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Hyperglycemia and DKA from 2001

  1. I am a 16 year old female with type 1 diabetes for 10 years, and over the last two and a half years, my blood sugar levels just will not come down. (27 Dec 2001)
  2. My son has high blood sugars continually with large ketones in his urine. Do you have idea what can cause this? (17 Dec 2001)
  3. Should we be concerned about any long lasting effects of our daughter's initial DKA almost three years ago? (28 Nov 2001)
  4. Do you know of any other cases of children who have survived cerebral edema from DKA? Do you have information on how they have recovered? (27 Nov 2001)
  5. I have type 2 diabetes and today my mid-afternoon blood sugar read 563 mg/dl [31.2 mmol/L]. Should I go to the ER with the blood glucose this high? (25 Nov 2001)
  6. My 14 month old nephew was diagnosed with diabetes, and the autopsy report read there was nothing that could be done because he was so young. Is this a fact? (30 Oct 2001)
  7. How should school health personnel handle blood sugars over 450 mg/dl [25 mmol/L] ? (2 Oct 2001)
  8. Could this boy's lack of reading skills be caused by the hyperglycemia? (2 Oct 2001)
  9. Is there something to help keep our three year old's sugars within a better range when she is sick? (1 Oct 2001)
  10. My daughter, who has had diabetes for the last three years, has considerable trouble with her extremely high blood sugars numbers at time. Can you help me with finding explanations for her highs? (27 Sep 2001)
  11. In type 2 diabetes, do you usually develop ketosis prior to initial diagnosis? Is there any danger of someone with type 2 diabetes going into DKA? (24 Sep 2001)
  12. How long can a person with diabetes go without insulin? (23 Sep 2001)
  13. What could this frequent urination at night suggest? (22 Sep 2001)
  14. Can I give my two year old daughter some Regular between her usual injections? (22 Sep 2001)
  15. Our three and a half year old daughter recently started on an insulin pump, and we have noticed that the higher her blood sugar is, the more insulin she needs per point drop. Can you explain? (20 Sep 2001)
  16. My husband's blood sugar has shot up with a message to check the ketones. He is urinating about every half hour and is really thirsty all the time. How can we control the ketones? (19 Sep 2001)
  17. My son's blood sugars are usually 90-150 mg/dl [5-8.3 mmol/L], but at times it is out of control and post meals shoots up to 180 mg/dl [10 mmol/L], especially if he has cold and cough. Is this normal? (11 Sep 2001)
  18. Why is my daughter becoming dehydrated so quickly? Could stress be a factor? (30 Aug 2001)
  19. Why do people with diabetes get so thirsty? Do they risk becoming easily dehydrated? (23 Aug 2001)
  20. A recent article said that the long-term effects of frequent DKA can eventually be recognized in your physical appearance. (10 Aug 2001)
  21. Is it possible that taking ibuprofen caused the increase in the blood sugar level? (31 Jul 2001)
  22. The pediatric neurologist believes that my son's brain injuries were due to ketoacidosis. We need any information which can help us prove this. (28 Jul 2001)
  23. My grandson has been running in the 400+ mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L] range for several days now. To get his sugar down, can/should he be allowed to go out and play? (13 Jul 2001)
  24. Can you tell me why my four year old daughter never has ketones when she is high? (10 Jul 2001)
  25. Can a person be in acidosis and not have urine ketones? (10 Jul 2001)
  26. Recently, my mother, who has been going through chemotherapy, had a high blood sugar, was told she now has type 1 diabetes. What does this level really mean? (9 Jul 2001)
  27. My teenage daughter has had very high blood sugars and high A1cs (in the 12% range) for the last three years. I know we have issues to deal with, but why doesn't she show signs of being sick? (9 Jul 2001)
  28. We want to know what role emotions (anger, stress) play in diabetes. (7 Jul 2001)
  29. Could my son still have been in DKA with very high blood sugar and only a trace of ketones? (3 Jul 2001)
  30. Do the high blood sugars affect ability to toilet train? (3 Jul 2001)
  31. Do people with and without diabetes have elevated sugar when they wake up? (18 Jun 2001)
  32. Our 13 year old daughter has barely been able to attend school, her blood sugars rise and drop for no apparent reason, and she smells of ketones. (30 May 2001)
  33. My 12 year old daughter was always in good control until about two years ago when she suddenly began having high blood sugars and ketones. (28 May 2001)
  34. My 11 year old daughter has type 1 diabetes and gets severe stomach aches/cramps which seem to be associated with high ketones. (26 May 2001)
  35. A month ago, my doctor switched me to a different pill, and now my fasting blood sugars are running at 390-450 mg/dl [21.7- 25 mmol/L. (10 May 2001)
  36. Can you please confirm that high blood sugars are not only because a patient has eaten something which is high is refined carbohydrate? (8 May 2001)
  37. Does an extremely high glucose level cause acetone, ethanol, and isopropanol to be produced in the body? (1 May 2001)
  38. Can my pregnancy last year contribute to my higher numbers? (24 Apr 2001)
  39. I had a three week period were my sugars were running over 400 mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L]. Could you tell me how this has possibly hurt my body? (24 Apr 2001)
  40. Is it possible for reading to go so high when there is nothing wrong? (24 Apr 2001)
  41. Can diabetic ketoacidosis be caused by continuous binge eating? (16 Apr 2001)
  42. Why did my daughter's blood glucose drop so quickly? (12 Apr 2001)
  43. Whenever the 12 year old girl's blood sugar is high, the sitter tells her to run up and down stairs or to eat an orange. (5 Apr 2001)
  44. Why do blood sugar levels remain in people with newly diagnosed diabetes? What are the pH levels of someone who has DKA? (4 Apr 2001)
  45. We are alarmed at the fact that DKA occurs twice as often in pump users. (3 Apr 2001)
  46. Can diabetic ketoacidosis be caused by excessive ingestion of candy? (22 Mar 2001)
  47. What has your experience been with patients on TPN getting high blood sugars? Are the ranges that I am having normal? (20 Feb 2001)
  48. Most of my nephew's readings are so high they don't register on the monitors, but his doctor does not seem to be too worried. (9 Feb 2001)
  49. When my daughter is brought out of the coma, is there anything that can be done to reduce the brain swelling if it hasn't gone down? (7 Feb 2001)
  50. My 10 year old daughter's blood sugar level has been increasing and increasing, but the doctors can't seem to get it down. (1 Feb 2001)
  51. When a person with diabetes is in ketoacidosis can there be a false reading of being intoxicated when having to take a breathalyzer test ? (30 Jan 2001)
  52. How is it possible to have a blood sugar 1400 mg/dl [77.8 mmol/L] and negative ketones? (29 Jan 2001)
  53. Do people who do not have diabetes spill glucose and/or ketones in their urine? (24 Jan 2001)
  54. I'm 14 year old boy, and I can't seem to get my blood sugar below 10 mmol/L [180 mg/dl]. Is there anything I can do? (18 Jan 2001)
  55. How can diabetic ketoacidosis, if left untreated, lead to gangrenous bowels? (14 Jan 2001)
  56. Could diabetes be causing the irregular periods? Do you have any idea what could be causing the blood sugar not to come down? (14 Jan 2001)
  57. My blood sugar is suddenly very high even though my pump appears to be working and my routine has not changed. (14 Jan 2001)
  58. Are rebound, the dawn phenomenon, and hyperglycemia in the morning continuous or sometimes intermittent? (11 Jan 2001)
  59. What is the "record" blood sugar level and still be semi-aware? (5 Jan 2001)
  60. Yesterday, my son got the flu vaccination, and afterwards his blood sugars ran high. I am curious if the vaccine could have caused this. (4 Jan 2001)
  61. If the medications my son is on raise his sugar level, could he be put on other asthma medications that wouldn't have this effect on him? (3 Jan 2001)

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