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Hyperglycemia and DKA from 2004

  1. Is there any research on behaviors in diabetic children when they are out of range and its effect on school performance? (22 Dec 2004)
  2. If I take steroid injections for my back pain, how long will it affect my blood sugar? How high could it get? (15 Dec 2004)
  3. My daughter, diagnosed in July 2004, is having high fasting blood sugars. Why is this? (13 Dec 2004)
  4. My father recently had a steroid shot and then had an elevated fasting blood sugar. Is this possible for someone who does not have diabetes? (13 Dec 2004)
  5. I am having high fasting blood sugars despite the diabetes medications I am taking. Are there any alternatives? (11 Dec 2004)
  6. For one week every month, my son has elevated blood sugars. He does not change his diet, exercise or insulin. What could be causing this? (9 Dec 2004)
  7. What are the average amounts of insulin taken and A1cs, typically, that key a physician to add a drug like metformin to a teen's daily medications? (8 Dec 2004)
  8. My mother has type 2 and takes several medications. Home monitoring shows high blood sugars, but her A1c is in the 6.0 range. How can this be? (3 Dec 2004)
  9. When my daughter was in the hospital in DKA, she said she'd smoked marijuana. Did it not show up in a drug test because of her high blood sugar? (2 Dec 2004)
  10. My cat has diabetes. How much does Albuterol raise blood glucose and for how long? My cat's blood sugars are quite high. I give him Lantus. (27 Nov 2004)
  11. After 17 years with diabetes, my daughter has recurrent problems with DKA. How do we prevent it from happening? (24 Nov 2004)
  12. My son was told that he will get a referral for detention if his blood sugar is over 240 mg/dl [13.3 mmol/L] as has happened twice. How should I handle this? (19 Nov 2004)
  13. Recenty, I think I have developed ketones. Can they be eliminated with medication? Will I need insulin? I currently take Glucophage. (16 Nov 2004)
  14. My daughter has had some of the symptoms of diabetes and high blood sugars. Are stomach cramps related to a diagnosis of diabetes or something else? (16 Nov 2004)
  15. After gastric bypass surgery, I stopped all medications. Could my recent high blood sugar have been from the medication I took for a root canal? (16 Nov 2004)
  16. What rights does my daughter have related to gym class? She gets so stressed out about showering that her blood sugars go over 600 mg/dl [33.3 mmol/L]. (12 Nov 2004)
  17. One of my students was recently diagnosed with type 1. He is often violent, defiant and non-complaint. Could high blood sugars be the cause? (6 Nov 2004)
  18. My dad has been admitted to the ICU in DKA. His blood sugar is now normal, but he is still out of it. Is that normal? Will he recover from this? (1 Nov 2004)
  19. My son often has unexplainable high blood sugars. The endocrinologist won't let him get a pump until he lowers his A1c. Do you have any suggestions? (30 Oct 2004)
  20. While eating breakfast, my young son felt ill so, I tested his blood sugar. He was very high, but normal within an hour. Is this a sign of type 1? (29 Oct 2004)
  21. My daughter keeps having vomiting and DKA. She has signs of an unidentified infection each time. Is it possible the infection and her diabetes are connected? (27 Oct 2004)
  22. My son was not diagnosed with diabetes, but I was to test his blood sugars three to five times daily. What else could be causing his higher blood sugars? (27 Oct 2004)
  23. My daughter has "intermittent" insulin resistance during her period. Her blood sugars are very high with a pump and injections. Do you have any suggestions? (24 Oct 2004)
  24. I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. For a month, I have been eating extra carbohydrates. Could this put my child at risk for birth defects? (21 Oct 2004)
  25. My 16 year old daughter has been having high blood sugars, no ketones. Is it safe for her to drive? I am very nervous about her highs and driving. (29 Sep 2004)
  26. Are my daughter's headaches related to her diabetes? How can we avoid highs after sports? She is low a few hours later. (29 Sep 2004)
  27. At home, my son's blood sugar was elevated, but normal when checked by the lab. Could he still have diabetes? Should we continue to monitor him? (24 Sep 2004)
  28. My daughter's blood sugar soars after breakfast, then drops low. Will such swings have near- or long-term effects? (19 Sep 2004)
  29. For four days, my blood sugars have been very high and correction shots of Humalog are ineffective. I even got new insulin vials. What do you think? (11 Sep 2004)
  30. How do you explain urine ketones and a high level of urine glucose, but a low pre-prandial glucose reading? (10 Sep 2004)
  31. Last night, my son felt low after dropping from 533 mg/dl [29.6 mmol/L] to 356 mg/dl [19.8 mmol/L]. Could the symptoms of the low have been from the drop? (31 Aug 2004)
  32. My teen son gets severe muscle cramps during football practices. Is this because he usually lets his blood sugar run a bit higher for this? (25 Aug 2004)
  33. How does extreme heat affect diabetes management? (19 Aug 2004)
  34. While recovering from a broken ankle, I have become quite insulin resistant. Wouldn't the use of crutches help lower my blood sugars? (18 Aug 2004)
  35. How long does it take for numbness and unusual taste sensations to subside after DKA? (17 Aug 2004)
  36. After diagnosis, my daughter tried Lantus and NovoLog, then NPH. Her blood sugars are bouncing, even with no carbs eaten. Is this really diabetes? (16 Aug 2004)
  37. Is it okay for my 17 year old daughter to take Actos to help control consistently high blood sugars? I thought it was for adults with type 2. (9 Aug 2004)
  38. With NovoLog, my son had high blood sugars up to three hours after a meal, then he'd have lows. Could we have had a bad vial of NovoLog? (31 Jul 2004)
  39. I occasionally have elevated blood sugars and am concerned about ketoacidosis. Has there been research into how to minimize the effects of it? (31 Jul 2004)
  40. I have had high blood sugars and stomach cramps for two to three weeks. A pregnancy test was negative. Could I be pregnant? (28 Jul 2004)
  41. Is there any product that will help eliminate acetone breath for a diabetic adult? It is so embarrassing. (27 Jul 2004)
  42. My grandmother resumed insulin after a stroke. She's having high blood sugars and unusual stroke-like behavior. What should we ask the doctor to do? (27 Jul 2004)
  43. About how high do your average blood sugars have to be for your doctor to place you in the hospital? (24 Jul 2004)
  44. When diagnosed with type 1 recently, my daughter had a very high blood sugar. She had symptoms, but said she felt fine. How could this be? (23 Jul 2004)
  45. I take Glucovance twice a day. My blood sugars rise in the morning whether I eat or not. Humalog caused me to have lows. What do you suggest? (23 Jul 2004)
  46. My endocrinologist put me on hydrochlorothiazide and Altace for high blood pressure. Will the hydrochlorothiazide cause higher blood sugars? (23 Jul 2004)
  47. My son was recently in DKA. The ER gave him fluids, checked his potassium and pH. When they released him after nine hours, he still had large ketones. Wasn't this dangerous? Why did he still have large ketones? (22 Jul 2004)
  48. If I wake with an elevated blood sugar, could I be having lows during the night without knowing it? Or, do I need to adjust my insulin to carb ratio? (22 Jul 2004)
  49. I know a three year old whose blood sugars rise during exercise, then drop. Do you have any suggestions on how to handle this? (22 Jul 2004)
  50. Last night I had a bad low. Today I woke up high and was high again after lunch. Did the low cause these bouncing numbers? (21 Jul 2004)
  51. My daughter has had high blood sugars that come down on their own. She was negative for ICA. What could this be? Is she at risk for diabetes? (20 Jul 2004)
  52. After a year of satisfactory blood sugars, my teen son has high blood sugars in the morning. The nurse thought hormones would be the cause. Is this possible? (12 Jul 2004)
  53. I have diabetes, but don't take insulin. My fasting blood sugars are fine, but rise throughout the day. What should I do? My doctor won't help. (6 Jul 2004)
  54. I've had diabetes for six years. I don't like to do blood tests and am afraid of seizures. I don't like talking to professionals. What should I do? (17 Jun 2004)
  55. At the ER for a very high blood sugar, my cleaning person received dialysis in addition to insulin. Why would she have gotten this? (15 Jun 2004)
  56. Can inflammation and pain contribute to high blood sugars? (14 Jun 2004)
  57. Sometimes my son's lunch time blood glucose is over 20 mmol/L [360 mg/dl]. What course of action should be taken for such a high? (4 Jun 2004)
  58. My dad is recovering from the surgical removal of the tail of his pancreas. He is very stressed. Could this be contributing to his high blood sugars? (30 May 2004)
  59. My son is consistently high with five units of NPH at bedtime. Should we keep increasing the dose of half units until we see an improvement? (25 May 2004)
  60. I have been reducing my daughter's Lantus since she is more active outside. Could the reduction have cause her high blood sugar after swimming? (20 May 2004)
  61. My son is having high blood sugars and large ketones. As directed, I have given more insulin, but the problem continues. What is going on? (20 May 2004)
  62. Periodically, I have trouble with high blood sugars for a few days before I can get them under control. I use an insulin pump. Do you have any advice? (17 May 2004)
  63. How should I deal with my dawn phenomenon highs? I go low when I take more Lantus. (12 May 2004)
  64. My daughter takes Lantus in the morning and evening, but still has high blood sugars after bedtime. Should we increase the morning dose of Lantus? (9 May 2004)
  65. My granddaughter skipped her insulin shots until she ended up in DKA. Has she done irreversible damage to her kidneys, eyes, or anything else? (8 May 2004)
  66. I recently tested my friend's son's blood sugar and it was very high after a high carb meal. Later tests were "normal." Should my friend be concerned ? (5 May 2004)
  67. My toddler has been using a pump for eight months. He is often quite high 30 minutes after meals, but is in range after two hours. Is this normal? (2 May 2004)
  68. I 've had erratic blood sugars, ketones, and vomiting. Tests showed protein in my urine and high creatinine from kidney disease. What should I do? (28 Apr 2004)
  69. My son's doctors are not concerned about his consistently high blood sugars. Should I get an opinion from another doctor? (28 Apr 2004)
  70. My doctor told me to eat carbs to help get rid of ketones, but it made my blood sugar high. What should I do, and why are ketones important? (16 Apr 2004)
  71. When my daughter has a high blood sugar and participates in gym, her blood sugar is very high after school. Should she not participate when high? (13 Apr 2004)
  72. Recently, I ate some chocolate containing sugar alcohol. Shortly thereafter, I had consistently high blood sugars. Was it from the sugar alcohol? (5 Apr 2004)
  73. I have been having high blood sugars and moderate to high ketones. Is this something I need to worry about? When should I contact my doctor? (5 Apr 2004)
  74. Since a recent steroid injection, I have been having extremely high blood sugars, even with significantly more insulin. Should I go to the ER? (5 Apr 2004)
  75. When my blood sugar is very high, I sometimes have tightness and cramps in my legs. Is this from poor circulation or something else? (25 Mar 2004)
  76. Twice my young daughter has had what was termed "stress induced hyperglycemia." Could you give me more information on this? (18 Mar 2004)
  77. Twice, our toddler has had high blood sugars that had returned to normal without insulin. Should we consult a pediatric endocrinologist? (12 Mar 2004)
  78. Can high blood sugar affect the brain in terms of judgment and impaired thought processes? (9 Mar 2004)
  79. My mother was recently diagnosed with diabetes and given insulin. Her blood sugars are high. How high can they go before it becomes a problem? (8 Mar 2004)
  80. In DKA, my son was given fluids, but no insulin in the ER. Although his blood sugar went down, he passed away. Should he have gotten insulin? (5 Mar 2004)
  81. My daughter has type 1 diabetes and PCOS. Just before menstruating, she has uncontrollable high blood sugars. What should we do? (3 Mar 2004)
  82. I am having blood sugar control problems. Should I consult my doctor or make my own changes? Am I at increased risk of future episodes of DKA? (1 Mar 2004)
  83. When my grandson gets an infection, his blood sugars go up and he becomes testy. Is this normal? Are we doing anything wrong? (24 Feb 2004)
  84. My daughter's stepmother is keeping my daughter's blood sugars high. How do I make the stepmother understand the high levels are dangerous? (24 Feb 2004)
  85. What are the risks of driving with a high blood glucose level? Beyond our insurance limit of 30 days, what are other options for long term care? (24 Feb 2004)
  86. Will daily high blood sugars harm my son? Our doctor says not to worry unless they are over 500 mg/dl [27.7 mmol/L]. Should I find another doctor? (21 Feb 2004)
  87. My daughter was admitted into hospital diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis. What sort of foods and drinks should I give her? (9 Feb 2004)
  88. I would like to know what the acceptable sugar spike is after eating. (26 Jan 2004)
  89. Could the high ketones cause the vomiting and stomach to hurt? (25 Jan 2004)
  90. I would like to know if there are any residual affects for DKA. (23 Jan 2004)
  91. What are the consequences of having a blood sugar of over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] for an hour or so when one eats? (2 Jan 2004)

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