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Hyperglycemia and DKA from 1998

  1. My 12 year old daughter has type 1. In the past three months her blood sugar are going up very high at night. (11 Dec 1998)
  2. When we do her supper blood test, she is often high (over 200-300). Any ideas how to bring her blood sugars down? (21 Nov 1998)
  3. Can high blood sugars cause nausea during aerobic exercise? If not, what could be the cause? (14 Nov 1998)
  4. Her blood sugars remain high even after taking insulin or exercising. How can this be possible? (10 Nov 1998)
  5. Since my daughter started school, her lunch numbers are very high. Can stress be causing the high numbers? (10 Nov 1998)
  6. How does rebounding affect a 5 year old? (29 Oct 1998)
  7. Are the ketones doing any damage to my body, like wearing my kidneys out for example? (19 Oct 1998)
  8. Could a stomach virus cause an increase in blood sugar to 260 in a child without diabetes? (12 Oct 1998)
  9. Our 41-year old son started using the patch. He is experiencing extraordinarily high sugar readings at night. (8 Oct 1998)
  10. I would like to know what "Stress Hyperglycemia" is. (4 Oct 1998)
  11. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a sudden drastic rise in levels (200-270) for about a week. (4 Oct 1998)
  12. I recently had an epidural steroid injection, and noticed in the following days a substantial increase in my blood sugar levels. (30 Sep 1998)
  13. No matter what we do she seems to run high in the morning. If have heard mention of Dawns Syndrome. (29 Sep 1998)
  14. My brother is a 47 year old who is down to 80 pounds due to ketones and is nothing but bones. (21 Sep 1998)
  15. I'm wondering if there is a correlation between potassium and glucose level. (18 Sep 1998)
  16. What is the proper way to test for hyperglycemia? (14 Sep 1998)
  17. On some days I give large amounts of R and still result with high blood sugars. (14 Sep 1998)
  18. About 6 weeks ago, my pre-breakfast readings moved up to average 150 to 170. (27 Jul 1998)
  19. Can high sugars interfere with a pregnancy test? (24 Jul 1998)
  20. My 23 month old daughter had an episode of "spilling" glucose into her urine several months ago. (21 Jul 1998)
  21. A friend of mine has a son with Type 1. If his blood sugar is "high" he is told to run laps. (13 Jul 1998)
  22. Is it preferable to treat high blood sugars with diet instead of additional insulin? (21 Jun 1998)
  23. Lately my blood sugars have been extremely high. I was asked if I had a fever. I was wondering what that would mean, if I did. (21 Jun 1998)
  24. My 14 year old son has high blood sugars after school. He won't take his lunchtime Humalog shot. (1 Jun 1998)
  25. Can sunburn and/or vaccinations cause elevated blood sugar readings? (30 May 1998)
  26. I am caring for a patient who was admitted with ketoacidosis. What measures should I take concerning nursing interventions? (23 May 1998)
  27. Can you tell me what blood sugar reading is too high? (16 May 1998)
  28. Is anxiety part of hyperglycemia? (6 May 1998)
  29. Is diabetes enough to keep a 14 year old out of school, and how bad can it be if one forgets to take insulin? (24 Apr 1998)
  30. My son has recently started getting ketones whenever his blood sugar goes high. Does this cause any damage? (20 Apr 1998)
  31. Can fluctuations in insulin levels cause mood swings? (16 Apr 1998)
  32. Could you please explain the mechanism by which steroids cause hyperglycemia? (10 Apr 1998)
  33. We experience high glucose numbers 2 hours after breakfast. Will these high numbers affect him later in life? (8 Apr 1998)
  34. Can exercise cause high blood sugar if there is little to no insulin in the body? (8 Apr 1998)
  35. When I increase her dose for ketones, is it okay to use Humalog? The information I have says to use Regular. (30 Mar 1998)
  36. It seems that no matter what I do, my blood sugars are high whenever I wake up. (27 Mar 1998)
  37. Our son is 11 years old. We cannot get his numbers down in the morning to save our life. (23 Mar 1998)
  38. It seems that I always wake up high. Do you have any suggestions? (22 Mar 1998)
  39. Our problem is that her readings at bedtime [are] in the range of 300-500. (21 Mar 1998)
  40. Is there any reason why my blood sugar would suddenly go high and not respond to insulin? (19 Mar 1998)
  41. Is it likely that over-the-counter Tagamet can elevate blood sugar over 200 points in two or three hours? (17 Mar 1998)
  42. If he takes Humalog with meals, would this lower the rest of his readings too much? (17 Mar 1998)
  43. Is there any other way to treat early am ketones besides waking yourself up all night? (10 Mar 1998)
  44. My problem is that my fasting blood sugars usually run from 170 to 220. (8 Mar 1998)
  45. We have found that blood sugars affect his playing skill, especially too high blood sugars. (26 Feb 1998)
  46. I have had a low grade lingering cold for several days. Will an antibiotic further raise my blood sugar levels? (24 Feb 1998)
  47. Our five year old son has pre-evening snack blood/glucose readings in the 300s and 400s. (23 Feb 1998)
  48. My wife's blood sugar spikes from like 57 to 345 in a short period of time and I am concerned about it. (22 Feb 1998)
  49. Do high blood sugar levels affect the pH [acid level] of the blood? (21 Feb 1998)
  50. My educator says to treat highs only when there has been an established pattern of 3 days or more. (20 Feb 1998)
  51. What is the difference between having elevated blood glucose in the morning and two hours post prandial? (19 Feb 1998)
  52. My 57 year old mother was just diagnosed. How high does her blood sugar have to get before they will put her in the hospital? (15 Feb 98)
  53. When the sugar level goes up to 25 [450 mg/dl], that to me is high or is it high? Can he go into a coma when the sugar levels are up so high? (11 Feb 98)
  54. My 11 year old daughter has had diabetes for two years. Seven days ago, she had a headache, stomach ache and high ketones. (8 Feb 98)
  55. This morning, I had ketones of about 6 mmol/L of acid. Should I be concerned about Ketoacidosis given the ketone reading? (26 Jan 98)
  56. Are moderately high ketones ever caused by anything else besides diabetes? (10 Jan 98)
  57. My blood sugar is regularly in the 4-500s, I constantly go to the bathroom about 5-6 times a night, and feel bad all day. (10 Jan 98)
  58. When I test my blood in the A.M. before eating it is usually 145 to 175 and my P.M. level is usually 112 to 140. Can this be corrected? (10 Jan 98)

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