seizures? (13 Jun 2005)
  61. How common is it for infants to have type 1 diabetes? How is it managed? (9 Jun 2005)
  62. My father has been having elevated blood sugars. He isn't eating much and his mental faculties are dulled. Is this from the high sugars? (6 Jun 2005)
  63. For high blood sugars, should my daughter get a shot of short-acting and long-acting insulin or just the long-acting insulin, then checked in an hour? (18 May 2005)
  64. For the past six weeks, my blood sugars have been very high. I am thirsty, nauseous, and tired. Is it okay to wait six more weeks to see an endocrinologist? (17 May 2005)
  65. I have type 2. Before I exercise, my blood sugars are normal or slightly higher. Afterwards, they are elevated. Why is this? What can I do? (14 May 2005)
  66. What can happen to a person who has a blood sugar level over 400 mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L]? (14 May 2005)
  67. Since going on a pump six months ago, my son has had many high blood sugars/mild DKA. He also doesn't like testing at school. What can you suggest? (13 May 2005)
  68. When my toddler had an asthma attack, he had an elevated blood sugar. Could the attack have cause the elevation or vice versa? (13 May 2005)
  69. My son is vomiting with high blood sugars and ketones. I don't have insurance and can't take him to the clinic because I don't have the money. What can I do? (10 May 2005)
  70. My doctor wants to test my fasting blood sugars, then maybe an OGTT since I've had random high blood sugars. Could the highs be related to my medications? (27 Apr 2005)
  71. With a morning Lantus shot, our son is now waking with higher blood sugars. Are they from a rebound or related to food he has eaten? (22 Apr 2005)
  72. Is it normal for a nondiabetic person to have blood sugars on the higher end of normal an hour after eating/drinking? Can dehydration cause ketones? (17 Apr 2005)
  73. I am 22 and take Amaryl and Avandamet. Despite exercise and healthy eating habits, I still have high blood sugars. Will insulin help me? (17 Apr 2005)
  74. I had a miscarriage early in my pregnancy. I had elevated fasting blood sugars. Did my diabetes affect the pregnancy? Can I get pregnant again? (15 Apr 2005)
  75. My blood sugar is abnormally high. Could it be from the cortisone shot I got today? (12 Apr 2005)
  76. Since breaking her arm today, my daughter has had high blood sugars. Is this common for this type of accident? Should I adjust her insulin or wait? (11 Apr 2005)
  77. During a recent fever, my daughter's urine test showed glucose and ketones. She had no symptoms of diabetes. How long would her sugars be high if it were virus related? (7 Apr 2005)
  78. My recently diagnosed teen son has good control except in the evenings, even when we increase his dinner NovoLog. What do you suggest? (6 Apr 2005)
  79. My son has started lifting weights. It often causes high blood sugars. Is this from the muscles releasing glycogen? (3 Apr 2005)
  80. How long should a shot of cortisone affect my blood sugars? (20 Mar 2005)
  81. What kind of damage do post-meal high blood sugars cause? Can blood sugar fluctuations cause one to behave differently? (17 Mar 2005)
  82. My young son is having 2 a.m. highs. Are they from his cold or a rebound from a low we are missing? Should we check him around 11:30 p.m.? (15 Mar 2005)
  83. I take Humalog for meals and NPH at bedtime. I keep waking with very high blood sugars, even when in range three hours before. What do you suggest? (14 Mar 2005)
  84. Could my dad have neurological damage from a recent hypoglycemic seizure? Can his memory loss be related to four episodes of DKA in the last year? (6 Mar 2005)
  85. My son often acts "hyper," angry and aggressive when his blood sugar is high. Where can I find information about this? Are there any books? (27 Feb 2005)
  86. Are unexplained high blood sugars normal on a pump? I have checked my pump and supplies and they seem okay. (27 Feb 2005)
  87. Can antibiotics cause abnormally high blood sugars in a non-diabetic patient? Should I consult the pediatrician about my daughter's symptoms of diabetes? (26 Feb 2005)
  88. Since his recent diagnosis with type 1, my boyfriend continues to have very high blood sugars, but his doctor is not worried. Should we look for another endocrinologist? (26 Feb 2005)
  89. My son has had a stomach virus. He is very thirsty and had an elevated blood sugar and urine ketones. Should I be concerned about type 1? (22 Feb 2005)
  90. Since going on insulin six months ago, my sister has had many high blood sugars. What are the effects of them? Are there any ill effects of too much insulin? (21 Feb 2005)
  91. My daughter has occasional high blood sugars, but does not test positive for diabetes. Why does she have the elevated blood sugars? (17 Feb 2005)
  92. My daughter often has highs at bedtime, morning and mid-morning. Should we be more aggressive with her insulin? Our doctor says not to worry. (16 Feb 2005)
  93. My son's girlfriend has been checking his blood sugars, which have been high. Could he have type 2? (9 Feb 2005)
  94. My daughter has type 2. When ill, her blood sugars skyrocket. Is this common for people with diabetes? Could she really have type 1 and be in her honeymoon? (8 Feb 2005)
  95. Are people with LADA as likely to have ketones at high blood sugars as someone with the traditional form of type 1? (4 Feb 2005)
  96. Can a diabetic tell when they are producing ketones? Is there any way to smell your own breath to check for them or tatse them? (2 Feb 2005)
  97. Should I reduce the amount of sugar in my stepdaughter's diet to help lower her blood sugars? Would walking help? Is there a way to bring down her blood sugars without extra insulin? (30 Jan 2005)
  98. I have type 1.5 and take NovoLog. My two hour postprandial readings are often high. Is this common with NovoLog? (30 Jan 2005)
  99. My friend's granddaughter had a high blood sugar and headache. The ER gave her fluids and she died. What should the parents do to make sure this doesn't happen to their other daughter? (30 Jan 2005)
  100. I have type 2 and my meter will say "ketones" when I am high. What do I do to bring down my blood sugar? (30 Jan 2005)
  101. Every time her blood sugar is above 250 mg/dl [13.9 mmol/L], my daughter's hands break out in a rash and hurt. Is this related to her diabetes? (28 Jan 2005)
  102. I have type 2 and get internal shakes. Can they be caused by high blood sugar? If so, can it be a serious effect of type 2 diabetes? (26 Jan 2005)
  103. Despite large doses of insulin and oral medications, my sister has very high blood sugars and is losing weight. How can she bring down her glucose levels? (20 Jan 2005)
  104. My son's blood sugars are bouncing. He has celiac and hypothyroidism. We are awaiting the results of his Addison's disease test. Is he still be in his honeymoon? (10 Jan 2005)
  105. During a stomach virus, my daughter's blood sugar was in range a week, then soared. Is this the end of her "honeymoon?" What else may have caused this? (6 Jan 2005)

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