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Hyperglycemia and DKA from 2003

  1. I check my blood sugar regularly several times a day and get acceptable readings. I cannot get my A1c level down below 10. (13 Dec 2003)
  2. What could cause such high ketones with normal blood sugar, and how do I go about correcting it? (13 Dec 2003)
  3. For the last week or so, her levels have stayed continuously high (15-20 mmol/l [270-360 mg/dl]) and ketone readings between 0.2 and 1.0. (4 Dec 2003)
  4. The glucose reading is high, but my cousin wasn't given any extra insulin to bring her sugars down. What is the protocol is for a child that age? (14 Nov 2003)
  5. Why is my 12 year old daughter having these high sugars? (5 Nov 2003)
  6. Could adrenaline or something else be causing a false high reading? (3 Nov 2003)
  7. My son has son has had diabetes for a week. Is it common to have blurry vision with glucose levels that are high? (29 Oct 2003)
  8. Are there thermogenic effects from hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia? (19 Oct 2003)
  9. My son, who is on metformin as well as an insulin pump, woke up this morning with a high blood sugar and large urine ketones. (18 Oct 2003)
  10. Is it possible my son could still have a bug? Could he need an insulin increase all together? (18 Oct 2003)
  11. I have had problems with hyperglycemia after changing the site which suggests to me that there was a problem with the insertion. (16 Oct 2003)
  12. Are there short-term consequences for not treating high blood sugars? (13 Oct 2003)
  13. I sometimes wake up from an afternoon nap with slightly high blood glucose levels. Does it have anything to do with the nap? (11 Oct 2003)
  14. I think my daughter is afraid to take all her insulin because of weight gain, but I don't ask her because it' s kind of touchy for her. (23 Sep 2003)
  15. My 13 year old daughter is hospitalized for refractory hyperglycemia about every three months. (20 Sep 2003)
  16. Is it possible that Paxil could contribute to an increase in blood sugar readings? (8 Sep 2003)
  17. My husband's fasting blood sugar is high. If a person with diabetes has an infection, does this also elevate blood sugar? (27 Aug 2003)
  18. When we go to our friend's house for dinner, my daughter runs high. Any insight that you could possibly would be wonderful. (26 Aug 2003)
  19. When the outside temperature and relative humidity increase, my blood sugar increases to high values. Why? (24 Aug 2003)
  20. Do very many children diagnosed with type 2 diabetes have ketoacidosis at the time of diagnosis? (9 Aug 2003)
  21. What are the most common reasons for your sugar level to go up so high when you have done everything you should have? (9 Aug 2003)
  22. My two and a half year old daughter passed away from acute onset of diabetes. Please help us understand this. (2 Aug 2003)
  23. Is it possible that these high glucoses are due to dehydration? If my daughter replenished her liquids, would her glucose be normal? (30 Jul 2003)
  24. Can short term very high blood sugars cause confusion? (17 Jul 2003)
  25. Is there any correlation between bad behavior, aggression, or emotional outburst that is strictly related to high blood sugars? (29 Jun 2003)
  26. My nephew has has normal readings at home, but there is always a problem at school. (29 Jun 2003)
  27. My friend's son's doctors want to hospitalize her son, let him bottom out, and then start him on an insulin synthesizer. (19 Jun 2003)
  28. Can you point me in the right direction to start looking for an answer to help my husband feel a lot better? (19 Jun 2003)
  29. I think my friend is making her blood sugars go high to lose weight. Is this going to damage her in the future? (9 Jun 2003)
  30. What does it feel like to have a high blood sugar over 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L]? (9 Jun 2003)
  31. The doctor said my son's high blood sugars could be caused from his arms being used too much. Is this your opinion? (30 May 2003)
  32. How can I tell if my daughter had acidosis? Is DKA the same as being acidotic? (29 May 2003)
  33. Could there be an underlining problem with my daughter's kidneys causing dehydration and ketone production so quickly? (29 May 2003)
  34. Should I take my husband to the hospital? (24 May 2003)
  35. Could being back home and the stress from the parents being nervous have an effect on my stepson's blood sugars? (17 May 2003)
  36. My son has had two episodes of extremely high blood sugar and ketones. Could it be the result of pre-dawn hormone surges? (15 May 2003)
  37. Anytime my daughter becomes anxious or agitated, she begins a cycle of high blood sugars and ends up in the hospital. (15 May 2003)
  38. Doctors told us that DKA isn't something that takes time to appear, but others have said me that it takes time for the pancreas to stop. (12 May 2003)
  39. I am not getting any warning before going into a coma, my blood glucose is high, and I can't get it down. Please help. (14 Apr 2003)
  40. My teenaged daughter has had severe problems with high blood sugars for three to four months. Any ideas? (7 Apr 2003)
  41. Is it safe for someone to work which blood sugar this high? When and who should decide what is safe? (30 Mar 2003)
  42. My child's specialist said she should get up and go to school, but I did not think is a safe thing to do. (22 Mar 2003)
  43. Why is my daughter still having such high numbers? (15 Mar 2003)
  44. At what glucose level should I not send my son to school? Should I send him no matter what? (8 Mar 2003)
  45. My 12 year old adopted sister, complains of severe vague abdominal pain almost every day and always skips school. (16 Feb 2003)
  46. I have been told that stress and pain can cause your body to increase adrenalin which then causes your glucose levels to rise. (21 Jan 2003)
  47. Could my cold and my period contribute this heavily to my high blood sugars? Why are they running so high? (11 Jan 2003)
  48. Can your period affect your blood sugar levels to the point of ketoacidosis? Is it common for a doctor to prescribe birth control for this? (10 Jan 2003)

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